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Re: Lost Soul

Kakashi and Inari were waiting for the rest of the team with a dead girl in their hands and a chest of emeralds. "Where are they?" asked the kid.

"Shoot a flare, maybe they think we're still trying to find the chest." suggested Kakashi.

Inari started loading a red arrow into his crossbow, when a familiar voice screamed, "we're here!"

The two turned around to see Naruto and his girlfriend sprinting towards them hand-in-hand. "How'd the fight go?" asked Kakashi.

"We were nearly executed," grinned Naruto in reply.

Kakashi stared at him, this kid was too happy by that fact; something else happened that the kid was holding back. He turned to the girl, "Hinata, what happened?"

She smiled, looking at the blond by her side, "I'm not sure what happened exactly, but it was amazing," replied the girl, and hugged her boyfriend.

Kakashi decided to leave this conversation for another time, right now they had to go back for Kiyoshi because the kid wouldn't leave those poor pirates alone.

Naruto spotted Hikari lying motionless behind Kakashi, "what happened?!!" Screamed the blond rushing over to the dead girl.

"I'm not sure, I guess she was on our side all along, she got killed while fighting by Kiyoshi's side." Replied the masked ninja, starting walking back to the ship to drag Kiyoshi away.

"Where are you going?" asked Hinata

"To get Kiyoshi."

The gray-haired ninja walked towards the ship, sounds of battle making him quicken his pace. "Damn it Kiyoshi, what are you doing?"

In an instant, the air heated up. A shockwave threw Kakashi back as the ship before him got blown to smithereens. Shards of wood, steel and broken swords flew in all directions. Burnt and ripped apart bodies floated on the water's surface, the four survivors observed the horrifying sight in shock.

Kakashi got up, "so that's what you were planning to do. How's that not something stupid?" thought the ninja.

The three kids rushed over to Kakashi, "what happened? Where's Kiyoshi?!!" screamed Naruto.

Kakashi turned and started back to Hikari. Upon reaching the shore, he spotted Kiyoshi's shredded and burnt coat hanging off a tree branch. "He's dead, Naruto."

Hinata turned to observe the burning remains of the ship. "What if he's still alive?"

Kakashi sat down, "go ahead, search for him. Even if he's alive, he won't come back to Konoha with us."

Inari rushed into the burning pile of driftwood in search of his part-time mentor. "Kiyoshi-sama!" screamed the preteen, searching through the floating corpses.

Kakashi continued, "If he's dead, he's at the bottom of the lake. He weighs too much to float on the surface."

Inari ignored the man's reasoning, "we still have to look for him."

"Don't you get it? You won't find him either way. It doesn't matter if he's dead or alive, he doesn't want to be found."

Inari ran up to the ninja, "don't you get it? He's your friend! You have to search for him no matter what!"

Kakashi closed his eyes, "he wasn't my friend." The other three turned to him in confusion, he carried on, "as soon as he heard my suspicions of Hikari, the friendship ended. He doesn't want to see me, let alone have anything to do with me."

"That's all?" asked Naruto. "You're stupid Kakashi, Kiyoshi never held a grudge against anyone but himself. If anything, he never wanted to hurt anyone, friend or foe, bringing death or hate on anyone was never his intention."

Kakashi got up and dove underwater. Swimming in the dark abyss, searching for his former comrade's body.

"Naruto, is there something about Kiyoshi that we don't know?" asked Hinata.

Naruto recalled his conversation with Kiyoshi the previous night, "he was afraid for Hikari's life. He felt that he was posing a danger to her."


"I don't know. But she knew all about it, he told her about the danger she would be facing if she loved him. She accepted him nevertheless."

Hinata smiled, "true love, just like ours."

"Not exactly," replied the blond, "unlike me, he always denied himself a relationship of any kind. Anyone would become his friend, easily, but for that strange reason, he chose a solitary life."

Hinata looked down, she had just understood why Kiyoshi blew himself up. "He felt responsible for Hikari's death. I don't know what I would do to myself if I ever killed you, Naruto."

He hugged her, "I'll always love you. If I die, no matter whose hand it's by, I want you to live without regrets."

Kakashi emerged on the surface again, gasping for air. "Nothing, he's not down there. He either got ripped apart by the explosion or got blown somewhere far away."

The four survivors of the night picked up the dead girl, the chest, and started their journey back. Walking into the sunrise, no cheer appeared in their faces. Nevertheless, of countless deaths that occurred that night, something good came out of the event. Hikari died a happy death; she died by Kiyoshi's side. She was no longer a lost soul, she found her way out of hell.
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Re: Lost Soul

thats sad...TT.TT...
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Re: Lost Soul

Final chapter of the Lost Soul.

