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katonha will become famous soon enoughkatonha will become famous soon enoughkatonha will become famous soon enough

I haven't seen a Thread on this, so i thought that it would be interesting.
If you could create a Zanpakutō:
What would it be like?
What would it look like?
What would its Shikai be like?
What would its Bankai be like?

Personally I have always like the idea of a Lightning Zanpakutō that's based somewhat off of Hitsugaya's. The Shikai would have a slightly bigger blade(not nearly as big as Ichigo's), sharp points on either side at the base of the blade, a miniture blade at the bottom of the handle, and a sharp hook at the tip of the(primary) blade. Of course it would have Lightning attacks.

I'll post the Bankai when i hear some of your ideas.

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Re: Zanpakutō

Careful these kind of threads keep getting closed because they say it's been done.. but I've never really seen the threads they're talking about.


name: Itamidome (painkiller)

release command: "Sassuru Kachi - Itamidome!" (Judge their worth - Painkiller!/Judge their Merit - Painkiller!)

Shikai description: The Zanpakotu blade is lengthened, resembling Sephiroth's katana in FFVII. It's a lightning/water element Zanpakotu so its attacks are aranami (raging waves) and Hiraishin (lightning rod). Aranami are cutting water trails with the swing of Itamidome's blade that can either be used as an after effect of a direct attack or as projectile cutting waves. Hiraishin is basically Chidori Nagashi from Naruto; it can either be used as lightning armor or as a secondary shock if a direct attack from Itamidome is blocked.

Bankai: "Kouken Itamidome" (Guardian Painkiller)

Bankai Description: The Zanpakotu shortens to about wakizashi or kodachi size and the hilt becomes round with wave and storm/lightning symbols. It affects the weather much like Hourynmaru does and creates a temporary storm. It's attack is Kouryuushiden (Rain Dragon Sword Flash) which shoots a lightning dragon from Itamidome, or in it's mature form shoots multiple lightning dragons from the clouds. Itamidome increases the speed of the user just like Tensa Zangetsu. I have yet to decide on a look for the shinigami who uses Itamidome tho.
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