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Naruto D20 game (looking for players)

Naruto D20 is based off of the D20 modern system and can be downloaded here for free:
The D20 modern system can be found here, also for free:

Basicly, you build your own Naruto character, the size of the Naruto D20 file is due to the large number of jutsu's in it (around 400 pages worth), so every character is different.

If anyone is interested in playing, they can either; sign up to these fourms:
and post in the Ye Olde Gaming Palace (in the thread with posts by phoatu and wrath as well as others)
or they can PM me here.

The basic idea is that there are 3 teams of Genin, a team from the village of mist (2 places left), a team from the village of sand and a team from the village of cloud (1 place left).

Each team will be lead by a GM (we already have the 3 GM's, if we have more players will look for more GM's) who plays a Jounin. The 3 teams most likely meet at the Chunin exam, hence why the teams come from different villages. It should be a great game.

It will be played on IRC, however if you don't have it, or don't know how to use it (like me), then the GM's will show you where to get it and how to use it (I can now log in all by myself ^.^)

For those who know the rules of D20, the following is the starting info.
Starting level: 4
Alignment: Any (just try not to be overly evil if you choose; that'll be the job of the bad guys)
Village: any (state 1st and 2nd choice)
Classes: Any
Ability score: 36 point-buy
Books: d20 modern (and naruto d20 obviously)
HP: 1/2 of hit die (max at 1st level of course)
Chakra: Constitution Score+2xlevel
Wealth: all characters start with 12 (higher if you have profession synergy and/or windfall)
Starting Jutsus: Bunshin, Kage, and Kawarimi... along with 8 other jutsus of your choice. (only up to 4 of them may be of your maximum rank possible; 4 rank-4 for nromal... 2 rank 5 for genious)

Please use 3eprofiler to make your character sheets. if you are wondering how to add the ninjutsu, taijutsu, and other skills associated with naruto d20 it's simple: type them in yourself!

if you want a way to organize your feats, reputation, chakra, etc; here's an example sheet i made

PM me your character sheets if you want them to be private.


Range Increments: range indrements of kunai and shurikens has been increased by 5. Fuuma shuriken range increased by 10.
Kin/hijutsus: Ask of one you wish to learn; and i will consider allowing it

Weapon proficiencies:

Simple: includes simple and nin weapons... for all purposes simple weapon proficiency is nin weapon proficiency.
Moderate: Includes all archaic weapons; most requisitioned weapons (if any) will fall into this category as well. for all purposes this is archaic weapon proficiency.
Complex: all exotic weapons fall into this category... and even some unique and/or made-up ones. For all purposes this counts as exotic weapon proficiency.

New feat: Fuuma-Rang
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (fuuma), Dex 14, Int 12, BAB 4.
Benefit: Increases range increment when using a fuuma shuriken by 5 feet. The character is able to throw the fuuma shuriken like a boomerang; making an initial attack, then a return attack with a -5 penalty. To catch the returning fuuma you must make a reflex (DC 15) save, if failed the weapon must be retrieved with a move action, if failed by 10 or more you are hit with your own weapon.
You cannot have it move more than five range increments: example: if you throw it at someone 60 feet away it can only return 40 feet, if thrown at someone 90 feet away it can only return 10 feet, etc.

Free Feats: genin at start... then chuunin and jounin when you progress enough (they count as ranks instead of feats... so the only benefit you will be gaining is the acquired license. you only get the wealth/skill bonuses if you take it as a feat... in which case it won't be free)

Occupations and Bloodlines:
All characters start with the Academy student occupation. Anyone may take any bloodline, though i do not suggest getting anything with an LA of more than +2 or be faced with slower progression. I do not understand why GMs tend to limit certian bloodlines, but if you pick a normally restricted bloodline and i see that it IS indeed overpowered, i may ask you choose another... so please be wise about your bloodline if you choose one.
If a bloodline has an occupation attatched to it... for all intents and purposes you have that occupation in addition to Academy student... but do NOT get any of the benefits (i.e. skill bonuses or bonus feats) other than the advanced bloodline.

Level Adjustment
People with a level adjustment all start off with 4 class levels. However... before they can gain more class levels they must 'earn' LA levels. Example: someone with a LA of +1 must wait before his group becomes level 5, which he then earns his LA level. When he becomes level 6 he may then take a 5th class level. Someone with a +2 earns the LA by level 6, and is able to take class levels at level 7, etc...
What you get when you 'earn' a level: upon earning a LA level: you gain HP equal to your Con modifier and Skillpoints equal to your int modifier +1(<-- human feature). One cannot lose hp or skillpoints for negative modifiers this way. You do not gain chakra in this manner, but you DO gain feats and/or unlock powers if you are of appropriate ECL.


200 years have passed since the events of the naruto series. All of the characters are legends in their respective villages; but few words are spoken of even the greatest nins outside of the border of their own country.
Although not completely... the villages have closed themselves off... making interaction (at least to public knowledge) rare. Change has begun in the workings of the villages, some for better, some for worse... and this, it's speculated, is the reason for the recent drop in interaction. Ironically; because of the changes and the seclusion... immigrants from one village to another is not an uncommon thing. People have begun to hunger for knowledge on what happens beyond their borders and if grass truly is greener on the other side.
The chuunin exams are held as regularly as before despite all this change, and a new 'village' has emerged. This village is one made up of elites from all the known villages. It presides over the chuunin exams; holding them in a different country each time. It has also become the most powerful village, becoming a negotiator of sorts because of it's neutrality in conflicts.

Everything carried on in relative calm untill startling news came out: This year the chuunin exams would be taking place in a territory owned by this new power. When word of this became spread; reactions were diverse. Some adored that there would no longer be a sense of a 'homefield' advantage, yet others were panicked for fear that, upon discovering that the most powerful power now had it's own base, were paranoid that it would soon attempt world conquest.

IRC Server: Psionics-analrye (sp?)
Date set to start: October 21
Times: every other weekend, saturday and sunday mornings 10-11 a.m. to 12-1 p.m. (EST for americans) (GMT-5 for elsewhere)

(BTW: If there is some idea/suggestion not covered in the ND20 or MD20 books i may make a houserule for it.)

P.S If this is in the wrong section, could an ever so helpful Admin move this to the right one? thanks.
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Re: Naruto D20 game (looking for players)

This seems a tad bit like advertising... Considering you do nto have 150 posts and this is in the wrong section, I'd get ready for a ban.

The game sounds nice, but does it work on macs?
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Re: Naruto D20 game (looking for players)

Its pnp, Pen and paper, you just need to read the rules and find people to play with.
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