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Re: Lost Soul

oh how cool was that XD
a bit mean but nice that she finaly said it
Life's a bitch and then you die
The mother is god in the eyes of a child
cry if thou must for parting is hell but life still goes on so, party aswell

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Re: Lost Soul

Chapter 16 - Confessions and Fluffy things

Hinata was lying on the ground, not reacting to Kiyoshi's helping hand. She was stunned by what just happened, she was tricked into confession by a genjutsu. She slowly turned her head to find Naruto staring at her speechless. Kakashi and Kiyoshi retracted their arms, as neither of the two lovebirds were paying any attention to them.

"What do you think?" whispered Kiyoshi

"Moment of truth." replied Kakashi turning around and walking to sit under the nearest tree to read his book.

Hinata and Naruto lay there on the road staring at eachother for half an hour, until the crouching under the tree Kiyoshi snapped and screamed "Come on!"

Naruto was going over his priorities in his head "What is this? Why haven’t I noticed her before?"

Hinata was starting to become disappointed "Does what I said mean nothing to you?"

"Hinata..." Naruto still was confused by his feelings "This... Is this how you really feel?"

Hinata blushed and looked away "for five years..." she said in a quiet voice.

Naruto was shocked "Why didn't you say anything before?"

Kiyoshi scoffed "Ok, you two discuss old times, I'm going to go beat my head in." and walked over to Kakashi "They seem hopeless even after the confession."

"What did you expect? You rushed your plan, Naruto doesn't know how to take her confession."

"Shit, this is going to come back to bite me."

Kakashi looked up from the book at the two teens still lying on the ground "You two, I've had enough, we're going."

Naruto and Hinata turned to Kakashi with disappointed expressions "b-b-b-but"

"We already wasted half an hour waiting for you two to get somewhere with your talking. Besides, you can talk while we're walking." said Kiyoshi

Naruto looked at him and said, "I thought you were going to go and beat your head in."

"I changed my mind, now stop stalling and get up." answered Kiyoshi coming over and offering his hands to Hinata and Naruto for them get up. They got up, dusted themselves off and carried on with the journey. "Naruto, make 9 clones, we're going to train as we walk."

"But I thought I'd get a chance to talk to Hinata!" exclaimed Naruto

"Then make 10 clones."

Naruto thought about it and felt stupid in front of Hinata for not realizing such an obvious solution himself. He crossed his fingers and yelled "Kage Bushin no-jutsu!" releasing 10 clones

Kiyoshi placed his eardrum back into place with his pinky and said, "Do you always have to scream?"

"It helps me release energy" answered Naruto making Hinata giggle for no reason.

Kiyoshi started unloading weights, and tossing them to each clone "That's 95 pounds per clone, it should help strengthen you a little." and jumped into the tree accidentally breaking it.

"Uhh, all right..." said Naruto. Then turned to Hinata to continue the never-ending conversation "How come you kept quiet all these years?"

Hinata slightly blushed "I was afraid of what you would say. To tell you the truth, I'm still afraid"

Naruto realized that he hadn't given a direct answer to Hinata's confession. "Hinata... I'm very confused right now, I don't know what to think."

Tears started forming in Hinata's eyes "I'm sorry!" she ran off crying.

"Ah shit." said Kiyoshi lying under a broken tree, lifted the tree and came running towards Kakashi. He accidentally tripped and flew over the copy ninja. "Ugh... Kakashi-sama, do something" he said lying a few meters away, pointing at the runaway girl.

Kakashi lifted his eyes from his book, looked at Kiyoshi, and the situation around him. Kiyoshi was immobile, Naruto was standing there petrified of what he had just done, and Hinata was running away faster than anyone ever thought to be possible. "Alright" he bit his thumb, started forming hand seals and screamed "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" summoning Pakkun.

"Oi Kakashi, how's it going?" he looked at the guy with long hair and a trench coat lying on the ground "Who's that brat?"

"Kiyoshi, Pakkun. Pakkun, Kiyoshi." said Kakashi introducing the two

"Did that dog just talk?" asked Kiyoshi smiling "Sweet..."

"Pakkun, Hinata has a broken heart and is now running away from us. Can you please keep an eye on her?" asked Kakashi

Pakkun looked at Naruto and said "Dumbass..."

Naruto heard it and screamed "What the hell? Does everyone know about this?!!"

"Yes... now I'm off, I'll keep you posted." said Pakkun and darted after Hinata.

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Re: Lost Soul

Kiyoshi tried to get up, but accidentally flipped himself over like a pancake "Gah!" *thud* raising a small dust cloud "Oh man, everything's hopeless nowadays."

Kakashi came over to Kiyoshi and helped him get up "You'll get it right."

"Do you really think so?"

"Yeah, if not you'll either die from lack of breath under the sea, or kill yourself running into a pirate's sword."

Kiyoshi's smile faded and Kakashi walked away leaving him disappointed and Naruto and his clones laughing their asses off. "Naruto, you better shut up and think about what you did to Hinata, and what to say to her." said Kiyoshi jumping into a tree, this time not breaking it.

The clones walked after Kakashi and Naruto followed, slouching and thinking what he was going to tell Hinata "Oi Naruto, don't think of excuses for rejecting Hinata, think if you want to go out with her." said Kakashi

"Uhh..." said Naruto lifting his index finger about to speak against Kakashi

"Don't argue, you have no real reason to not like her. Just think about it, she's the only girl that's ever confessed to you. And if you keep thinking the way you currently are, she'll probably be the last one too."

Naruto got lost in his mind thinking back to his earlier thoughts "Why haven’t I ever noticed her?" then became enraged "Sakura!!!" he accidentally screamed out.

Kakashi turned to him "Have you completely lost it?"

"Sorry, thinking out loud"

"Those are some violent thoughts"

Naruto tuned Kakashi out, and Kakashi did the same. "God damn, that Sakura's been clouding my mind for 5 years!" then frowned looking down sadly, thinking, "So much time lost that I could've spent with Hinata..."

"I see you already miss her..." said Kiyoshi appearing beside Naruto "What makes you miss Hinata?"

"She's my team..." Kiyoshi gave Naruto the 'get-real' look "Fine, she's hot..." said Naruto and continued "but not only that..."

"What else?"

"For as long as I've known her, she's always been kind to me, never gave me that ‘Oh my god! It's a monster!' look, and somehow sees the best in me."

"That last part is easy, seeing good in someone is in any person's ability. Do you want to know the reason you miss her?" asked Kiyoshi making Naruto look up at him "It's because of the fact that she loves you."

Naruto was shocked; Kiyoshi hit the nail on the head. "I've never experienced love..." said Naruto looking down with tears forming in his eyes "I have friends, and family. They love me in their own way, but somehow I've always felt that somebody out there loved me." Kiyoshi was nodding "Somebody who could save me no matter what, undying love."

"That's Hinata." Naruto looked at Kiyoshi with tears in his eyes "You should've followed your feeling around the tree and to Hinata who was standing behind it, watching you train."


"She's loved you for five years without actually getting many chances to talk to you. Do you know how she did it?" Naruto shook his head sobbing "She watched you train, she watched your dedication to better yourself." Naruto started wiping his tears on his sleeve not being able to answer "Don't hide your tears, it's good to cry, even when it's not out of happiness." Naruto looked up not holding his tears back. "When a strong feeling exists, it reaches from one person to the other. What you felt, the 'love' from that someone out there, was Hinata feeding you. The love that you felt was spiritual, and don't lie, it's the best thing you've ever felt, right?" explained Kiyoshi also starting to get tears in his eyes.

"You're right..." Naruto was now uncontrollably weeping, "What have I done?"

"Go to her, tell her what you feel. I've seen many relationships, but what's happening here could be far more than a relationship. Go, go and pour your heart out to her." said Kiyoshi making Naruto run in the direction that Hinata ran off in.

"Well that was quite something." said Kakashi still reading his book and pointing at the clones.

Kiyoshi looked at the clones all crying on each other’s shoulders and laughed "Come on you slackers, it's going to be fine." signaling them to pick up pace.

Naruto was running down the road with tears in his eyes, looking around and trying to follow Pakkun's paw-prints at the same time. "How can I be so careless? The most important moment in my life and I fucked it up." Naruto thought to himself wiping the tears that he was the cause of.

Pakkun had caught up to Hinata and instead of following her decided to talk her into stopping. "Oi Hinata!"

"Leave me alone!" screamed the girl, still crying and running away

"Please slow down, it may seem like your life has lost all meaning, but please let me explain something."

