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Re: Uzumaki Naruto - Reshaping The Shinobi World

Naruto will probably not even know why Sasuke is doing it. Sasuke wont take the time to explain that long story of Konoha's and Itachi's history. No way Naruto will allow Sasuke to kill anyone in Konoha, even if he does learn what happened.

If Uchiha were planning a takeover, they needed to be killed by someone to protect Konoha. Sarutobi was too kind hearted to do what whas neccesary at the time just like he was when he let Orochumaru escape. Danzou didnt take the risk of allowing Uchiha to start their civil war and just hope that Konoha would win and not lose "too many" lives.

Sasuke is being selfish and evil hearted now. Danzou and Itachi did what was best for Konoha and the Fire Country. Sarutobi didnt have the heart to do what was necessary and Danzou stepped up. Saruto tried to reason with Uchiha but it didnt work. Wat next? Just wait until they starting attacking the shinobi and destroying the village bfore stopping their plans. Danzou and the elders did what was best for the village. Naruto probably wont see it that way but he still wont go along with this.

I agreed with mosty everything else. It was a good read.

Naruto will get to rewrite the way of the shinobi as Hokage mostly but definitely in his war with Pein. Naruto's powers and skills will be so respected by all shinobi as they learn of them and witness them in this upcoming ninja world war. No shinobi would dare oppose him, and every shinobi village will want to be his ally. All kages and future kages will respect Naruto and his words and ways, and views on how shinobi should be viewed. I can see Naruto doing a Super Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu and make a bushin for everyone involed in the war. His bushin will defeat all that oppose him and his word will be spread to everyone through his bushins. Naruto will have wise, toughing words when he returns.
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Re: Uzumaki Naruto - Reshaping The Shinobi World

i dunno know i think naruto maybe off training when sasuke attacks. he'll probably get the news to late and get there afterwards.
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