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NL the Anime

*rubs hand behind neck* well I've been planning and thinking about this for a while, I'd have prefered to make it into a Manga to have pictures to go with my story but as I began to draw I realized...I'm really freakin lazy and don't have the time or the patience to sit and draw every single character @.@; So I guess I'll make it into a fan fic, I only have a little bit of it done but I thought about how, and not to sound boasty or anything, I changed a lot of peoples lives coming here and how they changed a lot of mine. I loved, I hated, My heart was broken, I broke hearts, I made people smile...and I made people cry and then I thought about how that would kind of make a good story line ya know? So here it is, I call it NL the Anime o.o; I'll post the story later on this week but wanted to get the basic idea across as of right now. And I plan on using EVERYONE and not leaving anything out. Although it's going to be tweaked a little to fit with how the story is ya know? Like you're really not sitting in a room with a bunch of people on the net ya know sipping tea etc. etc. And I also plan to include L9i since that was a huge turning point in the people I met. Don't worry, it'll all make sense later on. Oh, and if you're not in the story right away, you will be, like Key or LN you guys won't be in it for a LONG time since I just met you after the time skip which is a while from now @.@ sorry guys ^^; I'm going in order.

NC and NL are cities, where real people come and go from all over when the Real World gets to tough or whatever, basically a place built for outsiders, Tom rules over it of course with the help of his Admins and Mods. And mods and admins are kind of like super cops, they have staffs and marks on their bodies showing who they are and the source of their powers. A blue circle for Mods, a green square for S. Mods and red triangle for Admins on their left hands. And basically their job is to keep NL and NC safe (the story's gonna focus more on NL really which is a small place in an opening in the woods) and there are giant things called Virus's the live in the woods surrounding NL and NC..(remember this is in the middle of no where) which sometimes like to sneak in to the cities and cause trouble @.@ Course later on the Point System will be created where dedicated members can also get powers and you'll find that out later >.<;

Anyways, if this story sounds kind of with it and don't read it because it's not, I'm just telling the story about how I saw it. It's about this girl Lily who's 15 years old (starting from the beginning o.o) and stumbles across NL and that's where the story unfolds, I don't want to give to much away right now. Hope you all like it ^^ I know it's gonna be exciting!

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*sighs* Horny nee-san. -_-
Horny, pervy nee-san. -_-
*sighs* Oh wow nee-san. -_-
Originally Posted by *Sakura*
lily- =___='''''''''''''''''''''
*points* from my Nii-chan to me ^^ and don't forget *Sakura*

I'm in college now ^^
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