"You have no idea what happened! Leave me alone!" screamed Hinata

"Then please slow down and explain it to me"

Hinata tripped and slid across the ground. Then put her palms on her eyes and continued to sob into them "Please leave me alone..."

"Hinata, I'm not going anywhere, so you better explain yourself." She turned to him and hugged him "Hey what am I? A stuffed toy?"

"I love him and I can't stand the fact that he can't return the feelings back to me." Hinata explained choking up some words in her sorrow.

"He's an idiot, but please understand, he has those feelings for you, he is just too confused to understand them." Hinata looked at Pakkun "Give him time, you've watched him for five years, what's a little patience going to cost you?"

"My soul. I can't stand it, I told him my deepest secret and it eats me alive to be rejected."

"He's stubborn, and I know that waiting for him in these moments is torture, but it's rewarding in the end. He'll understand the love that you've shared with him."

Hinata hugged Pakkun "Thank you, I know you're wise and hearing it from you helps. But how can you be so sure?"

"Don't question me kid, if I say this, I'm sure, you better believe it. I've felt the affection coming off of you when you're around him, It'll work out in the end." were Pakkun's last words of encouragement "Now how about we get back to your team?"

Hinata nodded and started standing up and wiping her tears. "Oss, let's head back."

"Hinata!" Naruto had spotted her and was running to the girl.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata was about to break into tears again, facing him again wasn’t as easy as she had imagined.

Naruto ran up to her and hugged her "Please forgive me Hinata!" he screamed through his tears "I've been an idiot!" and started crying on her shoulder.

Hinata was standing there in shock and a frozen face. "Naruto-kun?" she didn't know where to begin "what happened to you?"

Naruto backed up a bit "I love you Hinata." said Naruto wiping the dust mixed with tears off Hinata’s face "I love you..."

Hinata stared into his eyes as he did in hers, space closing between them, until their lips met in a soft kiss.

Pakkun was standing a few feet away in complete and utter confusion; he didn't think that Naruto would come around so quickly. He realized that he was staring, so he turned around and headed back to Kakashi and Kiyoshi "What the hell did that Kakashi say to Naruto?" he mumbled to himself.

Kiyoshi was still trying to control his jumping from tree to tree, when Kakashi asked him "What the hell were you talking about back there?"

"None of your business." answered Kiyoshi losing control and tumbling off the tree and onto the ground "Ugh... What I said had meaning, I wasn’t blindly shooting at stars. And I don't care how many truces their relationship will break, or how many conflicts it will stir, I'm going to help make it work."

"You said you've seen a lot of relationships."

"Many of them were mine with another girl"

"How many?"

Kiyoshi thought about it lying on the ground, turned to Kakashi "67" he answered grinning

"No seriously"

"Fine, it was..." he started counting "thirty nine"

Kakashi looked down at the kid "You?" Kiyoshi nodded "thirty nine? Kiyoshi nodded again "I hate you."

"Fine, but just for the record, they didn't mean anything and didn't get me anywhere." said Kiyoshi

"So you're still a virgin?" asked Kakashi still walking past Kiyoshi

"Come on, just think about it, how can I have sex when I have no control over my body? I'd kill the poor girl"

Kakashi thought about it and started laughing, "You're right... but that means that you haven't had all the pleasures that this earth can provide."

"Yeah, I lied." verified Kiyoshi attempting to stand up.

Pakkun was now in sight "Hey Pakkun! Where's Hinata?"

"Making out with Naruto..." he said slightly looking back "Kakashi, what did you say to that kid? That was the first time I've seen him think clearly." Kakashi said nothing in reply, but only pointed his thumb at Kiyoshi who was struggling to get up. "You're kidding me right?"

"That kid talked sense into Naruto... seems impossible, but it's very much true." verified Kakashi

Pakkun looked at Kiyoshi and back at Kakashi "I've seen enough for today, I'm getting out of here. Have a good one Kakashi." Kakashi waved his hand and Pakkun disappeared.

Kiyoshi barely got up holding his balance and jumped into the trees again. Kakashi was looking at the kid without boundaries or control and realized that before Kiyoshi came along, nothing was getting anywhere, and nobody realized how good life could be.
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Re: Lost Soul

good chapter^^
Life's a bitch and then you die
The mother is god in the eyes of a child
cry if thou must for parting is hell but life still goes on so, party aswell

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Re: Lost Soul

Chapter 17 - The Great Naruto Bridge

The team took the rest of the week to get to wave country; in the given time Kiyoshi was able to control his movements almost flawlessly, but with the complete concentration of one of his minds. Naruto and Hinata were trying to get past her shyness and get into a deeper relationship. Kakashi read his book five more times.

In the outskirts, the new couple was still reminiscing old times. "I can't believe I did that..." said the blond with his palm covering his eyes in embarrassment.

Hinata looked down shyly tucking her hands together "You did it 509 times." whispered the girl

Naruto looked up at her "You're kidding me right?"

"That's exactly what Kiyoshi asked, and I actually have them counted on my calendar at home." Hinata's expression changed for the worse before her next question came out "N-N-Naruto-kun..." the pair of sky colored eyes looked up at her worried face "Why do you like Sakura?"

The spazmatic kid burst out laughing, which followed by him choking on his own saliva. Hinata slapped him on the back to help him out, eventually Naruto got his breath back and replied "I feel sick just thinking about her, I can't even answer your question, because of two points. One, it's not true. Two, I can't explain why I did, mainly because I can't relate to myself to the Naruto that existed a few days ago."

"What do you mean?"

Fox-kid looked up at the clouds thinking about the possible causes for his change "I don't know, maybe it has something to do with Kiyoshi..." he looked at the sorry excuse of a ninja "Ever since he came, everything's been changing."

Kiyoshi spotted a bridge in the distance "Something familiar about this place..." ran through the mind over and over again "Something eerie..."

"Kid, have you been here before?" asked Kakashi noticing the uneasy face on Kiyoshi.

"Never mind me, keep reading that book"

"Suit yourself"

With each step closer to the bridge, unlike Kiyoshi's, Naruto's head was being filled with pleasant memories of team seven's adventures and sorrow ones of Zabuza and Haku. It's been a while since the last time that he's visited the Wave country. Naruto was anxious to see what Inari grew up into, and if the country's prospered. The fantastic four were now at the outer side of the bridge.

Kiyoshi was stunned "The Naruto Bridge?" he looked at the whiskered boy in disbelief "What the hell did you do?"

Naruto's expression wasn't any less surprised "They named it after me? Why?"

"Because you drew the courage out in them. Looks like you have become somewhat of an idol to them." replied Kakashi looking at the bridge smiling.

Kiyoshi was looking back and forth between the other two guys of the team, but then looked at Hinata to see what her reaction is. Hinata was looking at Naruto smiling, she expected nothing less from his personality. Kiyoshi turned back to Kakashi "What happened here?"

The copy ninja leaned over and whispered "Team seven's first A-ranked mission took place here, it was to protect this bridge and the person building it. I'm not going to get into too much detail as to what went down in it."

"Sounds like an A-ranked personal secret." replied Kiyoshi

"If you really want to know, ask Naruto."


The four of them crossed the bridge into the country on the other side. "Kakashi, do you think we'll meet Inari?" asked Naruto

"Definitely, he is the one that's going to be hosting our visit. When he heard that we were coming, they insisted on hospitalizing us."

Kiyoshi became uneasy from the word 'hospitalizing', it had brought too many memories back, but really wanted to know what went on down in this country when Naruto last visited, even more who this 'Sasuke' fellow was. Hinata was just as curious as Kiyoshi, she had never been to this country, and never heard of anyone idolizing Naruto other than herself. "Kakashi-sama, when are we going to start our mission?"

Kakashi looked at Kiyoshi from the corner of his eye and back at Hinata "In two days. Naruto and I have to catch up on some old times with our host, where as Kiyoshi needs some more training. I think you should help him out, you two can train after we've arrived and unpacked."

The four walked into town, which now had more paved roads, more goods and services, and many more people than they'd seen in their previous visit. "Wow, the bridge really worked for this place,” said Naruto in awe.

"Naruto, there's a familiar face in my sight." Kakashi referred his attention to a kid with black spiky hair, and a huge crossbow on his back looking through the fruit selection in the market.

"Inari!" Hollered the blond catching Inari's attention. He looked delighted as Naruto bolted towards him. "How have you been?"

"Everything's been awesome ever since you left." smirked the pre-teen.

"Hey... What's that supposed to mean?"

"Don't you cry now Naruto..."

"But I'm happy to see you..." there was a small pause and they both started laughing.

