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New Slang [vector]

The preview does not have the right colours 0.0 See the full view for the full effect.

I work at a small newspaper in down town Boston. Among my many co-workers one has always stood out in my mind, his name was Jack. Jack was a fairly odd person. While the rest of us went to work in a t-shirt and jeans, Jack would always come in a three piece suit. He was of average height, border line between chubby and fat and had a brassy colour of hair. When I was first hired for this job I thought that Jack was the boss because of his atire, when I asked him where to set up my stuff he just looked at me and laughed.

I do not recall ever seeing Jack actually working. As far as I could tell he spent most of his time playing games (most of which had names starting with "dodge the...") and talking to co-workers in the break room. I never did understand how people could stand Jack. He was rude, mean spirited and always had an evil grin on his face. He would often stop Sam (our main reporter) in the hall way just to tell her that she was ugly. (Which, by the way, was far from the truth) After he would do this sam would look at him, laugh and thank him. At first I assumed this was some sort of inside joke that the two shared, but after asking sam about it she just said.

"No, that is just Jack" and continued on with her work. I talked to my other co-workers about it and they all more or less said the same thing Sam did. Apparently Jack insulted people. It was apparent that there was no malice in his voice and that he had no intentions of hurting anyone's feelings, but it still astounded me. How these people could take such insults all day everyday baffled me. Even if there was not hurtful intention, I would eventually start to take offence after a while. What was even more amazing was that not only did they not get angry at him, but invited him out for a drink every once and a while. He never accepted and claimed he had some things to take care of at home but he thanked us for the offer. I was glad that he never came along, for if he had I wouldn't have. I did not like Jack, to me he was mean and unpleasant to be around.

About a month after getting my job I went down to the bookstore to pick something up. I intended this to be a quick visit and to take no longer than 5 or 10 minutes. However, this would be the longest trip I'd ever make.

When I arrived at the bookstore I went straight to the science fiction section. I had no intention of looking at any book but the one I came to get. To my surprise, I saw Jack there. He told me he was picking up some foreign comic about a note book that killed people or something, I was not really listening to him. After a long synopsis of the comic he asked me

'What's up?". What's up? This is a man I have talked to once or twice, the same man who would greet his co-worekers with a punch in the gut. Here he is acting like we are good friends. I replied with a lamenting "Nothing". From his laugh I could tell he was going to say something about apathy and how it is not a good thing, but as usual, Jack surprised me.

"Well, no news is good news" he replied. From the look on my face he could tell I disagreed. "Oh, You would rather live a more dramatic life?"

"Yeah, who wouldn't" I said.

"Well I know I enjoy my routine life" he countered. I asked him how he could not want something exciting to happen in his life. He told me that he's had more than enough excitement for one life time.

"Interesting childhood?" I inquired.

" I would not use the word interesting" he told me. He began to grin, and at that point I knew I would be here for a while.

Jack told me his life story, how that when he was younger he was not the monster he is today. He explained that when he was two he met a girl who lived down the street from him. She was a nice girl, adventurous and bold, whereas he was cowardly and shy. Despite their differences, they were insuperable. As toddlers they rode their tricycles up and down the block, ad kindergarteners they climbed trees and imagined they were in a land of monsters and magic. However, their glorious friends ship ended abruptly when his friend failed to invite him to her birthday party. Jack claimed it was at that point that he became cold hearted.

He told me of his elementary school. He claimed that his friends all went to a different school than him so he was more or less alone at recess. He recalled one time where he asked some one to play and they said no and ran away. Jack claimed that his heart broke at that point. He was alone at recess and sat out in the field by himself up until his fourth year of schooling. Apparently, half way through this year some one offered kindness to him. It was Jack's first real friend at this school.

"If Adam had not shown me that kindness I probably would have committed suicide when I was 10" Jack said. "And for that reason, I will forever support Adam from beneath him."

Later on in his teen years Jack had his first girl friend. She was short, some what chubby, self conscious, depressed and suicidal. She claimed that no one understood her, thus no one could help her. In a attempt to help her, Jack did everything to be like her, he even forced himself to be pessimistic, hateful and angry. Unfortunately, Jack was far too shy for his own good and she ended up dumping him. However, after two months of hate and anger, Jack was not able to return to his old self.

Around grade 8 Jack said he and another girl whom he had a slight crush on got into a fight that started out small but grew so large that he 'Threw scissors' at the girl. He explained that it was ore off a light toss and that she barely felt it. Apparently he teasing had caused him much pain, along with his previous hate, Jack became depressed. After the scissors incident Jack began seeing a therapist. Amazingly enough, things between him and the girl did nto change, they were still friends.

According to Jack, that was around this time that his mother's drinking started to get bad. His mother was an alcoholic and always had been. However, she would only drink once every few months when his father was out of town. But as the years went on his mothers drinking got very bad. So bad that two years later, she was admitted to a few rehabilitation centers.
He told me of how, during the same year, he was the only one in his martial arts class to test for a rank, while the ret of his class tested for a higher rank. At this point he claimed that he hated himself more than everything.

Jack described his life, both the good and the bad, with a neutral point of view. Looking back on it, he did not hate anyone in his life. He did not regret anything that had happened. Jack said that he like who he had become, that if anything in his life did not happen the way it did, he would not be where he was today.

After two hours of listening to Jack talk I finally realised why people could stand him. Jack, despite his 'evil' upfront persona was a traveled man. He understood what pain was, he was forgiving, accepting and open minded. He did not hold grudges. But most of all, Jack did not look down on anyone. He, unlike the rest of the world, did not overly berate himself, nor did he congratulate himself.

I never saw Jack after that night. I do not know what became of him, but he never came to work again.
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Re: New Slang [vector]

Man this is good, nice use of shades. Keep it up but try to smoothen the curves on this one a little more.
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Re: New Slang [vector]

I liked it, mad hot 9/10
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