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Hail Of Fire: Vengeances Are Fulfilled

here is the fanfic i wrote for the original story. its not done yet though. sorry for multiple posting.

Hail of Fire: Vengeances Are Fulfilled

chapter 1 Arrival
chapter 2 Meeting of the Dreadnoughts
chapter 3 Graduation
chapter 4 Special survey
chapter 5 A Surpising Sensei
chapter 6 The Survial Exam
chapter 7 The Taijutsu Masters Clash
chapter 8 Akatsuki Arrive
chapter 9 The Truth is Revealed
chapter 10 The Battle of Revenge Begins
chapter 11 The Battle of Revenge Concludes
chapter 12 The Annointment
chapter 13 A Fresh Start

Chapter 1: The Arrival

It began on an ordinary day in Konoha.

Several strange figures approached the village.

Seshiro, Veranda and Dragonix were each wearing long robes that went all the way down there bodies, concealing their feet. The robes were pure black accept for the symbol of a big purple lotus on the back. Seshiro appeared to be 17 years old. He had long spiky silver hair and was extremely handsome. Seshiro was carrying 2 katanas on his back. One was a normal sized one, the other was about as tall as Seshiro. Veranda had no visible weapons on her. She had long shiny purple hair, and was extremely beatiful. Dragonix had no weapons on him either. He kept a hood over his head so it was impossible to see his face.
The next team consisted of Goshi, Zira and Kituv. They all wore black robes exactly like Seshiros team except they had an outline of a dragon on the back. Goshi had black spiky hair that went down to the bottom of his neck.He was also extremely handsome, but not as much as Seshiro. He was carrying a huge sword on his back that had a similiar appereance to a dragon. Zira had long black hair and wore a mask over here mouth and she was carrying a big lyre on her back. Kituv had black hair as well. He bore a staff on his back that has the head of a dragon carved in wood on the top.
The last team was the most mysterious. They were are together in a cluster and didnt talk. They all wore robes like the rest of the teams and the symbol on their robe was that of a skull. They were only referred to as the death team and had not visible weapons.

As the groups approached the gates......
Veranda: Seshiro are you sure theyll let us in?
Seshiro: Dont worry ive got it all under control.
Veranda: I hope your right.
Dragonix: Seshiro is always right.

Goshi: On the contrary remember the time when we hit a fork in the road? He said go left but i said go right, we went his way and got attacked by a bear.
Seshiro: Well this time im right.
The teams of shinobi approached the gate.

Seshiro: Hey why arent the other guys talking?

Goshi: Come on Seshi weve been together for 10 years, you know that the death team never talks.

Seshi: But what about the rest of your team.

Goshi: Oh yeah. Why arent they talking. Hey Zira, Kituv. You guys are usually the ones who talk the most.
Zira: *In a faint voice* We caught Larangidas remember.
Goshi: Oh yeah. Hey wait, Seshiro, cant you just fix them.
Seshi: It would be a waste of chakra and my valuable time.
Goshi: Whatever. Lets just go in.

When they approached the gate.

Guard: Hey who are you.

Seshi: I am Seshiro Okania of the Okania clan, please let us in.

At the word Okania the guards immediatly let them in for the Okania clan was a greatly respected and powerful clan.

Seshi: What did i tell you. I told you they would let us in if we just told the truth.

Goshi: Yeah whatever.

Veranda: The first thing we need to do is enroll in the academy.

On the way to the academy they met up with a certain boy.

Seshi: Hey get out of the way.

Kid: Make me.

At this Seshi made an evil stare and the boy immedialty moved. As they were walking Seshi noticed the boy coming in for attack.

Seshi: Well i cant believe a kid like that would know that move.
He immedialty pulled out his giant katana and blocked the attack.

Seshi: That is an impressive move, tell me, what is your name?

Kid: My name is Naruto Uzumaki. And what is yours.

Seshi: My name is Seshiro, you can call me Seshi for short.

Naruto: Seshi huh? well nice to meet you Seshi, maybe we can get some ramen later.

Seshi: Ok
Veranda: Hurry up we gotta go.
Seshi: Ok . Bye Naruto. Ill see ya later.

Naruto watched as his new friends walked to the academy.

Naruto: Man those guys are cool.

