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drugs are bad duh! my sis took pot a few times...and i asked her wont you get in trouble? she was like no cuz i dont smoke it all the time. she said her school is a pot school and im sitting in the car listening to her saying all these things. in my head its going WDFH??? my sis took drugs??!?!?!?! i asked her what the feeling was like, first she said it makes you high...and then she said it feels like you can do crazy things like fly.

medicine is a type of drug as you all cant get away from that little hint of drug in it XD. theres always something illegal inside that medicine...usually its the drowsiness...

i hate her...yet...i still miss her...
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Ban Mido
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yah i say let them fuck ther own life up i aint going to stop them my friend does it(weed) and it annoys the shit out of me but hay if he wants to fuck his life up let him the only thing i do is alcohol and when im 21 im going to smoke but thats it.
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You should see the aftermath once you use acid and everthing else.
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