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~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the Moon~*~

Prologue Chapter: The orange moon and white sun collide, presenting the teams!

On a field in the eastern side of Konoha a strong wind blew ruffling the long grass, the field was near the edges of the forest so the sounds of wildlife were being blown over, the soft chirping of birds flowed through the grass. At the centre of the field there were three posts, at these three posts there was one boy. This boy had dark blue locks which spiked downwards reaching his shoulders he also wore a dark blue headband which bore the Konoha insignia. His eyes were a dark blue matching his hair and seemed to have the look of someone with a story to tell. His shirt was also dark blue and reached his wrists and was rolled up at the ends, he also had a white band around his right wrist which had the ‘fire’ kanji on it. His trousers were also a dark blue and he wore standard ninja sandals on his feet.

He was practising his taijutsu on the logs performing a combination of punches and kicks on the logs, relentlessly switching between the logs and hitting with such venom it was surprising the logs had not snapped from the pressure. He stopped in front of the centre log breathing deeply and hunched to his knees to regain his stamina, trickles of sweat slowly made their way down his face before reaching his chin and falling to the ground. He lifted his right hand to his face and used his band to dry his brow before lifting his hands from his knees and turning to face the person behind him.

The boy he saw had large black hair which pointed up and forwards slightly, he wore a white tank top on his chest leaving the rest of his torso exposed to the elements, he also had a pair of short light blue trousers which were rolled up around his knee area and standard blue ninja sandals on. His forearms were bandaged leaving the tips of his fingers showing and his ninja headband was tightened around his forehead.

He stepped forward and announced himself to the boy,

“Innido Ron, number one rookie genin!”

The other boy turned fully and examined Ron taking in his undeveloped figure and pompous manner before replying,

“Akane Raicho shall we begin!”

Ron closed his eyes slowly a smile creeping up his features before dragging back his left leg and disappearing, Raicho did not move as a heel collided with the back of his head sending him flying forwards, Ron landed opening his eyes and watching as Raicho’s body burst into white smoke unveiling a log. Ron had less than a second to react to the heel that came crashing down overheard, he blocked it with his arms which caused his knees to buckle slightly. He watched in shock as he saw another Raicho running towards him from the front, K – Kage bunshin?! He grasped the leg of the Raicho above him and swung him in the direction of the Raicho in front of him before flipping backwards and scanning for any other clones.

~~At the same timE~~

In one of the higher levels of the Academy there was a large dome shaped hall for which advanced training was preformed, it would normally hold ten pairs of jounin training or twenty pairs of chuunin. This particular time there was one person there, he had long flowing blonde hair which had red and orange highlights of various degrees. His eyes were a light orange and had a light red tint in them, his face had a light smirk on it. He wore on his chest a light red cloak which had a flame like design on the sleeves which was done in a tattoo like style, he had a plain white shirt underneath that. He wore plain white trousers which also had the flame design done in a tattoo style and he had white ninja sandals on his feet.

He was reading through a large scroll which had the kanji for ‘phoenix’ engraved into it, he was looking through what appeared to be instructions. When he reached the end he muttered something to himself before closing up the scroll and forming a seal. The scroll vanished and the man was alone in the large dome,

“It’s been a while…”

He drew out a kunai and cut the edge of his thumb, he the put the kunai back in his pack and began to form a series of seals finishing on the ‘tiger’ seal,

Kuchiyose no jutsu!

He slammed his hand into the ground and a large puff of smoke appeared, when it cleared a bird was circling around the man’s head,

“Phoix so you have called upon me again… but I sense no immediate danger.”

“Yo! Fushihira!”

“You speak so carelessly despite what happened last time!”

Daijoubu… I don’t hold it against you…”

“Why did you call me then?”

“Well I need to train, we haven’t worked together for a while…”

Sokka! I should have expected as much!

“So what do you say?”

“Does this mean you’ll be summoning me more from now on?”

“Hmm… Possibly it depends on how things go…”

“Then it would be beneficial to the both of us, lately none of the fushichou have been seeing any action, I wouldn’t mind flexing my wings.”

