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Re: Hokagay

Originally Posted by Shino View Post
The post he infracted was reported for racism by the person who it was intended to offend. I don't know why the other mods didn't act upon it, but he did nothing wrong.
I can answer this:


Religion=/=Race. They're totally different.

And if you even try to say it's still discrimination, then that's just fucking stupid. First of all, discrimination means you're treating people different because they possess a certain trait or characteristic. That'd mean anytime you ignore a stupid PM because it's stupid, then you're discriminating against people who PM you stupid shit.

Thing is, he's not even doing that really. Since it doesn't seem like he treated that person any differently because of their religion. Perhaps people are confusing discrimination with intolerance, something that ISN'T against the rules (And thankfully so, because that'd also be a stupid rule).

Going by just the rules, RNB didn't deserve anything except maybe a trolling infraction at the very most. Hokagay has been on the job for less than a day and has already pulled hardcore failshit. Doesn't look like he's working out to me.

Why not mod someone like G? I'm sure he'd be more then willing to sticky Hokagay's stupid contest threads, while not bringing hardcore fascist faggotry to the forums.

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