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tale of galant jiraiya
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618 predictions/spoilers

predict away

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Re: 618 predictions/spoilers

Scene continues where it previously left out.
Orochimaru: yes, sasuke-kun, we are here.
Suigetsu: ( thinking to himself) so this is where sasuke used to lived.
Sasuke: orochimaru, what’s the meaning of this. why are we here? I thought we were going to meet them…
Orochimaru: before we do, there is something you must do first.
Next scene orochimaru and the group are shown walking into the secret meeting place of the uchiha clan.
Sasuke: orochimaru, I’ve already read the content of that tablet. Why…(gets interrupted by orochimaru)
Orochimaru: And here I thought you were smarter than naruto, troll face.
Sasuke: (pissed off face)
Suigetsu and jugo: aahh???
Orochimaru: anyways, sasuke, activate you EMS.
Sasuke: fine (activates EMS)
Sasuke: this writhing, it wasn’t here before.
Orochimaru: that’s right. This tablet could only be read by people who possess the sharingan. However, if the person reading the tablet has the MS, more of the content is visible; and if you possess the EMS, even more is visible. Finally, if you possess the final stage of the sharingan the whole content is visible.
Suigetsu: the final stage?
Sasuke: what do you mean by the final stage?
Orochimaru: yes, there is a final stage to your eyes. The rinnegan
Sasuke: the rinnegan!! That’s impossible.
Orochimaru: silly kid. Madara was the first person to awaken them. In matter of fact, without the rinnegan you don’t stand a chance against naruto. Now, lets go meet them.
Scene ends by showing them leaving. Scene changes to naruto and friends.
Lee: madara, prepare yourself to fight the ultimate tijutsu tag team
Guy: moves extremely fast to where lee is standing.
Guy: (with the nine tails cloak) naruto, lee and I will take care of madara. You and kakashi handle obito.
Naruto: you got it bushy brow sensei.
Guy: (Guy opens the 5th gate) lee,remove your weights and open the 4th gate. We will go all the way out right from the get go.
Lee and guy take off almost at the speed of the raikage.
Madara: so it seems they plan on only using taijutsu. Well, the rinnegan is useless in this situation then.
Madara switches from the rinnegan into the EMS, and activates susano. *this susano is like a cloak though
Lee and guy: dynamic entry.
Madara is sent flying
Madara: haha, finally someone worth my time. I will show you what true power is.
The end. Hope you guys like it, and please forgive my spelling if it sucks.
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Re: 618 predictions/spoilers

predict a whole chapter of sasuke and co.
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Re: 618 predictions/spoilers

618 - Mysterious passage

Sasuke finally arrives at his destination !

Sasuke: Is it here ?

Orochimaru(smirks): Yeah.

Sasuke stand before entrance to mysterious passage, as he looks into entrance of passage, there is only darkness. Suigetsu looks into passage as well with unpleased expression on his face. Juugo looks forward as his face expression don't change at all. Orochimaru smirks then he turns to Sasuke.

Orochimaru: Sasuke, Could you use your fire jutsu to fire all derivatives inside passage ?

Sasuke: oh yeah.

Sasuke: Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique !

Sasuke goes through Rat,Tiger, Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger handseals takes deep breath then he release from his mouth volley of many fire balls flying toward into passage. Suigetsu has bored look as Juugo sit down in rock. After Sasuke stop releasing small fire balls, only little smoke is comming from his mouth as Orochimaru watches as small sources of light appear in passage, growing in numbers expand light so much to lighten up all passage.

Orochimaru(lick his lips): Amazing, you didn't miss even one derivatives .

Suigetsu: oh jeez, Showing off as always eh, Sasuke.

Juugo(little widden eyes): you become even more powerfull Sasuke.

Sasuke: Hmpf, Let's lead us, Orochimaru

Orochimaru(turns to Sasuke, smirks then turn forward): Ok, let's continue.

Sasuke, Orochimaru are shown walking forward before Suigetsu and Juugo, who follows them as they look around on walls, seeing dust almost everywhere. Sasuke keep walking while being silent.

