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Nuerhachi Niru
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A detective story

Richard yawned like a lion as he got up from his old, tattered bed to get dressed. Another day, another crime, he thought with a sigh. He took a few steps to the window curtains near his bed and swung them open, revealing the bright, morning light. It shun over his light blue pajamas and the wooden floor and walls of his small room. There wasn't much to look at in there, just an old bed, a closet, a mirror, and an old cabinet and chair he had bought at an auction. But at least he got a room on the fourth floor of the building, he thought in the midst of chuckling.

It was nice to see the town of Liverpool from a high veiw. It made him feel almighty, at least for a little bit. He could see the south gates of the town out in the distance and beyond that the main road. It was surrounded by a large green meadow, which was surrounded by a thick green forest. At nighttime, walking on that road was dangerous. Wolves and thieves often appeared there, killing or robbing any poor soul that was foolish enough to go there at night. Thus, nobody walked on the road. At least while the sun was down.

A light knock on the door. "Edward." Richard grumbled as he walked over to open it.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Edward ran up the wooden stairs, desperate to deliver the urgent news he had to Mr. Allenzo. To the normal adult man, running up these stairs would be a breeze. But to a ten year old boy like Edward, with a slim figure and skinny legs, it was like climbing a mountain.

When he finally reached the top, in front of Mr. Allenzo's door, he took in a deep breath and exhaled. He straightened the mess of papers he had in his arms, fixed the collar of his blue and white striped shirt and wiped the dust off his brown shorts with one hand. Mr. Allenzo had a thing for organization and cleanliness, at least during work hours. He took off his blue beanie, revealing his messy brown hair, and shook any dust that could have accumulated on it. Ok, he thought. I'm ready. He placed the blue beanie back on and knocked on the door with his tiny fist.

"Edward." grumbled Richard from behind the door. He suddenly opened it, still in his blue pajama shorts and long sleeved shirt. Weird, Edward thought- looking at the scruffy black hair of the twenty-five year old. It was usaully slicked back and shiny. His black goatee was usaully combed down as well but it wasn't this morning.

"How'd you know it was me?" Edward asked.

"I could hear the pitter-patter of your feet from up here." Richard explained. "A long pitter-patter at that. I could also hear the deep breath you took not too long ago. No doubt, it was that of a childs. Not only that, but you knock on a door like a woman."

Edward blushed in embarassment.

"And I don't get many women around here, do I? So that had to mean a child was at my doorstep, most likely you, Edward. Now here's my question: Why are you here, don't you know I'm not a morning person?"

That was a lie, Edward knew. Mr.Allenzo loved mornings. He just didn't like to work so early. And whenever Edward passed by, Richard's number one informant, that meant work.

"Oh," Edward replied. He handed Richard several sheets of paper with long lists of information. "The Chief told me to give you these. Homeless shelter massacre. Discovered early this morning by a traveling merchant on the main road. Forty-seven people killed, eighteen of them crucified upside down. Obviously murder. Only one survivor, Winston Langley. Mary Langley's husband."

"Mary Langley?" Richard responded, still looking through the papers given to him.

"Mary Langley is...was the founder of the homeless shelter, daughter of a mayor in another town- south of Liverpool. She was killed during the massacre as well. An axe struck her in the back of the head."

Richard glanced over the papers towards the little orphan boy standing in front of him, trying to keep the stack of papers in his grasp from falling.

Only ten years old and already in this "business". Of course, Edward had never seen a "fresh" dead body. Richard wouldn't allow that. The crime scenes he had been to could taumautize a child for life. Even if they had already been through a lot, like Edward, He had been living with his mother on the streets of Sacred Shire, England for all his life. Until the age of eight, when his mother died of an illness. Richard Allenzo was on a case over in Sacred Shire, at the time. One day he had just happened to come across Edward, in an alley being attacked by two fierce canines. That day, two dogs were beat to a bloody pulp and Edward Pot was given another reason to live by a detective in his twenties. For justice and the safety of others.

"What is it?" Edward asked, wondering why Mr. Allenzo had stopped reading. His dark green eyes loomed over the papers Edward had handed him.

"Nothing." Richard responded, starting to read the papers again. "Listen, Edward." He continued. "I want you to back away from this case...understand?"

Edwards large hazel eyes glanced down at the floor. His left hand gripped the stack of papers he was holding, making a soft crumpling sound. Richard look over at him from behind the papers again.

"Sorry...but I can't." Edward replied.

"Why not?" Richard asked after a slight hesitation. He knew the answer, or at least got a good jist of it. He only wanted to test Edward's willpower. There was something about this case that was troubling him.

"Because..." Edward mumbled back. " I promised mom I wouldn't back down. Not for justice. I'm going to help you solve this case!" He snapped. A tear dripped down his right eye.

