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Exclamation Naruto Spoilers.

Okay, so, I recieved exclusive information on the future of Naruto, and all this has been confirmed by the creator.
There are several spoilers that I'd like to share with you...
1) Sakura will be sucked into Ino's television and eaten by a shark.
2) Mickey Mouse, Sora, Donald, and Goofy will hold Shikamaru's parents hostage.
3) Naruto will marry Hinata and have four children.
4) Kakuzu will be revived, but Naruto will trick him into getting five heart attacks from eating ten tons of butter.
5) Sasuke will go bankrupt and get a job at Walmart.
6) Naruto and Hinata's youngest child will explore the world with Charles Darwin.
7) Tsunade will be murdered by Shizune with Shizune's thumb as a weapon.
8) Akatsuki will host Akatsuki Bingo Night every Tuesday.
9) Suigetsu will be crushed by a grand piano.
10) An angry mob of NaruSaku fans will form around Naruto and Hinata's house, but Hinata uses Eight Trigrams Attack and obliterate them, especially FORLONG.
11) Kimimaro will get revived, but he will get Osteoperosis from not drinking enough milk.
12) Shikamaru will open a supermarket and sell cotton candy.
13) Forlong will attempt to assasinate Hinata because of his CRAZINESS, but Naruto will hire Cloud from Final Fantasy VII to "take care" of him.
14) Global warming will turn Konohagakure into a new place, a new place that the new hokage Naruto calls Pittsburgh.
15) Neji will win the lottery and purchase a Malibu beach house.
16) Chouji will start a beef ranch but eats all the cows raw.
17) Kiba will go off and start his own Anime called "Kiba".
18) Ichigo will appear one day and apply for a visa in the world of Naruto.
19) Ino will mysteriously disappear after her career as a professional skateboarder.
20) Kidoumaru will become an international diamond thief after being revived by a burrito.

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