Suigetsu: this place is weird, it seems like no human has been there for long time...

Juugo: It reminds me place where I lived before Kimmimaro found me.

Orochimaru: You are right Suigetsu, this passage I was not be here for long time.

Sasuke(become interested): What do you mean, you have not been here for long time.

Orochimaru(sighs): This passage was orginally created by Uzumaki clan long time ago. Uzumaki clan represented evil part of body power, Senjuu was their enemy. That is reson why Uzumaki created special passage which lead to...

Sasuke(widden eyes): It can't be ...

Suigetsu: Where are we ?

Juugo: This is ...

Orochimaru: exactly

Sasuke along with Orochimaru come out of passage as they notice many ruins of buildings laying around. Suigetsu and Juugo follows them as they come out too.

Sasuke: so many ruins, it can't be

Suigetsu: ?!

Juugo: That symbol...

Orochimaru: brings memories, don't it ?, Sasuke

Sasuke: Uchiha..., my homeplace....

Sasuke, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo are shown comming off under passge near bridge under which rivers flows. As they come further and then turn right they found themselves standing before partialy destroyed Temple of Uchiha, as two walls on its sides are still intact. Sasuke recognizes Uchiha symbol on one of walls.

Sasuke(reminds of Itachi): brother, it was long time when I was there...

Sasuke: to think I wanted to kill you all my life, Konoha will pay for treating you as double agent.

Suigetsu: What did Sasuke talk about ?

Juugo: Itachi, his brother...

Orochimaru(smirks): *looks like he know the truth of Itachi already*

Orochimaru: Time to go Sasuke, ?!

Orochimaru turns around as notices Sasuke is turned back to him as he looks forwards on his Uchiha homeplace.

Sasuke: my homeplace, many memories come back as arrive here

Flashback begin

Sasuke reminds himself as he was child, his casual happy life, where his mother and father was alive. Sasuke remembers all good times spent with his big brother Itachi. Sasuke begin to smile when everything begin to fade away in darkness, his father, mother and Itachi who are replaced by Happy citizens of Konoha village. he watches as they enjoy their lives, laughing many times didn't know anything what did happen to Uchiha clan.

Flashback end

Sasuke is shown still standing as he doesn't move. As he watches citizens and ninja of Konoha laughing through their life, he begin to become angry as he clench his fists more, and more. Orochimaru watches Sasuke monologue a little concerned, While Juugo and Suigetsu are remain silent.

Sasuke: * I can't forgive them, forgive me Itachi... *

Sasuke: I will kill all of them, burn Konoha village to ashes and then will find way to revives you.

Orochimaru: Sasuke, we should come

Sasuke(wake up from his thinking): Yeah, Let's go then

Sasuke, Orochimaru, Juugo and Suigetsu enter Uchiha Temple known as Naka Shrine. Sasuke keep walking silent as he watches familliar walls covered now in dust, as he reminds his younger years, then he stop thinking as he ask Orochimaru.

Sasuke: Orochimaru...

Orochimaru: yes, Sasuke...

Sasuke: you was telling me story of this secret passage, but you didn't finish it. I would like to know, what happen to Uzumaki clan ?

Orochimaru: I see you want to know more about your rival Naruto Uzumaki. he become really powerfull these days, kukuku.

Sasuke(ignores Orochimaru mocking him): I want to know secret passage all story that all.

Orochimaru: well, as I said Senju and Uzumaki were enemies, as Hyuuga and Uchiha...

Sasuke: so Hyuuga represent good power of eyes, as Uchiha represent evil power of eyes, with Senjuu being good and Uzumaki being bad but in powers of body.

Orochimaru: Exactly, Uzumaki coperated with Uchiha to destroy Senjuu clan, and then Hyuuga comming next, but First Hokage discovered Uzumaki alliance with Uchiha and forced them to choose, coperate with Senjuu clan or die...

Sasuke: what ?!

Orochimaru: as young child, you couldn't know many dark secrets of Ninja World. As Uzumaki betrayed Uchiha clan, most of them were killed in one night as their homeplace Coutry of Whirpool was badly destroyed.

