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/naruto 603 spoiler\


603 リハビリ

この二人の協力で、オビトがリハビリテーションをし、人造体の体も使える になった。
ある日、ゼツより、カカシとリンが霧隠の忍たちに囲まれている。オビトが、もう一人の 人造人間と合体、外に 出ようとする。

Madara is sleeping, two clones appear before Obito and have an interesting conversation. They help rehabilitate Obito, help him use the Harashima stuff that's been grafted on him essentially. Time passes, one of the Zetsu clones comes back and tells Obito that Rin and Kakashi are surrounded by Mist Ninja's and are in trouble. Obito is surrounded by the Zetsu clone so he can use it's body.

Madara goes into the hibernation.
Two android appears in front of Obito. With their help, Obito is recovered in a mokuton based body.
One day, Kakashi and Rin is ambushed by the ninjas from the hidden village of the mist. Obito tries to attack with his new found power.
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