Chapter 36 - Farewell, Kiyoshi and Hikari

Kiyoshi found his broken body to be washed up on some rough rocks under a cliff. The pain was too great for the mind to ignore, several bones were broken and many gashes and cuts resided on his skin. His eye was bleeding along with several other opened wounds, darkening the stones he lay on and the water around them into a nasty shade of red.

He wanted to scream out in pain, but as he long ago realized, there was no point. Showing pain has never lightened it no matter who was around, or how hard you screamed. He started getting up, he found some driftwood by a rock nearby, and he used it as support for his broken leg.

His clothes were shredded, boots ripped up, and coat missing. The only items that remained undamaged were the ribbons his dead girlfriend had given him and the chameleon gloves he always wore.

The eyesore walked through the shallow waters until he reached a beach where he could lie down to rest, and use some of the medicinal plants in the forest behind it. He collapsed, his body felt like screaming, but he didn't see the need, his mind wanted to cry but he didn't see the point.

Konoha's team reached Inari's residence, and left for their village shortly after. Kakashi didn't know what to think, let alone what he was going to tell Tsunade or Ino once he got back. Feeling guilt, the heavy burden of responsibility for the death of the girl in his hands and Kiyoshi felt overwhelming. "If I had trusted her, none of this would have happened, Kiyoshi would still be with us, and Hikari would have survived by our side." He tried to shake the guilt off, "I did what I had to. What if I were right about her? Then Hinata, or Inari could have died." The ninja sighed, "What was I supposed to do?"

Naruto and Hinata walked side-by-side for days, not wanting to let go. They had learned life to be cruel and unfair from their last night's experience. Something as strong as the bonds of love to be rendered helpless by sharp metallic objects slicing through flesh and removing life from it. For that reason they didn't want to let go, for that reason they wanted to become stronger to protect eachother.

Passing through the place where they had encountered the lost soul army, Kakashi started feeling even more like throwing up. He had realized that Kiyoshi died without knowing anything about his fallen clan, and was wondering if it would have been better if the kid knew about it. Kiyoshi died because he wanted to. It wasn't a happy death, but it's better than living a life of revenge like he would if he had known about the monsters.

The group of three reached the gates of Konoha; mission completed, but at the cost of two lovers' lives. The guards stared at the dead girl in Kakashi's hands as Konoha's team, step-by-step, made their way towards Tsunade's office.

Tsunade had just received a winning lottery ticket from her guest, moments before three ninja walked into the office with a dead girl. She stared past her guest at Kakashi, Hinata, Naruto, an unknown dead girl, and the space where Kiyoshi should have been standing. "Kakashi, what happened?"

Kakashi closed his eyes and lowered his head in shame, "mission complete."

"Where's Kiyoshi?" asked the blonde woman.

"He died," replied Naruto. Tsunade's shocked expression became even more shocked when her guest started laughing. "What's so funny you old hag?!!" Burst out Naruto.

The woman turned around to face him, "kid, I'm laughing because you think he's dead," replied the woman, "also, watch your language. Is that any way to address an elderly woman?"

Tsunade still didn't hear what happened or whose body was in Kakashi's hands. "Kakashi, what happened, and don't give me the 'mission complete' crap, I don't care about that. Tell me where Kiyoshi is, and who's this girl?"

Naruto and Hinata excused themselves and walked out of the office for Kakashi to give his report. Naruto didn't understand what had just happened, who was the guest in Tsunade's office, and how did she know Kiyoshi?. "Hinata, have you seen that woman anywhere before?" asked the blond boy.

The girl shook her head in reply, "that's the first time I've seen her. Maybe she was our employer?"

"I highly doubt it, she knows Kiyoshi, she's probably a common friend of baa-chan's and his."

Kakashi felt Tsunade's concerned stare fixed upon him, "the mission was supposed to be a quiet one. We were supposed to sneak in, find the chest, and escape. Something went wrong. I'll start from the beginning..." Kakashi told the story that happened up until he was reunited with the group and Hikari.

The woman in the chair across from Tsunade's cut him off, "hang on, are you saying this girl was his girlfriend?"

"Yes, and he was quite lost in love with her."

The woman started laughing as she got up to observe the girl, "Kiyoshi? In love? I guess he manages to surprise me even when he's not around. Let me see her." After a short observation, "wow, my Kiyoshi sure did well for himself."