Yosh! Well start with some simple manoeuvring activities to get used to each others movements!”


Phoix leapt upwards and landed atop Fushihira’s back,

“I already went through the trouble of preparing a course.”

“How like you, straight to business!”

“Like you always used to say enjakukoukoku!”

Baka! You’re still the gaki!”

Hai, hai! Let’s just go!”


Fushihira lifted his wings and quickly flapped them sending him and Phoix rocketing forwards towards said course, Phoix was gripping to Fushihira using chakra and as he approached the first bar he leapt of Fushihira’s back and using two strings of fire elemental chakra he managed to stay airborne and manoeuvred his way around the top of the bar whilst Fushihira rocketed underneath preparing for the next bar which he flew over. Phoix fell into a reverse flip under the bar and flew upwards with a blast of fire, he flipped over the next bar and managed to land on Fushihira’s back again and began to form seals,

“Ready Fushihira?”

“Hmph! As always!”

“Well then, Katon: Hifunsha no Jutsu!

A large surge of fire based chakra surged through his feet from Fushihira and charged in his mouth,

“No control ne Fushihira?!”

“I’m rusty!”

“Excuses as always!”

Four thick strings of flame flew from his mouth and connected with four human shaped manikins on the ground and caused them to burst into flame, he then formed seals again and finished on the ‘tiger’ seal,

Katon: Hoteri Chouha no Jutsu!

A wave of flames began to emit from Fushihira’s wings,


Phoix leapt backwards flipping over and landed in the heart of the waves he lay flat parallel with Fushihira,

“It’s been a while so don’t do anything too flashy!”

“I’ll try!”

Fushihira flapped his wings once more before rocketing upwards and flipping over to make his way back across the dome, Phoix matched his movements just barely and was sweating from the heat,

“Oh! Sweating already! You never could keep this up for long!”

“It – hah – It’s harder than I remember!”

“Do you wanna stop?”

“Ye – hah – Yeah!”

Fushihira flew under Phoix and caught him as he fell,

“Yareyare you act stronger than you are…”

“Uru – hah – Urusai! It takes loads of chakra to sustain flight I have to release it at the same rate as the waves and cause it was mixing with yours it had a higher concentrate and was at a larger fire to chakra ratio, you expect me to match the ratio and release at the same rate! You’re insane! It was a lot less concentrated before!”

“Baka… as your skills have improved so have mine, if you can’t handle my level now then your growth has been dwarfed.”


“You should have summoned me earlier so you could see how your skills matched up with mine… with you at this level it seems that you’ll have to be reassigned…”

“Tch… I should have expected as much.”

“Do you wish to do it now?”

“Nah… I’ve got company…”

Phoix fell back off Fushihira’s back twisted in the air so he landed on the ground, he lifted his left hand which had a glowing red kanji on it that read, ‘danki’. Fushihira landed next to him and spoke,

“Well if we ever meet again, I’ll expect you to be even stronger than now!”

Baka, I’ll have to be…”

“Well goodbye then…”

“Yeah… bye…”

A swirl of flames appeared around Fushihira and completely enveloped him before flowing towards the kanji on Phoix’s hand, the fire got smaller and smaller before it was only slightly larger than his hand and when it became that small it dispersed leaving only a feather that was a light red at the bottom and blending into a pure white at the top. He grasped the feather and formed a seal again causing another scroll to appear, he unravelled it and placed the feather in there,

“That’s four…”

After this he rolled it up again and placed it in his pouch,

“So are you gonna show yourself?”


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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~


The high street of Konoha was very busy as the peak of the business day approached, there were various villagers making their way around the various stores and stands buying a variety of different items and objects. There was a low rumble of sound as people conversed over purchases and chatted in the streets, there were a variety of scents in the air coming from the diverse stands and they lingered in the nose for a moment bringing thoughts to the mind.

At the west end of the high street a group of people were making their way down, amongst them was a small girl that looked no older than twelve or thirteen, she had dark toned skin and pitch black bangs hanging from her head, her eyes were a bright glowing green and seemed to illuminate her face, she was sipping from a drink in her hand,

“Eiko! Let’s go I wanna get a few tops!”

