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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

597 - True is revealed.Madara and Tobi
The scene shows Tobi and Naruto battlefield. Madara land on ground next to Tobi. Everyone is schocked and speechless.
Madara: Long time no see, brother.
Kakashi: who is he,brother?!
Killer Bee: So that real Madara, this man is boss, we might loss.
Hachibi: Shut up bee, there is no time for rap.
Tobi: ?!, Nice to see you, although I don't expect you there, brother.
Madara: Why?!, your assistant Kabuto ressurected me via Edo Tensei technique.
Tobi: my assistant..., it is true we were allies, however he plan to use you, to kill me.
Madara: I see, so he lied to me to turn me against you. I will kill him later.
Madara: where Zetsu, I created him with hope, that he would be best informator and spy.
Tobi: he was great at it, but from weird cause he didn't appear and tell me that Edo Tensei was stopped, What did happen with Kabuto? and more.
Madara: I see.
Naruto thinking:?!, shit he fought with 5 Kages, so how can he be there and stay in this world, i don't uderstand.
Naruto: NO!, he is Madara Uchiha, who was ressurected via Edo Tensei by Kabuto, but Edo Tensei was released by Itachi Uchiha. How can he stay in this world...
Madara turns to Naruto: Itachi Uchiha?!, so Uchiha clan is alive.
Naruto: No, he was ressurected via Edo Tensei as you, but broke of Kabuto control and fought with Kabuto. Sasuke Uchiha is last and alive Uchiha.
Madara: Uchiha man broke my fun with Kages. Damn him. I want to meet this Sasuke.
Tobi: brother, now we have worse problems to solve.
Madara: I see.
Naruto: Madara, how can you stay in this world still and what did happen to kages? i suppose there are racing after you, am I right?!
Madara turns around to look at Naruto:?!, Uzumaki kid, so there you are Ninetails Jinchurkii, and you are real, not clone. For you questions, first it is true Edo Tensei jutsu was released, but I broke contract with summoner, and now I master of myself with immortal body and infinite chakra. about your second question, don't worry 5 kages aren't racing after me. Correct answer is two kage aren't racing after me. I killed Tsuchikage, Raikage and Hokage, however let Kazekage and Mizukage be alive.<smirking>
Naruto:?!, NO!!!
Kurama indsie Naruto: ?!, that Chakra, Uchiha Madara, i hate him. ARGH!!!
Kakashi: ?!Raikage, Hokage and Tsuchikage are dead?!
Gai: it is true?!
Shinobi Aliiance: He really killed them?!, NO!!!!
Tobi: WOW, I am suprised, but thankfull for removing Kages from our enemies, brother
Naruto: You will pay for that!!!
The scene shows Naruto, who is really mad. He activate Bijuu mode and is about charge at Madara, but Kakashi stop him. Madara notice this and use.
Kakashi: Naruto, don't rush, he is not weak if he killed 3 kages of Great 5.
Naruto: So what?!, I should stay and cry?!
Madara: Mokuton: Multi clone no jutsu!
Shinobi alliance:?!
The scene shows Madara doing Kage bunshin seal and create 25 Mokuton bunshins, next Madara do few handseals and use
Madara: Mokuton: Great birth of forest!
The scene shows many root comming from udeground, slowly creating biger and biger tree changing all battlefield in forest. Madara Mokuton clones activate then second stage of Sussano(complete stage). Tobi is schocked and in awe of Power of Madara, while shinobi alliance are terrified and shaking. Kakashi and Gai are speachless and take defensive stance, Naruto in bijuu mode and Killer Bee in hachibi form prepare to attack. Madara turns around to Tobi as Powerfull and loudly roar and shockwave comming from Gedo Mazou statue, making it crack even more. Madara then turns around to statue.
Madara: Wow, so revival of ten tails is happening. ?!. However power of ten tails is incomplete I feel. Hachibi and Kyuubi are still not captured I see.
Tobi: that right, brother this is why this war is happening.
Madara with serious look: I see. I heard that you used my name in war and you have my warfun, for what purpouse?!, how dare you?! and you have Rinnegan but where is Nagato?!
Tobi: You can be mad at me, but I wanted to use your reputation to make them fear me and give up, but it didn't work, they make alliance of all villages.
I restore your Rinnegan after Nagato died by Naruto Uzumaki hand. I took you warfan to fight jinchurkii. If you want I will give you back it.
Madara: Ok, I forgive you. So that it. This Uzumaki kid destroyed our plan, but Kabuto guy give us another chance. Ihere is no need, you can keep it. As special weapon which I created from bijuu skins, without their chakra. It will be really usefull to you.
Tobi: We should concentrate on reviving ten tails, to speed up. this porcess.
Madara: No, it would be incomplete. There is still time to capture Hachibi and Kyuubi and extract them to Jyuubi. While transformation Extraction of Bijuu will be done in half of minute.
Tobi: With you, everything is possible, ?!, They are begin to overpower your clans I feel.
Madara: True. I will fight Hachibi and Kyuubi, you will stop rest.
Tobi: No, with Kyuubi I have grudge, so I will fight him, Can you care about rest of them?!
Madara: eh..., you took the best, ok I will care about rest.
Tobi: You have infinity chakra, you handle them, I couldn't, maybe I don't have enough chakra to fight Kyuubi. I have to try at least.
Madara: lay your hand on me. I will give some of my chakra. My chakra will be replenished second later.
Tobi: Ok, thanks for that.
The scene shows Tobi who lay one of his hand on Madara. Madara concentrate and emit powerfull chakra, which is abssorbed by Tobi.
Tobi: Now I restored all my chakra to full.
Madara: Use it well, and capture Kyuubi brother.
Madara: Izuna, How can you use fire release jutsu with mask on.
Izuna: I can't use it with mask, but i decided to fight only by defence.
Madara: You don't need mask anymore. take this off
Tobi: Right.
The scene shows Tobi, who is taking his mask off. His face is revealed, Madara look at him with smile.
Madara: That better, you changed a lot.
Madara: ?!, where is my other eye, Rinnegan, you have only one
Izuna: ah, well, I hide Rinnegan eye in special box, which i have with me. This sharingan give me power of Space Time Ninjutsu,which I got from Uchiha child, Obito was his name.
Madara: I see, ok, time to fight Izuna.
Izuna: right.
The scene shows half of forest destroyed. sound of fighting comming from forest are louder and louder. Madara activate Perfect Sussano form, stabilize it and go destroying forest with one swing of his sword. Tobi go underground. Naruto and Killer bee destroy last of Madara clone, after that Killer Bee seal them. Kakashi and Gai are barerly conscionous. From Forest appear Uchiha Madara inside perfect Sussano, which make shinobi shaking besides Naruto and Killer bee, who are schocked but prepare to fight. When Naruto in bijuu mode prepare to attack, Tobi appear from underground and attack Naruto.
Naruto blocking Tobi warfan:?!
Tobi: Don't look around Uzumaki naruto, I am your opponent.

