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A short Story, New Beginnings of a lost cause

(edit: This is no where near finished, this is just the first part of the story, its going to be a two part story, its going to be through the present tense, and through the vision of two people, the second part of the story will be through the world of his brother.)

A beginning to be recorded

A soft leather surface rubbed gently across the childes fingers, his soft hand pulling back slightly at the unknown letters, that were engraved on the front of the amber red covering. The book was old and dusty, its vibrant color covered by a quilt of dust, the extravagantly sewed in letters were wondrous to look at, but their meanings were lost in the depths of confusion as the boy stared at the old book in a dumbfounded look. His eyes scanning up and down the book, a surge of interest flowed, like water, through the boy’s mind. The side of the book was encompassed with similar letters, and strange symbols. His silver eyes were only barely visible as he slowly tucked the book under his black shirt, the dust that had accumulated on the book returned to the air, masking the air where the book had once been held.

His feet padded across the stone floor, his bare feet slapping the cold cobblestone with each step, the echo of his feet reached far and wide as the pace of his began to come to a slow, and finally to a stop. His eyes wandered up a large door, the mythical pictures etched into the white oak were outstandingly life like, it almost seemed that at any moment they could move of their own free will. The doors towered an unthinkable height of 15 feet, his mind restless was for knowledge as his hands fingered nervously at the book under his now somewhat damp black shirt.

The door swung open slowly, as two comforting sapphire eyes peered out from the obscurity of the darkness. The eyes were like a vast ocean, they told many stories, happy and sad ones, but there were so many that it was almost like looking into an unending tunnel. The eyes moved forward, and into the soft yellow light that illuminated the hall, the torches flickering playfully in the cold night air. The hinges cringed slightly as a white hand escaped the prison of darkness, gesturing for the boy to come closer, almost tempting him too. “What’s wrong Barton, you have that look on your face again?”

Barton’s hand clenched tightly at his shirt where the book dwelled, his legs shaking uncontrollably as he took a step forward, the hand looking much more inviting then the desolate hall that lay behind him. His hand slowly, and reluctantly reached out and grasped the white hand, his body now trembling more than his legs were, the hand slowly began to pull him into the darkness, his body finally submitting and passing into the veil that shrouded the room.

Barton’s hand quickly relinquished itself from the grip as he through himself at the figure, his arms clenching tightly around its waist. “I know you said not to ask, but please tell me mom, what happened to father, my real one.” The figure gave a quick shove, sending Barton tumbling backwards and to the floor, the head of his mother turning to glare at him with a stern, but loving look. “How many times have you asked this week? Six or seven times I do believe.”

The mother sighed deeply as she reached down and pulled her son up, drawing him close to her chest, her light blue hair would match that of the sky, its length drawing down over her son’s back, her eyes closing as a warm smile spread across her face. “No matter how much you insist, the answer is the same, I don’t remember him, I removed that from my mind long ago.” She slowly swept her hand up and down her son’s back, his face peering up at her with a saddened look. “Barton, I am truly sorry that I can not answer more of your questions, I just wish…”

The mother paused momentarily, as she brought her hand down Barton’s chest, the lump where the book was hidden moved as her hand passed over it “What’s this?” His mother’s voice was quizzical as well as intrigued as she slowly pulled the book out from under her son’s dusty shirt. Her hand quickly swept away the remaining dust that was on the cover of the book, the letters on the book shined like gold as her eyes widened in amazement. “Where did you get this book?” Her eyes were full of an excitement that Barton had not seen her with in a long time, not sense he was born.

She slowly moved her hand over the letters on the book, tears dripping from her closed eyes as she smiled, this book was bringing something back, memories, happy ones. She pulled her hand away from the book and looked at her son with a smile “I believe I will teach you how to read this book, its an Elvish book called Neth Nar” Barton looked at his mom in amazement, how was it that she knew how to read this strange text. Barton raised his hand and placed it on the book as if trying to cooperatively share his mothers happy memories. “Mom, what does Ne… Neth, Nar? Mean?”

The mother looked at her child, small tears trickling down her face as she examined him. “It means young fire, it’s a sort of spell training book, excellent reading material, if you know how to read elvish, it has small stories throughout it about the elves, they are quite interesting” her hand peeled the book open slowly, the old binding wailing as the cover had been completely opened. “I do not think this book has been opened in some time… where did you get it?”