Kakashi looked up at her, "your Kiyoshi?"

The woman got a disappointed look on her face, "he hasn't mentioned me?"

"He was very vague about his past and himself."

The woman introduced herself "I'm Akane, I raised him until he was nine. That kid is very uptight isn't he?"

"Yes, but he hid it quite well."

She sat down again, "tell me this... Kakashi was it?" The ninja nodded. She carried on, "you speak of him in past tense. Do you really think he's dead?"

Kakashi carried on with the story, "I became suspicious of the girl, but didn't show it at first. I mean, one moment she's a pirate and the next she's Kiyoshi's girlfriend? I couldn't help but be suspicious, I also needed to be in order to protect the team."

"I understand," replied Akane, "please, do go on."

"We even trained as a team, the six of us had a sparring session near her hideout. That was the first time I felt her power. She was a fire user, and her skills were so advanced that she made the lake boil."

Akane raised an eyebrow, "that kid made a whole lake boil?" asked the woman pointing at the corpse.

Kakashi stopped the story again, "I'm sorry, why do you speak as if she's still alive?"

The woman smirked, "you'll understand very soon."

Kakashi dropped the conversation and continued with the story. "Everyone acted like a family, they shared everything, they taught eachother anything. But I had to stay on guard, I only taught Inari to be prepared for our encounter with the pirates. I didn't even spar with my full ability to throw Hikari off-track. I was so sure that she was a spy. But when she showed her ability, I could almost believe that she could have taken us all on by herself, that she wouldn't need to be sneaky to lure us into a trap. I should have listened to that feeling, not the one of suspicion."

"Whatever happened, happened, and it's in the past. Now stop with the guilt trips and tell us the rest." Interrupted Tsunade.

"She led us to the pirates, even suggested using the blind side of the ship as an entrance, but I didn't believe her. I left the rest of the team back as I followed her onboard. We were ambushed, at first I thought it was her doing, but then I realized that it wasn't. She was fighting on our side, I noticed it when something strange flew in the sky, picking up pirates and throwing them overboard, only later did I realize that it was her. I even told Kiyoshi that she was an enemy; he became enraged, knocked me down and nearly attacked me. Once he got some sense struck into him with the enemy's weapons, I took Inari, and we went searching for the chest. He stayed behind to fend the pirates off."

Tsunade slammed her hands on the table, "what were you thinking? Leaving him alone against countless enemies!"

Akane calmed her down with a shushing sound and a hand gesture signaling her to sit back down. "Kakashi did the right thing."

Kakashi shook his head, "no, I did everything wrong from the very start. I'm not sure what happened, but while Inari and I were searching for the chest, a strong heat filled the air. It was extremely hot, on our way back to Konoha Naruto described what he saw, and the only thing I could compare his description to was a technique called Phoenix Fire."

Akane became impressed by those two words, "a two-person elemental technique. I'm guessing that Kiyoshi and this girl created it. She's better than she looks, Kiyoshi did very well for himself."

"He did well for himself? She's dead! This is as bad as it gets!" yelled Kakashi.

Akane smiled, "you're young, you'll understand what I mean really soon. Now tell us the rest of the story."

"When Inari and I found the chest and got out of the ship, we found Kiyoshi handing his dead girlfriend over to us. He was a mess, his right eye was missing, and he was horribly cut up. There was an incoming swarm of enemies, and all he did was ask that we give her a proper funeral."

"He stayed behind?" asked Tsunade

"Yes, I told him that he has a home to return to, I told him to not do anything stupid. He just grinned and walked towards the enemy."

"That's Kiyoshi for you." smiled Akane

Kakashi forgot about something, "let me backtrack for a moment. The night we left for the mission, Hikari prepared a backpack stuffed with dynamite. She said that she was going to blow the ships to oblivion."

Akane's smile faded, "I know what you're about to say, but I'm praying that won't say it."

Kakashi closed his eyes, "Kiyoshi lit the hundreds of dynamite sticks, and they blew up when he was standing over them. No matter how supernatural he is, he didn't survive that blast. I got knocked back several hundred feet, and I wasn't even near the ship when the bag exploded. I saw the damage the blast did to a human body, there was enough flesh missing to make out a person's skeletal structure."
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Re: Lost Soul

Akane looked down; even she was starting to doubt Kiyoshi's survival. "Either way, let's do what he asks of us. Let's give our friend Hikari a proper funeral."