The trio came up to the two spiky-haired jokers "So... Naruto, introduce me to these two intriguing homo-sapiens." Inari pointed two fingers at Kiyoshi and Hinata.

Naruto contemplated over something witty to answer "This is Kiyoshi, and he's hardly human." then Naruto turned to examine Hinata "saving best for last, this is Hinata, the best thing's that's ever happened to me." he concluded beholding her deep eyes.

Inari's grin grew so wide that he started squinting "Ahh Naruto you dog... got yourself a girlfriend have you?" then halted from further embarrassing Naruto, remembering what happened last time he called someone Naruto's girlfriend.

The lovebirds were blushing from the comment, still not breaking sight of each other’s loving eyes. Kiyoshi angled towards Kakashi on a forty-five degree angle to nudge him smirking "and you said they were hopeless..."

"It was you who said that."

"Oh yeah..."

Inari recalled the girl that he referred to as Naruto's girlfriend several years back "Oh yeah... What happened to SakuMURMUMPH!" he was cut off by Kiyoshi shoving an apple into his mouth.

"Careful, it might break the mood." warned Kiyoshi

"Mmhmm" nodded Inari

"Kiyoshi, keep an eye on the sweethearts, I need to talk to Inari for a moment." Kakashi said shoving Kiyoshi aside and dragging Inari away by the apple.

"Uhh... all right..." then glanced at the two beside him smiling at eachother "Ah shit... uh, rock-paper-scissors anyone?" no response "Note to self; Kill Kakashi" thought the ticked off teen, and started scheming Kakashi's demise.

"Inari, here's the short version of what's happening. We made Naruto hate Sakura, and got him together with Hinata... all thanks to Kiyoshi." Kakashi informed the smirking pre-teen

"What about..."

"I'm afraid Sasuke went down the road of revenge, and joined an evil mastermind with a small nose, pale skin, and who likes to kidnap little children."

Terror came over Inari's face "You don't mean..."


Inari's face eased "I thought you meant someone else." sighed the kid.

"Umm... ok. Anyways, Naruto's pretty broken up by the fact that team seven is falling apart, and any hint of the topic could send him into depression. Try to avoid the subject."


"It's good to see you again. I see you started after Naruto's fashion..."



Kiyoshi was dying of boredom lying next to the pair of lovers. "Conversation... need conversation..." he gasped pulling his arm towards them in a begging manner. No reply. "Some friends you guys are..." he said getting up and dusting himself off. Spotting the other two returning he got a fire in his eyes "Where the hell were you two?!!" he screamed pointing the index finger at Kakashi and Inari.

"I gave him some disclaimers," explained Kakashi. Turned to Hinata and Naruto "They're still like that?"

"I think they've hypnotized eachother," replied Kiyoshi lowering his index finger and forgetting that he was mad "What should we do?"

"You carry Naruto, I'll carry Hinata. I don't want you to do something stupid to her."

Kiyoshi got a twitch in his eye "I wouldn't do that!" roared Kiyoshi with a refueled anger towards Kakashi.

"Yeah, right..." said Kakashi egging the kid on. Picked Hinata up "Let's go, I want to unpack and have a nice swim."

"Will I get to see your face?"




"Aw." Kiyoshi pushed Naruto down and carried him under the armpit. "This guy is like an over-sized toy soldier."

The five of them went down the streets of the Wave country, looking over the busy stands and stores. A pleasant feeling was on everybody’s minds, with the exception of Kiyoshi who was uneasy from being in and/or around the vicinity of the Wave country. He felt a headache coming on; something bad was going to happen.

note: I'm sorry for the delay, I was away for two days. Also, this chapter is a bit smaller than the previous, but I hope it's just as good.

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Re: Lost Soul

Chapter 18 - Gone Fishing

The following morning Kiyoshi woke up sore from the previous day's training, and startled by seeing a yet another type of ceiling above him. Naruto was sleepless; he couldn't make any sense of what was happening to him. The spiky-haired blond stopped staring into the hypnotic white color of the wall, and got up to see the many colors outside his window. He looked out to see Inari who had set out a fishing-line and was doing a kata involving his crossbow.

Inari was in deep focus, so when Kiyoshi said "Hey!", he turned around and shot a bolt into the guy's stomach. "Ugh!" Kiyoshi was bending over the sharp stick that impaled him.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I'll go get a doctor!" screamed the kid, starting to run in the direction of his house for help.

Kiyoshi calmly replied "Don't be so loud in the morning, some people are still sleeping..." Naruto came out of the house resting his head on the arms reaching behind it. "Like him... speaking of which, Naruto, why are you already awake? You usually sleep at this time."

Inari was staring at Kiyoshi in shock. "Naruto! I accidentally shot him!" exclaimed the pre-teen turning to Naruto, and then back at Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi pulled the bolt out of his stomach "Kid, you don't really know if you've shot me." He unbuckled his vest and took the load out. The load was broken through, and Kiyoshi was actually bleeding. "Wow, nice firepower... may I see your crossbow?"

Naruto walked right past them ignoring the two, and headed towards the dock where Inari's line was cast. "This is so unreal... How could I have not noticed Hinata for so long? She's perfect!" he sat down meditating on the idea.

Inari had calmed down a little and handed his crossbow over to Kiyoshi "Here. How could you survive something like that?"

Kiyoshi was too busy examining the crossbow to reply accordingly, so he tossed his weight to Inari who struggled to hold it up and put it down on the ground. "This is a nice crossbow, how many can it shoot up to? Eleven bolts at a time?" Inari nodded smiling "Must be killer to reload though. What's your reload rate?"

"0.5 seconds per bolt. The maximum I used in combat was three, and it took me 0.7 to reload them." replied Inari with a shaky voice still unable to understand how Kiyoshi could be speaking so calmly after being attacked.

The blond whistled, "Wow, that's quite something, you've surpassed the reload speed of the average bow user. May I watch you train?"

"Uhh, sure." Inari walked back to his starting position reattaching his crossbow onto his back. Then started his movements with a swift spin removing his crossbow, making a reload motion, and firing to his left from a low stance, the same move was made attacking his right. The next five moves were him going forward in a zigzag, spinning his crossbow in a fast and synchronized pattern, with a mix of reload motions and clicking sounds from the trigger when the cross-bow was aimed at his imaginary targets. There were several spins in the end of the zigzag; Inari's body was twisting from one side to the other, with series of clicks and melee attacks from the ranged weapon.

Kiyoshi was getting more interested with each of Inari's moves, he couldn't catch many of the fast motions, or what they implied. He started clapping when Inari was done with the kata "That was awesome! You've definitely got the hang of your weapon." He thought back recalling the kata, trying to find ‘that little something’ that Inari was lacking. "There's something missing though..."

"What do you mean?" the pre-teen had already forgotten the damage he inflicted on the guy standing before him "What's missing?"

Kiyoshi snapped his fingers indicating that he found the problem. "Your body is tough, your mind is concentrated, but neither of them are calm."


"I know, it's kind of hard to understand if you're 12 years old, or if you're Naruto. Each move has to be done calmly and fearlessly, the physical attacks can easily be evaded or stopped, but it's your spirit that can't, and it has to pierce the soul of your opponent before you can truly complete the attack. In order to do that you have to be calm, but not relaxed"

Inari considered this "I think I somewhat understand, but how do I practice it?"


"What should I meditate on?"

Kiyoshi kicked the idea around in his head "I think the best meditation for you would be to meditate on your surroundings. You're in luck, as I've deducted, you practice your combat skills to pass the time while fishing. Meditating is best trained when doing something relaxing, such as fishing."

Inari locked his crossbow onto his back, and reached inside his sleeve pulling a folded fishing rod out. "Here, join me,” said Inari handing the rod to the blond.

Naruto was laying back and observing the clouds when the other two came up. "Hey guys, what's up?"

Kiyoshi was looking down at Naruto, slightly kicking him "what's wrong with you lately? I've never seen you this relaxed."

"I'm not sure, for some reason I just want to lay back and enjoy life rather than make an ass of myself trying to prove my worth to everyone."

"I know why" Inari replied catching their attention

"Tell him, I'll set up the fishing rod," said Kiyoshi moving his hair out of the way and leaning over the fishing equipment.

Naruto didn't notice the fact that he was being upstaged by a pre-teen, "Why?"

"You just found love, and you can't seem to bother yourself with something as silly as respect." the kid explained with a smirk.

Naruto observed the boy standing above him. "You've really changed since the last time I've been here. I remember you being exceedingly emotional back then, now you are 'that social guy'"

"You've changed too" replied the boy

Kiyoshi butted into the conversation "You wouldn't know, this might be temporary. The Naruto you see before you only showed himself less than a week ago." Kiyoshi corrected Inari, not looking up from his occupied hands.