Barton paused, sweat dripping down his face as he looked up at his mother, would she think foul of him if she new he stole it from his stepfathers library. “I grabbed it from the kings library, he has a lot there, but this one is the one that seemed to call to me at first” His mother smiled as she placed her hand on his shoulder “I am sure the king, your new father, would not mind if you borrowed some of his books, as long as they are returned”

Barton smiled widely as he looked up at his mother, a newfound respect for her began to build up within him, she was someone he could talk to, one of the only people he could talk to… then there was his step brother…. He was still not quite comfortable around him, it was odd having a brother. “So… how do you know the language of the elves mom?” Her movements stopped as she looked down at him “I have known the language for as long as I can remember, I don’t remember where I learned to speak it first though”

She placed her hand lightly down on her child’s shoulder, her sweet smile warming his heart as hugged her. She slowly embraced her son, hugging him back, her arms wrapped around him as she whispered into his ear “Let your lessons in the elvin language begin, for I get the feeling that this was no coincidence” Her hand touched softly onto her child, as she smiled and placed the book down on the table.

A life, or two

Barton’s body turned in the bed, as his silver eyes examined the black stone wall, the mold like substance used to hold the bricks together was an orange, and green color, setting the appearance in the rooms completely off from what it appeared to be outside. The sky was dark like it always was during this time, it was always darkest before dawn anyways. His body lurched forward out of the bed, his shirt was draped up on the side of the bed post, as his pants laid motionless on the floor, his hand reaching down to pick them up and pull them on. His right hand grasped his shirt, the silk like feeling to it was always a great welcome in the mornings. The bed post twisted and spiraled down to the floor as if it had been roughly carved from a still growing root.

He slowly pushed the doors that lead out to the balcony open, the sunrise was his favorite time of day, it was almost as if the night had cleansed the world, and it was starting a new beginning. The darkness was torn away, Barton’s features becoming more visible in the approaching light. His eyes were like the cold side of a steel blade, they were covered in darkness, small specks of what would appear to be blood, if noticed covered steel like eyes. His eyes met down in a slight slant, show what appeared to be anger of a sort, or just perhaps sorrow, but a hint of something else could be seen, something peaceful, something kind.

His hair was also silver but had a blue tint to it, though not very long, it was long enough to reach the tops of his shoulders. Streaks of black adorned his head, and could not be seen at all in the lack of the light. His hair was brought up to the back of his head and tied. Small pieces of hair draped down in front of his face, the persistent and small ones that would not reach the string at the back of his head that held his hair together.

His pants were blue, nothing special looking about them, but then again looks can be very deceiving. The pants are made of a very thick substance, that when woven together is very strong, and if woven together loosely it will still have its durability, but be much more flexible. They hand down to his ankles, and cover the very top part of his shoes, they are pretty much even all the way up to his waist.

His wings were no larger, or smaller than what an average fairies wing length should be, the tips of his wings were violet, they slowly decreased in color as the proceeded towards his back. Small specks of what appeared to be gold adorned his wings, from the tips to his back. His wings were on the outside of his shirt, they were not hidden below any cape, cloak, or shirt, he preferred to have them out all the time.

The sun’s golden rays slowly began to creep over the horizon, each ray banishing the darkness to another part of the world, till night come again. His attention was soon averted when a familiar persons voice ventured forth into his line of hearing. It was his younger brother Aelfric. Barton just nodded as his brother spoke, taking in his words, pondering what he said.

Aelfric mentioned the dream he had been having continuously, about a girl, who he believed was his soul mate. He also mentioned going to look for her, Barton gave a soft grunt, as Aelfric made his way back towards his room, he was going to head off and look for an oracle of sorts, to help determine his dreams, and locate his soul mate.
Barton smiled, when his brother put his mind to something, he did it, almost no matter what, so why not tag along, he felt more obligated to his brother, his only brother, his family, his best friend. Barton shook his head, his mind refocusing, his thoughts coming to one conclusion, it was time to follow his brother, who probably left a good time ago, perhaps he could reach the oracle of sorts as his brother did.

It hadn’t been an excruciating journey, he didn’t take much with him, he always preferred packing light. The hut was not exactly what he expected, it was rather worn down, beaten, and tattered, something that surprised him, such a famous oracle living in such a place. Barton smiled once again, there his brother was, who then seemed to say something to himself, though what he said was inaudible, seeing as he was still enough of a distance away not to hear him. Though as he approached, what came next did catch his attention. “Find her, Prince, there is more at stake then just finding your love” The words were ushered forth by an old rag of a lady, who looked like she could have definitely seen better days

Barton raised his hand into the air, the warm wind from the south was creeping in from over the hills. “Aelfric, I do not know what you told this oracle, and I am not to sure that I need to know, but if we are going to go after your soul mate, then now is best time” Barton stressed the words soul mate a bit, his brother knew that he didn’t really believe in soul mates, mainly because Barton himself didn’t ever get any signs of having one, or perhaps had already lost his chance with his soulmate.
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