Chapter 2:Meeting of the Dreadnoughts

After leaving the academy....

Veranda: Ok weve registered at the Academy, so what do we do now?
Goshi: Well we need to find a place to stay.
Seshiro: Ok i say we find the nicest inn in the village.
Goshi: You say we should find the nicest inn in every village, I know youre rich but still.
Seshiro: Whats the point of having money if you dont use it?
Goshi: Good point
Veranda: Ok its settled then, well go to the nicest place here.
Seshiro: Ok.
Goshi: Fine with me.
Seshiro: What about the rest of you?
Death team all at once: Were fine with that.
Seshiro: And you guys?
Zira and Kituv with difficulty from their their larangidas responded "Fine"

Seshiro: Ok then lets go

Seshiro and the others registered at the inn and got their rooms ready.

Veranda: Ok we have the room now, so what else do we have to do?

*stomachs grumbling*

Veranda: I guess well get something to eat.

They all wandered around asking people they saw where would be a good place to eat. They heard that the Ichiraku ramen shop was very good so they decided to go there.As they approached the ramen shop they saw a familiar face.

Veranda: Hey its you, that guy we met on the way to the academy!

Naruto: The name is Naruto ok.

Veranda: Ok ill remember.

Naruto: So how are you guys?
Seshiro: Were fine.
Goshi: So Naruto where are your friends?
Naruto: Oh no i forgot, im supposed to meet them at the gate! See ya later guys!
Veranda: Thats one weird kid.
Goshi: Ill say. Hes wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer.

The teams ate ramen and went back to the inn. Late in the night Seshiro snuck out and went to an area a bit far off from the village.

Seshiro stopped for a second and listened.
Voice: Are you being followed yo?
Seshiro: No you can come out.
Voice: Okey Dokey yo.
Seshiro: Good to see you again Jerome.
Jerome. The name is Pimp Master J yo.
Seshiro: Whatever.
Pimp Master: Hey i am the leader of this group and you will listen to me yo!
Seshiro: Ok so where is everyone?
Pimp Master: Theyre right here yo.
A group of 5 people appeared from the shadows.
Seshiro: Ok then the meeting will now begin. First off lets see if everyone is here. Shadow twins?
Shadow twins: Here.
Seshiro: Icy?
Icy: Here.
Seshiro: Typer?
Typer: Here.
Seshiro: Surf.
Surf: Here.
Seshiro: Thats everyone.
Shadow twins. But what about Woodmaker?
Seshiro: Hes on an important mission right now.
Shadow twins: Ok. But what about Typers brother?
Seshiro: I think he has a mission too. Pimp Master, does he have a mission right now?
Pimp Master: Yep
Seshiro: Ok. Anyway lets get down to business. Does anyone have any information on Akatuskis whereabouts?
Shadow twins: We know that they failed the first time Because Jiraiya was there to help.
Seshiro: Yes but he will not be there this time. Do you think they will send Itachi and Kisame again?
Shadow twins: They have already made themselves known in this village so it is not likely. Why? Are you afraind of Itachi?
Seshiro: Are you kidding? you know me. Id be able to beat Itachi in my sleep, literally. After all they dont call me the Elusive Sleeping Ninja for nothing.
Pimp Master: Anyway, Seshiro we have an important mission for you.
Seshiro: Yes?
Pimp Master: As you know our orginization was named after your sword because of its great power.
Seshiro: Yes?
Pimp Master: And you remember that the sword has a son right?
Seshiro: Yeah Reaper.
Pimp Master: Well we need you to give the sword to the one who has the demon inside him in this village.
Seshiro: Ok whats his name?
Pimp Master: Naruto Uzumaki.
Seshiro: Im not surprised.

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Re: Hail Of Fire: Vengeances Are Fulfilled

Chapter 3: Graduation

Pimp Master: Remember your mission.
Seshiro: I will dont worry.
Pimp Master: I dont know, remember the time i told you to remember that access code to the vault back at hq. You typed it wrong and the security almost killed you.
Seshiro: why is everyone keep on bugging me about stuff i did before.
Pimp Master: Maybe you should stop giving them things to bug you about.
Seshiro: Ill try that. Anyway dont worry ill succeed in this mission.
Pimp Master: You better.
At that Seshiro flew off.
Shadow twins: Do you think that hell be able to stop giving us things to bug him about.
Pimp Master: Of course not.

