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Halo One-Shot

"Team, disperse.", at the moment their leader commanded, green lights winked on her display. Five figures, clad in ghostly green armor, scattered among the foliage.

They were Silver Team of the elite SPARTAN-II program. Lead by the elusive Spartan-036, or Katherine, Silver team consisted of four other members, each excelling in a different area.

"Converging on the target.", a male voice breathed into the TEAM-COM. It was Spartan-091, Alex.

"Good, go com-silent.", Katherine spoke. Four lights winked green. They were set up perfectly. They crouched down, stolen elite active-camo packs in effect. They were like the shadows of ghosts.

A bright blue glow washed over Katherine. She paused and polarized her visor to compensate. A tall tower-like structure stood pointedly toward the sky. This was all wrong. They didn't have the ammo to infiltrate something of that nature.

She winked her red light, "Halt, something is wrong.", she mumbled, "Maintain silence." More dull green lights flashed. Katherine sighed to herself. She'd have to consult a chatty, pompous A.I. who had taken a liking to grandiose language. A cooling sensation washed over her brain and a light accompaniment of classical music filled her ears.

"Ah, Katherine. What do you require of me?", the A.I. asked smoothly. The name given to it, Eternal Spring, didn't fit it's dull, stuffy personality.

"What is that thing?", Kathrine asked, motioning to it by jutting out her chin.

"Punctual and cogent as always. Dear Katherine, why not broaden your dreadfully small vocabulary?", he cooed.

"I'm a Spartan, not a bard.", she spat quickly, "Now what it that thing?" The A.I.'s leafy green figure flashed red and the music suddenly shut off. The noise of night replaced the music. All seemed calm.

"It is what you have been ordered to expunge, we think it make be a weapon or a communication device of sorts.", the A.I.'s voice had lost it's superior tone and its head turn toward the tower. Katherine silently cursed her lack of intel. The gears in her mind began to turn.

"Andi, scope it out. What do you see?", Katherine commanded her fellow female Spartan, number 73.

"Heavily guarded, Brutes at 153 meters.", she paused, "Targets inbound,"

"Inbound?", Katherine spat out a few unfavorable words and pulled her MA5B Assault rifle from her back, "Spartans, take ambush positions." She watched her team move into position with inhuman speed and stealth.She dove into the bushes, rolled to a kneeling position and set the butt of her rifle in the pocket of her shoulder. A faint smile crossed her face. Out of the finite amount of options they had, this area was perfect for ambushing.

There was a trail of snapping noises, Brute feet on dry twigs. There were three in this patrol. One held a Brute Shot. A Captain. A grenade was lobbed into the middle of the party. There were a few surprised grunts and barks and it exploded, sending shrapnel flying into the aliens' flesh. An angry noise came from the Captain. None of them were dead, just bloodied and angry.

"Alex, another grenade... make it sticky.", Kathrine barked. Alex's light winked he complied quickly. A small blue sphere streaked into the fray, glowing the plasma blue often affiliated with Covenant technology. It stuck to a Brute's shoulder. The Captain reacted quickly and kicked the grenaded Brute from the group as the grenade exploded. The Brute howled in pain as it's stub of an arm drained blood from the rest of it's body. Another Brute let out a long, sorrowful noise and turned toward Alex. His position had been betrayed by the grenade. The Brute charged.

There was a crack of exploding gunpowder and the Brute held it's left eye, howling in pain. Andi ejected the used shell and set herself up for another shot.

"Lee, Charlie, catch him in a crossfire.", Katherine order as she squeezed her trigger. Two more streams of automatic fire joined her own, all from different directions. The Brute flailed his arms in an attempt to protect itself. Bullets slammed into his unprotected flesh and pinged off his thick armor. It dropped dead.Only the Captain remained. Two rounds from Andi's rifle cracked off, yet the Captain remained on it's feet. It hoisted its Brute Shot up and grunted. It's fearsome blade glimmered in the blue glow of the tower. He aimed it near Katherine and fired. The dull pop of the launcher signaled her roll. The round exploded and her shields flared angerly. Her stolen active-camo failed. The Brute saw her and roared with anger. It charged at her, throwing a punch.

Katherine caught it and her muscles tightened and burned with effort. Even with her enhanced strength, the Brute was overpowering her. Her legs faltered and the Brute pinned her. The Brute grinned and barked, fogging Katherine's visor slightly.

Lee burst from his cover position and rammed the Brute with his shoulder. Charlie followed after him and poured a clip into the Captain's face. It spazumed for a moment and went dead still. Lee held out his arm and Katherine took it. Lee pulled her up and drew two finger across his visor, the traditional Spartan smile. Katherine returned the gesture gratefully.

Her mood turned sour as she addressed the A.I., "Why were we not informed?", she growled.

"My ability to ascertain information in a field environment is limited.", the A.I. stated. A smug tone infected it's voice. A flash of text scrolled across the bottoms of the Spartans' displays. It read: "These 'smart' A.I.s are annoying, can't we just blow it up?" Obviously sent by Alex, the team demo expert. She heard Lee give a small, snorting laugh at the A.I.'s expense.

"Threating my existence will not leave me anymore inclined to bequeath information to you five!", Eternal Spring crossed his vine-like arms and he flickered between red and green.

"So you do know something.", Charlie spoke. The A.I. stumbled over his words. Andi frowned deeply.

"If that thing wasn't in your helmet, I might be inclined to snipe it.", she muttered to Katherine. Katherine smiled behind her polarized helmet. It was nice to know her team held her in such high esteem.

"Team, we have a goal. I think we should proceed.", Katherine declared.

"Exactly, proceed.", Eternal Spring's voice retained dignity.

"Shut up.", Lee said, rolling his eyes. Eternal Spring remained silent. They activated their active-camo and filed through the forest, crouched lowly.

Thats a bit over half, the rest I'll type out tomorrow.

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