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Secret Wish! V.2

The first was failed because I made a big mistake to insult Oaky, where honestly it was not my attention. Now the second version, modified to make it less offensive (for the mods)

The syntax goes like this

I want to [month of birth] [name initial] [Birth date] [Last Digit of Birth Year]

Example of your reply post goes like this:
======================================== ==========
Name: Marath, Birth: 28 august 1986

I want to show Chuck Norris's panties off after logging out the NL
======================================== ==========

be sure to read the database, and please only one value for one variable

Here's the DATABS

[Month of birth]
Jan= eat
Feb= sell
Mar= lick
Apr= rip off
May= burn
Jun= hit
Jul= suck
Agust= show off
Sept= tear off
Okt= grab
Nov= advertise
Dec= blow

[Name Initial]

A=N= my own
B=O= my neighbor's
C=P= Michael Jackson's
D=Q= my dad's
E=R= my mom's
F=S= my friend's
G=T= my girlfriend's/my boyfriend's
H=U= my grandma's
I=V= [the user name above you]
J=W= George Bush's
K=X= Pig's
L=Y= Hitler's
M=z= Chuck Norris's

[Birth Date]

1=16= Foot Hair
1=17= Armpit
3=18= Heart
4=19= Pen*s / Pu*sy
5=20= Toe
6=21= Butt
7=22= Armpit hair
8=23= A**hole
9=24= nose
10=25= Pee
11=26= shit
12=27= crotch
13=28= panties
14=29= breast
15=30=31= computer

[Last Digit of Birth Year]

0= before I get to bed
1= innocently
2= until i am satisfied
3= with my best friend
4= in public toilet
5= for the [user above you]'s sake
6= after logging out the NL
7= proudly
8= in public
9= for the next 24 hours

Post the output. If you don't want to post your exact birthdate (privacy) it's OK,just post the output.
This is just joking, don't care too much about the output.
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