Sasuke: They got what they deserved.

Orochimaru: Exactly...

Sasuke: but what about Hyu ?!

Orochimaru: ?!

Juugo: ?!

Suigetsu: ?!

Sasuke and Orochimaru stops moving with Suigetsu and Juugo doing same as they notice flash of light reflecting on Uchiha walls. Sasuke take few step forwards with Orochimaru cooming behind him as beofre their sight Uchiha tablet is shown, but then they notice a man standing before Uchiha tablet..., which is lighten up from derivatives.

Sasuke: you !

Orochimaru: *who know this place too ?*

????: ?!

Mysterious man turns around as he face off Sasuke and Orochimaru, revaling his face to them.

????: I expected you, Uchiha Sasuke ...

Sasuke: he is ?!

Orochimaru(widden eyes): Hyuuga


619 - Hyuuga forbiden story reveals comming soon...
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Re: 618 predictions/spoilers

619 - Hyuuga forbiden story reveals

Sasuke face off Mysterious man !

Light comming from derivatives slowly uncover mysterious man face as he slowly step forward. He has white empty eyes without pupil and grey hair falling on his arm. Sasuke does widden eyes and open his mouth in schock as watches Orochimaru mouth saying Hyuuga.

Sasuke: ?!

Orochimaru: Hyuuga ?!

Elder(shows no emotions): I expected you, Sasuke .

Sasuke(turns to Orochimaru): I don't understand, The Hyuuga is someone who know everything ?!

Orochimaru: No..., my research written in this scroll didn't even mention it...

Elder: No, I am not him..., my name is Shikano Hyuuga.

Sasuke(slowly restores to normal ): if you are not him, then what are you doing here ?!

Shikano: I am guardian of this tablet, besides you are missing-nin along with Orochimaru.

Orochimaru(smirks): To think we could meet hyuuga clan, hehe

Sasuke(shocked then mad): Guardian of this tablet ?!, but it is Uchiha Tablet, not Hyuuga !

Shikano: you are wrong, young Uchiha..., and you(turns to Orochimaru) supposed to be dead already.

Echo of sound made by footsteeps begin to be heard as suddenly stop. Juugo stops Suigetsu, as they look from behind wall at mysterious man standing in front of Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Suigetsu: ?!

Suigetsu(shouts as Juugo cover his mouth with hand): Juugo !

Juugo: quiter, Suigetsu. There is someone who Sasuke and Orochimaru face off now.

Suigetsu(curious): who could that be ?!

While Suigetsu and Juugo hide behind wall as they are watching, Orochimaru and Sasuke keep talking to mysterious man

Sasuke: You are old man, what does Old man as you search here ?!

Shikano: it is true, I am not young one as you. I spend my time, trying to decipher this ancient Tablet which was wrote by our ancestor.

Orochimaru: By the way, can you explain to us your story, I would like to hear that (smirks)

Sasuke: yeah, tell us.

Shikano: very well. Long time ago Sage of six paths created two sons with his god powers. I am sure these ones are the people who know everything you are searching.

Sasuke: probably...

Shikano: Younger son of god inherited power of body, while older son of god inherited power of eyes. Younger Son, as well as older son married many human women. Many clan has begining then...

Orochimaru: interesting...

Shikano: However special two of these clans born from older son as well as younger son. From older son these two clans were called Uchiha and Hyuuga while from younger son these two clans were called Senjuu and uzumaki.

Sasuke: hmm..., I want to know more about it...

Shikano: However these two clans born from older path as Hyuuga and Uchiha, they were different from each other.

Orochimaru: Yeah, Hyuuga are weak while Uchiha are genious, kuku...

Shikano: you are fool Orochimaru, you give judge before you know something, that is wrong.

Shikano: Comming back to story, From somehow strange reason Uchiha inherited evil will of Older son, while Hyuuga inherited good will of Older son.
Hyuuga and Uchiha, good and evil.

Sasuke: stop judge me, or my clan or I will kill you !

Orochimaru: that is funny, so why Hyuuga clan become so arrogant, cold hearted, so what will you say about it ?!