Hai, hai I still need to get my stuff though since I did graduate.”

“As you keep saying!”

“No way, this is the first time!”

Hai, hai let’s go.”

“Hakeru, why are you being like this?”

“Because we didn’t graduate!”

“And Raicho-kun graduated too?”

“Sora! You too!”

“Whatever let’s go~oo!”

“Tch! You two should have studied more rather than wasting time trying to get Raicho!”

The two turned to Eiko in unison,

Nani! We weren’t chasing him! He’s just interesting!”

“Mm hm so you gave him four cards on valentines day out of interest?”



The two turned away from Eiko and began walking with their noses in the air,

Oi! Matte! I was only kidding!”

Eiko began running after them but tripped and managed to spill her drink on someone.

~~Back with RaichO~~

He saw the Raicho in front him kneel down as the other Raicho leapt over him running towards him with blinding speed, he didn’t have time to move so had to once again raise his guard, as the Raicho drew back his arm he lifted his arms. He was shocked as the clones arms slipped right through him, realising too late that it was a regular bunshin he saw that the real Raicho had already aimed at punch into his stomach which winded him and allowed Raicho to land a powerful roundhouse directly in Ron’s face. Ron went flying towards the posts on which Raicho had originally been training, he collided with the centre post and looked up to see Raicho just above him forming seals before shouting,

Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!

A thick ball of flame made its way towards Ron and he found himself for the third time in this battle raising his guard over dodging, This guys good! He doesn’t give me an inch! He felt the flames approach his arms and tensed slightly before feeling a wave of heat envelope him and darkness cloud his eyes, he looked around frantically wondering if the jutsu had burned his eyes out,

Magen: Kokoni Arazu no jutsu!

“Shi –“

Ron quickly leapt to his feet and whilst closing his eyes formed the tiger seal,


~~The man of mystery revealed to PhoiX~~

A man appeared at the other edge of the room with two kunai in either hand,


“Heorn Phoix and I’m looking forward to this!”

Phoix still had his hand in his pack and decided to draw out two kunai he threw one at Glen who dodged to the side and caught it, he threw it back and then launched himself into the air towards Phoix. Phoix spun the remaining kunai into his right hand so he could use it at close range, he batted away the kunai to his right then grasped at the air just beyond it,

“A nice genjutsu but the intent was a bit obvious!”

The Glen in the air vanished and the real Glen appeared before him he was in a pitch black ANBU outfit and had pure white forearm and shin guards on, Phoix appeared to have grasped onto his collar,

“Is that so?”

Another Glen then appeared behind Phoix and held to the arm that was gripping Glen and another came from behind and locked his other arm so it couldn’t move,

“The genjutsu was to conceal the kage bunshin’s movements, I never expected it to work. I expected you to focus on catching me as you did.”

Sokka… so what now?”

“Now I kick your ass!”


Phoix pulled back his right arm and thrust it into the clone that was holding his left arm, he was surprised as it didn’t disperse. He then used his free arm to form a one handed seal,

Katon: Hoteri Chuuha no Jutsu!

A wave not as dense as before began to emit from his body which forced the two kage bunshins to disperse and Glen to leap backwards,

“Strange that technique is more damaging than I anticipated, it’s surprising you can withstand it.”

“Well I’m special!”


Glen approached once again and with swift speed and aimed a punch at Phoix’s gut, Phoix stepped backwards to avoid the punch and caught his wrist, Glen then flipped forward and crashed his heel into Phoix’s forehead. Phoix’s head was thrown downwards and Glen took advantage of this to free his wrist and strike a series of blows to Phoix’s face, he then drew back to his right arm and sent Phoix flying with a chakra infused punch. As his body rolled several metres away Glen adjusted his forearm guards so that they protected his knuckles,

I - Ita!

Glen had a smug look on his face as he began walking towards Phoix; Phoix was slowly rising to his feet wiping the blood from his mouth,

“That was a good manoeuvre, I didn’t expect you to try something so reckless…”

Glen continued to approach Phoix still smiling and adjusting his guards,

“It seems like I’m gonna have to up the stakes!”