"Hey..." said Naruto in a rare disappointment turning his head to look at Kiyoshi

"You know it's true, don't deny it. Before Hinata confessed to you, you were the clueless Naruto that you always were." confirmed the long-haired blond, once again moving the hair out of the way to see what he was doing.

"You only met me less than two weeks ago! How could you possibly know?"

"Power of deduction." grinned Kiyoshi

Inari was listening to the conversation and chuckling. He then remembered Kiyoshi taking a bolt from him "Kiyoshi, aren’t you in pain?"

"Don't ruin the good mood."

"Let me see your wound. It could be bad, my bolts go at an exponential speed compared to the ones shot from normal cross-bows." he tried to get close to Kiyoshi's stomach.

"Get away from me!" said Kiyoshi backing up and falling over the along with his almost-prepared fishing rod. Making an empty sphere of chakra before hitting the water's surface.

"Alright, geez. Sorry for caring." said Inari offering a helping hand down to Kiyoshi who was sinking from his ridiculous weight. "What the hell?!!" screamed Inari jumping into the water to save the sinking Kiyoshi. The kid grabbed onto him only to be pulled down along with the 1100 pounds of Kiyoshi. The sinking blond signaled him to let go and swim back up to the surface, Inari complied. He got back to the surface gasping for air, and got back onto the dock with the help of Naruto's hand.

"Where is he?!!" screamed Naruto

Inari kneeled down on his fours, catching his breath "I couldn't bring him up, I think a squid is pulling him down."

Naruto looked down into the bottomless water. "He should be fine."
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Re: Lost Soul

Kiyoshi already reached the bottom and was walking to the nearest beach, and taking small breaths from the sphere of air in his hand, conserving his limited air. "I'd hate to see what would happen if I were in deeper waters" he thought to himself slowly moving his free hand in front of his eyes, removing the waving free-form hair from his sight.

Naruto picked the fishing rod out of the water, finished setting it up and cast it out. Inari was shocked by Naruto’s lack of action "What's wrong with you? How can you be so calm?"

"It's as you said, I'm in love. Kiyoshi can take care of himself, and I don't need to prove anything to anyone." smiled Naruto

"But he has nothing to breathe! And he's fighting a squid!" exclaimed the kid

Naruto sat down holding his rod "shh, you'll scare the fish. First of all, he has air; he took a good amount with him before he went down. Second of all, there's no squid."

"If nothing's pulling him down, why didn't he float up?"

"He weighs 1100 pounds, of course he'll sink." Replied Naruto keeping concentration on the task at hand.

Inari was shocked, but then remembered the plate Kiyoshi pulled out of his vest, the plate that stopped his bolt. "1100 pounds? No wonder I couldn't help him." sat down next to Naruto and picked up his rod, reeling a foot-long fish out.

"Nice one"

Kiyoshi had reached the shore, came up from the underwater like a crab, gasping for air. "That was a close one" he said to himself and started walking back to the dock.

Hinata was in her room reading a romance novel with a smile, when Kakashi knocked on the door. "Come in" replied Hinata

"Have you seen the guys?"

"They're fishing."

"Perhaps you need some time with Naruto"

Hinata smiled sweetly and slightly blushed "He's busy, I'll talk to him when he has time."

"Suit yourself." replied the 'couldn't-care-less' ninja and left, closing the door after himself.

Kiyoshi, soaked head to toe, came up to the two fishermen, and sat down in between them, dripping. Naruto gave the rod back to Kiyoshi "Thanks" replied the wet teen.

"I'm going to go check on Hinata, see you guys later,” said Naruto getting up and walking away.

"See ya." replied Kiyoshi closing his eyes along with Inari for meditation. "Inari" the boy didn't open his eyes or turn his head, but was listening "Listen to the sounds of the nature. Feel the vibrations of movements around you."


Naruto was walking calmly with his hands in his pockets towards the house. Kakashi was reading his book on the front porch when he saw the no longer spazmatic kid coming up, "Hey Naruto, got bored of relaxation?"

"No, I came to see Hinata. Is she awake?" asked Naruto walking by the copy ninja.

"Of course, she's an early riser. She's been awake for a while now." replied Kakashi interested by Naruto's 'cool' attitude. "Naruto, what's happened to you?"

The crisp-blue eyed boy smiled "Of all people, you should already know the answer to that." He walked into the house closing the door after himself.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Kakashi thought to himself for two seconds, but then turned back to his book.

Hinata was lying on her bed with her head turned, looking at the vase of sunflowers on the table beside her. Naruto knocked on the door and Hinata replied, "Come in"

Naruto came inside smiling "Hey Hinata-chan"

Hinata smiled back at him "I could get used to you saying that"

"Please do" he replied coming up to her. Hinata scooted over and Naruto laid himself down by her side "This is priceless." said the blond looking up at the ceiling.

"I wish I had told you before,” said Hinata still slightly shy. "So much time wasted."

Naruto turned his head look into her eyes "Don't say that, it was completely my fault, I don't know what I was thinking..." He was stopped by her gentle kiss. He closed his eyes and took the moment in. "This is definitely priceless."

Kiyoshi was fishing alongside Inari. "Clear you mind, take everything in as if you were just born. Smell the ocean breeze, feel it flow through your hair."

Inari became shocked and opened his eyes "oh my god" he was so used to the smell of the sea and its air currents, that he forgot what bliss came from it when he first saw it. "That's amazing"

"Good job on clearing your mind, now close your eyes and concentrate on feeling the life flowing from fish, through the water, and through your rod. Lock onto that life force and control it."

Inari was now completely lost "I don't understand"

"Open your eyes and watch" Inari opened his eyes gaining his sight back, then turned to Kiyoshi and started observing. Kiyoshi picked the rod up and held it in his hands calmly, with his eyes still shut. He slightly twisted his head about five degrees, as is looking around "Now." he tightened his grip and started reeling the line in. The rod bent creating an arc as Kiyoshi was keeping the handle vertical. The line's contact with the surface was going further and further away from them "There it is" Kiyoshi calmly slid his lids open and watched a three-foot fish jump out of the water five feet into the air, leaving a trail of sparkling water.

Inari was standing there watching Kiyoshi reeling the beast in awe. "How did you do that? That breed of fish doesn't go for your bait."

"It wasn't attracted by the bait. It was attracted by my soul which I reached out through my rod, and into the water." replied Kiyoshi lifting the monstrous fish from the water. "Let's bring this thing back to your place, we'll talk more on the way."

Inari started packing up, while Kiyoshi was unhooking the fish. They finally packed up and were on their way back "Inari" the boy turned to Kiyoshi still in shock from what he had just witnessed "What's your weapon?" Inari was slightly confused by the question, so Kiyoshi rephrased "What is the weapon that makes you superior over everything and everyone else?"

Inari though about it for a moment "My cross-bow?" Kiyoshi shook his head "Fishing rod?"

"No Inari" he looked over at the kid, smiling. "It's right here" said the blond tapping the pre-teen on the forehead. "It's your mind. It's your mind that you have to keep when all those about you are losing theirs."

"So you just outsmarted that fish?"

Kiyoshi shook his head "The philosophy of the mind extends beyond smarts and thoughts. That's as far as I'm able to explain the idea to you, the rest will come with experience." concluded the teen.

Kakashi lifted his eyes from his book to see the two guys coming back from fishing, carrying a three-foot long fish "I see you had lady luck on your side"

"Perhaps" replied the blond winking to Inari, who started laughing.

The lazy morning left everyone with a feeling of bliss and relaxation. The little events that were carried out would remain in everyone's minds for as long as they would live.
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Re: Lost Soul

Sorry for the holdup, I was too lazy to post.

Chapter 19 - Sweet Dreams, Kiyoshi.

After an epic struggle in the kitchen, Kiyoshi was able to finally gut, chop up and fry the fish into a crisp and delicious meal with a side dish of fried potatoes. Naruto came down into the kitchen with his hand around Hinata's shoulder, both drawn by the delicious smell.

"Smells nice..." said the copy ninja coming inside and putting his book away.

Everyone sat down as Kiyoshi was putting finishing touches on the fish, and Inari was still setting the table up. "Inari, do you have a lemon?" asked the cook rummaging through the refrigerator.

"There should be three left in the fruit drawer." replied Inari

Kiyoshi took a lemon, chopped it into five sections, and put one on each plate finishing his composition "There." The two of them set the plates in front of the rest of them

"Itadakimasu" said everyone at the same time digging into the food.

