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naru-toe is an unknown quantity at this point
This dude is a total...nvm just read

Alright before I get started im just going to say for people who just go on and on about this and that whats wrong about the story lalalalaal….. JUST STFU AND DON’T READ THE DAMN MANGA FCKER….the one im talking about is dumbass number ONE……
This dude gets on my fcking nerves sooooo much he never says anything good about the manga except how this is dumb it should be like this lalalala…. LOOK DUMBASS I DON’T SEE YOU MAKING A MANGA SO ONCE AGAIN DON’T READ IT AND JUST…S-T-F-U…. Now I shall give you examples of dun dun dun duuuuun
o This link for instance is about Mikey starting to ramble on about how the story is progressing and how he just doesn’t like it and crys on about how its not his way….NO ONE FCKING CARES GET THE FCK OVER IT.
(oh yeah btw im going to show you how he turns every thread into an argument about some character not being good enough to him in some dumbass way)

• Uhhh Oh whats this!!?!? Another bitshin thread
o This is where Mikey starts to bitch about naruto not learning anything and about this and that how Jiraiya isn’t teaching good enough ect. Ect.

• This is a exsclusive Mikey denial thread:
o This is about Mikey stating that naruto didn’t surpass Kakashi when in the flipping manga it states that he flipping did but dumbass mikey goes and denial…..its like saying: Person A: “Woah look at the sky its soo blue” Mikey: “NUUUU UHHHH ITS GREEN DUMBASS LOOK AT THAT NUUUUU DURRRRr”

• This is another nuke character explaining why a character isn’t what he really is and what defines that certain character:”
o This tells us that Kakashi isn’t dumb because all he uses is his eye to copy shit and he doesn’t use any “real” skills once again we see the guy analyzing a fictional story with real life expectations…..

• This is Mikey crazing about a sceen in naruto:
o Mikey here is stating how he is annoyed about naruto and sakura being mad about sai saying crap on sasuke like him leaving the village. Then saying it’s the truth blah blah…. GUESS WHAT THAT’S WHAT THE MANGA IS ALL ABOUT AFTER THE TIME SKIP GETTING SASUKE BACK IF YOU THINK IT’S THE TRUTH ABOUT SASUKE BETRALYING AND THIS SHIT AND THAT AND THEY SHOULDN’T WANT TO GO GET SASUKE DON’T READ THE DAMN MANGA THAT’S WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT DUMBASS NUMBER ONE

• This is just one of them things that annoy mostly everyone ex: you have a good classic movie like for example jurrasic park and you have some snot nose kid saying oohhhh that looks sooo cheesy this and that STFU heres the link:
o This about Mikey crying how it states in the manga you would get hurt really bad if punched by sakura and in the movie she punches someone and they don’t get badly injured…this is all THAT bad but still its still annoying as fck quit analyzing a good manga and ripping it.

Mikeys Dumb Comments…..for real think before you talk you sound like a total dumbass
Im going to make this later im to tired right now if im not banned by then yes I know im going to get banned oh well…. SO ALL IN ALL MIKEY NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR CRY BABY ANYALIZY ASS COMMENTS YOU JUST RIP A GOOD STORY APART WITH YOU FRIGGEN REALIST COMMENTS IT’S A FANTASY LAND NOT REAL LIFE SO……STFU....(did this in micro-word)
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Re: This dude is a total...nvm just read

wow. anger-management issues i see.... o.o

that's all good...i dnt have anything against me tho...right??? O.O'

Originally Posted by AnticitizenOne View Post
Christian Girls ftw.
Originally Posted by Kites View Post
20/10 Christianity FTW

We live in the HERE and NOW
so don't worry about what will happen tomorrow, todays troubles are enough for today-Matthew 6:34
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