Phoix suddenly split apart into various different types of birds, causing Glen to do a double take,

“Genjutsu… shit!”

He jumped backwards as an enormous log fell from over his head,

“Dodge all you want but you’re not escaping!”

Three more logs fell from above and Glen flipped backwards to avoid them although this time when they collided with the ground they exploded into flame, arms grew out of the flames and flew off in the direction of Glen, Glen not surprised began forming seals,


Glen closed his mouth and began to store water before firing off a series of bullet like water spheres at the various hands, when the water pierced the hands they split and he found in the end that there were more hands than there originally were, leaping backwards repeatedly to avoid the hands scorching him he realised that he was still in a genjutsu,

“Nice try Phoix but I got this one figured! Kai!”

Glen looked to see if the hands had disappeared,

“It’s not Genjutsu!”

He quickly pulled out a kunai and attached an exploding tag before throwing it at the approaching hand which had caught up with him whilst he attempted to dispel the non-existent genjutsu. The blast split the hand but also blew him away so he had avoided major damage,

“If it’s not genjutsu then he’s somewhere controlling these hands…”


Glen looked up to see Phoix was falling from above and swiftly forming seals, Those seals… Hifunsha! Glen then began forming his own seals,

Katon: Hifunsha no jutsu!

Katon: Hifunsha no jutsu!

Glen managed to pull off an identical move to Phoix’s just in time to counter, as identical strings of flame burst from both mouths as they collided they wrapped around each other and began to concentrate, as the size of the ball grew both realised just what was going to happen,


Both cut off the strings of flame from their mouths and leapt backwards the ball then began to suck in before exploding and scorching the ceiling and floor in a wide radius, both managed to avoid serious damage but were exhausted.

Phoix walked over to Glen and put his hand out,

“A good match!”

Glen looked at the hand but didn’t shake it,

“Who said it’s finished?”

“I did!”

Both turned around to see the village principal at the door to the hall,

“What a mess… I expect you two to – Oi! Are you listening!”

Both boys looked away from the principal before Phoix threw a feather in the air which released a swirl of flame, with that both boys were gone leaving the principal to chuckle at all the energy that they had. He had observed both of them and was impressed at their skill.

“Hichuukaku Kaettekuru no Jutsu!

Both stood outside not far from the academy, Glen was not entirely surprised by suddenly being transferred to this spot merely observed the surroundings before disappearing in a swirl of green leaves saying quietly,


Phoix lifted his hand and grabbed the feather which was identical to the one that he had received before from the phoenix and floated down into his open hand,

“The nicest thing he said all day...”

Phoix sealed the feather same as before and proceeded to leap off the building into the street, he began walking when he spotted a girl trip over and bump into another girl, the girl on the ground tried to apologise but the other girl simply brushed her off and continued walking, Phoix saw the girl brushing herself off so decided to help her out.

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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

~~The conclusion with Raicho~~

He opened them to see he was standing in front of the posts in the field he had been in moments before,

“Your first mistake was assuming that I was advanced enough to use Kage bunshin, simply because the bunshin was attacking you doesn’t mean it’s solid.”

Ron turned to his back to realise that Raicho was standing facing away from him with his left hand in his pocket and his right holding a kunai to his throat,


“Your second mistake was assuming that I can use another advanced technique, goukakyu is a fire based technique and I…”

Raicho lifted his left hand out and showed it to Ron before molding chakra into his hand and converting it to his element. A small ring of water appeared in his hand and he amused himself for a while making it spin and flex around in various directions and angles, he focused it into a small ball before continuing to address Ron,

“…Control the water element.”


“You also tend to block attacks over escaping, with the speed that you displayed at the start of the battle you should have been able to avoid the bunshin’s attack at least.”

“That’s a special type of speed.”



“Not speaking eh? Whatever, if that speed has limits or special conditions you shouldn’t use it immediately, wait for your opponent to use his ‘ace in the hole’ before using yours, at the very least I could have gone easier on you.”