Direct fight, one vs one Izuna vs Naruto soon <Kishi trollface>

Do you want continuation or no? give me comments what attract you and what don't attract you?

598 - The World in danger. Crisis of army

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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Rikudo, it's only right that a storyline like this get the continuation. First off, outside a few moments of weird language with the read it's very strong stuff you got there. Love that Tobi and Madara are connected and know all the facts on stuff taking place.
Things you could do with the next installment I think: Have Shikamaru get a battle plan goin, have some special Uzumaki/Namizake abilities kick in or be revealed by the Kyuubi, have the Sage frogs come bring some historical information about Madara from his days with the First Hokage possibly, something possibly with Sasuke intervening to assist the Alliance army with Madara to test his abilities, etc. Those are a couple of possible angles.
Either way, please proceed. Good job....
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

I predict that we will see what we have all been waiting for, Konohamaru!
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Quotes for noobs (learn how to break up a quote)
Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Ok Stubborn donkey, how do you break it up please and if your not willingly to tell me, then please DONT offer me no advice in future
So you can post the second bit and i shouldnt be allowed to if i dont tell you? Why be so rude?

Anyways, here is a quotes for noobs guide

1. A basic quote


(the * need to be removed for it to work, I put them in so you can see the text) is a basic quote that just wraps something in a quote without saying who quoted it who quoted so

[*QUOTE]this is a quote[*/QUOTE] without any * would look like
this is a quote

Edit: there is a button for this, it looks like a speech bubble. If you select text and then press the button the selected text will automatically be wrapped with the quote tag

2. A quote that says who said it

[*QUOTE=who said it][*/QUOTE] this adds who said the post, manually putting that there can be useful when quoting something external. Example:

[*QUOTE=Mangastream]Remember all you sexy bastards out there, Naruto, Bleach, OP, FT, etc. all on break this week. Feel free to take your rage out on us[*/QUOTE] without any * would look like
Originally Posted by Mangastream
Remember all you sexy bastards out there, Naruto, Bleach, OP, FT, etc. all on break this week. Feel free to take your rage out on us
3. A quote that says who said it and links to the post where it was said

[*QUOTE=who said it;X][*/QUOTE]

Where X is the post number.

For the post that i originally quoted it would look like this

[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164]Ok Stubborn donkey, how do you break it up please and if your not willingly to tell me, then please DONT offer me no advice in future[*/QUOTE]

That is what you get when you press the quote button.

4. Breaking up a quote

Now that you know how quotes work it all boils down to preference, how you want it to look like and how you want to do it.

One way of doing it is copying the latter part of the original quote [*/QUOTE] and then pasting it after each section you break up, write your reply, choose the text you want then paste it after that portion, repeat till you finish the go back and copy then paste the first part of the text at the beginning of each portion of text. Of course you can immediately copy and paste both parts of a poste so that you dont forget one in the end.

The end result would be something like this

[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164]Ok Stubborn donkey,[*/QUOTE]
My reply 1
[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164] how do you break it up please[*/QUOTE]
my reply 2
[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164]and if your not willingly to tell me, [*/QUOTE]
my reply 3
[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164]then please DONT offer me no advice in future[*/QUOTE]
my reply 4

Which without any * would look like

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Ok Stubborn donkey,
My reply 1
Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
how do you break it up please
my reply 2
Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
and if your not willingly to tell me,
my reply 3
Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
then please DONT offer me no advice in future
my reply 4

Another way of doing it would be to cut and paste the second part of the quote tag after the first section of text you want to seperate then write your reply select the second part and hit he quote button (it looks like a text bubble),if you do that without anything else the end result would be

[*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164]Ok Stubborn donkey,[*/QUOTE]
My reply 1
[*QUOTE] how do you break it up please[*/QUOTE]
my reply 2
[*QUOTE]and if your not willingly to tell me, [*/QUOTE]
my reply 3
[*QUOTE]then please DONT offer me no advice in future[*/QUOTE]
my reply 4

Which would look like

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Ok Stubborn donkey,
My reply 1
how do you break it up please
my reply 2
and if your not willingly to tell me,
my reply 3
then please DONT offer me no advice in future
my reply 4

To make it like the previous example (which wpuld be preferred, though not necessary ) copy the part that says who posted with the link to the post and paste it accordingly to the proper part in each first half of each quote tag. In my I would copy =minato uchiha;2118164 and paste it where the # is
[*QUOTE#] to get [*QUOTE=minato uchiha;2118164] (of course with the * removed)

Of course you can use any other method you like to get to the end result, but now that you know what the end rwsult looks like I think there shouldnt be any problems
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

598 - The World in danger. Crisis of army
The scene shows Izuna catching Naruto hand appearing in front of him.
Izuna: don't look around, I am your opponent Naruto.
The scene shows Naruto, who push Izuna few meters away. Naruto is trying to kick Izuna in stomach, but Izuna block this with warfan. Izuna is trying to hit Naruto with warfan, but Naruto avoid with fast bend and is trying to cut down Izuna, but he step back. They are charging at each other, exchanging blowes in taijutsu fight. Izuna avoid fine thanks to sharingan and Rinnegan, While Naruto sense danger and avoid well too. Panel show Madara in Perfect Sussano, which is swinging his giant sword. While Shinobi Aliiance attacks with everything Perfect Sussano. Kakashi begin to be more and more exahusted from using so much chakra, Gai begin to feel bad effects of using seven gate. Perfect Sussano tank all shinobi alliance attacks, while Killer Bee in hachibi mode prepare bijuu bomb.
Madara: What a worms, you are really weak as your kages.
Everyone: No!!, you will pay for that!
Kakashi thinking: This is bad, I don't have enough chakra to use Kamui more than once. So what now?!, I have to try at least...
Gai thinking: There is bad, my youth begin to run out. My only chance is Eight gate, but then I will die!
Hachibi: ?!, oh no, Perfect sussano again
<flashback begins>
The scene shows Hashirama, who summon Hachibi to stop Kyuubi, to take controlover it, while stopping it with wood release. Madara attack him with hsi powerfull fire release, which Hashirama counter with Water Release. As Hashirama take Kyuubi in control, Madara with furious face release Perfect Sussano. Hashirama then ordered Kyuubi and Hachibi attack Madara, while he summon forbiden scroll. In the background Mito is showed.
<flashback ends>