Shikano: The Hyuuga clan change many times as every clan. There was some of strong generations Hyuuga , while other was weaker, today generation of Hyuuga is weaker...

Sasuke: and what is this about ?!

Shikano: I analyzed it very well and then I come with reason why. Hyuuga to use maximum power has to be pure one. while Uchiha to get their max power has to be inpure one. Same was with Senjuu being pure and Uzumaki being in pure, but now it looks like last Uzumaki survivor is pure, so Senjuu released Uzumaki from curse of hatred while Hyuuga failed to do same with Uchiha....

Orochimaru: let me guess why...(smirks), Senjuu as good had most of Younger son power, called dominant with Uzumaki being evil , called branch
that why Uzumaki had to to convinced, while Uchiha as evil had most of Older son power, called dominant while Hyuuga being good, called branch.

Shikano(sighs): you are right Orochimaru

Sasuke: so this is how it was..., then you Hyuuga you should serve me and do as I said !

Shikano: It can't be in your way, I am here to protect this ancient tablet, so you couldn't go near it, understood ?!

Sasuke: i gonna read it, so get out of my way !

Shikano: then you have to fight me.

Orochimaru(smirks then laughs): What make you think you can withstand Sasuke, let alone us too.

While Orochimaru and Sasuke still talk to Shikano. Juugo and Suigetsu carefully watch them behind wall.

Juugo(sense): air around them begin to heat up

Suigetsu: do you mean, they are going to fight ?!

Juugo: It seems...

Suigetsu: then let's take out him by suprise !

Meanwhile with Sasuke and Orochimaru, they take in battle stances as Shikano sitll is standing there unmoving.

Sasuke: I force my way through you then !

Orochimaru: it will be fun, hehe

Shikano: ...

Sasuke and Orochimaru are about to dash at Shikano, but suddenly they stopped as they sense something.

Sasuke: ?!

Orochimaru: ?!

Juugo and Suigetsu are shown comming at Shikano from both sides. Juugo use partial transform, used on his arm to punch him from left side while Suigetsu strike him with his blade from right side. Suddenly they are send flying in opposite direction as Shikano is shown using his both hands.

Juugo: Die !

Suigetsu: Whoaa!

Shikano: Double air palm !

Juugo and Suigetsu crash in ground, creating dust clouds as Orochimaru use this opportunity to attack, Orochimaru extend his neck comming straight at Shikano to bite his neck. Shikano begin to rotate as he creates protective barrier made from chakra, hurting orochimaru neck with head as Orochimaru neck comes back. Shikano didn't stop rotating as many snakes comming from Orochimaru hand already aimed at Shikano, who reflect them again with his air palm attack.

Orochimaru: Whaa !

Shikano: Kaiten !

Orochimaru:: Gahh !!!!

Orochimaru(shoots many snakes at him): Take this !

Shikano: Air palm hand !

Sasuke watches all fight with his three tomoe sharingan active. as orochimaru ,Suigetsu and juugo land around him. Shikano take another battle stance as he challenge Sasuke.

Shikano: I challenge you, Uchiha Sasuke to fight me !

Sasuke: hmpf... I accept it.

Juugo: We will back up you !

Suigetsu: Yeah, it will be fun !

Juugo and Suigetsu are about to dash at Shikano, while they are suddenly stopped by very lound shout comming from Sasuke. Orochimaru was schocked for moment then begin to laugh.

Sasuke(mad): Juugo, Suigetsu ,stop now !

Sasuke(serious): Do not interfere in this fight !, Orochimaru...

Orochimaru: I get it, you want to show Uchiha being supperior. very well I will stay watching then.

Sasuke: Then it is settled, show me you true power of Byakugan

Shikano: The battle of eye, time to begin !

Sasuke is shown with three tomoe sharingans is glowing reddish in each eye, looking at Shikano, who's byakugan is glowing whitish in each eye as light of derivatives lighten then up.


620 - Ultimate battle of eyes !
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Re: 618 predictions/spoilers

Giving it a shot for old time's sake.