Raicho removed the kunai from his throat,

“Oh and by the way I’m a genin too. See you later.”

Raicho was enveloped by a swirl of water before vanishing leaving Ron to mull over the result of the battle.

~~Back at the high streeT~~

“Ah – gomen na sai!

Eiko looked up and saw that the girl she had spilled it on had a sour expression on her face, her hair was pure white and reached to her chest, there were also black rings binding her hair into bangs similar to Eiko’s. She wore a chuunin vest which was unzipped revealing a black stomach cut tank top, she also had skin tight black leggings on and black sandals,

“Don’t worry…”

Eiko went into her pocket for a tissue when the girl brushed past her and continued walking,

“O… K…”

Eiko brushed herself off before looking for her friends who had disappeared,

“Damn they left me!”

“Could I lend you a hand?”

A boy that had long flowing blonde hair with red and orange highlights had offered his hand out to lift her up, the girl accepted and allowed him to lift her to her feet, she then noticed how much taller than him she was,

Arigatou! Um – I’m – uh – Eiko, w – what’s your name?”

“I’m Phoix! Nice to meet you but I’ve gotta dash!”

“Uh – See you later Phoix-san!”


~~The sullen girl’s destinatioN~~

The girl Eiko had collided with continued down the high street, her pure white hair swayed from side to side as she walked, her face had a scowl on it that was not the fault of Eiko but in fact someone else, she quickened her pace subconsciously reaching the end of the high street quickly and heading west. She arrived at a block of flats and looked up observing the higher floors,


She leapt up landing on the fourth floor and looked at the numbers on the doors, she saw the eleventh and ran over slamming her fist into the door,

“Raicho-kun! What the hell were you doing!”

She continued banging the door but stopped to see if there was a reaction, sensing none she addressed the door again,

“If you don’t open it then I’ll just knock it down!”

A small muffled voice came from inside,

“Like I care…”

She felt a small twitch of annoyance before pulling back her arm and sending the door flying forwards, the door crashed into the adjacent wall but did not smash,

“Are you happy now Yuko?”

“Not quite, where the hell were you?”

“I was busy…”

Yuko loosened up and observed Raicho for a moment, his muscles were slightly tense and he seemed to be in a rather depressed mood as he was sitting at the edge of the bed and looking at the ground. She felt all her anger disappear and she just watch the broken man before her,

“Why are you like this?”

Raicho didn’t reply he merely turned his face away from her and looked at the wall, his face was hidden by his long hair so she couldn’t quite tell what he was feeling. She turned towards the door and stood there for a moment,

“I hate when you’re like this…”

She walked towards the door and exited the apartment, before she walked downstairs she turned back and spoke,

“You know doing this won’t make it any better…”

She saw that he was still looking away and waited to see if she would get any reply from him,

“You don’t have to be so isolated all the time, it’s better when you let it out.”

He shuffled his feet slightly and she closed her eyes and turned back to the balcony,

“Whatever it’s selections today so -”

She opened her eyes and saw he was leaning against the balcony looking into the distance, the wind blew his hair and revealed the expression on his face, it was a forlorn expression that made him seem as if he was lost in the fear of a painful memory. Yuko began to make her way towards the stairs when Raicho spoke,

“I hear everything you say, so don’t stop talking.”

Yuko stopped at the edge of the stairs,

“It’s just that it’s so hard…”

“Well no-ones forcing you, as long as you face it then it’ll be OK.”

Raicho walked over to her and stood next to her,

Arigatou… let’s go then, we’re both going there so we may as well go together.”

“I guess so…”

Both of them made their way down the stairs in silence thinking over what the other had said just before.

~~At the academY~~

On the third floor of the academy in room three zero seven, the graduating ninja were populating. Amongst the people that were arriving was a nervous Eiko, she had been standing at the door for a few moments contemplating whether she should enter alone or wait for company she almost jumped when she heard a voice from behind,


She turned to see Phoix standing behind her,


She stepped towards him and began walking side by side next to him,

“I didn’t know you were also graduating Eiko.”

“Well I was shopping for stuff before when you caught me.”