Crybaby, Richard thought but restrained himself from saying it. He sighed.

"Is this also because they're homeless?" Richard asked. "Like you had once been?"

Edward winced at the word "homeless", sniffing and wiping the tear off his cheek.

Richard suddenly patted Edward's head.

"Go back to the station. I'll be there soon." He smiled, handing Edward the papers back with his left hand.

Edward looked up at Mr. Allenzo and smiled. "Thank you!" he said, taking back the sheets of paper.

"And polish those black shoes of yours!" Richard continued. "Didn't I teach you about cleanliness during work?"

Willyshankers! Edward thought. I forgot the shoes!

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Mashed Potato
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Re: A detective story

This is revelvant to my interests =P

Are you going to continue?
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Nuerhachi Niru
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Re: A detective story

I had some things to do so I kinda cutoff. x.x

But yeah, I will continue. Thanks for being interested. XP

Forty-seven deaths in one night. The Chief couldn't believe it. He layed back on his wooden chair and groaned, hoping Richard would get here quick and put an end to the case. If they didn't solve it soon he knew the townsfolk would whine and complain about how they "don't feel safe anymore". He slid his hand through his short, dirty blonde hair and sighed. He couldn't go through another complaint with the townsfolk. Ever since the "Jack the Ripper" case they had all been uneasy. Luckily, Jack suddenly stopped killing and the villagers began to think that the case was over. But they still had doubts about it.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Richard?!, Chief Donovan thought. His light blue eyes quickly turned at the door.

"Knock knock!" A voice giggled from behind the door.

It's only Sarah, Chief Donovan sighed. His secretary, who was doing her daily routine of serving coffee to everyone in the station.

"Coffee!" she continued.

"Go ahead, come in." responded the Chief.

Sarah opened the door slowly with her right foot and came in. She was a young girl, around twenty-two. Her hair was long and brown, and usaully tied into a bun like today. Her eyes were a light brown color and she was fairly short for her age. She seemed to be seventeen rather than twenty-two. She wore a puffy brown hat, like that of a train conductor, and a brown shirt with white ruffles around her wrists and going down her torso. Her pants were also brown and she had put on white slippers today as well.

In her right hand she held a coffee mug, but when she entered the Chief's room she didn't know where to put it. The left and right side of the large room where occupied with several steel cabinets with files and such. In front of her and the entrance stood a large bookshelf that covered the whole wall. In front of that was the Chief's chair and desk, covered in a mess of papers. In fact, the whole room was covered papers, stacked ontop of each of other and scattered across the wooden floor.

"I told you already." Chief suddenly said. "You don't have to knock to come in." he sighed as Sarah cautiously made her way towards his desk, trying not to step on any paperwork.

"I know, I guess it's gotten into a habit." she giggled. "Where shall I put this?" she asked, holding up the white coffee mug.

"Just hand it to me. I'll drink it while waiting for Richard." He grabbed the mug and sipped the coffee lightly then continued to talk. "Any news or updates?" he asked.

"Not much." responded Sarah. "Oh, wait a sec! Detective Walter Cowell called in not too long ago. He asked me to give you this message." She took a small piece of folded paper out of her pocket and handed it to Chief Donovan.

Richard walked down the stone paved road that led to the station, munching on a bright red apple he had just bought at a merchant stand. The houses on this street were at least two stories high and were built with concrete and wood. The smell of fresh baked muffins lingered in the air, it was England anyway.

Merchants had already opened their stands on the streets of Liverpool, by the time Richard got out of the door. Women in bonnets and men in suits walked down the road in small crowds, showing off their 19th century clothing. In the midst of these people he caught a glimpse of someone he knew, walking down the road towards him.

The man was Walter Cowell, a detective like Richard. He wore a black top hat that matched with his black tuxedo suit. He also wore white leather gloves and carried a velvet red cane. He was light skinned, unlike Richard who was a light brown. His eyes were low and restless, you could only see half of his dark brown pupils. His hair was short and curly at the neck, slicked back like Richard's.

He seemed to notice Richard in the crowd too but didn't seem to care.

"Where you headed, Walter?" Richard asked as Walter passed by. Walter stopped, side by side with Richard but still looking forward.

He stood quietly for a moment then spoke.

"The main road." He responded with a cocky accent.

"Ah," Richard continued. "I thought they gave the case to me?" He said, taking a bite of the apple he had.

"That may be true..." Walter replied. "But I don't believe you are quite qualified for a case like this. Thus, I'm going to take the matter into my own hands. Whether you...or your admirable "Chief"...like it or not." He began to walk away again.

"Alright." Richard chuckled sarcastically, taking the last bite of his bright red apple.