Hachibi: bee, it is worse than I thought. I have chakra enough for last two Bijuu bomb and nothing will left me then...
Killer Bee: So we have to Kill this man, like boss or we loss
Hachibi:facepalm, Bee, take it serious or we will die!
Killer Bee become serious: OK, Gyuuki.
The scene shows Madara who is attacked by all nature elemnt Ninjutsu, explosing notes connected to kunai and normal kunai as many weapons. Madara vision is limited so he didn't notice that Hachibi is chariging Bijuu bomb. As Hachibi finish charging Bijuu dama.
Killer Bee: Everyone, step back and stop your attack!
Everyone: Yes, Killer bee-sama.
Hachibi: Take this!
The scene shows Shinboi of Alliance stop atttack, then Hachibi fire Bijuu bomb at Perfect Sussano. Powerfull explosion occur, creating strong earthquake and huge clouds of dust floating around.
Killer Bee: It worked?
Kakashi uncover sharingan: ?!, oh no. He stand there still, unscatched.
Gai: what?!
Kakashi: shit, real Madara is no push over. He is one man army.
Everyone: what now?!
Kakashi: Attack him, with everything you have. Gai, we have to use our best attack even if it doesn't work, we will know that we do everything what we can.
Gai showing teeths: That right, Kakashi. Do your best, my friend and rival!
Kakashi smilling: You too.
Everyone: Attack this monster,stop him until General kakashi and Gai-sama will be ready.
Kakashi turns to Killer Bee: Can you use Bijuu bomb one more time?!
Killer Bee: Yo,yes I am fresh
Hachibi: Bee! Kakashi We will use but it will be last. This time I will use Bijuu bomb at it's limit.
Kakashi: Ok, do it. I Have plan.
Madara: Again..., I am bored.
Everyone: Attack him , stop him at all cost!
Madara Thinking: Shit, I can't use any jutsu, while being in perfect Sussano. I have to wait until they will use all their chakra.
The scene shows clouds of dust falling on ground. Madara is staying in Perfect Sussano, with bored look. Shinobi Alliance begin to attack him with all jutsu, weapons they have. While Killer Bee prepare Bijuu boimb again,
Kakashi sharigan changes to Mangenkyuu sharingan and prepare Kamui, Gai take deep breath and begin to open 8 gate. Meanwhile Naruto and Izuna jump away from themself, claiming that Taijutsu is not effective against themself. Naruto disactivate bijuu mode to save chakra

Naruto: Who are you anyway?!
Izuna: Ok, I will tell you but this changes nothing.
Naruto: ...
Izuna: I am Izuna Uchiha, Madara brother, forgotten by shinobi world. So You can say I am Noone, because There isn't anybody who know me, simple.
Naruto: ?!, It explains a little. Why are doing this?!
Izuna: I have enough lies,crimes and more in this world. Hope, Peace is impossible, it is only childdream. I am experienced and don't believe in child dream. You will never change this world with speeches, because hate will never disappear. Humankind is coruptted, that why Only way to create peace is placing them in genjutsu. Where everyone will be happy with family, where everyone dream become reality and where hate disappear forever.
Naruto: Maybe you aren't evil as I thought, however you are dangerous. I understand you, but I will stop you and provide you were wrong.
Izuna: Evil, good, noone is evil or good. It depends from you point of view. Absolute evil or good not exist. give me ninetails and give up.
Naruto: you had to expierience many evil in this world, but I will never give up or give you Kurama. He is part of me as I am part of him.
Izuna: Don't try, your talk don't work on me. I am not Nagato lost adult,I am expierienced adult and I don't let teenager to teach me. Enough talking.
The scene shows Izuna and Naruto take battle stance. Naruto activate bijuu mode.
Izuna: I will show you my strongest genjutsu
Naruto: I am perfect Jinchurki, who is not afraid of genjtsu
Izuna: don't uderstimate me
Izuna: Genjutsu: double nightmare from hells!
The scene shows Izuna using powerfull Genjutsu, from his right sharingan. He used it on Naruto and Kurama at the same time. Naruto is watching all his fears and nightmares, as he die before he become Hokage. Hinata die, while he can't rescue her. The world of Shinobi destroyed and more. Kurama is watching . He hear voice of all humans he killed. Scream of lost souls, who are travelling in him. Finally he hear Jyuubi voice and is watching in fear as he become part of Jyuubi again, when suddenly Powerfull and very loud scream comming from Gedo Statue wake up Naruto and Kurama from Genjutsu. As Naruto wake up, Izuna is about to absorb him, but he escape thanks to great speed.
Izuna: Damn, it was so close.
Naruto: it was dangerous. but I will protect himself from Genjutsu next time.
Naruto does handseals : AntiGenjutsu: inner barrier!
Kurama inside Naruto: Yes, it was good choice. He suprised us, look out Naruto, remember he is Madara brother.
Naruto: I know
The scene shows Everyone, including Madara,Izuna and Naruto distracted by powerfull and loud screams comming from Statue, which are more and more frequently. Izuna look with smirk like Madara do, while rest is terrified except Naruto , who has serious look at Statue.
Madara: Yes, It is happening
Izuna: great it is close.
Naruto: Damn, I have to stop this fast
Kurama: You better hurry up, or it will be end of everything
Everyone from army shaking: ?!
Kakashi a little afraid changes to serious: Ok, Gai, Killer Bee I am ready.
Killer Bee: I am ready
Gai: Me too
Kakashi: Ok, now!
The scene shows Madara, who is standing in Perfect Sussano. Powerfull energy emit from Maito Gai, pushing everyone away, Killer bee in hachibi form finish creating bijuu bomb. Madara is suprised and interested in Power of Mait Gai and Killer Bee, he is curoius about Kakashi sharingan.
Madara looking at Gai,then Killer Bee and finally on Kakashi: Woah..., what a power, I am suprised. This shinobi is no ordinary, he has chakra on bijuu level, almost as Hachibi I would say. Bijuu bomb is even bigger and more powerfull. But This man, his sharingan what he plan to do?!
Kakashi: Kamui!
Killer Bee: take this monster!
Gai: feel my youth!
The scene shows Kakashi use Kamui, pointed on Center of perfect Sussano. Hachibi catch Perfect Sussano arms, to stop their moving. Small black hole appear on Perfect Sussano , which do nothing. As Black hole become bigger and bigger, it create opening in Sussano chakra cloak. Hachibi fire Bijuu bomb at this opening , make big cracks on Perfect Sussano, with bigger opening at center. Finally Gai disappear with inhuman speed and appear in front of Perfect Sussano with his final attack. Impact from Bijuu bomb creating many clouds of dust.
Gai: Midnight Dragon!
The scene shows Gai who clap his both hands with fingers pointed at Perfect Sussano. All powerfull green energy which surround him, compress in his both hand finally releasing huge Asian version of Dragon. Dragon blind everyone and push everything away destroying everyhting on his way. When Dragon pierce by Perfect Sussano creating huge explosion. from Impact creating is schockwave which cause everyone to fall on knee. As huge cloud of dust fall on ground. Madara remains are laying on rock 50 m away and begin to regenrate, Gai notice this and charge with his last energy to hit Madara and block regeneration, while Kakashi fall on ground barerly conscionous shouting to seal squad to seal Madara. Killer Bee reverts back to normal is kneeing, Izuna and Naruto lower their arms crossed in guard. As Gai appear on Madara with great speed, pining him down to ground handing his arms, as only Madara regenerate eyes, he switches Rinnengan to EMS and use
Madara: Amaterasu!
The scene shows Gai, who is releasing Madara from hold because of pain of being burning. Gai run out of green energy while Madara switches back to from EMS to Rinnengan point one of his hand at Gai and use
Madara: Shinra Tensei!
Gai: argh!,?!