“Zat’so well shall we go in?”


They both entered the room and found that there were quite a few people inside a few were in small groups conversing and laughing with each other whilst the few people that were alone merely stared blankly out the window. Phoix and Eiko both walked towards a pair of spare desks and sat down beside each other.

Not moments after this did Ron enter the room and scanned around for a familiar face, spotting Eiko he walked over and sat in the desk in front of her,

“Yo! Eiko!”

Ohayou Ron…”

“Seems we’re among the few that graduated from our class… cool.”

“I guess so the test was harder than usual so it was to be expected, oh Ron have I introduced you to my friend Phoix?”

She indicated to the boy beside her who put on a modest smile,

“I don’t believe you have, Ron Innido.”

“Phoix Heorn, Hajimemashite.”

“Have you also just graduated?”

“From an advanced class, I needed it to fully graduate.”

Sokka, well nice meeting you.”

They shook hands and Ron turned to face the front once again, he was surprised when Glen suddenly appeared beside him, Glen turned to face him and observed him for a moment before placing his elbows on the desk, leaning into his hands and closing his eyes,

“Glen is that you?”

Glen turned to see Phoix seated behind him, he smirked slightly before turning back,

“It was a draw last time so consider yourself lucky.”

Phoix smiled and replied,

“Indifferent as always!”

Glen merely continued smirking to himself,

“Guys let me introduce -”

“I don’t need introductions.”

“As you wish.”

Ron decided to ignore Glen as he thought he was trying to act cool. The door opened again and this time Raicho appeared with Yuko by his side, Ron felt a twang of anger appear on his forehead and decided to lift his head from the table to further observe Raicho, Teme! All the girls are after him and he has the nerve to come in with a girl! Ron continued cursing Raicho in his head as said shinobi entered the room, he scanned the room for free seats and found them on the opposite side of the room to Ron and the others. He got into his seat with Yuko beside him and faced the front with an emotionless face. It was at this time that the Chuunin at the front of the class counted everyone in, he checked his board before addressing the room,

“Attention to the front please!”


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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

It took a few seconds for everyone to settle down and when they did the chuunin continued,

“Congratulations first of all, all of you passed the test!”

The class didn’t react to this because most had been congratulated for the last few days, so the magic was gone,

“And as usual all graduated students are going to be put into groups of three.”

There was a small wave of talk at these words and friends were looking to see who they could be paired with,

“I’ll announce the teams in order, team one. Glen.”

Glen opened his eyes at this so he could better observe his team mates when they were named,


Eiko was surprised to hear her name in the first team and paired with ‘the silent weirdo’ too,

“And Akane Raicho (A/N: The only person in this team with a surname )”

Raicho was not altogether surprised at not being on the same team as Yuko more disappointed,

“Well… it would seem fate has decided to separate us.”

“It may seem that way but we can do whatever we want with the situation, our fate is in our own choices.”

“There’s always a positive side ne?”

The chuunin at the front then continued to the next team,

“Team two, Tetsuna Yuko.”

Yuko did the same as Raicho and simply took it in her stride,

“Heorn Phoix.”

Phoix smiled and looked over at Yuko taking in the appearance of his new team mate,

“- and Innido Ron.”

~~To be continueD~~

Yosh! First chapter conquered and it only took me one day. I have to admit though this is the longest first chapter I’ve ever written I’m almost asleep right now lol.

Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu – Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique
Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu – Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique
Suiton:Teppoudama - Water Release: Gunshot
Katon: Hifunsha no Jutsu - Fire Release: Fire Spray Technique
Katon: Hoteri Chouha no Jutsu – Fire Release: Long Burning Wave Technique
Katon: Hoteri Chuuha no Jutsu – Fire Release: Medium Burning Wave Technique
Hichuukaku Kaettekuru no Jutsu - Fire Core Return Technique

