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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Blargh, fuck I want pork chops...' Shadow Clone cried out hearing his stomach gurgle. It had been at least two days since Shadow had ate. He thought all of the food might have at least been tampered with to make it a twisted brutal story for people on T.V to watch.

'Hmmm wonder what I get if I for pork chops. Pork chops in general...but even then a small chance I'll get out alive...' His mind trailed off as his feet continued to walk on through freshly covered blood grass.

'Fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!' Shadow instantly pressed himself up against a near by tree while biding his time to see a student running for his precious life followed by the hunter.

'RATS-COCKS YOU AINT GETTING AWAY!!!' A voice boomed after him, heavy footsteps made Shadow's heart beat faster and faster. He had only a few seconds to react, two choices. Hide or swiftly take one of them out leaving the other to have to tackle him head on. But what if one of them had guns? To late. Time to react.

'Christ I hope the kid doesn't live in this game or his mom had better have dental care...' Shadow sighed pulling back on a hard tree branch. The groan of the branch made him feel more guilty as the branch instantly snapped forward to where it was meant to be hitting not one but two students...well atleast one was...the other looked a teacher.

'YOU STUPID FUCKER! I'M JUST TRYING TO LIVE!!!' Shadow's eyes met a pair of closed eyes of hatred, fear and revenge. But the face seemed similar..Slayer?

'Heh....' Shadow grinned pulling out what looked like a blender from his canvas bag.

'I WONT FUCKING DIE! I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH ME IF I HAVE TO!' Slayer screamed grabbing his sword that had landed just a few feet away from him and pierced it into the leg of ShadowClone sending him also to the cold soil.

'The stage is set! Now pay the price!!!!' The thin blade reached to the heavens above and slammed itself forward into the earth splattering blood.

'Hahahahahahahaha, your a real retard aint you? Are you blind as well as a complete moron?' Tears still rolled down Shadow's cheeks and his heart was nearly beating out of its rib-cage but just in time Shadow had tossed himself to the left only barely managing to create a flesh wound on his neck.

'Heh...sorry pal but I'm afraid I'll have to be leaving you now...' Using the make shift weapon branch, Shadow slowly pulled himself up as both of the students struggled to gain energy.

'Hahahahaha your nothing but a wounded bastard!' The sword once more touched the heavens above and using the last of whatever energy he had, Slayer ran full force into Shadow piercing the sword through his right shoulder. A grim laugh spilled from Slayer's mouth as he withdrew his blade...but what was that noise?

'Heh....' The breath of Shadow was running low but he had done what he had to do with his free left arm.

' fucking activated the collar?! You tugged the collar!!! YOU FUCKTARD!!!!' Slayer trembled falling to his knees.

'One, two, three, four....' but before the count continued a rain of blood begin to spit onto the face of Shadow and chunks of Slayer's head flew across the battle field. The eyes of Shadow grew heavy but before they shut he read the name tag of the other man he had striked with the branch.

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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Feeling a bit better, hopefully within the next week or so I can properly get back on track with BR.

Miburo wandered around the starting point of the island a bit, for the previous days he spent a little time at night punding his fists into trees to make them harder.

'Gah, what I wouldn't kill for a sandwich....' He sighed looking back into the dark corridor from once all his school mates charged out into a war hoping not to die.

'Heh...what I wouldn't kill to get off this island' A gruff male voice said from behind Miburo. A cold metal cylinder pressed against the back of Miburo's skull sending a shiver down his spine.

'Any last words kid?' The voice mumbled, perhaps one of the few who did not want to kill in this game but were left with no choice. Miburo's eyes were still fixed on the dark tunnel from where they all came from, only to find out they were some silly players in a game of chance.

'Yeah. I'd like to know who my killer is and I want a fucking sandwhich.' Miburo smiled at what could be his last words. Miburo waited for the instant the gun lowered and then he would lash out at his killer.

'Hah. Sorry boy but I don't work that way...but my name? Lufia, don't forget it.' Miburo closed his eyes and waited for it to be all over in an flash, it would only hurt for a split second as it blasts through the skull and into the brain.


No bullet and no death...

'Fuck...the safety pin...' Lufia panicked.

'Mother fucker!' Miburo cried out spinning round and grabbing Lufia's wrist. Applying full pressure to the wrist Lufia then let go of the gun while crying in agony.

'You wanted to kill me with a fucking gun? Pussy!' Miburo's battered hands picked up Lufia's eagle by the barrell and smacked him between the eyes full force with the handle. Followed by a loud crack blood poured out of the wound, some splattering over Miburo himself.

'I think its time I should act mature and finish this...' Grabbing Lufia by his hair, Miburo placed his teeth against a near by log. Lufia tried to let out muffled cries of mercy but none would change Miburo's mind.

'Hmmph....' raising his right leg, Miburo smashed through the air smacking Lufia right in the back of the head with his brown leather boots. Cracking of teeth could be heard from around ten meters away.

'Another one already?...' Shadow grinned, blood running from his arm...
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Next Contestant?
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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Some dead, some gone. Yet the memory still remains.

Deciding to continue the battle, Artan/6_n_6 for those powerless retards who could not understand. He watched, patiently with a hint of worry as his wounded prey stumbled into his domain. A drop of sweat trickled down his face as the English bastard dropped his bag of bricks.

"Usually, mate. I wouldn't attack cripples...But for you I'll make an exception." Stepping out from the trees that shaded the surrounding area, Artan removed his jacket and ran up behind his prey, Kluang.

"Choke on it!" Flinging the dark camo coloured jacket over his oppenent's head and tying the sleeves back in order to create a mask of suffocation, Artan took great glee in guiding him like a frenzied horse over the greenery.

"Watch yer step mate, fuck knows what you bang into in these parts." thrusting forward, the English *and former power* smacked Kluang's head full force onto a dead tree. It hurt, aye. Not enough to kill.

"It's like shoving an old woman down the stairs..." To be honest, he knew himself that Al Murray and various other English pub comedians would be at home having a beer and making a new sketch about this. Ironic how he laughed at jokes about other people's deaths whilst his idols were writing his own.

"And it's chaos, you notice that Kluang, how it's always 'Chaos'? When the worst is being described. And kids with hoodies, makes me want to do the central locking movement...Like this." Slamming his elbow up and down, repeatedly off Kluang's head, red liquid began to seep through the jacket.

"You're most likely unconscious now, thanks for playing though" ....





"Fucking sure, James. Let's make like a tree and piss off."

It's too damn short for me to get a grip, pull the mother fucker out before it sticks.
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Battle Royale NarutoLounge Edition

actualy i belive it only gose in slow motion when you have not given a command, that way you wont be a sitting duck when your stratagiesing. so baisicly if you keep giving commands and no slo-mo.

and desi
actualy it does, square said that some parts of the video were pre rendered and others were in real time. and if you watch the video closely you see that she is doing what it says the hilighted comman was the last command or the current commandsome times the command would be highlighted during the attack she did, the next one is the one she is doing or about to do. if you look closly at the begining of the battle system part of the video, the command after the hilighted one is "attack" witch is clearly what she is doing.
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Battle Royale NarutoLounge Edition

This is a revival of Oakgyrls battle, it never really got started.
lets do it this time anyone can join

can be anything, but be future ..ish looking, and yes, it can be a cybertronic vulture..i think someone did that..hmmm..ok, yeah,, GO
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