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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

The scene shows Gai send flying still being burn by black flames, while Madara regenerate completly, Madara stand up fast and with furious face activate Perfect Sussano. Seal squad is stop ruining at Madara and begin to escape, but all are killed in one swing of sword. Madara switches back to EMS and absorb black flames from falling Gai , who is hit by Sussano sword and send flying , hit rocks. Kakashi look at his friend dying as well, tear is falling from Kakashi face. In Gai eye tear appear too. They are laying on ground smilling at each other.
Kakashi: It was so close. You was my great rival until end
Gai: My Youth won, however finally I lost my Youth time for new generation to take over our generation, Yes Kakashi
Kakashi: no, you showed him youth, but he cheated us. Goodbye my friend. I will never forget our rivaly...
Gai: Bye Friend. We were konoha best until death...
Shinobi Alliance: NO!!!
The scene shows all shinobi alliance crying, Madara use this opportunity and catch Killer Bee with Sussano hand and go to Gedo Mazo, which changes a lot. ten tails are formed from Gedo Mazou back. Statue skin glow in black colour, eyes begin to move closer to center, slowly merged. When Madara give Killer Bee to Statue. Madara open Killer Bee jinchurkii seal , Killer Be is catched by Satute tail, Statue begin to extract hachibi. Naruto is busy fighting with Izuna. While everyone is sad by death of kakashi and gai
Izuna: don't look around when you fight me, Naruto
Naruto thinking: He is very good at Taijutsu, has great strength<flashback as Izuna kick Naruto away or punch him>. He has great speed and stamina. He is very durable to<flashback showing Izuna tanking punch from Naruto in bijuu mode. Izuna send flying, but keep guard>. He is master of genjutsu<flashback of Izuna capturing Naruto and Kurama in genjutsu>. I Have to try Ninjutsu, but I have to be carefull, he has Rinnengan...
Izuna thinking: Naruto is ver dangerous at Taijutsu, besides this fight will be uselles because wins who has more chakra. so he would win. Genjutsu he can't use, but he is perfect Jinchurkii, so it would be useless. He has great strentgh and speed. I will try Ninjutsu then.
Izuna doing few hand seals and shoot:Fire release: Flamethrower!
The scene shows Naruto avoid Flames and create Rasengan with one hand. Then He add wind to it and shoot it at Izuna. Wind rasengan changes into whirlwind which which attack Izuna. Izuna couter with.
Izuna: Flame relese: Firewall!
Naruto: shit, it won't be easy...
The scene shows Killer Bee conscionous. He stand in foront of Hachibi. many memories appear and twisting around them showing all thier life, relation.
Killer Bee rapping: Sorry, Gyuki. I failed it seems.
Hachibi: No, you were greates rapper and..., my friend and you always be
Killer Bee rapping: My time ends, my life fade..
Hachibi: Bee..., I wish we could live more togehter. I am sorry when I was your enemy.
Killer bee rapping: Gyuuki, you are the best friend, not wild beast.
Gyuuki: Godbye, it is end
Killer Bee: Sorry bro, I am coming to you. Naruto I belive you sucess.
The scene changes to one of Orochimaru Hideout. Sasuke laying on the bed, Orochimaru is smilling at him, while Suigestu and Jyuugo are looking curious.
Orochimaru: Stand up, Sasuke I injected Senjuu DNA in you. Process is finished

Sasuke: that Great
Suigetsu, Jyuugo:?!, your eyes
The scene shows Sasuke with Rinnengan activated in his eyes, however they have only two rings in each eye. Suigetsu and Jyuugo are schocked wile Orochimaru is licking his face.
Orochimaru thinking: Yes!!, he is ready, Rinnengan I will finally learn all about Ninjutsu and discover truth!. Wait for me Sasuke, until I come back from Senin training and do some upgrades to my body.
Orochimaru: I have to leave. Godbye Sasuke
Sasuke:?!, I won't let you leave.
Orochimaru: Why, I revived you parents and give you chance to talking. I helped you activate last doujutsu. I can give you even more power..., but later
Sasuke smirks: Ok, you can leave, I will wait for you
Orochimaru: Ok, I will give more power but first do something for me
Sasuke dangerous: what?!
Orochimaru nervously: Use Sussano, activate your brother,Itachi weapons and release from Totsuka
Sasuke schocked and serius:WHAT?!
Orochimaru: then I will give you even more power, master Sasuke
Sasuke: That better, You are weak and isn't dangerous for me. Ok. I will do that
Suigetsu: Are you crazy,Sasuke
Sasuke: Suigetsu, shut up!
Jyuugo ...
The scene shows Sasuke activate Sussano armored form, with weapons Totsuka sword and Yata mirror. Sasuke then release Orochimaru soul from sword. Sasuke shout release, it creates powerfull white light comming from totsuka, finally soul comming out and go inside Orochimaru.
Orochimaru: Yes, my power is rising. I restore my knowledge too.
Sasuke: Are you happy now?!
Orochimaru licking face: Yes
Sasuke: You are gross, get out from there and bring me more power.
Orochimaru: I am going,see ya
The scene shows Orochimaru leaving them[/B]
Suigetsu: You are crazy, he left to train to be stronger and take over your body.
The scene shows Orochimaru, who is runing through forest.
Orochimaru:That was dangerous. He is much stronger than me. I had to lie to him, but it worked luckily. Luckily Sasuke is hungry power. Soon Sasuke I will be your master, master and owner of our body!
The scene changes to Izuna=Tobi hideout. Kabuto stand next to Yamato.
Yamato:?!, who are you?!
Kabuto: you wake up, finally.I am Kabuto Yakushi, don't worry I am here to help alliance.
Yamato: Don't lie to me.
Kabuto: I am saying only true. I released you from poison which paralyzed you. Now I will prepare special transfer
Yamato: special transfer?!, release me then I believe you
Kabuto: sorry, I can't We would loose special transfer possibility. Special transfer means transfering all hashirama powers from this clone tree to you, Yamato.
Yamato:?!, amazing, but why do you do that?!
Kabuto: Because I have changed the worst nightmare into reality. I ressurected Madara with upgrades via Edo Tensei, but I lost control over him...
Yamato: So you want me to fight him.
Kabuto: yes,because only Hashirama could stop him in past. I know He is now many times stronger, but with help maybe you stop him.
Yamato smiles: I am happy, you changed. I am ready.
Kabuto: Ok, let's begin
The scene changes back to Naruto vs Izuna and Madara vs Rest. Finally Rookies 11 of konoha arrived while Extraction of Hachibi is finished. Lifeless body of Killer Bee is falling on ground. Gedo mazou had 9 tails, but two last tail created only with chakra and small in compare to rest tails. Now Statue has eight tails, ninth in small at chakra. While tenth appear about medium size. As Rookies 11 of Konoha are arriving. Night finish and Sunrise begin with Sun appearing behind Mountains, creating light which blind lightly everyone
Everyone: general Kakashi!!! Gai sama!!! don't leave us!
Kakashi:Konoha rookies...
Gai: Lee...
599 - Hope appears. Rookies of Konoha. Calm before the storm

Wow, I am really suprised by length of my text. I hope you enjoyed reading this. This was last predciton, because I don't have time for continuation;/ sadly.