"I could get used to this.,” stated the whiskered teen through his full mouth.

Kiyoshi lifted his eyes up at Naruto, still leaning over his meal, chewing. Then his eyes drifted towards Kakashi, who met his, they were thinking the same thing "He's too relaxed, and very deeply in love, this could become a hazard for the mission."

Everyone was done eating, smiling with satisfaction and leaning on one side in a lazy fashion across from their empty plates. Inari was going over the wonderful morning and remembered something again "Kiyoshi, How's your stomach?"

Kiyoshi remembered what Inari was talking about. "I'm fine" he replied getting up and bowing. The blond then turned to exit the house.

"Where are you going?" asked Kakashi

"I lost weight, got to get it back." came the reply from outside, and the door closed after it. Inari got up and started clearing the table.

Kakashi turned back to the couple smiling at eachother "So... how are you two hanging on?"

The two of them turned, and Hinata replied "Couldn't be better."

"Want to bet?" smirked the masked ninja

Naruto's smile faded "What are you getting at?"

Kakashi didn't want to start a 'sex' conversation over the breakfast table, so he improvised "Battle"

The two of them looked at him with interest "Battle?"

"As you two know, Konoha treasures partnership over completion of the mission, and what better partnership than a boy-friend girl-friend relationship?" he looked up and thought about what he just said "Other than a marriage." turned back at them smirking "But you two are well on your way."

The lovebirds blushed at the statement and then got back to the conversation "so what are you suggesting?"

"When I fought Kiyoshi, he was able to teach a very interesting fighting style to a pair or graduating academy students in under 10 hours."

Naruto shook his head as if he had just heard him wrong "Umm... what?"

"It was quite a sight when they used it. They were flying all over the place, and I don't mean they were just quick, they were actually flying." Kakashi carried on with his story ignoring Naruto.

"Hahah, very nice story Kakashi, but it's impossible to teach a fighting style to academy students in that little time, let alone teach them how to fly." scoffed Naruto leaning back.

This however, caught Hinata's attention "What do you mean?"

Kakashi looked at the two and carried on "They really were flying, well... the kids were flying, he was just jumping off the ground swinging attacks at me. They supported eachother in midair, not having to touch the ground. What's even more amazing, he was able to teach them the twists of aerodynamics, to have the best effect of evading my attacks."

Naruto and Hinata gave eachother a look "They were supporting eachother in midair?"

"They were like fireworks. I've never seen such teamwork done by chuunins, let alone academy students." He glanced at the couple, who had their complete attention directed at him "You should ask him to teach it to you."

Inari came for the fifth time getting the final handful of the table's utensils. "That Kiyoshi's full of surprises isn't he?"

"Eavesdropper" said the copy ninja smiling at him

At this moment Kiyoshi walked through the door, adjusting the weight in his vest, when all eyes were directed to him. He froze in mid-step looking over the stares that were coming from everyone in the room "What? Do I have something on my face?"

In a couple of hours everyone was undergoing their training. Inari was following Kiyoshi's advice and meditating with a fishing rod in his hands. Kakashi was lazily leaning against a tree reading his book, at the same time tossing a kunai at a target on a tree, retracting it after impact using an attached chakra-string. Hinata and Naruto were following Kiyoshi through the forest, searching for a good training spot.

"This is a good one,” said the longhaired blond looking at the setting. "The trees are nice and close to eachother"

The couple looked around and agreed. "What now?" asked spike.

"Now, you're going to move around the terrain as low as you can, without touching the ground, or putting chakra to keep yourself attached to the trees. You shouldn't need to if you're moving at the right speed,” replied Kiyoshi making the other two trainees drop their hands and stare at him in disbelief. "As such" He ran at a tree, jumping from one tree-trunk to the other in quick motion, jumping off of another, grabbing on and spinning around the third. After five minutes of constant motion, flipping and twisting, he stopped and stood before them with a calm breath.

"Shouldn't we start off with something more simple?" asked Hinata

He looked over them "You two aren't academy students, and you should learn how to control yourself in terrains without the use of chakra. Only then will you be able to learn what I'm going to be teaching you."

The two ran towards the trees, Hinata was getting the hang of it from the start, thanks to a lifetime of training taijutsu. Naruto on the other hand wasn't having much success, he was hugging every tree he jumped to, "This isn't working for me!" he exclaimed.

Kiyoshi put his fingers on his eyebrows, closed his eyes, and shook his head. "This guy's too slow and unsteady." Then realized what was needed for this exercise; agility and control. Naruto had neither. Kiyoshi came up with something and snapped his fingers "Hinata, you keep training, I need to take care of Naruto" he came over to the whiskered guy hugging a tree, hanging on. "Naruto, you're too slow. Give me your pouch."

Naruto climbed down and handed the pouch to the instructor "Here".

"Ok, now go stand in between those three trees." said Kiyoshi reaching his hands into the pouch, setting something up inside it. Naruto reached the location that Kiyoshi pointed out "Good, I don't have a whip, but this'll do." He dropped Naruto's pouch, holding on to what he made. He took ten kunai, and attached them to ten wires, holding the opposite ends of wires with each finger. "Evade" said Kiyoshi starting to whip and retract several of the kunai at Naruto, who was now jumping from tree-trunk to tree-trunk faster than he ever imagined possible.
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Re: Lost Soul

Hinata stopped to see the why Naruto was screaming, she came to the clearing to see a funny setup of Kiyoshi chasing Naruto around, spinning and shooting multiple wire-propelled Kunai at Naruto "wow…"

"Faster! Don't touch the ground! More dynamics! Don’t let my attacks hit you!" screamed Kiyoshi not letting Naruto drop his guard for a single fraction of second. "No chakra!"

"Are you trying to kill me?!!" screamed Naruto evading three attacks at a time "Aah!"

Hinata was looking at the scene and giggling "This should help Naruto train both; agility and control." She then turned around and got back to her own training

Four hours had passed. Naruto was sore, but now had the hang of what he was supposed to do "What now?"

"Rest" replied Kiyoshi starting to walk back to see how Hinata was doing.

Naruto stood up in anger "I'm strong! I can handle anything you throw at me!" screamed Naruto

Kiyoshi turned his head towards Naruto "I'm not questioning your power, I'm questioning your control, the next exercise is very delicate, it'll bind you with Hinata, and you will act as one. In order to do that, you need maximum control and concentration, or you'll hurt her. Now stop being childish and rest!"

Naruto pouted "fine" and sat down, leaning against a tree, closing his eyes, starting to snore.

"That was fast," thought Kiyoshi turning around to go check on Hinata.

Hinata was also tired, but had perfected her movements. She spotted Kiyoshi coming back "Hey Kiyoshi-kun, where's Naruto?"

"Asleep." he thought about the current situation, and suggested, "How about we call it a day? I'm tired."

"No you aren't."

" I'm VERY tired."

"Alright, you go, Naruto and I will train something else today."

"Thanks, see ya." he started back to Inari's "Oh, and don't learn my style without me. That can be dangerous." Hinata nodded, and Kiyoshi walked away leaving her jumping from trunk to trunk. He strolled back with a headache which increased with each step "What the hell is this?" thought the blond closing his eyes and massaging his temples.

After half an hour Hinata decided to take a break with Naruto, she found him lying under one of the trees where he trained. She came over to him, kissed him on the forehead, making him smile in his sleep. She laid herself beside him and closed her eyes.

Kakashi got bored of tossing the kunai, so he was now using it to keep a shuriken spinning in mid-air. He saw Kiyoshi in the corner of his eye walking in the direction of Inari's residence, eyes closed, "Hey Kiyoshi, watch out for the..." Kiyoshi walked into a tree "…tree"

"Ow, can’t even close my eyes..." replied the kid.





"Then what?"

"Don’t know, it just came along." he looked at Kakashi "Do you feel weird vibes coming from around here?"

Kakashi looked around "No."

"Must be my imagination"

The two walked back to Inari's house. Kakashi saw the kid meditating on the dock, and left Kiyoshi to join him. As he was coming closer, Inari reached inside his sleeve, took a folded up rod out, and reached it over to Kakashi. "You've gotten the hang of this,” said Kakashi sitting down, setting up his rod.

"It's amazing, I never knew how tense I was before Kiyoshi taught me to meditate." stated the pre-teen

Kakashi smiled "You too? He seems to have the effect of calming people, just as Naruto has the effect of making friends with everyone he sees."

"I still can't get the spiritual thing though. That fish he caught, he caught it with a worm." said the kid

"Wasn't that a predator fish?"