The next day Seshiro and his team had their first day at the academy. as soon as class started they asked the teacher if they could take the graduation exam. The teacher at first thought that they would fail immediatly but to his suprise they passed with flying colors.

Seshiro: Man that was easy.
Veranda: Yeah remember when we were in the sand village?
Goshi: Yeah that was really hard. They train those guys hard there.
Seshiro: Anyway I need to go find Naruto.
Veranda: To give him the sword?
Seshiro: Yeah.
Veranda: Ok well meet you at the inn.
Seshiro: Hey Dragonix, you havent talked for a while. Are you ok.
Dragonix: I dont feel like talking.
Seshiro: Ok.

As he said this he saw Naruto walk by.

Seshiro: Hey Naruto can I talk to you for a minute?
Naruto: Sure.
Seshiro: I have something I want to give you.
Naruto: What is it?
Seshiro: Its this sword.
Seshiro pulled out a sword that seamed to be made out of two crossed bones.
Naruto: What is it?
Seshiro: Its name is Reaper. It is a very powerful sword. You will need it for your battle with Akatsuki.
Naruto: Sweet.
Seshiro: Be careful. This sword has a mind of its own.
Naruto: Dont worry i will.
Seshiro: I trust you.

The next day Seshiro and the three teams were summoned by the Hokage.

Tsunade: Seshiro and the rest of you. You did amazing on your graduation and i am astonished with your results.
Seshiro: So what do you need?
Tsunade: You will take a special survey exam in order for us to see your skills.
Seshiro: Very well. When will we be taking this exam?
Tsunade: Tommorrow.
Seshiro: Well be ready.

Chapter 4: The Special Survey

The next day.

Seshiro: Well today is the day for the survey exam.
Veranda: Aren’t you nervous that they might find out who we really are?
Seshiro: Nope.
Veranda: Ok. Let’s have a good luck kiss.
Seshiro: Ok.
While they were making out Goshi entered the room.
Goshi: Oh im sorry ill leave.
Seshiro: Its ok we were just having a good luck kiss.
Goshi: Oh. Anyway we gotta go were gonna be late!
As they were walking....
Goshi: That was one heck of a good luck kiss.
Seshiro: Your just jealous.
Goshi: Shut up, i am not.
Seshiro: Whatever you say man, whatever you say.
Goshi: * thoughts* ( I gotta get me a hot girlfriend like Veranda)
Seshiro: Why not ask Zira?
Goshi: What are you talking about
Seshiro tapped on his head.
Seshiro: Mind reading jutsu, duh.
Goshi: I hate you.
Seshiro: I know

They arrived at the academy Shortly after and went to the appropriate room.

Seshiro: So I wonder whos giving us the test.
Just as he said this a figure entered the room.
Man: My name is Iruka, I will be giving you the test.
Seshiro: Ok but wheres the test?
Iruka: Oh this isn’t a written exam your going to have to fight me and the elders and the other ninjas will watch and will fill out forms based on your performance.
Seshiro: So how many people will be watching?
Iruka: Oh just the chunin and jonin
Seshiro: OK
Iruka: Please follow me to the stadium.
They arrived at the stadium and prepared for battle.
Iruka: Ok the first one to fight is Seshiro.
Veranda: *Whispering*Remember don’t show all your moves.
Seshiro: I know it would take too long.
Veranda: Im serious, use one quick move and finish it.
Seshiro: Ok i will.

Iruka and Seshiro each entered the battlefield.
Iruka: Ok get into battle position.

Meanwhile in the stands.
Kakashi: This is going to be a good fight, I hear this kid is very good.
Gai: I heard he was able to completely block Narutos Rasengan.
Kakashi: Really. *Kakashis thoughts* (Hmm. This kid sounds extremely good. Even I wouldn’t be able to block Rasengan completely. I have a feeling that this Genin is stronger then he appears.)
Gai: I can’t wait to see what he does this time.
Kakashi: I actually want to see too.