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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Saddened to hear you won't be continuing this man, especially at this point in the story with an epic fight arising, Yamato turning Hashirama 2.0, and things about to erupt.
So good job and hope to read more from you fam.
Two fingas like a playa!!
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Apparently this is CONFIRMED!

Naruto chpt 595
status: early release
verification: conf_rm_d

Naruto: My rasengan got deflected… What is that thing?

Tobi: No need telling you such things, you’ll just be in the perfect world in a little while.

Naruto : Perfect world? Do you mean that genjutsu of yours? I already told you that my dream is to become Hokage. I won’t die or be trapped forever in some stupid genjutsu before I become Hokage.

Tobi: Hokage? What is the mean of Hokage?? Being a kage will not bring peace to this cursed world. Even the five kages allied will not be able to cure this world from hatred and bring peace. Your dream will remain just a dream.


Kakashi: This is definitely bad. The situation is getting out of hands. I wasn’t expecting him to revive the ten tails.

Gai: He is the kind of enemy who enters battle fully prepared. Though one thing is kinda bothering me!

Kakashi: What is it?

Gai: This guy is crazy. How does he expect me to remember his face when he is always wearing a mask?

Kakashi: Really? Do you think it’s time to talk of such things now?

Gai: You are right Kakashi. That’s the kind of answer I expected from my eternal rival.

Kakashi: Huh, u said something?

Gai, nvm (thinking) even though he pisses me from time to time he is so coooooool.

Kakashi: Naruto should we do it.

Naruto : It’s now or never.

Sfx: Poof
Tobi: Kagebunshin???

Original Naruto has been hinding behind hachibi gathering sage chakra.

Naruto: You ready uncle bee?

Bee: Hachibe gonna sting like a BEEEEEEEE, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Naruto : Here goes.

Naruto grabs one of hachibi’s tails and hurl him into the sky. Meanwhile Gai launches his one hit kill attack.

Gai: Hirudoraaaa.

Kakashi: We won’t allow you to keep deflecting our attacks. There’s nowhere for you to run.
Sfx: Pachichichichi(raikiri)

Tobi: Attacking from different locations at once. Nice move.

Bee: Take this mothafucka, hachibi’s ultimate tailed beast bomb.

Tobi uses his weapon to block Gai’s Hirudora and uses his rinnegan to absorb the tailed beast bomb. Meanwhile Kakashi charges towards Tobi with his raikiri. Tobi creates a mechanical armour, in hope to counter Kakashi.
Sfx :Shin
Kakashi: Mangekyou sharingan.
Kakashi warps away the mechanical armour and tries to land an attack. Tobi uses bansho tennin and pull Hachibi from the sky towards Kakashi.

Kakashi: At this rate, I’ll be crushed.

Bee: No choice let me out Hachibi.

Kakashi(thinking): Nice, if it’s just a human body I can somehow stop it with a water wall, suiton suijinheki!

Naruto(from behind Tobi): I’m Kinda glad you don’t have a byakugan.

Tobi: What?

Naruto : fuuton rasenshuriken.
The rasenshuriken passes through Tobi.

Tobi: You guys are doing well as a team. Gai, if you didn’t showed that attack during your fight with Kisame I would have been at a disadvantage. That was purely physical attack and not some ninjutsu. If I had tried to absorb it, I’d be done for. Kakashi, you always have a counter thanks to that sharingan of yours but I have a rinnegan. I hold the ultimate power, and on top of that I have data on each and everyone of you. Zetsu has been gathering information for me. Now it is the begining of the end.
Tobi jumps inside the Mazou’s mouths.

Kakashi: Hiding in there?? What is he planning?

Tobi through Mazou: This is what I have been waiting for! This war had another purpose, which is to gather all the shinobies from over the world on this battlefield. If I take all shinobies from this world the world would be mine. I would be the new god and you will be my slaves.


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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

^ You got a source with that to confirm its status
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
^ You got a source with that to confirm its status
Unfortunately no. Just that it says status: early release
verification: conf_rm_d. Maybe a prediction, found it in another forum.
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

How about that spoiler? would you guys say this is from a reliable source?


Confirmed spoiler by Doku, Himajin of 2ch

The Hyuuga clan's secret

Naruto VS Tobi, the fight begins proper, with Naruto's attack Tobi begins to question himself openly, but the fight is interrupted by the world ninja platoons, led by Neji and Hinata. Neji and Hinata rush to Naruto's side with some information about the Rikudou legend, a secret held by the Hyuuga clan.

The Hyuuga pair activate a secret jutsu known only to the Hyuuga clan.

However Tobi understood everything, and he activates a counter jutsu and the Gedo Mazo, before going 10 tails, turns itself into a tank.

It is a very confusing situation, and Kishi doesn't explain who won the battle. Suddenly, Hinata and Neji shrink in size gradually until they are both 5 inches tall.

Neji calls for help then Gai collects him, but Neji complains about the smell of sweat. Hinata calls for Naruto and he puts her in his pocket.

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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

ナルト 第595話 「過去を知る人物」
大蛇丸、サスケ一行は森林を高速で移動している。水月は早すぎると文句を 言っている。
サスケ (木の葉の方向…?) どこへ向かっている
大蛇丸 あなたがよく知る場所だと言ったはずよ、すぐに分かるわ
サスケ …
チリチリナルトが高速でトビに向かっていく。ガイ・カカシ・ビーはナルトの速度に感心 する。
しかしトビは印を結ぶ様子もなく瞬間移動(時空間移動の忍術)で攻撃をか わす。
カカシ (以前もやっていたな…)
ナルト?がトビに向かうも印なしの時空間忍術で避ける。カカシはそれを見て四代目火影 以上の時空間忍術の使い手だと感じた場面。