"Exactly, apparently he used his meditation to catch it."

"Let's try it,” said Kakashi closing his eyes

Kakashi went straight to bed, and fell asleep before he realized that he didn't get undressed. He slept through the day and into the Night.


A woman screaming with background noises of growling and other screams "NOO! AAAAAAH!" *night, screams, fire, blood, fear, terror, darkness.*

Kiyoshi wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and panting. It's dark; his eyes are getting accustomed to it. He slowly shifts his sight to the three shadows in each corner of the room. With a blinding speed, they all appear beside him, eighteen claws piercing his body. He tries to breathe, only to choke on his own blood. The claws get retracted and stab him three more times each. He tries to scream in pain, but his throat is pierced seven times. He looks up in terror, his eyes now completely accustomed to the darkness, the three figures being slick monsters with many rows of unbelievably sharp teeth, no eyes, claws as long as his kodachis, and thick, sharp, bony tails. The last thing he sees is one of the beasts opening its jaws and going to bite a chunk out of his head.
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Re: Lost Soul

Pls go on, im w8ing

U really have too much time...
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Re: Lost Soul

Chapter 20 - Long-lost Teamwork

"GUH!" Kiyoshi woke up sweating and breathing heavily trying to catch his breath. His dream seemed so real that he couldn't breathe in the real world. "What the hell's happening?" he looked around examining in each corner of his room, looking for his nightmares, "That's messed up" whispered the terrified blond pinching himself to make sure he wasn't in another dream. His shirt and hair felt cold against his skin due to the cooled sweat. Kakashi knocked on the door, "come in!" replied the teen dropping himself back on the bed, only to quickly get back up from the unpleasant sensation of wet clothes reattaching themselves to his back.

Kakashi walked in "You alright? You look as if you've just seen a ghost."

"Yeah, the ghost was I."

Kakashi gave him a strange look "Whatever, we start the mission tomorrow, you have the whole of today to train with Hinata and Naruto."

"I'll get ready,” said Kiyoshi undressing from his cold-catching attire.

"I'll just be leaving now..." stated the masked Ninja backing away and out the door, closing it after himself.

Kiyoshi came up to the closet door, opening it and looking in the mirror hanging on the inside. Eventually undressing to his t-shirt and taking that off along with his pants, he revealed many scars, varying from short deep ones to long and heavy ones stretching across his entire body. He was quite used to the sight, and didn't really pay any attention to them. He then took a clean t-shirt and loose training-pants, put them on concealing his scars again, and got ready to go outside.

Kiyoshi walked outside to the water holding his clothes and a bar of soap. After emptying the pockets and loads from the clothes, he tied his hair back with a rubber band, and started washing.

Naruto came outside spotting the stranger by the water. He came over "Excuse me? Who are you?"

Kiyoshi turned his head to look at the whiskered guy beside him "amnesia?"

"Oh it's just you," replied Naruto startled by Kiyoshi's new look. "I hope you don't intend on keeping this fashion... Are you?"

Kiyoshi smirked "what? You don't like it?"

"Whatever... say, are you going to be catching out breakfast again?"

"I can't, I'm busy" replied Kiyoshi, "Besides..." turning to look at the boy on the dock "I don't want to be upstaged him."

Inari was having no luck understanding what Kiyoshi taught him. He was getting the normal fish that he usually got. Big enough to eat, but nowhere near as delicious as what he ate the previous morning. "Grr, what the hell am I supposed to do?" thought the kid frustrated over the meditation.

"You'll never achieve anything from meditation if you're so tense." said Hinata coming from behind, startling the boy.

Inari was disheartened, he couldn't even sense her coming, let alone do something as advanced as what Kiyoshi did. "I know, but it's so hard."

Hinata sat down beside him "I know, meditation is a tricky thing, it takes a lot of patience. If you start rushing it, your progression will go in the wrong direction. "

"Can you do that spirit thing that Kiyoshi did, to catch yesterday's fish?"

Hinata recalled sensing Kiyoshi's presence within the fish "Yes, but don't concern yourself with that. So far, you've been able to reach the first stage and keep it for a short time."

Inari filled her gap "about seven seconds"

"Fine, now you have to learn to keep that first stage, you can't advance if you don't know the basics. That goes for anything you do." Inari closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate "No, don't concentrate. It's supposed to be more of a calm walk through your mind. You have to feel your surroundings, not focus in on them."

The kid eased his eyes and let out a soft "Oss"

The girl smiled "that's the way."

"Come on man! I'm hungry!" complained Naruto to the busy teen in front of him.

"I'm not catching today's breakfast, and that's final," replied the guy with the pony-tail "If you want to eat, go make yourself something, I saw eggs in the fridge."

Naruto looked down in shame "I don't know how to cook..."

"Oh for the love of..." Kiyoshi stopped washing his clothes and looked out at the line connecting the sea and sky. Then turned to the annoyance on legs "I thought you lived by yourself. How can you live by yourself and not know how to cook?"


Kiyoshi was now drowning himself, making Naruto rush over to pull his head out of the water. After having sat on the grass for a few minutes get back into his senses, he undid his hair, squeezing the water out of it. "You live off of Ramen?" Naruto nodded, once again in shame. "Alright, I'll teach you how to fry an egg, but make three clones and make them wash my clothes."

Naruto executed his key technique, releasing three clones, and followed Kiyoshi into the house. "So... what's an egg?" asked spike, making Kiyoshi walk into a wall.

"Do you at least know what food is?"

"I was kidding, of course I know what an egg is." laughed Naruto

"I'm going to kill you one day,” stated Kiyoshi making the guy beside him slightly nervous. They came up to the fridge, Kiyoshi pointed at a cupboard beside Naruto "Get a frying pan from in there, it's the round, semi-flat, black thing with a handle." Naruto pulled it out and looked back at Kiyoshi inquisitively, to check if it's the right thing. "Good" replied Kiyoshi taking butter and a carton of eggs out of the refrigirator.


"It works much better than sunflower oil, gives it a better taste." explained Kiyoshi, setting the items on the table, turning the stove on, and tying his hair back. "How do you like them?" Naruto shrugged "I like them over-easy, I'll show you how to cook that." He took a small chunk of butter, and started to spread it out over the heating up frying pan. "Get a lid." Naruto started rummaging through a drawer, eventually finding it. "The pan heats up pretty quickly,” stated Kiyoshi holding the black utensil in one hand, and taking two eggs with the other. In a quick motion, he broke them both over the ridge of the pan and poured the egg insides on the hot surface. The eggs started sizzling and turning white in less than a second after contact with the round surface "Give me the lid" said Kiyoshi reaching his hand out.

"Here" Naruto handed it over, and Kiyoshi covered the egg. "What'd you cover it for?"

"Keeps the hot air in, which makes the skin over the yoke turn white. Oh crap, I forgot to put salt on it, it's supposed to be done as soon as you pour the egg on the pan, oh well, you get the idea."

"That won't taste good all by itself."

Kiyoshi looked back at the pan "You're right, but it should be done any second now." he took a peek under the lid, then took it off, removing the pan from the stove "get a plate and a fork or spatula." Naruto complied doing the latter. When the egg was salted and set on the table, Kiyoshi put the pan back on the stove and took sunflower oil, pouring it. "I wonder if Inari has bacon..." he looked in the fridge, "Nope, but he has the next best thing." taking out some bologna, chuckling.


"Hell yeah!" Kiyoshi took a knife, and three pieces of the meat; cut each into four sections, tossing them on the pan. Turned back to the pan, flipping each of the pieces over, eventually taking them off and putting them on a piece of bread after spreading butter over it. "Here, this should go nicely with the egg." said the blond handing the sandwich over to Naruto

"This is concentrated heart-attack," complained Naruto "There's so much butter on this..."

"Shut up and taste it."

Naruto took a bite and smiled. "Alright, thanks."

"Another thing you could do is fry the bologna first, and then drop it on the egg while it's still not turned completely white, or use something else instead of bologna, my favorites are bacon or tomatoes."

"Awesome, now let me eat," said Naruto shooing Kiyoshi off.

Kiyoshi stormed out mumbling "friggin ingrate..." he walked out to find Naruto's clones playing soccer. After feeling for his weapon and failing to find it, he ran up to them making each with the exception of one explode in a cloud of smoke. Took the last clone by the throat, brought him closer to his face and said "Naruto, you abused my help. Unless it's a matter of life and death, you won't receive it again." with the final word exiting his lips, he punched through the clone, making it disappear.