Japanese Terminology

Daijoubu – It’s alright or something along those lines
Sokka – I see
Ossu – Yes sir
Baka – Idiot
Gaki – Brat
Hai – Yes
– A saying meaning ‘How can a small bird (a sparrow or petty person) understand the aspirations of a great bird (a phoenix)’ or ‘Only a hero can understand a hero’
Ne – Adds emphasis to something
Yareyare – My, my or something similar
Urusai – Shut up
Danki – Warmth
Nani – What
Matte – Wait
Kai – Release
Ita – It hurts
Gomen na sai - I’m sorry
Arigatou – Thank you
Ohayou – Good morning
Hajimemashite – Nice to meet you

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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

I'm so hating the 10,000 character limit right now I had to manually edit in each of the bolds and italics x_x because I couldn't use WYSIWYG and I had to split it into sections X_X Sleep... *zombie*

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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

Great read already so far. People we will use this thread for posting the story so please no responses here. We'll create another thread to discuss the story.
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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

Like it. I don't understand the title. I will later though. Probably.


Yeah... I promised myself I'd put that in there.

Whenever anyone put HP, it think Harry Potter.
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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

love the story YU loved it but one question when will we see Phoenix fire
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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

And with this I shall breath the breath of life into this fic :3.

~* Chapter One : The Grass is Greener *~

The Academy had a quiet anticipation running through it, the classrooms were quiet and the wind could be heard rattling doors throughout it. At the west of the building an air of tension sifted through as the silent classrooms and empty hallways had an ominous feel.

At the highest floor of the building there were four large halls each situated in a corner, the eastern hall housed the first team of newly graduated ninjas consisting of Raicho Akane. A highly ranked rookie that graduated the academy after just two years of training, having started late he is three years older than the average graduating age at fifteen. The second is a ex ANBU member simply named Glen, his ability is unknown but whether he was stripped of his rank or assigned to this unit is unknown. The last of the group is an average level genin by the name of Eiko. Having just graduated the academy at the age of thirteen, she has no particular specialties but has a sharp eye and quick wits.

The room had a strange silence hanging through it, all three were observing the room rather than each other. Eiko sighed loudly before slouching back in her seat placing her hands behind her head, Why won’t any of these bakas talk? Jeez I don’t do well meeting new people but these guys make me feel worse. She looked around the room and a click from the door drew her attention to it, all three of them focused on the door.

In walked their Jounin-sensei Ryoko Kurohime, his smouldering red hair flowed behind him as he made his way towards the stands in which his team were situated. He wore a simple jounin outfit complete with the vest, his silver eyes had a inquiring glow,

Yosh[1]! So this is my new team…”

He scanned the room a small grin breaking his features, he looked over each of them before crossing his arms,

“Well we may as well introduce ourselves, firstly names and ranks, as we will be in a team together we should know each others skills and abilities.”

He looked around at the students, deciding to pick on Eiko,

“You first.”

“Uh – me!”

She stood up as if an electric current had run through her body,

“My name is Eiko, I’m a genin just out of the Academy and I have no particular skills or abilities just what I’ve learnt in the Academy.”

“Ok thanks.”

He looked over at Raicho,

“You next.”

“My name is Raicho Akane, I am also a genin just out of the academy. I have a little skill in simple genjutsu and a few advanced justu in the the lightning and water elements.”

“Lightning ne[2]…”

Raicho leant back in his seat and crossed his arms,

“And lastly.”

“Glen, just Glen. I am an ANBU at a high Chuunin level. I have a lot of advanced justsu of all elements mainly Earth, I can also use various forms of Taijutsu.”

“Okay so now that we all know each others names lets do a quick initiation.”

Eiko gulped a small trickle of sweat running down her brow, Initiation b – but I just came out of the Academy! How can I be expected to keep up with an ANBU and someone who graduated with such good marks! Her hands dug into the wooden bench she was sitting on,

“Uh – S – Sensei…”

“What is it Eiko-chan.”

He had a rather dumb grin on his face and his face somewhat resembled a foxes grin. Eiko thought over what she was going to say, If I say I don’t wanna go it then they could kick me out of the team! If I go back to the Academy that’ll be even worse! What should I say?! If I say nothing then I have to find a way out of this initiation. She bit her bottom lip and put a forced a nervous smile onto her face,

“N – Nothing Sensei!”