Back in the battlefield.
Iruka: Ready, begin!
Immediately Seshiro sprung and was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he appeared on front of Iruka and gave him a hard punch in the face. As Iruka flew backwards Seshiro suddenly appeared under him and pushed him with his foot high in the air. He appeared behind Irukas back and got ready for his attack.
Seshiro: Meteor Shower, One thousand Punches.
Seshiro executed a good 1000 punches on Iruka and appeared above him for the finishing blow. Grabbing his arms Seshiro spun Iruka in a vertical form at super high speed then flung him down to the ground. Just as Iruka was about to hit the ground Seshiro appeared below him and caught Iruka with 2 fingers. Iruka was transported to the hospital room for immediate care.
Kakashi: Amazing! That move was incredible! To be able to do something like that at his age.
The rest of them finished just as fast as Seshiro and they all met up outside the building.
Seshiro: Well that was easy.
Veranda: Yeah that was much easier then I expected.
Goshi: Yeah remember when I summoned Manbearpig?
Seshiro: Yeah that was hilarious.
Goshi: Yeah. Now let’s get back to the inn. Tommorrow is a big day.
Seshiro: Whats tommorrow?
Goshi: The day we meet our sensei.
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Re: Hail Of Fire: Vengeances Are Fulfilled

Chapter 5: A Suprising Sensei

The next day

Seshiro: Ok guys today is the day we meet our sensei.
Veranda: I wonder who it will be.
Goshi: I hope its Iruka.
Seshiro: hes a chunin, senseis are all jonin.
Goshi: Oh. That’s why he was so easy for you to beat.
Seshiro: Yeah. Well it wouldnt have mattered, if it was a jonin id be able to win just as easy.

The teams arrived at the academy room where they were to meet there sensei.

After waiting a while....

Dragonix: Ugh when is he gonna get here?
Seshiro: They told us to be here at 12:00 and now its 3:30.
Veranda: I heard about this guy, he has a tendency to be late alot.
Seshiro: Well he better be here soon.
at this the door opened and the sensei came in.
Kakashi: *in a playful voice* Hi. How are you guys.
Seshiro: You come here 3 and half hours late and you talk like that.
Kakashi: Oh yeah, sorry about that.
Seshiro: Whatever so anyway whats your name.
Kakashi: My name is Kakashi Hatake.
Seshiro: *gulp* didididid you say Hatake?
Kakashi: Yes that’s right, why?
Seshiro: Oh Oh nothing *thoughts* ( could this guy really be my older brother?)
Kakashi: So, lets all get to know each other.
Seshiro: Ok let’s start with you.
Kakashi: Well you already know my name. my hobbies, well I have alot of hobbies, My personal life, well I don’t feel like telling you that.
Seshiro: Whatever anyway. Ok my name is Seshiro Okania, my hobby is sleeping with Veranda, Looking at Veranda, talking to Veranda and making out with Veranda, and my dream well that’s a bit personal.

Kakashi: You two are dating?
Veranda: Yep.
Seshiro: Past 3 years. The best 3 years of my life. Sex every night, making out 100 times a day. Yep shes the best girlfriend in the world.
Veranda: Your awesome too Seshi.
Seshiro: Not as awesome as you.
Dragonix: Here we go again.
All of a sudden Seshiro and VEranda started making out on the spot.
Kakashi: Are you done yet?
Seshrio: Yep
Kakshi: Ok next Veranda *thoughts* (Man that is awesome! This guy is luckier than me)
Veranda: My name is Veranda Okania, my hobby is being with Seshiro and doing all that stuff he said, and my dream is to become super strong.
Seshiro: Like you are now?
Veranda: Yep!
Kakashi: Ok your turn.
Dragonix: My name is is Dragonix Okania, my hobby is being alone, and my dream is that I will one day be left alone by everyone.
Kakashi: That’s pretty serious, why?
Dragonix: I have extremely powerful ears and it hurts when people talk.
Kakashi: Oh. Anyway we have a special Survival exam tomorrow.
Seshiro: Man not another exam.
Kakashi: Oh and I would recommend not eating breakfast.
Seshiro: Why?
Kakashi: Because, you might puke.
Seshiro: Oh. *thoughts* ( Hes bluffing. I better eat alot of breakfast)

Chapter 6: The Survival Exam

At five in the morning the Seshiros team got up and went to the exam site.

