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Exclamation Castlevania: Dracula X chronicles (PSP)

Once upon a time there was a SNES game called Dracula X. And lo did many Castlevania fans play this game and say unto themselves, "Meh, it's okay, but it sure seems like a step back from Castlevania 4." Many seasons later, unto PlayStation a masterpiece was born, building interest in the series among fans new and old. But also did it prompt Japan-loving users of the Internet to issue forth a decree. "Hear ye, hear ye!" they bellowed. "Dracula X is but a sham! A pitiful shadow of a first-rate classic called Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, to which your new darling Symphony of the Night is the true sequel!" And there was much amazement in those days, and much sadness, for Rondo's excellence was matched only by its rarity and inaccessibility. Having been released as a CD-based game for the PC Engine Duo, Japan's version of the Turbo CD, it was both difficult to come by and nigh-impossible to download back in the days of 56K modems. Thus were both pirates and legitimate customers stymied.
But the virtuous are being rewarded for their patience, because at long last -- on the 10th anniversary of Symphony of the Night, in fact -- Rondo of Blood is finally making its way to America. And how it's coming over might come as a bit of a surprise: a 3D remake for PSP.
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But there's more to Castlevania: Dracula X chronicles than a mere graphically-enhanced version of a long-coveted classic (although that alone would certainly sell the game to most people). According to Konami, Chronicles will also include the original 2D version of the game. And, for good measure, a straight port of Symphony of the Night, featuring full-screen graphics and a touched-up localization. Sorry, kitch addicts -- no more scenery-chewing here.
What Symphony won't be receiving is a 3D facelift; that honor is reserved solely for Rondo. But Rondo's the focus here anyway. Fans have been clamoring for years for a port, a rerelease, a remake, anything, so long as the game makes its way into American hands -- and now it's on the way. Symphony's inclusion is simply a sweet, sweet bonus.



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