ガイ、八門遁甲第七門 驚門 開!!!
カカシ、万華鏡写輪眼 神威!!
トビ おかっぱのやつの体術はそこそこやるな…しかしカカシよ、写輪眼は使いこなせて も万華鏡写輪眼はまだまだのようだな。発動まで時間がかかりすぎだ。
と言った瞬間、トビは遠方のナルトの横に瞬間移動。カカシ驚愕、と同時に何かが気にか かる様子。
サスケ うちはの…集会場か?
大蛇丸 そう、あなたも見たことがあるでしょう
サスケ なぜお前が知っている
大蛇丸 カカシにトビ、ダンゾウ…写輪眼はもはやうちはだけのものじゃないの。後で教 えてあげるわ。
水月 ボクでも写輪眼ゲットできるのかい?
大蛇丸 できるでしょうね、眼にふさわしいものならば。
水月 じょ、じょうだんだよぉ~
「止めておけ カカシ そんな術はオレには効かない」
カカシ (こいつは俺を…それもずいぶん前から…知っている?)
アカデミー時代、初任務、四代目火影とのスリーマンセル、親友の死、写輪眼の習得、万 華鏡写輪眼の開眼、ナルトたちとの出会い…
カカシ (まさかこいつは…)
と油断していたその瞬間、目の前にトビが!!!持っていた扇のような武器 が迫る!
カカシ (神威…いや間に合わな…)
クソ…と呟きながらガイ、眼を閉じて印を結ぶ。第八門 死門 開!!!!
白目をむき、鼻と口から血をこぼすガイ。遠く離れたトビに向かって正拳付き!風圧だけ で吹っ飛ぶトビ。
カカシ ガイ!!!!!なんてことを!!!
    (すさまじいチャクラ…間違いなく第八門か…しかし…おれの予想が正しければ …)
カカシ (そいつに体術は通用しないはず…)
トビ すばらしい、そのチャクラ外道魔像にくれてやろう!
ガイ (これが最期…親友よ、さらば)
ガイ 夜龍!!!!!!!
トビ !!!!!!!はやい!!!!!

You can translate this. Anime Pro Destiny had this up. They usually have spoilers for FT up so I think this might be right
Edit:Looks like it is unconfirmed.

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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

google says:

"People know the past" story of Naruto 595
Psychological description of the main Scarecrow.
Orochimaru, Sasuke line is moving at high speed forest. Suigetsu says that is too early to complain.
Headed to where Sasuke (...? Direction of the leaf)
It should be said that the place you know well Orochimaru, I know immediately
Sasuke ...
The scene changes, the Representative of our combat heresy Tobi-Naruto-Demon Statue]
Chile Chile is going to Tobi Naruto at high speed. Scarecrow-Bee Guy admire the speed of Naruto.
Tobi is Wasu or an attack by teleporting (moving space-time ninjutsu) rather than tie the mark but also how.
Scarecrow surprised to see it.
(That was before I also did ...) Kakashi
Scarecrow recollection
Naruto, right? Avoid in the space-time ninjutsu towards the kite is without a mark. Kakashi felt the caster scene of space-time ninjutsu more than four Hokage look at it.

Naruto attacks Tobi fend off entirely. Even afford to be felt.
In combat for two people came up to us near Guy Scarecrow, two people fighting back.
Guy opened the seventh gate gate surprised, 遁甲 gate eight! ! !
Kakashi, Kamui Mangekyou Sharingan! !
Awnings are easily in the space-time ninjutsu but also
Body art of kite guy bob'm Kakashi, the Sharingan is the Mangekyou Sharingan is also still seems of Tsukaikonase ... but I do decent. It takes too long to fire.
Moment and said, Naruto Tobi moved next to the distant moment. Scarecrow startle, take some care how something is at the same time.
The scene changes to a line Orochimaru
Sasuke surprised
Sasuke is a meeting place or out ... Bruno?
There will be Orochimaru doing so, you had seen
Issue a Sharingan Sasuke, while anger
You know why Sasuke
Tobi, the Sharingan ... Danzou is not something only within is no longer Kakashi Orochimaru. I'll teach later.
Sasuke look, not convincing
Sharingan can get you going in my Suigetsu?
I will be able to Orochimaru, if appropriate to the eye.
Suigetsu Sasuke stare, but confused.
Suigetsu ~ Yo~o woman, just kidding
The scene changes
Scarecrow identity of Tobi is a concern ...
Scarecrow also recalls
Lines of the kite
"You open your mouth Kakashi not always easy to ·
It is not wonder that a life of regret you. "
"Kakashi such surgery does not work I put in to stop"
Scarecrow (he is also a long time ago ... you know ... it me?)
Scarecrow recollection
Three-time Academy Munsell acquisition death, the first mission, with the four Hokage, the best friend of the Sharingan, the Sharingan eye-opening of Wanhua mirror, our encounter with Naruto ...
Scarecrow (No way this guy is ...)
At that moment had been careless, and flew in front of you! ! ! Weapon such as a fan had Draws Near!
(Such Kamui too late ... No ...) Kakashi
Guy closed between the mark and the eyes ... shit and muttering. Open the eighth gate gate death! ! ! !
Peel off the white guy, spill the blood from the nose and mouth. With a positive fist flew toward the far away! Tobi just blown away by wind pressure.
Kakashigai! ! ! ! ! I! That ! !
(If it is correct ... I expected ... But what 's no doubt the eighth chakra ... awesome ...)
Be surprised, Naruto, the chakra of the remainder.
(Body art should not hold to hear ...) Kakashi
Great kite, the statue trying to do me evil heresy that chakra!
Guy (I last moment ... this is my best friend, Farewell)
While tears in her eyes
Dragon Guy night! ! ! ! ! ! !
Tobi! ! ! ! ! ! ! Fast! ! ! ! !
Clean hit, blow off his mask to the face.
On the back of the mask was shattered, Tobi face is visible in the eye of Kakashi.
In the face of the Scarecrow end up sad.
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

what the hell! i will just bombard predictions from others, hope no one minds:

Naruto 595 prediction: THE NATURAL CONCEPT
The scene starts with Tobi and Naruto

Naruto: Hey Kurama, what happens if the ten tails appears?
Kurama: You don't want that to happen.
Naruto: I wonder.
Kurama: What? Speak boy.

Naruto is gathering natural chakra, his eyes turn to sage mode.

Scene shows the great sage frog

Sage frog: Wel well, the boy is really something, still, he needs help.

Scene swith to tobi.
Tobi thinking: This boy is really something, he gathered that chakra so fast, is like he can....nooo, it can't be.
Naruto: So mask man, are you ready to feel fear?
Tobi thinking: This can't be happening, my eyes deceive me? I must hurry
Tobi: Hey boy, i can make your dreams a reallity, with the infinite genjutsu all of mankind will be free and will leave in peace.
Naruto: I want to see your face before a kick your a..s.
Tobi thinking: this is getting really serious.

Kakashi: hey Guy, did you felt that one?
Guy: Yes, where it comes from is a more difficult.
Kakashi: Naruto, is that you?

Naruto in his head: Kurama tell me one thing.
Kurama: what?
Naruto: is the ten tails that dangerous?
Kurama: Naruto, do you remember how i felt in your cage?
Naruto: I'm sorry about that.
Kurama: well, multiply that by 1000.
Naruto: still...

The scene show's Naruto running through a large hallway, it reaches a circular fountain of light and all the tails are there, and he watches in the fountain. In the fountain we see the ten tails fighting chakra chains.

Kurama:Naruto nooooooo

We see naruto enter this fountain and the ten tails in front of him.

Ten tails: Are you ready to die?
Naruto: Yes.

