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Re: The Firefox Myths and the facts against them.

Do do do, friend I know debunked the myths site :P
Originally Posted by Stroker
I checked out the site and it is plain to me. Basically, what the guy does is uses every known browser to debunk anything with FireFox. If you take any and all browsers out there and pit them against one browser the same thigns will arise.

The one thing I don't like about it is that he states FF has bugs and tries to imply that FF has just as many/if not more bugs than any other browser. Which is BS because when FF has a bug it is fixed in a about 2 weeks. No browser has that kind of support yet.

I'm bored so I'll break it down for fun.

His system requirements is false. He tries to say IE only needs 486 66 MHz CPU , 16 MB - 32 MB of RAM. Well that is for Windows XP w/ SP1. Everyone I know has SP2 installed which REQUIRES 233MHz and 64MB RAM. He is blowing smoke on that one.

Browser Speeds:
FF = 17.26 2.74 1.52 1.58 21 2.85 38
IE 6 = 6.99 1.77 1.32 1.33 60 2.32 32
Opera 9.0 = 2.48 2.15 .92 1.16 13 1.50 8

Unless you run on dial up this shit don't matter. I have a 6MB down and 354KB up connection and I sure as shit load every page in milliseconds be it from stored cache or not.

Marketshare? WTF cares as long as it runs. To compare FF to something that comes installed w/ every Windows computer is kinda silly. Pre load FF with all Windows and you'll see that number change alot.

To date FF has 30 vulnerabilities and IE 6 has 101, Opera 8 has 13. Yay.

Patch time. Notice he doesn't refer to any other browsers? That is because FF is a community made and supported browser that needs to allow this info to be public so its members can patch the shit. You won't find that with IE or Opera.

His ActiveX thoughts. Wow, to try and say that ActiveX isn't the root of all evil. IE's ActiveX global allowance is why most viruses/trojans/malware/spyware and any other warez get on your system without your knowledge. If you don't allow it then it won't happen. It is the main reason why IE 7 will not allow ActiveX globally out of the box.

Extensions. Jesus, this guy is pulling for straws on that one. Grease Monkey exploit. Woooppeeeedeeedooo. Any and all old versions on something can exploited if a cracker wants to exploit it. It is just the way it goes.

Spyware. Nothing is the cure but FF does it best. I recently visited a site Klinkster went to and had his virus scanner go nutty on him because it was full of malware and such. I didn't get a lick of anything. I didn't visit this site with Opera but I'm sure our Opera faithful will want to pump up their browser by saying they didn't get anything either.

Bleh, getting bored of this boringness.

Pop-ups. FF does block every popup. I'm talking 2 years straight for me. The reason this is so is because I have AdBlock and ScriptBlocker extensions installed. I don't get anything unless I allow it. Which is the way I like it personally.

He debunks myths that only 13 year old kids make up. In truth FF with the proper extensions is the best browser out. No other browser has the community support or functionality of FF. Not even Opera Migs. That may change since Opera finally got smart and stopped charging but right now FF is teh bomber.

To back up my claims send me any link with a virus or trojan in it and I'll click it. I honestly am not scared of shit when it comes to surfing the net because of FF and the extensions I have installed. If I get something I am still not scared because I have beaten everything since 1999 with quick action on the process window and root deletion. I don't think anyone else is willing to do this but maybe JB's Lan Party will be the time to do it. Just for shits and giggles ofcourse. I know I have 3 XP CD's at my disposal in case I need to reformat.
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