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Infraction for kidmac1: Trolling

Post: Fight Teh Power Organization!!
User: kidmac1
Infraction: Trolling
Points: 4

Administrative Note:

Message to User:
Note the bolded. Normally it's hard to tell someone's intentions, but you made the mistake of making yours perfectly clear. You've admitted to posting in that thread just to stir up shit.

You then make logically baseless attacks on numerous posters in that thread (Read: You're not basing them off anything people said or did, you're just throwing out worthless crap to try and insult people). When someone responded with a flame, you reported it right away, and then posted in the thread as if pleased about it. ("Nice. Keep them coming."). You were pleased by the fact that someone responded with a flame towards you, leading one to believe that your intention was also to incite flames.

Going by previous instances in which the trolling infraction was enforced, by the current definition, and by my pending proposed definition, this is trolling.

You made your intentions behind posting in there crystal clear. Post in there again with the same kind of crap and I'll hit you with another infraction.
Original Post:
Me a "failure"? No, I think not myfriend.

I'm not the loser that spends his Friday and Saturday nights posting on a anime forum....

You know its really funny how you think your important and what you say carries weight, when people are laughing at you, because your really serious about all this....

But your so blind and full of yourself to see that I'm just posting to throw dirt around because theres nothing else fun to do here, and you take everything to heart, then you pretend that nothing bothers you lol

And why are you still yelling that stupid FTP bullshit when your a mod now lol
Its pretty stupid, but you haven't seemed to noticed yet you hypocrite

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