Another Specialist Prediction

-Full Circle

(Sasuke walks past Orochimaru and takes a knee as he gazes upon the wreckage of almost a decade ago.)

Sasuke: “It’s been a long time since I’ve contemplated the thought of returning here,” said Sasuke.

(The scene cuts to the past, where Team 7 unites under Kakashi’s tutelage.)

Kakashi: “I see, next.”

Sasuke: “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are lots of things I dislike and I don’t really like anything. And I can’t really call it a dream. But I have an ambition. The resurrection of my clan and to kill a certain man.”

(Sakura and Naruto glare at Sasuke shockingly, then, the scene cuts back to the present. Orochimaru walks closer to Sasuke and places his palm on Sasuke’s shoulder, Sasuke shrugs it off instantly.)

Orochimaru: “Oh, why so testy? You should show more openness toward the one person whom knows the most about you. I know what you’re thinking, Sasuke kun.

(Sasuke grimaces as Orochimaru berates him.)

How the completion of your goal didn’t satisfy the outcome you so very hoped. The man you placed all your hatred for was just a schematic in a whole other greater scheme, and even then that larger picture may be the product of an even more underhanded manipulation…

Well, it’s time to face the truth, boy. The ninja world is full conspiracy. Yesterday’s enemies may be tomorrow’s allies. Everything is relative. Though, in the end, everyone just looks out for himself.”

(Orochimaru smirks hideously.)

(Sasuke stands strong and faces Orochimaru.)

Sasuke: “Yes.

(Sasuke draws out his katana and slashes toward Orochimaru’s face, Orochimaru slides his head out of the way but manages to incur a laceration below his left eye. Sasuke sheathes his katana.)

I know you are after my body, but I need you alive, for now; and I know you can’t kill me, now. Thanks for reminding me of that lesson, I won’t forget it.”

(Meanwhile, Juugo and Suigetsu have a conversation between them.)

Juugo: “Such a strange pupil and teacher relationship. I don’t believe Kimmimaro and Orochimaru behaved that way.”

Suigetsu: “That guy again, please, he was such a puss.”

(Juugo glares at Suigetsu intensely. Juugo then drops it and urges Suigetsu forward as Sasuke and Orochimaru press toward their location.)

Sasuke: “Do you honestly believe such records pertaining to the kind of answers I’m looking for can simply be found lying around somewhere?”

(Orochimaru shakes his head.)

Orochimaru: “Haven’t Itachi taught you anything? When was the last time you’ve visited the shrine of Nakano?”

(Sasuke instantly shows signs of reaching a revelation as the scene cuts to the past once more, to a time right after the massacre where Itachi informs Sasuke of the Mangekyou.)

Itachi: “In the main hall of the Nakano shrine. Under the seventh tatami from the far right, is the entrance to our clan’s secret meeting place. And the true reason behind the existence of the Uchiha clan’s doujutsu. The key to its secrets are written down there.”

(The scene then cuts back to the present.)

Orochimaru: “The origin and purpose of your clan’s doujutsu is key to understanding the forces that facilitated your clans descent and perhaps, even a bit more…”

Sasuke: “Such as?”

Orochimaru: “The source of the masked man’s motives, though even he might not truly understand that he’s also a pawn… If you want to know why Madara’s reappearance occurred and what this current shinobi war is really about, you should visit the secret meeting place. I bet more answers will be revealed to you.”

Sasuke: “How can you be so sure of that? The last time all I saw were the usefulness of the Mangekyou. If I traveled this far for nothing-“

Orochimaru: “The secrets are code locked. The Mangekyou reveals more, the Eternal Mangekyou a bit more, and the Rinnegan, everything.”

(Sasuke appears amazed.)

Sasuke: “You better be straight up with me.” (Orochimaru breaks out into a fiendish laughter.)

Orochimaru: “Ku, ku, ku, ku! Watch your tongue! I wasn’t just wasting my time doing fools errands in Akatuski colors. Among experimentation, reconnaissance is also my field.”

(Instantly, Sasuke dashes off towards the secret meeting’s location.)

Next Time: Sasuke tackles the truth
The Specialist, forever


^My first thread.lol

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