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RP Battle grounds


Here's the Character sheet:
*Name: Username
*Race: Can use old one or be origional. NO GODS!!!!
Class/profession: What class are you in? Also what do you do for a living.
*Age: Self explanitory
*Weapons: Can have up to 4 weapons; 2 main ones, a shield type, and a ranged type + ammo
*Items: other items you might want to carry like armor, potions, etc. up to 25
*Powers: Up to seven powers. NO GOD POWERS OR INSTANT KILLS
Bio: optional

Starting stats;
Hp: 100
Kills: 0
Deaths: 0

Rules: First person will declare battle and wait for another person who wants to battle to do so. If a battle has been declared for a week without a response, poster must delete and start anew. Battles must be quoted. A person dies when he or I chooses to or when his HP is at or below 0. I will keep track of a person's kills, deaths and hp and I'll do my best to be fair. The reson for the kill/death count is that a person may use a power that uses this setting.
Every once and awhile I'll bring in a boss character/monster (200HP) and reset everyone's HP. Everyone can battle the boss at the same time.
You can only have one character, but you can start you're character over with a clean slate. Just delete you're old character and post a new one. PM me once you do.

Name HP Kills Deaths

Here's the character sign-up thread: http://www.narutolounge.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=24402
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