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Medellin Execution

Recently a mexican guy named jose medellin was executed in Texas for brutally raping and killing 2 teenage girls in texas. The world court tried to stop his execution because texas didnt give him to option to talk with a mexican goverment rep b4 they executed him. Source Story

I think Texas did a good thing here because this guy really deserved it because the word brutal is really a understatement and there wasnt a sliver of proof that this guy might be innocent of the crimes he was charged with. I am kinda pissed they used lethal injection on this guy because that type of execution is quick and painless i think they should have made him suffer quite a bit b4 they killed him. I wont post the details of his crimes here but those of u that want to know u can look up the details on the net and see for ure self just how evil this guy was.

Anyway this post isnt about his guilt or innocents its about the fact the world court thinking they had the right to tell the USA what they can and cant do with-in their own boarders. This guy medellin was a illegal from mexico a long story short he stunk into the usa joined a gang then ended up doing this brutal crime. The world court told pres. bush to stop the execution and send this guy to mexico bush told texas then texas went to the supreme court and the supreme court told bush and the world court to go screw themselves.

I for one think that US-Law trumps foreign law and if someone comes to the USA and does some brutal crime like this then they should be put to death as long as there is solid evidence that they are the one that did it. To me its doesn't really matter what country they came from or how they got here cuz they cant come to the US and do these things as expect to get away with it world court be damned.

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