Seshiro: Where is he. He said 5 o clock and now its 7.
Suddenly out of nowhere Kakashi walked up to them.
Kakashi: Oh hello everyone.
Seshiro: Why where you so late?!
Kakashi: Oh sorry about that.
Veranda: Whatever anyway can we begin now.
Kakashi: Ok then, let me explain. This is the bell exam. I have here 2 bells, you have to try and get them from me. As you can see there are only 2. If you do not get one then you do not graduate and you go back to the academy.
Kakashi put a timer on a log.
Kakashi: If you finish by noon then we can all eat lunch. But if you dont finish by noon you will be tied to one of those logs. and you will watch me eat my luch.
Seshiro: Well its a good thing i ate breakfast this morning.
Kakashi: What! I told you no to!
Seshiro: Yes but I saw through your bluff and I knew that this exercise would have to do with us not eating.
Kakashi: Very smart of you.
Seshiro: Thank you.
Kakashi: Did all of you eat breakfast?
Veranda: Yep.
Kakashi: Ok then this will be easier for you.
Seshiro: Yes it will.
Kakashi: Ok you my begin....Now!
The three immedialty swooshed off.
Kakashi took out his book at started to read. All of a sudden Seshiro apperead.
Seshiro bit his thumb and made an x on left hand.
Seshiro: dragon tiger horse rat. summoning technique... Manbearpig!
aAl of a sudden a huge manbearpig appeared
Kakashi: What is this some kind of joke?
Seshiro: Nope its a distraction.
All of a sudden Kakashi heard a jingle and he noticed that both bells were gone.
Kakashi: That was amazing teamwork! Congratualtions you all pass.
Seshiro: Awesome!
Veranda: Sweet!
Dragonix: Whatever.

Kakashi: *thoughts* (That was incredible, he was actually able to distract me. Im impressed. I better keep a close eye on him.)

Chapter 7: The Taijutsu Masters Clash

After the bell exam Team 9 decided that it was time to get to know the locals better. Seshiro suggested meeting up with the other teams and finding Naruto. The three teams bumped into each other at Ichiraku finding that all of them passed the exam and that everyone else got sent back to the academy. They all went into Ichiraku and found Naruto sitting eating ramen.
Seshiro: Hi Naruto.
Naruto: Agh!

Naruto spilled the ramen all over his jacket.

Seshiro: Oh sorry ill fix that.
Seshiro performed a few handseals.
Sehiro: horse dragon tiger dog snake. Special Techinque:Time Restoral jutsu!
All of a sudden Narutos jacket was restored back to the way it was before.

Naruto: That was amazing!
Seshiro: Thank you. Say are there any other ninja around here or is it just you?
Naruto: There are plenty of ninja here.
Seshiro: Are there any really skilled ninja here?
Naruto: Well theres Lee.
Seshiro: Lee?
Naruto: Rock Lee the taijutsu expert. Hes the strongest taijutsu user in the village.
Seshiro: Well we'll see about that. So where is he?
Naruto: I think he still has that dojo.
Seshiro: If he has is own dojo than he must be good.
Naruto: Ok then lets go.
Seshiro followed Naruto to a nice wooden building in the middle of the woods.
Naruto: Well here it is, Lees dojo.
Seshiro: This is gonna be fun.
As soon as Seshiro walked in he was attacked by an ugly green rat. He quickly hit it back with the large katana he had on his back. He realized that it wasnt an ugly green rat, it was an ugly green kid.
Seshiro introduced himself and apologized for hitting him so hard and mistaking him for a rat. After they had some tea they were ready to fight.
Seshiro: Are you sure about this?
Lee: Yes im sure.
Seshiro: Ok.
They each got into a battle stance.
Seshiro: Ready, go!
The battle started. Lee tried using the primary lotus but it was easily dodged by Seshiro. The battle continued with Lee and Seshiro executing amazing punches and kicks. The battle went on for about half an hour when Seshiro finnaly got Lee into a perfect position. Seshiro gave a hard punch to Lees face sending him backwards. He then appeared under Lee and shot him up with his feet and performed the Meteor style 1000 punches. He ten caught lee by the arms in the air and spun Lee vertically a few times and shot him down to teh ground, quickly catching him with 2 fingers before Lee hit the floor. Lee fell flat on his head on Seshiros 2 unconcious. Seshiro put Lee down and headed towards the door.
Seshiro: That was a piece of cake.
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Re: Hail Of Fire: Vengeances Are Fulfilled

Chapter 8: Akatsuki Arrive.