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Re: A detective story

Oh man tuesday?! post nao damn you XD

Is it going to be a sherlock holmes or hercule poirot type mystery? 'cause i'm really into that kind of thing >_<
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Nuerhachi Niru
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Re: A detective story

I would say it has a "Hercule Poirot" kind of setting/theme with a "Hardboiled" type of character. X0

The clock tower rung, striking twelve as Richard walked up the steps towards the Detective Station doors. The building was at least five stories high and covered a lot of area. It would look like an Old English Hospital if not for the large silver plate above the door that read:


Windows were placed on almost every side of the building, which was painted a dark red.

When Richard finally reached the top of the steps. Which had two white pillars on each side. He sighed and took a long stretch. Time to get to work, he thought.

He gripped the silver handle of the tall brown door and walked inside. The room was cluttered with brown desks and the employees of the station in constant chatter. People were flipping through pages, typing away and filing papers, dressed in their khakis and white shirts.

"Richard!" squealed Sarah the assistant from within the crowd.

Richard closed the door behind him and walked towards Sarah.

"I was called?" He responded while standing in front of her.

"Yes, by the Chief." She smiled while blushing. 'He should be waiting-"

"In his office on the third floor. I know." Richard interrupted with a grin.

"Nothing gets past you, does it?" Sarah giggled.

"You'd be surprised." Richard chuckled, as he walked away towards the stairs.
. . . . . .
Chief Donovan finished the last of his coffee while flipping through some papers on the Homeless Shelter Massacre. He placed the white mug on the desk and sighed, his foot tapping violently at the floor.

Where the hell is Richard? ,he thought.

"I'm here." Richard calmly said as he entered the Chief's office. He was surprised to see a mess of papers all over the place. The Chief was sitting on his wooden chair with a nervous, disgruntled look. He was wearing his usual yellow shirt and loosened black tie. The first three buttons were undone. Probably because of the heat and anxiety, Richard thought. Chief Donovan always acted like this while on a case. It was hard to believe he was actually nominated as Chief of the Detective Station.

"Richard!" The Chief suddenly growled, pounding the information sheets onto his desk. The coffee mug rattled with the impact and a few sheets fell from the stacks of paper on his desk. 'When I send you a case that means come to the station ASAP! Not take your time and have breakfast!"

"I didn't." Richard grumbled. "I had brunch, actually. Two slices of orange, a nice cocktail with-"

"I don't care!" The Chief interrupted. "It's already twelve and the mayor of Sacred Shire is already on his way to the crime scene!"

"The mayor of Sacred Shire?" Richard asked, closing the door behind him.

"Yes." Chief Donovan replied. "Mary Langley's father. Didn't you read that in the report?"

"Oh…that's right." Richard remembered.

It's hard to believe this guy was nominated as top detective, Chief Donovan thought. He didn't seem so sharp. He had solved many cases but every time the Chief spoke with him he seemed unaware and dull.

"I need you on the scene as quickly as possible, to ensure the Mayor that we have the case under control. Then I need you to do what you do best. Investigation. I need this case solved as soon as possible. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah." Richard responded with a yawn. "I thought you had given the case to Walter, though?"

"No, Walter got on the case by himself. He sent me a message telling me so. It also said to keep you out of it, but I'm not going to let some hotshot detective from another town boss me around. Nope. Plus, I don't like the way he does things."

Richard remembered the first case he had tackled with Walter. It was the Jack the Ripper case in London, where Walter Cowell was born. They were a few of many detectives sent on the case at the time, but were considered the best. But even the best make mistakes and in the end they failed at capturing Jack.

Richard had spent a great deal of time with Walter and had gotten to know him really well. He was a rude, stuck up guy with a tendency to force information out of others. He was violent, but not reckless. Richard was quite the opposite- reckless but not violent. So you could imagine how often they fought. Richard often wondered what he was still doing in Liverpool and had asked him many times. But he would respond with a grunt and say it was none of his business.

"Richard?" The Chief said.

Richard opened his eyes. "Sorry... I tend to daze off often." He chuckled.
. . . . . . . . . .
Richard walked out of the detective station and yawned. He took out his pocketwatch and checked it. It was twelve twelve. The mayor would probably be at the crime scene around one, Richard thought. He had calculated the time of the Mayor's call, the distance between Sacred Shire and Liverpool, and estimated the speed of the carriage being used. He placed the pocketwatch back in his left pocket and continued down the white steps of the building. Soon enough, he was on the stone paved road of Bell Avenue. Another long yawn. When will I stop yawning? He thought as he walked down Bell Avenue. Far down the path was the South Gate and the main road.
. . . . . . . . . .
Edward bolted out of the station doors, strawberry jelly on his lips. While waiting for Mr. Allenzo in the station, he had gotten hungry and decided to buy a crepe (or two) from the French bakery down the street. But by the time he got back Mr. Allenzo had already arrived and had left only a few minutes ago, according to the Chief.

