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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Suddenly the whole area begins to shake, the vibrations in the air are intense. The sky dims and turns dark, both Bach and Kisuke look out towards the battlefield once again.
The view zooms out and high up to take in all of the battlefield. The view zooms in for a moment on Ginrei who is now being surrounded by shooting bolts of lightning. It changes to Byakuya who has Senbonzkura Kageyoshi released. Finally it changes to Isshin who has
Released Kokujo Tengen Myo with the massive samurai standing behind him with his sword drawn.
The scene zooms back to Bach's face who is grinning widely.

Bach: Are they indeed?! Let's see how well they can make use of those weaknesses!!

Scene change to Wairudo

Mashida stands looking at his medallion in confusion and surprise
Mashida: ?! Why isn't it working?!
Wairudo: Did you think you could keep using your abilities and your flaws would my be revealed?
Mashida:...what flaws?
Wairudo: hmph, don't you know? Or is that your master has not deemed it fit to tell you?
Wairudo: do not think I will grant any consideration to vermin such as yourself, die with your ignorance!

The ground 20 feet around Mashida explodes as if a bomb has gone off clouding the whole area in dust.

Scene change to Byakuya

He has enclosed himself and the Quincy in his Kaleidescope. The pink swords of the Senbonzakura rotate around them.
The Quincy (Mandarb) is observing the swords as they move.

Mandarb: Interesting technique, would I be right in presuming this focuses solely on attack.
Byakuya: you would be correct.
Mandarb: Granted that I cannot at present seal them away but do you believe this will be enough to kill me?
Byakuya: You are mistaken.

The swords moving around them stop. They begin to pulse with colour.

Byakuya: I was never meant to kill you.

The swords, all in unison point towards Mandarb and fly towards him with blinding speed.

Scene change to Ginrei

Ginrei stands with lightning bolts shooting down all around him striking the ground. They strike only in and around him and nowhere near the Quincy facing him. Ginrei is smiling pleasantly towards his opponent. The Quincy has long spiky hair, in similar style to Zaraki's.

Kensei: Why do you smile old man? Is it because you have gone senile, or do you find it funny that you have yet to hit me even once?
Ginrei: No not at all, I was just musing as to how long it would take someone of your calibre to ascertain my intentions.
Kensei:?!! Are you trying to slight me old man?!

Ginrei smiles more warmly towards Kensei.

Ginrei: well that depends? Have you figured out what I'm doing yet?

Scene change to Uryuu.

Uryuu is firing hundreds of arrows towards Manden who just stands there grinning as they all get absorbed. He begins laughing at Uryuu's failed attempts.

Manden: You truly are hopeless Ishida Uryuu, haven't you yet learned that your arrows are useless against our abilities.

Uryuu says nothing but begins to change locations as he fires from different angles.

Manden: Are you panicking already knowing that you're outclassed. That none of you're attacks can even touch me whilst I have my Volstandig and Sklaveri. I was better trained than you at half your age, I'm superior to you in every way!!

Uryuu appears in front of Manden still firing arrows. They have now increased in size some thicker than tree trunks. All get absorbed as soon as they close to Manden.

Uryuu: It seems you weren't trained in one thing however.
Uryuu: How to rid yourself of your arrogance.

Suddenly 5 steel bolts slam into Mandens body.

Manden: aargh
Uryuu: Quincy rule 19 - You are only outclassed when you fail to find your opponents weakness.

Scene change to Bach and Kisuke.

Bach: impressive, hiding those steel bolts within the reishi arrows. He was lucky in that he faced Manden. It wouldn't have been so easy against one of the others.
Mazrim: That boy has always been too arrogant for his own good.
Bach:...and he's always had a bone to pick with Ishida Ryukens son. Mazrim, I'd like to see the heart of your nephew but in debt of the actions you have had to take on my behalf, feel free to intercede if you so wish.
Mazrim: Thank you Bach sama.

Mazrim bows low and disappears. Bach looks towards Kisuke once more.

Bach: so they chose their weakest to spring the counter attack assuming we would provide him with the opportunity.
Kisuke: It does seem so, it was a risky strategy but most probably the only one they had.
Bach: Urahara Kisuke, what have you told them? You said our weaknesses were obvious and their actions seem to indicate some knowledge of them.

