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Re: Halo fc

ODST was ok, Campaign was too short and firefight is ok, but even still with the limited stages and such once everyone hits the par acheivment for each level i don't see it getting revisted much.
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Re: Halo fc

well it is more challenging at high difficulties legendaray on wind ward proves to be interesting. i find its even more fun with 4 guys but getting the recon armor seems alomost impossible. the stuff you have to do is insane. but crater at night is harder than the day one the engeneers sheilding the brutes, grunts, drones, jackels and hunters proves difficult and fighting the gold hunters is also a challenge as they have a short burst fuel rod and improved armor. they look soooo cool the drone leader function was also a cool addition the new pistol rocks and the game play is really smooth.
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