The eating teen inside received the last images from the clones, and flew back from his meal. "What the hell?"
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Re: Lost Soul

Kiyoshi got back to washing his clothes. After twenty minutes, he hung them off of branches on a tree, leaving them to dry. "Now I'm ready for training." Kiyoshi felt a ton of bricks fall on him, with the realization of the fact that he washed his clothes and made Naruto's breakfast, both dangerous procedures if one has no control over their body. "I think I'm getting the hang of this,” thought Kiyoshi feeling around for his weights and failing to find them.

Inari and Hinata were sitting side-by-side meditating, when she opened her eyes in shock, remembering something very important. "Naruto is hungry,” stated the girl getting up and rushing back to the house.

Inari was still sitting in a calm aura, eyes closed. "..." Was the only though on the kid's mind, absolute relaxation, he had his mind cleared from all the distractions of the human world.

Naruto was done eating, but he still felt empty. The one egg and some fried bologna didn't satisfy his stomach, his daily overdose of Ramen was coming back to haunt him. He was now getting ready to make himself another portion, somewhat nervous about making his first meal. "I wish somebody was here to supervise me... damn those clones." thought Naruto with an egg in his hand, afraid of breaking it completely rather making a crack. "How did Kiyoshi do this?"

Hinata rushed in seeing Naruto over the stove, ran up taking the frying pan off, and putting it under a cold stream of water from the tap. After a sigh, she turned to the blond with a worried expression. "You've never cooked before, what were you thinking trying to do so now?!! And without supervision for that matter! Are you trying to burn this house down?!!"

"I... I'm sorry?" Naruto was slightly thrown off by Hinata's worry. After a small pause, he asked, "Can you watch over me?" reaching the egg over to Hinata.

Hinata looked around, and gave him a cup. "Start off simple, break the egg into the cup first, then you'll pour it on the pan." Naruto nodded hesitating with the egg. "Come on, it's not a baby. Just crack it, and pull it apart!" exclaimed the girl making him crush the egg in his fist. "No worries, try again." She said, handing him another egg to demolish.

Hinata showed him step-by-step safety operations that beginners should follow when cooking. Eventually giving up after he horribly mutilated the second-last egg, she made him breakfast, and they both left to train with Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi found that he had perfect control, strength, and balance with his weights still off, after testing his techniques with the weights taken off, he reattached whatever few he could back onto his light training attire.

Hinata spotted someone in the distance "What's Shikamaru doing here? And why is he blond?" she asked, being slightly cautious.

"That's Kiyoshi... I don't know what he's thinking making a ponytail, but I don't like it." replied the whiskered guy beside her. Getting her eyes to look into his.

Hinata looked back at the figure and found Naruto to be correct, it was in fact Kiyoshi. The pony-tailed teen spotted them, and turned around to greet them with a smile. "Ready to carry on with the airborne training?"

"Oss, let's take it to the next level!" exclaimed Naruto eagerly at the thought of fighting side by side with Hinata.

"Not yet, warm up first, get the feeling of control before we go there." making Naruto look down in disappointment. "Gogogo!!!" screamed Kiyoshi attacking Naruto with several wire-propelled kunai

"AAH WHAT THE HELL!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!! AAH!!!" screamed Naruto jumping from trunk to branch, back down to the trunk, off it and around another one, all moves to evade Kiyoshi's attacks. Hinata shook her head and walked off to train on her own. After two hours of non-stop adrenaline pumping action, Kiyoshi stopped, and Naruto fell to the ground panting. "Are we ready now?"

"We'll see when you catch your breath." replied the fashion-less teen standing over Naruto.

Hinata was also taking a break from the low movements, when Naruto came flying through the bushes into a tree near her, softening his impact with a crouch, jumping off again to fly at another one. Kiyoshi's Kunai were following Naruto's moves, as the owner of the daggers himself came running through the bush. "Hinata, join Naruto and fight back!"

Hinata jumped at a tree, avoiding one of Kiyoshi's tosses. The couple started jumping all around, eluding the daggers, beating off the kunai that are aimed at their partner. In slick movements, the two were moving in a zigzag formation from tree-trunk to tree-trunk, grabbing onto eachother to twist in a helix in mid-air, dodging Kiyoshi's flying daggers. Kiyoshi was having a blast watching the two working in absolute harmony "Perfect! Help eachother, work as one, have the strength and ability of a pack of ninja."

As the couple of flying lovebirds closed in on Kiyoshi, he let go of the wires, preparing for close-hand combat. In a flurry of kicks and punches, they were supporting themselves up in the air using Kiyoshi like a tree, and twisting around eachother to propel in mid-air. "This is awesome!" screamed Naruto.

Kiyoshi laughed "good, but could be better!" he said grabbing on to their ankles, flipping over backwards and flinging them in the opposite direction. The couple flipped over, crouched and sprung themselves off their trees, once again darting in Kiyoshi's direction. Naruto grabbed on to Hinata's hand, flying through the air. She pushed him off from side to side, getting him to bounce off trees on their way to Kiyoshi. Naruto's next motion made them flip over eachother in mid-air, jumping off Kiyoshi on impact. Hinata quickly went in a low, horizontal pose tripping Kiyoshi, making him vulnerable to attack, flying sideways through the air. At this moment, Naruto landed over Hinata and made a double-fist punch to Kiyoshi's stomach, making him fly through several trees and get stopped halfway through the fifth. The couple retracted and stood in their stances smiling at their success.
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Re: Lost Soul

I'm still reading it, keep it up!!!

U really have too much time...
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Re: Lost Soul

I wasn't sure if anyone was reading or not, so I stopped. Anyways, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 21 - Reality? Insanity?

Kiyoshi got up, dusting himself off from the splinters left from the broken tree. Looked at the two standing in a harmonious two-person battle stance, Hinata at the bottom, Naruto standing above her, both ready to bring another wave of pain on Kiyoshi.

The blond started back towards them, "Have you two been training without me?"

Naruto and Hinata looked at each other in confusion, but understood why he asked the question. "No, we carried on with the tree-jumping exercise after you left." replied Hinata

"And frankly, you left to go to sleep a bit too early." finished Naruto "got tired from chasing me yesterday?"

Kiyoshi remembered his dream and shook it off, "Something like that" grinned the pony-tailed teen. "Anyways, if the way you two fought me was a natural reaction, you are meant to be together."

Naruto's foot slipped and he collapsed on top of Hinata, to which Kiyoshi replied "Smooth move, Mr. Careful..." then got cut off by the sight of the couple tenderly kissing. "I'm not done teaching you know..." there was no reply. Kiyoshi eventually got bored from watching them, so he started walking around, gathering firewood and edible objects from the wilderness around him.

"What happened to you Naruto?" asked the girl lying beside him, with her right hand on his cheek. "How is it possible for you to see me? Feel me?"

Naruto thought about the question at hand. He had never looked at her with his current eyes; he never knew how deep love could be. The words "I... don't know." came out of his mouth, the classic 'clueless Naruto' combination of words.

Hinata smiled and kissed him, "Good, don't change too much, I love you just the way you are."

"Lunch is ready!" yelled Kiyoshi from behind a campfire some distance away. The three of them feasted on some roasted mushrooms and fruit.

Naruto stared at Kiyoshi over the fire, chewing an apple. "Kiyoshi" said spike drawing the guy's attention "Why do you bother cooking, cleaning, and so on. You live by yourself, nobody's around to judge you."

"I can't explain it to you, it's something that will come to you in time." Kiyoshi turned to Hinata, still speaking to Naruto "You'll understand after a while of living with her love and care at your side."

There was a silence, but not an awkward one, surprisingly even Hinata felt no shyness from the comment. What was said was a well-known fact between them. The three finished their meals and got back to work. "This style of combat is most effective with multiple opponents,” said Kiyoshi, turning to the blond in orange "You saw me use it on your clones." then turned to the girl by Naruto's side "speaking of which, you were there too."

Naruto smacked his forehead for not sensing her presence back then "What the hell was wrong with me?"

Kiyoshi chuckled, holding back a horrible burn that he could use to answer Naruto's question. "Never mind that, what I'm getting at is that the style you just learned isn't exactly what I use. Do you know the difference?"

"Because there is only one opponent?" guessed Hinata

"Correct. But not only that, the reason my style only works for me, is because I have eleven hundred pounds on me. If someone else were to use my style, the attacks would have no effect on the opponents, having very little force to do damage." explained Kiyoshi "The reason that it works for you, is because you two support eachother. Support is something that an enemy would never give you, they usually back off in fraction of a second."

"Why are you telling us this?" asked the whiskered guy sitting beside Hinata.

