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This WILL help the future Japanese speaker

Well hello there fellow japanese learners!
For quite a while now i've been searching for some good tutorials to learn japanese, and failed miserably. Mostly what i've found are crappy tutorials, with zero interactiveness. Even here, there are some good tutorials, but no recent updates...

So i took matters into my own hands, learned the basics by myself and am now offering a forum for whoever wishes to learn. The ideea is simple:

Anybody who is willing can join. Once they learn the basics they can advance to the next rank, where they can teach the others, and in doing so even the teachers learn themselves.

I'm going to post a link to ( what is probably only a temporary ) forum i run, so you can get an ideea for yourselves. Mind you, i've only started and the best is yet to come ( I'm even planning some manga translating, if people want).

Click me

If by posting a link to another forum like this i am braking any rules, then i deserve the full admin-wrath, and i apologize beforehand
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Re: This WILL help the future Japanese speaker

Okay, so while 95% of that is correct, I would SERIOUSLY recommend teaching polite Japanese first because if these people decide that they would really like to talk to someone in Japan, especially someone older than them, they will offend or irritate the person they are speaking to.

Just my .02, though.
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