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Re: Dirty Chinese Food?

Okay... I do admit I will never EVER eat an animal I'd keep as a pet... But we need to respect that others do things differently in other countries, and we shouldn't judge them on it. Because we grow very attached to our pets (most common, cats and dogs) we feel it wrong to eat them. Though I'm sure in some countries, they feel it is very wrong to eat cows and pigs, like we do here. We shouldn't judge people on what they eat or how they live. Everyone is different, and although some methods may be considered cruel, like skinning alive, it's just the way things are there. Culture and lifestyle all have a big role in the lives of people in other countries, so knocking others down because they don't do the same things you do just lowers you as well. I do agree in some aspects, but only because of the way I've grown up. If I went to Asia and went to a restaraunt, I just wouldn't order it. No need to bash anyone. It's their lifestyle, not ours.

I just felt I should say that, since I'm more of a "Respect Others" than a "respect Animals" kind of person. I agree with both sides basically, just leave them both alone.

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