Kisuke: Well most of it is educated guesswork, but as I said before once you saw the pieces of the puzzle it wasnít too hard to put together.
Kisuke: Why is it that you only chose to steal our Bankai and nothing else? Why was it that you always stole them almost immediately after they were released?
Kisuke: Knowing a little of the Quincy from before, and being fortunate to experience your Sklaveri first hand in Hueco Mundo, it was quite obvious that this technique was an offshoot of that.
Bach: Ah, so you have had some help after all, so thatís what you used to deduce our limits.
Kisuke: Indeed. I saw your Sklaveri tear apart the very surroundings and even a half living mindless beast, yet, it left everyone else around un-harm and untouched.
Bach: Hmph, and so you asked yourself your first question, if itís ability is to steal and rip reishi away why didnít it do so with us?
Kisuke: correct, since the matter our bodies are primarily made up is reishi the easiest thing would be to steal it to the point that we were incapacitated or dead. You would have had the easiest victory in history of any battle.
Bach: and so you realised that the answer was quite obvious.
Kisuke: Yes, you did not do so because you could not do so.
Bach: And so you asked yourself the second question, Why couldnít we?!
Kisuke: Precisely. As I have said this is an educated guess, but everything does seem to point towards. You cannot steal away reishi merged with a soul.
Bach: But your Bankai-
Kisuke: -to be more precise, you cannot steal anything linked too closesly to the soul. Un-attached reishi is easy enough to break down and absorb but the same isnít true for resihi created and part of a soul. You are unable to break that down, you do not have the power. Therefore your only option was to seal it away rather than absorb it. However you could not even do that when the resihi was closely merged with the soul. It is why you could not seal our reishi or even seal or Shikai where only a small portion of our power manifests externally because it was still too closely linked to persons soul.
Bach: Heh but when use bankai the majority of your power takes an external and separate form weakening the link.
Kisuke: Weak enough for you to seal it away.
Bach: Splendid, splendid indeed Urahara Kisuke, you are correct on all counts. Did you not also ask why was it that we stole them almost immediately after they were released?
Kisuke: I would guess that, unlike your sklaveri, to increase the seals power to steal away the bankai it could no longer be omni-directional, therefore it had to be faced roughly in the right direction of the Bankai and within a certain distance to suck/draw it in.
Bach: Correct once again! Hah, you must be pleased to discern our limitations and weaknesses so quickly?!
Bach Surely you must gloating with confidence being able to now prepare a counterattack!!
Bach:ÖOr maybe the reason you are unable to smile now is because I have not shown the slightest concern in your discovery?!

Scene change to the battlefield. As the scene changes from battle to battle you can still here Bach's voice in the background.
You see Freidrich and Ryuken moving using hirenkyaku appearing one place after another but, not a single shot is fired, not a single attack made.

Bach: the reason is simple.

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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


You see Isshin who has already released his shikai. His ring of fire encircles him rotating extremely fast. The female Quincy facing off against him is laughing and shooting arrows from every single direction but they are all either absorbed by pressure of his flames or being struck down by the flames shooting out from his ring.
To one side you can see the giant of Kokujou Tengen myo walking away from them.

Bach: They were never given any instruction to survive.

You see Manden on his knees, the steel bolts still in his body. Uryuu unleashes a barrage of arrows towards him.

Bach: How long would you think it would take me to crush these ants beneath my feet if I so wished? What would happen if I released Yamamoto's Bankai right now??!

The arrows released by Uryuu crashe into an ice wall just before they each Manden. Behind the wall of ice you see Mazrim appear, he lends down and lifts up Manden in his arms. He looks towards Uryuu and gives an almost imperceptible nod before disappearing.

Bach: Their mission was never to defeat or kill you.

The black bubble of Kuchiki Byakuya explodes out from the top lightning bolts storming out through the breach into the sky.

Kensei:?!! Through the ground?!
Ginrei: (still smiling) that is correct.
Kensei: So you never had any intention of fighting us one on one.
Ginrei: whatever gave you that idea? This is a war after all.
Kensei: hmph, so how do you intend to stop me from killing you then old man?!

Tree roots break out from the ground and wind themselves around Kensei's legs binding him in place.

Ginrei: (little old man chuckle) as you said before

To the side you see the giant of Kokujou Tengen Myo arriving close and raising his sword high.

Ginrei: we never had any intention of fighting you one on one.

The sword comes crashing down obliterating around it.

Bach: Their mission was to keep you occupied and let this old man have some rest.

Suddenly before Bach and Kisuke the 5 Quincy appear standing. They look a little scuffled with some torn robes and a few scratches here or there but none look to have any serious injury. Behind Bach's throne Mazrim appears with Manden in his arms, gently laying him on the ground.

Bach: After all, why worry about dying when I can just bring them back once i sit on my new throne!!

Next week: 538 - Reinforcements.

P.s. Really wanted to introduce Urahara's shikai and bankai but couldn't find the right moment.
I will be doing within the next 2-3 chaps. Got an idea how to now.

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