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Your reaction at the eclips of Berserk

Since the new chapter of Berserk will come out in a few days and the movie will be released next week in Japan I thought it was a good idea for this.

What was your reaction at the eclips of Berserk or the mindfuck like people like to call it ?

Me personally, I actually watched the anime first, in the manga it was more implied that Griffith was gonna be a bad guy knowing they met before the golden age Arc. began (vol3) and it was already revealed Griffith did something fucked up. So i completely didn't expect it, I was actually hoping Griffith would be back to normal after he got tortured. But then that last episode came in and just completely fucked me over. Judeau killed off just like that, and just before dying revealing to Casca he loved her. And then Griffith raping Casca before Gutt's eyes, the last thing Guts sees with his right eye.

I couldn't sleep cause of it, the last time I had that was when I was 10 and I watched "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". Was completely shocked, disgusted, a great mindfuck indeed.

Next day start reading the manga.
Griffith- The man we all hate, still we consider him as one of the greatest villains ever. Raping the girl of you best friend before his eyes while he killed all his comrades.....

The eclips, damn that was fucked up....
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Re: Your reaction at the eclips of Berserk

I liked Golden Age as a whole more than anything else. Though Griff raping Gutt's woman in front of him was a huge selling point for the manga. Killing off the majority of the characters introduced that arc was awesome as well.

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1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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