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The Gravedancers

Just saw this Sci-Fi original and it's a lot better than the more recent garbage. Basically the movie is about three people dancing on some graves (hence the title) and angering the people buried in those graves. The main guy, Harris, dances on the grave of a music teacher who was having an affair with a man, so she killed his wife then him with an axe, then the cops found her playing their piano. Sid, Harris' best friend, dances on the grave of a little pyro boy who many believe deliberately lit his house on fire and killed his entire family. Then there's Kira, Harris and Sid's other friend, dances on the grave of a judge that tortured girls and was sexually aroused by it.

Part of the curse is that the spirits will try to reap their vengeance on those who danced on their grave by killing 'em. So, pretty straightforward, really. Following spoiler points out the cheesier moments:

When Emma/Kira summons the axe from outside. That made me lol. Then Emma/Kira floating across the room with the axe above her head (the camera angle is kind of funky). Sid bursting into flames. Emma/Kira getting hit by a Hummer.
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