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Re: Naruto 576

Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
Come direct its ok ; )

Yup, thats exactly what I think. Its not "that easy" to kill hashi either. Madara wasnt thinking about his clan when he did that. Its obvious to me because when he asked them to help him overthrow the Senju they turned their backs on him and accused him of basically being a trouble maker (I cant remember the exact words). After that Madara left the village. That battle with hashi was bigger than that.. Why do you think he (or tobi) helped itachi massacre the clan? What happened to all that uchiha pride shit.
He couldnt escape that easily either thats why he almost died. Why would (tobi) tell konan that the winner of the battle isnt the one who wins but the one who has his eye on the future. (give me a link to a site n ill find the chap, im too lazy to look) That clearly tells me that the point of that fight was bigger than seeing who the strongest of them all is. As you can see all of this so far has been apart of Madaras plan. The only problem was his revival. He was brought back via ET instead of by Nagato.
Umm no, just no. Re-read everything Edo-Madara has said, and show me one area where this Dude would 'take a fall, grab some blood, and run away'. This Dude besides being a Harashirma Fanboy holds his own nuts like Earths. That Dude that just gu gush Konohas Porn Star hasn't ever gone into a fight planning or thinking he'd lose...just like Sasuke. Call them crazy whatever, they have supreme overconfidence in theyre own arsenals, abilities, bloodlines, and moves. I'm imagining after Mito took control of Kyuubs, he began to attempt to rage with his skill which obviously wasn't enough. At some point he fell back on his genjutsu skills, and 'gaining DNA' dosen't mean he snatched it from Harashirma's body, all he had to do was wound him once and allow the blood to flow. With his uber healing ability one could see that took a lot of effort, but yeah he went to the battle with a plan to win, I've never seen any Uchiha do that besides Itachi and that was for a specific purpose for his Brother.

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