As Seshiro was leaving the dojo he heard something calling him.
Voice: Their here!
Seshiro: Ok im coming.
Seshiro turned to the others.
Seshiro: Veranda, Dragonix Theyre here.
Veranda: Ok go. Well be waiting at the inn.
Seshiro: Ok. Naruto, come with me.
Naruto: Why. Whos here?
Seshiro: Akatsuki.
Naruto: What?! I thought i was supposed to avoid Akatsuki.
Seshiro: You are, but we need your help to get them out of here.
Naruto: Ok ill come.
Seshiro: Good. Remember to use that sword i gave you, it is extremely powerful. Do you have it here.
Naruto: Yeah i do. Ok lets go!
Naruto and Seshiro ran off in to the distance.
Veranda: Good luck Seshiro. I know you can do it.
Dragonix: Be careful.

Naruto and Seshiro ran far into the woods. Suddenly Seshiro heard the voice again.
Seshiro: Stop!
Naruto immediatly stopped running.
Naruto: What is it?
Seshiro: The rest of the Dreadnaaughts will be here shortly.
Naruto: Who are the Dreadnaughts?
Seshiro: The Dreadnaughts is a group of s ranked shinobi whos sole purpose is the eradication of Akatuski.
Naruto: and your in it?
Seshiro: Yes. The group consists of 9 members. First theirs the leader, Pimp Master J. He came here from America because he heard about how strong shinobi are. Then theirs me, im second in command. Although i may be the second in command, Im actually the strongest in the group. next theirs the Shadow twins. The are the spies. they are able to go into people shadows, making them very good spies. Then theirs Surf. He carries a surg board everywhere he goes, he uses it to block attacks and it is very useful for him in battle. The theres Typer, the computer genious. He holds a keyboard in his right hand and uses its chord to connect to objects or people to control them. He can also make strong wires come out of nowhere. Typers little brother does the same thing but he uses a remote that is connected to his arm. The last onesare Icy and Woodmaker. Icy has the snow ability and Woodmaker is able to take a piece of wood and make anything he wants out of it.
Naruto: Thats awesome!
Seshiro: Yes. Oh good theyre here.
Suddenly 8 figures walked out from behind the trees.
Pimp Master: So you brought him yo?
Seshiro: Yes i brought him, just like you asked.
Pimp Master: Good.
Seshiro: So where are they?
Pimp Master: About 10 minutes away from the village.
Seshiro: We have to stop them before they get into the village.
Pimp Master: Alright then. Everyone lets go!
They all swooshed off,ready for battle. They all stopped about five minutes after they left the village and waited for Akatuski to arrive. Finnally they saw them.
Seshiro: Shadow twins can you identify them?
Shadow twins: Yes. Those are........Itachi and Kisame?!
Seshiro: What? Why would they send them back.
Pimp Master: Maybe they were expecting this.
Seshiro: Hmmmm. Illl check.
Seshiro closed his eyes.
Seshiro: Bloom!
All of a sudden Seshiros eyes took the appearance of a lotus flower.
Naruto: What is that?
Seshiro: The royal bloodline.
Naruto: Royal?
Seshiro: Yes royal. Now then ill take a look.
Seshiro observed them for a few seconds.
Seshiro: Just as i thought, this is a genjutsu. the reals ones are right behind us.
Seshiro suddenly threw a strange looking kunai the other direction.
Voice: Ugh.
Seshiro: Got him.
Naruto: Who is it.
Seshiro: A messanger.
Naruto: A what?
Seshiro: A messanger from Akatsuki.
Naruto: Why did they send a messanger.
Seshiro: Lets find out.
Seshiro walked to the injured messanger.
Seshiro: Are you ok?
Messanger: Yeah im fine. Here this letter is for you.
Seshiro: Thank you.
Seshiro read the letter.
Seshiro: Hm. Wooses.
Pimp Master: What does it say?
Seshiro: It says that theyre afraid of us. They sent a surrender.
Pimp Master: What?
Seshiro: They said for now they will not come here, but they will be coming soon.
Pimp Master: And when they do, well be ready.
Seshiro: Yes we will.
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