We see all the other tails viewing the conversation from outside the fountain.

Naruto:Why are you so sad?
Ten tails: is none of your bussiness, and if you try to stop me, i will crush this world.
Naruto thinking about the so6p.
Naruto:So you miss him, dont you?
Ten tails angry: i said is none of your bussiness.

We see naruto grow to the size of the ten tails.
Ten tails: So, this is how it's going to be?
Naruto: This is your choice, i can only show you.
Ten tails:Show me what?

Tobi thinking: I must stop him now.
Tobi making some hand sign.

The scene end's with a cloud of dust from it bursts amaterasu chains going really fast to naruto that is standing in front of bee and kakashi and guy.
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Naruto 595 Prediction: Give it all you got

Tobi: You won't touch the Gedo, I promise you that. *It will only take a few minutes until the 10-tails consumes it.* I'll have top buy it time.
Naruto: Is that a challenge? How about this. If we manage to land a finger on it, you take that mask off!
Kakashi: Naruto, now is not the time for that. We have bigger problems.
Gai: Kakashi's right, we have to destroy that statue quickly.
Bee: Kill it before it kills us yo, lets give it all!
Bee charges Bijuu-dama, Kakashi runs at it with Raikiri, Gai opens the 7th Gate, Naruto creates a lot of RM clones.
Tobi: Come then.
Kakashi: Raikiri spear (Kakashi launches his Raikiri in a sharp spear form)
12 Naruto clones: Fuuton Rasen shuriken!
Gai: Hirudora!!
Tobi throws his fan in the air
Tobi: Go, celestial fan!
The fan smashes down the bijuu dama, intercepting Kakashi and Naruto who are all blown back. Gai's Hirudora is then also sent back at him. Gai dodges and lands near the rest.
Naruto: What the hell,...just like before...that fan blocked all our moves...like some robot?
Kakashi: I was afraid of this...
Gai/Bee/Naruto: !?
Kakashi: That fan belonged to Madara Uchiha, the real one. It was said to be the the 6th treasure of the great sage.
Bee: Woah the 6th? I thought there were only 5?
Kakashi: I read the Uchiha table with my sharingan, the fan can only be wielded by Senju or Uchiha, depending on who wields it, it gains a different power.
Gai: So because he's an Uchiha, that fan has the ability to become a shield?
KakashiL: yeah, it seems that way.
Tobi: Spot on Kakashi, as expected. but you forgot one small detail.
Kakashi: And that would be?
Tobi: I am Uchiha, and Senju.
Kakashi: !?
Bee: Uh oh.
Tobi's about to swing the fan
Tobi: I have both the shield and sword. Allow me to show you it's offensive abilities.
Tobi swings the fan
Tobi: Rasenshuriken! Bijuu Dama!, Lightning Spear, Hirudora!
Naruto and co: !!!??
Huge explosion
The dust fades only to show Bee unconscious in front of them.
Naruto: Uncle bee!
Gai: *He guarded us using his full bijuu body.....!!!? Shit..the seventh gate effect is coming in....dammit...I may have to use that...or else.*
Kakashi: I get it now...that's how Hashirama won that battle, he took control of the fan, and Kurama must have attacked it, allowing Hashirama to gain it's power.
Tobi: *! This is bad, at this rate kakashi will figure it out, he has to die. Now.*
Tobi goes into the ground
Kakashi: Everyone! Prepare yourself, he's coming.
Naruto: kakashi sensei, Bee's...
Kakashi: Keep him behind us! We have end this now.
Naruto: Gai sensei?
Gai: Kakashi...the effects are kicking in...
Kakashi: Dammit....this won't work...if it's the end of the world....I have no choice.
Kakashi: Mangekyou Sharinan!
Naruto; Kakashi, don't...I can still fight...Don't use that yet...
Kakashi: Sorry Naruto, it has to end this way. This is our only option. I'm sucking the Gedo into another dimension with myself.
Naruto: NO. I won't let you do it.
Kakashi: You have to, after I do this, finish off Tobi. Besides....I think I know who Tobi is.
Naruto: !??
Gai: ! Ka-Kakashi...behind...
Kakashi: !?
Tobi has his hand on him.
Tobi: It's been fun, but you die here. Old friend.
Tobi starts warping Kakashi away.
Gai: No..shit...
Tobi: Hmm, now, who's next--
Tobi's face is kicked by Gai and he's sent flying back.
Tobi: Wha--what?
Gai has no shirt on and his body has a red aura around him.
Naruto: Holy shit...this chakra....
Gai: If I hadn't opened this gate, I would've collapsed. I should have opened it earlier, and because I didn't I lost my best friend. *Kakashi, I wanted you to see this.*
Tobi: *He cracked my mask* one power up won't win you this.
Kakashi: Make that two.
Tobi: !???
Kakashi stabs Tobi through the chest with a Raikiri
Tobi: How...impossible....
Kakashi: I wanted to try a technique out that was too risky, since it was the end of the world I thought why not, and it worked.
Tobi: You wanted me to suck you in....you planned this all out...
Naruto: What the...that's the same technique Tobi has...
Kakashi: Now I know for sure....I know who you really are.
The Masters give it all.
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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Apacolypz FanFic Prediction 596

The Approaching Storm

Suigetsu and Juugo stand guard as Sasuke and Orochimaru force the truth from the Guardians of the Leaf. As he stands firm in his place, Sasuke eyes his audience. Hashirama: Amazing, you look just like Uchiha Izuna! I can sense the frustration running through your heart. The dark anger you possess..it's menacing. Though you are covered in darkness I can feel warmth in the core of your cold heart. Sasuke turns the other way. For as much as you may yearn to crush the Hidden Leaf, your soul wants to protect it..Saratobi: Sasuke kun, Orochimaru! (Hurizen turns to his former student) You two together?, Many years have passed since our last battle it seems. Orochimaru: Yes back then I was something of a force to deal with. You stole something from me that for years I researched years how to get back. Sasuke: Shodai, I ask that you start, as we speak Uchiha Madara is roaming this world. Shodia alongside the remaining elders are shocked to hear such things. Koharu: So are we fighting against two Madara's. Hashirama: This is severe! If he is not stopped, I feel this world will slip into further turmoil! Sasuke: He matters little to me! I NEED TO KNOW! I HAVE TO KNOW! YOU ALL WILL TELL ME! Sasuke activates his EMS and puts everyone of the Elders under genjutsu.

Hashirama: It started a long time ago. So many clans roaming the earth looking for a place to call home. At that time I was the leader of the Senju. Madara obviously led your clan. I fought over and over with him. To the point I started to acknowledge him and understand him. Madara saw his clan as the superior force. He saw the gifts of our ancestor as his means to lead our Era to a new. After what I thought to be our last encounter, I defeated Uchiha Madara. I became the first official leader of the newly established Hidden Leaf. Madara felt as though the Senju were going to go back on their word and hinder the success and position of the Uchiha. Many times we met and convened over issues within the Leaf. Madara felt opposed by my position and his fellow clansmen. Being as the Uchihas did not want further bloodshed and war they sided against Madara. During this time, Madara lost his love, his brother and his family in his this crisis. The last time he faced me he swore revenge against the assumed dictating Senju.We embraced our final clash at The Valley of the End. I had to subdue Madara's intentions and protect this world from the hate that cycles itself. After our epic battle I split up the Bijuu and declared peace in the Land of Fire.