"I'm telling you this, because the style that you are learning right now isn't mine, as a matter of fact it doesn't even exist, therefore I cannot teach it to you. From now on, you create the moves, kata, and the style itself. It's all yours."

Unlike Naruto, Hinata looked shocked. "Our own style? We're too young to make a martial art!"

Naruto was looking back and forth between the two "I don't get it, what's so big of a deal?"

Kiyoshi turned to Naruto with a serious expression, one that Naruto had never before seen on Kiyoshi's face. "Creating a martial art isn't something that's going to be a breeze. It takes serious understanding of human anatomy, bankai, and a deep philosophical mind."

Hinata thought about it, and realized that she (along with her clan) knew the human anatomy better than anyone else, and philosophy was something that she was taught from age four. Along with Naruto and his cloning ability, they would be able to create bankai and kata like no other has had a chance to. "I see what you're getting at." replied Hinata "And thank you for giving us permission to change your style."

Kiyoshi grinned, "My style will die along with me, create something that people can use."

With that said, Kiyoshi got up and started back to Inari's residence. Naruto called out to him from 20 meters away "Giving up on training again?!!"

Kiyoshi turned his head "I already told you! I can't train you any further, from now on, the two of you train and perfect your style by yourselves!"

Naruto and Hinata got up, put the fire out and started training, fighting Naruto's clones. Kiyoshi got back to the house to find Inari who had caught a bigger fish than his usual, and was frying it. After refusing to eat Inari's catch due to being full, the blond went upstairs and took a bath.

"Ahh... that's nice." thought Kiyoshi lowering himself into hot water with steam surrounding him. He found these moments relaxing, but boring. He started reminiscing the fights that he had, examining each one of his scars. He was shocked to find several new ones, ones that he didn’t have the previous day, there were many of them, then he felt the lower part of his throat, and discovered seven scars. Despite the hot water that he was in, chills went down his spine. "What the hell is this?" His dreams were carried out into real life, this was so confusing that he began to doubt that what happened was a dream. He just sat there, hands on his chest, wide eyed. "It had to be a dream, it just had to. Then where the hell did these scars come from?"

Someone knocked on the door, the sound was vague and distant to Kiyoshi, he was lost in his mind, not knowing what to think. "Is there anybody in there?" asked Kakashi, with no reply from the teen in the bath. Kakashi shrugged and walked in. "What happened to your body?" asked Kakashi after seeing the petrified Kiyoshi "and why didn't you answer?"

Kiyoshi slowly turned his head to look at the intruder "huh?"

"Anyone home?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"What happened to your body?" asked Kakashi again, referring to Kiyoshi's countless scars. Still being in shock, Kiyoshi blabbered out some gibberish, to which Kakashi replied, "That's nice..." turning around, walking out the door and closing it after himself.

Kiyoshi was staring at the door, his mind still absent from its rightful place. The image of the beast's jaw with several rows of sharp teeth came into Kiyoshi's mind. He remembered the monster biting a chunk out of his head, and flew back into a wall behind him "UGH!” The collision with the wall snapped him out of his thoughts. "Get the hell out of my head, nothing happened, you were just a dream,” he whispered to the creature in his mind.
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Re: Lost Soul

Kakashi went downstairs to kill time, and found a delicious meal waiting to be eaten "This is a bit too convenient." thought the copy ninja looking around for the owner of the fried fish.

"Hungry?" asked Inari coming in with a glass in his one hand and a pitcher of juice in the other.

"Yes, now that I see food. Is there any more?"

"Yeah, in the kitchen" replied the kid setting the drink and sitting down. "Kiyoshi declined his portion, take it."

"Thanks, he probably ate already."

Hinata and Naruto had given up on trying to create a kata, and were now training their style against some of Naruto's clones.

"Hinata!" yelled Naruto swinging towards her, powering up his rasengan.

"Oss." said Hinata, crouching against the trunk of a tree, grabbing onto Naruto's free arm and spinning him around, destroying several clones.

She let him go and they flew in opposite directions, jumping off trunks back towards eachother, Naruto once again charging his rasengan. This time, he grabbed onto the girl's arm, shoved the rasengan into a nearby tree, making them both spin in a cyclone of kicks, pounding the clones down. "Hahah! Take that Narutos!" cheered the blond.

Hinata smiled at Naruto's whim. "Let's take a break Naruto-kun"

The rest of the day was carried out with same old routines, Naruto was training with Hinata, Kakashi took it easy like he always does, and Kiyoshi went to sleep on the verge of insanity. The following morning, Kiyoshi woke up with another headache.

Naruto barged in "Hey Kiyoshi, today is the d..." the rest of the sentence was cut off by the impact of a pillow with his face. "Alright" said the blond taking feathers out of his mouth "Meet us downstairs for breakfast and then we're off." concluded the cheery teen closing the door after himself.

"Goddamn migraines..." Kiyoshi opened his eyes "I wonder if I'll have another near death experience today."

The rest of the group was downstairs along with Inari, eating Naruto's favorite meal; Ramen. Kakashi didn't eat, waiting until nobody was around to keep his face unknown. "Naruto, why ramen? And why for breakfast?" complained Inari.

Kakashi turned to the kid smiling, "Consider that to be a rhetorical question"

Kiyoshi walked down the stairs with a zombie-like expression. "Are we going yet?"

"Packing right after breakfast" replied Hinata

"I'll got get my clothes," said the blond in a low voice, walking to the door taking his time using short steps, to get the dried attire from the tree-branches.

"What's wrong with him?" asked the girl staring at the source of silence walking out the door.

"Don't bother asking, he's messed up on way too many levels to be listed." replied the masked ninja "I accidentally walked in on him bathing, to find that his mind was absent, I also found that his body is being dominated by scars."

Naruto put his chopsticks down "You walked in on another man bathing?"

"Oh grow up Naruto. How many times have you visited the hot springs, and seen other men naked?"

"Very true, still what do you think happened to him?"


The blond boy nodded

"God knows. He didn't have a family for as long as you did, also he had to kill since age seven. It can't be pretty in there."

"What about the scars?" asked the girl by Naruto's side.

"Definitely not self-inflicted, or at least not the ones that I saw." replied Kakashi "Probably got them from battles."

Kiyoshi walked in catching everyone's attention "Hey Kiyoshi!" they said simultaneously

The teen froze in his tracks "You've been talking about me again?"


"Anything good?"

"Just discussing your sanity"

"Ah. I'm going to go pack, when you come to a conclusion of this debate, tell me what it is." with that he walked up the stairs and into his room.

Half an hour later, everyone was full of food and packed, ready to go on their mission. Kiyoshi told everyone that he left his weights back at Inari's house to keep him from sinking underwater, Naruto was walking along Hinata, with his hand over her shoulder, Kakashi was looking over the route he drew on the map.

Walking on water, everyone with the exception of Kiyoshi, were in a fairly good mood. "Where's our first stop?" asked the blond.

Kakashi replied by pointing at an Island two miles away. "That's the first place we have to check, you'll be going there."

Hinata gave the ninja a surprised look "By himself?"

"Yes" replied Kakashi coming over to the three-team members "We'll split up to cover more ground. We'll keep in contact through these head-sets" handing each an earpiece with an installed microphone. "We'll make a count-off every five minutes, if there's no reply, we'll assume that one of is in trouble. In that case, we can find the person with this." handing each one of them a transmitter and a small monitor with a blob of glowing green in the center.

"Do we have to split up?" asked Naruto, not wanting to leave the Hyugaa's side.

"Fine, you can go with Hinata, but no funny business!" replied the copy ninja

"What do you take me for?"

"I take you for Ero-Sennin's apprentice!"

"I'm no pervert!"

"I should hope so, you're not old enough." teased Kakashi. Then turned to longhaired teen "You all right with this?"

Kiyoshi nodded and looked at the map with three zigzagged lines connecting the islands. After an observation he whispered, "You planned on making them go together?"

"I planned on making Naruto fight to be with Hinata"

"Nice one". Kiyoshi put his finger on one of the lines "I'll take this route" he said installing Kakashi's devices "Keep in touch..." turned to Naruto, "Not literally" and ran off in the direction of the Island Kakashi had pointed out.

Naruto was getting pissed off "What's wrong with you two? Stop teasing us!"

Hinata giggled "Naruto, calm down." pointed out a route on the map "We'll take this one Kakashi-sama" with that she grabbed her boyfriend by the hand and ran off in a different direction.

"I guess I'll take the shallow-waters" thought Kakashi, and took off into the horizon. Heading towards the dot on the line where the two shades of blue met.
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