Ino saw Hinata and Naruto coming out of Tsunade's office. "Naruto! Hinata!" Yelled the blonde girl running towards them. "How'd the mission go?" Hinata dropped her head on Naruto's shoulder. "Wow, I guess Kiyoshi actually managed to get them together," thought Ino.

"The mission was completed," replied Naruto. "Ino..."

"Where's Kiyoshi?" asked the girl with enthusiasm.

A tear formed in Hinata's eye, but she hid it from Ino. Naruto looked down in disappointment, "he's dead, Ino."

The girl slapped Naruto, "that's not funny, don't say something like that."

"It's true."

Ino's eyes became watery as she slapped him again, "stop lying!"

"I'm sorry."

She ran off crying; for the time Kiyoshi had been gone, she had been studying to perfect her techniques. She trained non-stop for days and nights so that she could win his heart when he came back. Now he wasn't coming back at all, and this was too much for her heart to take.

Kiyoshi walked on, through the pain. He tied sticks to his leg to make up for the broken bone, he had no choice but to push forward, he had one more thing he had to do, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible. He marched on, for days, having to accept anybody's charity if food or clothes were offered. He kept on going.

The funeral started, only a few people came. Inari and his grandfather traveled all the way to Konoha to be there. Naruto and Hinata stood side-by-side, watching the ceremony pass. Tsunade and Akane wished to have known the girl. Kakashi felt the most sorrow out of the group, feeling responsible for such a young death.

Kiyoshi struggled; the pain was more unbearable than ever due to the last day’s march. "Al-almost there..." panted the kid. Using the last of his chakra, he created one of Hikari's invisible barriers over Konoha's wall. After climbing over it, he started limping his way to the cemetery. "Hikari..." sobbed the boy dropping to his knees in front of her fresh tombstone. "I'm so sorry..."

Kiyoshi's wound had opened, and a ninja discovered his blood trail. "We have an intruder! Everyone form search parties and find the enemy. They are wounded so shouldn't be much trouble. Stay on your guard nevertheless!" Screamed a ninja as everyone ran off to search for the outsider.

Kiyoshi got up, reaching into his pocket. He left something on the tombstone and went to find a safe exit out of Konoha.

A ninja reported to Tsunade, Akane still there keeping the Hokage company. "Hokage-sama, we had an intruder. He came in, wounded, and went to the cemetery."

Tsunade got up, "did you catch him?"

"No, the blood trail we followed led us to the tombstone of the recently deceased girl by the name of Hikari Ito. The intruder left this," the ninja put a jasmine flower on Tsunade's desk.

"Where is he now?"

"He left, his trail leads back into the forest. Do we have your permission to pursue?"

Akane stopped Tsunade from giving the order, "it's Kiyoshi."

"All the more reason for us to follow him! He's wounded!"

Akane got up, "no, you have to leave him alone now. He's heartbroken, the only thing he needs now is time." replied the woman.

"Are you sure? What if he does something rash?" asked Tsunade.

"By know you should know that he can't kill himself, what's he going to do? Attack someone? That boy doesn't even want to hurt an enemy, he's definitely not going to attack an innocent bystander."

Tsunade calmed down, "then what are we supposed to do?"

Akane picked up the jasmine flower and handed it to the ninja. "Put this back on Hikari's tombstone, it's disrespectful to remove it. As for me, I'm going home, thanks for the tea, this was worth the trip."

Kiyoshi felt something that he'd never felt before. He was enlightened; the feeling of death was lifted from him. He didn't know why, but when he left that cemetery, something or someone had been watching over him. It felt nice, as if Hikari was still alive and he was embracing her sweet jasmine perfume.

Author's Note: Alright, that's all for "Lost Soul". But luckily, there is a continuation. The next part is called "Fateful Roll", and I just finished chapter 14 for that one. The sequel has a more concentrated focus on NaruHina (or I tried to make it, considering the NaruHina in the Lost Soul was extremely vague). When I make the topic for "Fateful Roll", I'll link it here.
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Re: Lost Soul

Originally Posted by silencer299
Final chapter of the Lost Soul.
Is this the end??

U really have too much time...
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Re: Lost Soul

OMG you're doubleKishi
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Re: Lost Soul

Originally Posted by doubleself View Post
OMG you're doubleKishi
whoa... is that an insult?

Originally Posted by MYSTERY View Post
Is this the end??
and no, it's not the end. As I said, that was only part one of my fanfiction. I'll post part two shortly.

Edit: here's the link to the continuation: http://forums.narutocentral.com/show...50#post1282250

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