Orochimaru: Edo Tensei Unseal! From the Earth two more caskets rise. As their covering falls we see Senju Tobimaru and Namakaze Minato. Sasuke quickly puts the two under genjutsu. With their task implanted,Tobimaru starts to speak. Once my brother had passed the mantle of Kage had been passed on to myself. I seeked every avenue to give the Uchihas power and status in the village. In doing so I created the Police Unit. The peace in our village seemed to return over night as the Uchihas flourished. Our council continued to meet as time went on. Some feared the rising power of the Uchiha. With Madara being still fresh in our minds we did not want another uprising. Even though I disagreed the council voted to place the Uchiha clan in their own separate space from the inner village. As weeks went by it became evident that the tension still remained dormant. Our Village now bloomed with diversity. We had many strong clans who possessed such skill and compassion for our beliefs. My own personal squad had Saratobi, Amakichi, Uchiha and Senju operating as one. I felt it was important to set an example amongst the citizens. With unity peace can be welcomed. Though my time was short lived as I believed in the future. I placed my hopes in their strength.

Minato begins to speak, Minato: Over nineteen years ago, the Kyuubi attacked the Hidden Leaf. My wife Kushina was giving birth to my son. The Sandaime alongside his wife were evacuating us for protection. In seclusion we seeked privacy as she gave birth. Dealing with the Kyuubi, once Naruto was born (Sasuke's eyes widen!) we had to immediately strengthen the seal keeping the Kyuubi at bay. Somehow the enemy knew exactly when to strike. Killing the midwives the masked man abducted my wife and attempted to Kill Naruto. (Sasukes bears a viscous frown) He removed the seal and released the Kyuubi from Kushina's hold. Taming the beast the identified foe, Uchiha Madara attacked the village. Being the Kage at the time I had to protect my family and my Village. I fought against Madara and released the Kyuubi from his control saving the Village. Sacrificing our own life Kushina and I made Naruto the next Jinchurriki of the Hidden Leaf.
Saratobi: After the events, the Village was in an uproar. The famed Uchiha Police were noticed to be missing the night of the attack. Danzo demanded answers, and summoned the Head of the Uchiha clan to the Council Hall. Uchiha Fugaku swore loyalty and explained it only as series of nightly training. The Elders and I felt an unease about the situation. Without real evidence of treason the case was dismissed. Most typical life returned to normal. Not until your brother brought news of a Coup de ta. Sasuke shows interest as Hurizen speaks. Your brother knew I would heed any word he spoke of. Being that our families have ties. Sasuke: What ties do my family have with you? Saratobi: Your grandmother was of Saratobi, Mikoto is my great niece. (Minato turns his head in interest) You were named after your Great Grand Father, Sasuke Saratobi. Orochimaru smirks as he listens on. Sasuke: I was unaware of this, so Itachi trusted you eh? What occurred after he detailed you about the Coup De ta? Hurizen: I asked for time, I didn't want to rush my judgement. I wanted to still try to reconcile with the Uchihas. Let alone Danzo had other plans. He forced Itachi to make the ultimate decision. To save his clansmen or to save his brother. Without my knowledge until after Itachi made his choice. The Massacre took place! Hurizen buries his face as tears are shown. Immediately Itachi appeared before me and begged that I look after you. Protecting Naruto and yourself was part of my promise to Minato and Itachi. You two brothers of the same strife. My belief the same masked man was behind the attack on the village and the man behind the Coup De ta.

Koharu: Even after the former Kages, Tsunade tried her best to search and rescue you. Even though she knew your goals they gave their all. Tsunade turned her cheek against your actions for the sake of Naruto kun. His compassion and bond with you reached her heart. It reminded her of the relationship she had with Orochimaru kun. Jiraya fighting decades to retrieve the bond he had created. Tsunade was heavily persuaded to assist Naruto. After the Pain attacked the Village she fell unconscious. Danzo became the unofficial sixth Hokage. Not until Danzo took over did the heat on your name pick up. Thankfully Tsunade has returned to us, she continues to try to heal the hate breeded in this world. (Sasuke thinks back to when she healed him) Sasuke's focus is tarnished as he drops the genjutsu. Speaking freely, Minato: You know Kushina was best friends with your mother Sasuke. She always thought our kids would befriend one another. So, How is Naruto? Sasuke is shocked by this question. Sasuke takes time to respond. Sasuke: He...he....he is my foe and probably the last real friend I have. (Minato is shocked) As Sasuke folds his arms and glances toward the ceiling. I want to fight him to the death, to test his strength...but to also test his heart. Naruto has never given up on me. For years I believed the lies and illusions of others. I never had a real goal, never did I have a true desire. I only yearned to avenge my clan. Though through this time Naruto's only goal was to gain recognition from me. He lost his parents, never getting the chance to love them. He lost everything but fought only to gain notoriety. As much as my heart weeps for Itachi, I finally understand his life. My brother was a hero of the Leaf even in his afterlife. To taint and tarnish his ambitions would besmirch his memory.

Hashirama: The cycle of hate does not need to continue young Uchiha. That bitter hatred in the Uchiha clan has spawned many years or misery and regenerative anger towards each other. The competition that your eyes place on the user is like a genjutsu being placed on the caster. You are full of confidence regarding your power and its potential. The very same look I saw in Uchiha Madara. Though once I saw something different in his eyes. The look of compassion and hope.....Do you still have dreams and aspirations in this life? What future do you see for yourself? How will you avenge the deaths of all that fell from day one? The Uchihas have been cursed since the day they awakened that Mangekeyo Sharingan. Since you awoke your eyes what have you seen? Sasuke: Darkness...my eyes have been drowned in utter blackness. For the first time in many years....I do not long for it. I long for a purpose. I long for friends, and a family. I long for genuine company. Sasuke quickly darts his eyes toward Orochimaru. Tobimaru quickly notices the seals Orochimaru is forming and he finishes them! Tobimaru: OX RABBIT BOAR! As he does this the Edo Tensei seal is broken. Orochimaru eyes widen in disbelief. Oro: I reworked your tags and reinvented the technique. How did you so easily break out of it. Tobimaru: The base of this jutsu remains the same, and as it's creator I tire from being shackled down. Tobimaru while Sasuke looks on frees the remaining three Kages. Sasuke smirks as the Kages stand before him. Hashirama: I ask you one time, what do you wish?

Sasuke: To save the world!

Minato looks on smiling from ear to ear..Sasuke: Let's MOVE! All eight members head out of the Elders office.
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