Shit! That came out a bit too high pitched. Ryoko took that as a sign to continue,

Yosh! Lets get started then.”

He put his hand into this pouch and fumbled about for a moment before pulling out three explosive seals,

“The goal of this little test is to recover one of these three seals, before you ask they aren’t explosive.”

“So we have to get them from you?”

Ryoko smirked before biting the thumb of his other hand, he formed a series of seals then slammed it into the ground,

Kuchiyose no jutsu![1]

A small burst of smoke came from the spot where he placed his hand, when it cleared three small birds were revealed. He put his right forearm our and they jumped onto it, he placed each of the seals on their backs and they then flew up just above him and started circling him,

“First test, pursuit. Retrieve the seal from there back using no techniques, you can use your chakra and your chakra element anyway you wish but no seals or justsu.”

Glen was the first to stand, he adjusted his forearm guards and stepped down from his stand a slight smirk on his face,

“I guess we have to get them from these birds, what’s the catch?”

“No catch, although…”

Ryoko looked up at the birds and they suddenly accelerated leaving a thin slipstream behind them that made a rush of wind blast through the room,

“They are pretty fast.”

Raicho stood up also wearing a smile his voice confident,

“Is that all, I can do this with me eyes closed.”

“Excellent suggestion!”

Ryoko pulled a scroll from his pack and placed his hand on it, it exploded with smoke as it had before. When it cleared there were three blindfolds in his hands,

“New condition, you will now be blindfolded.”

He smiled as he said it but Raicho and Glen’s expressions didn’t change, Eiko on the other hand froze in the chair which she had just begun rising from, We have to catch a bird which flies at that speed… blindfolded! She sat back in her seat lifted her legs and wrapped her hands around them, Ryoko strolled up to her noticing the aura of despair she was giving out,

“What’s wrong?”

Eiko looked at him with a, ‘Did you just ask that?’ look, before sending off stronger waves,

“Oh I get it!”

Eiko’s face lit up and Ryoko turned his back to her,

“Eiko it’s pretty clear…”

“Yes Sensei?”

He turned round with a grin and his hand out giving a thumbs up,

“You really wanna go first!”


He ran up to her placing his arm round her and giving her a sparkling smile,

Daijoubu![3] You’re all going at once so you’ll kinda go first anyways!”

“B – But – Sense -”

“OK! Let’s go!”

He dragged her off her chair down the stairs and beside Glen and Raicho, he then handed them each a blindfold,

“Put on your blindfold and I’ll check it.”

Glen and Raicho quickly put on their blindfolds adjusting them around their headbands, Eiko lifted it to her face but faltered before it covered her eyes, If I leave a little bit he won’t notice will he?

“Eiko-chan do you need a little help with your blindfold?”

A vein popped on Eiko’s forehead, Will this idiot ever help me out…

“Uh – It’s okay Sensei I think I got it.”

She put on her headband which completely robbed her of all sight increasing her helplessness,

“So we start on three.”

Hai![4]” All replied in unison,


The shifting of feet could be heard as they lowered their bodies into different stances,


The tension was thick between the three each of their thoughts unknown to the others. A small trickle of sweat crawled down Eiko’s face,


END part 1


General Translations – Here the various Japanese terms I know and use will be listed

[1] Yosh - Means good

[2] Ne – Adds influence to something that’s been said

[3] Daijoubu - Means allright

[4] Hai – Means yes

Oh come on I don't need to translate baka do I?

Jutsu Translations – The various techniques that I create and use will be listed here

[1] Kuchiyose no jutsu – Summoning technique

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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

hey do are the hokage power FC members in here..? do i get to be in it too..?

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Re: ~*~HPFC Fanfic: Fruits of the moon~*~

Originally Posted by uchihafan808 View Post
hey do are the hokage power FC members in here..? do i get to be in it too..?
Unfortuanantly you're (literally) months to late to create characters for the fic, they've already been set up and the plot as well. You can still comment on what you think us good/bad etc in this thread please reply there as well so this thread doesn't get filled up with replies.

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