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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
Thank you, that means a lot comin from you.

But I hat to disappoint "he" is an Iphone typo. It should be "she won't be happy."

I type/post my predictions and such on here, through my iPhone. Sonetines I catch them other times I don't. Usually when I'm excited about the story and/or ushing a bit I miss things.

But hopefully you and others will enjoy the continuation.
Sure we will. You determined me to make the next chapter too, as i said.
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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers

Jericho Prediction

Naruto 605: "changed"

Bee is being confronted by Madara with Naruto standing behind his tentacles.*

Naruto, " Uncle Bee, how long can you hang on?"

Bee, " I'm being pit to the test, Madara is no regular pest!"

Madara, " wood clone jutsu."

Six clones appear of , their eyes suddenly change to RG.

Naruto, " Rinnengan?! Watch out be it'll be jut like When we fought Nagato with *Itachi!"

Naruto, " he isn't the only one with clones!"

Suddenly six Naruto in RS mode (NOT Kurama Mode) appear.

Naruto, "i am pissed off, you hurt the Kages and you and Obito over there are not only betraying your village but you want to put everyone in some big dream!"

Bee and Naruto are keeping their distance from the clones, while still watching Madara.

Naruto clone, " i am known as dumb, cause i don't quite get things at first or notice some things."

Madara clone, " not a surprise."

Naruto, "the thing is though when i fight, i notice things. A clone fought you already, and those plant things."

Madara, " this means what to me?"

Naruto, " when you fight someone for the first time your at advantage, if they never fought you. I give it to you you seen me fight before, but you didn't see me like this!"

The clone speeds towards him, all the clones speed towards there opponent. *Forcing them all to form a circle that leaves only one place not guarded.*

All the Naruto are but a flash if light.*

All the Madara use, "all mighty push!"
Kicking up dust and debris as they push he clones back.

When the dust clears there are no Naruto clones in front of them*

From the center if the circle and behind everyone of them, " marble madness rasengan!"

Hundreds of mini rasengans are pulling thrown at the Madara clones. As they impact the wood element rapidly grows turning them into saplings.

Naruto, " I'm a bit quicker than when u saw me last. Plus the plant clones, wood react like hat when i hit them like that. You used wood jutsu last time *and these are wood clones soooo..."

Madara looks over at the clones defeat, " I see, you so have a thought process after all."

Naruto clones, " so, lets see what reaction you have!"
He is pointing at Madara.

Over with Kakashi and company.

Kakashi, " catch!"

He throws the kunai towards Obito.*

Just as it reaches Obito feet he looks down and ...

Voice, "back off!"

Obito gets punched from the side by a female in ANBU attire, then in an instant she appears on the other side uppercutting him.

Obito, {this person is fast and her *strikes are deliberate she knows where exactly to hit me to keep me off balance.}

Kakashi , "Rin!"

Rin looking down at Obito as he is on one knee, " who are you?! What have you done with...."*

She turns and sees, " Kakashi!"

She grabs the kunai out of the ground and throws it at Kakashi. Right before it huts she appears and grabs it.

Rin, "what have you gotten yourself into? It must be Deadly if your using the kunai!"

From behind her, "Rin...is that you?"

She turns, how do you know me? You will suffer for hurting him!"

Obito " do you love him?"

She looks at him and then vanishes, "nerve pinch jutsu!"

Obito screams in pain as she attacks him from behind with her chakra laced kunai.

Kakaahi, " this isn't good, she just attacked the pain triggers of his nervous system. His entire body thinks it is being attacked!"

Rin looks at the mask on he ground and at Obitos face as he is on the ground in pain.

"you, you are...Madara! The masked ninja that started this war!"

Obito looks at her, "Genjutsu!"

Suddenly Rin steps back, did you just try to place me in a genjutsu?!"
She suddenly takes off her mask her hair is long and flowing.*

Kakashi, " Rin, don't!"

We see her face, " your not the only one with special eyes."

We see...

Obito, {byakugan?!}

Rin, " these *came to me after I got a organ *and blood donated to me from a fallen comrade, seems to be a thing with my team."

Guy brings Kakashi over to the two.

Guy, "Rin, Kakashi has something to tell you now!"

Kakashi " it's Obito, Rin he survived all these years. Look at him look at his face!"

Rin looks at him then steps back, "but..."

She walks up to him places a *a chakra palm on him and releases him from the pain.

Obito " you changed, you have gotten stronger, i am proud of you."

Rin, " i am ... Disappointed in you. You are responsible for this war and deaths of many ninja. I rather you stayed dead than to be a monster."

Obito gets up and looks at Kakashi.

Kakashi, " told you she wouldn't be happy."

Rin, " i dont want to hear any long story about how you were alone or something. Some stupid reason as to why you went from sweet lovable god hearted to this!"

Obito, "but you were dead too!"

Rin in his face, " don't you dare blame any of this on me, don't you dare, Obito Uchiha."

She blinks her eyes and they turn to normal.

Obito, " how did you...?"

Rin, "these are my eyes, there are organs *and Hyuga blood flowing though me. I can channel the Hyuga *side anytime with no problem."

Kakashi, " as Rin was fighting you she was very quick,but tell me. Why haven't you went into the Kamui dimension, not even partially?"

Obito looking away from Rin at Naruto versus Madara.

Kakashi, "i thought so."

Rin, " whats going on here?"

Guy, " we will explain."

*Naruto & Bee location.

Bee is wrapped up on wood element as Naruto is facing off with Madara.

Naruto," let Bee go and my friends you got *in that big monster!"

Madara talking to Naruto, " I am through toying with you."

Above we see a familiar giant meteor coming down.

Naruto, "dammit! Uncle Bee shrink down to your body, now!"

Guy, " Kakashi, look!"

Kakashi, "Guy get out of here leave me."

Obito, "damn, Rin get out of here!"

Guy and Rin at the Same time, " no."

Naruto looking at over at Bee. Some of the clones are looking at Kakashi and the others. The rest are looking at the meteor come down.

Madara, " i will be fine and the Mazou as well far as you, i don't think so."

The meteor crashes creating a huge thunderous boom and small earthquake.*

Sensor at HQ, " i can't believe the amount of power that is being displayed right now!"

Back in seen we see smoke clearing and Madara reforming in front if the Mazou.*

We see, behind him, a familiar foot.

A voice, "hey Madara Uchiha, i'm not done with you!"

We see Naruto with all the others.

Obito, " yeah old man, did you forget about me already? I sont like you trying to kill Rin, nobody hurts Rin or Kakahi from here out!"

Madara, " how, how dis you survive?!"

Naruto, " you haven't heard, I'm the leads *number one knuckle head *ninja!"

Kakashi, {you have truly surpassed me and now even the fourth Hokage. Madara...} "your going down!"

What new level has Naruto reached and how did he surpass the 4th Hokage?

Next: "That Jutsu"
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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers

Superb and Waiting For Next Issue...
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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers

I would prefer your prediction that Rin is alive instead of what I just read. Ty for that.
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