He ate the last of his second crepe, being careful not to drip the jelly on his clothes, and ran down the steps towards Bell Avenue. He jogged into the crowd of civilians and went towards the main road, where Mr. Allenzo was surely headed.

His head turned left and right, looking for a twenty three year old detective, about five feet eight inches high with a light muscular build. He would probably be wearing his usaul suit to work, a simple outfit he had put on one day. It consisted of a white shirt, red tie, black vest, black khakis and polished black shoes. He almost looked like a waiter, Edward thought with a child's giggle. Mr. Allenzo serving him a plate of Shepherd's Pie, his favorite meal after a Sunday Roast. What a picture.

He jogged for several minutes before he found Mr. Allenzo, walking calmly towards the main road with his hands in his pockets.

"Mr. Allenzo!" he yelled out, running towards the man in the crowd. Richard stopped walking and turned around.

"I see..." Richard chuckled. "You were out eating crepes. I love crepes!"

"How'd you-"

"Eh!" Richard interrupted. "Before you ask, wipe that strawberry jelly off your mouth." He took a hankerchief out of his right pocket and handed it to Edward.

Edward took it and wiped the jelly off of his mouth, embarrassed once again. He didn't even bother to ask Richard how he knew about the crepes.
. . . . . . . . . . .
"You've got much to learn, Edward." Richard said as they walked down towards the main road. The South Gate was only a few minutes away now.

"I know..." Edward sighed.

"In this business...you've got to be alert at all times. Not only about others...but about yourself as well. Notice every detail, discover every option, don't let anything get past you."

Edward could hear what Richard was saying, looking down at the ground as they walked. But he didn't think he could do it. Become a great detective like Richard Allenzo.

"So, got any new information on case?" Richard suddenly asked.

"Yep." Edward looked up and grinned, tapping his head. "All in here."

"Great." Richard smiled patting Edward's head. "Carry on."

"Well, like I said before, the crime scene was barely found this morning. So that has to mean that they were killed last night. A total of forty seven, eighteen of them crucified upside down. An officer that had visited the crime scene told me that their bodies obviously show that they were slashed down with some sort of weapon. They think it was the axe stuck in the back of Mary Langley's head. The only survivor, and everybody's first suspect, is Winston Langley, Mary's husband. He claims to have no memory of the event."

"Was he found awake or unconscious?" Richard asked.

"Unconscious. There was an injury on the back of his head."

"I see..." Richard mumbled. "And he's still at the crime scene with the officers, right?"

"Yep. Being interrogated as we speak."

Richard mumbled to himself for a moment as they continued walking. He suddenly stopped at the corner of the street, beside an unlit lamppost.

"Wait here." He abruptly told Edward.

"Where are you going?" Edward asked. "The south gate is only four blocks away and we need to get there before Mayor Baker!"

" I need to get some things from my house." Richard replied as he began to sprint away. "It's only a few blocks east, I'll be back quickly!"
. . . . . . . .
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!

Richard ran up the stairs of his apartment building and in only a minute reached the fourth floor.

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Nuerhachi Niru
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Re: A detective story

Something Edward couldn't even imagine doing.

He quickly opened the door of his small apartment and rushed to the closet beside his cabinet. But before opening it, he took out his silver pocketwatch and checked it. It was twelve forty-five. He still had about fifteen minutes or so, why the rush?

He took a deep yawn and cracked his neck. He didn't even break a sweat, running to the building then up the stairs, and he usaully didn't. Being a fast runner was one of Richard's many talents, although not one of his favorites.

He opened the closet door, next to his antique cabinet, and began collecting items he thought he would need for a case like this.
. . . . . . . . . .
Edward leaned against the lamppost, chewing his bubble gum, when Mr. Allenzo suddenly tapped his shoulder.

"Let's go." He smiled. " We need to get there soon."

"Yup!" Edward nodded, and walked towards the gate beside him. "Boy, that was quick!" He continued.

"I told you so." Richard replied with a laugh.

"What'd ya get, anyway?" Edward asked, knowing that Mr. Allenzo wouldn't say. Instead he would respond with something like....

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out." Richard replied. He carried the small coffin he had like a backpack, the items inside rattling with each step. There was only one strap on his shoulder, which he held with his left hand. The other hand rested in his pocket.

Whenever Richard carried this miniature coffin you'd know he was on an important case. If you knew him at all, that is. If you didn't, you'd probably think he was a maniac, looking for a dead cat to stuff in there. Most people, even those who know him well, don't even have a clue why he carries that black coffin around. Some say, because of the yellow cross on it, that he uses it to pray after completing each case. Edward wasn't sure if that was true or not but he was eager to find out. After all, you can't blame a child for being curious.
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