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[Question-Discuss] About Anbu!

I been watching all this time x8 times naruto series from start and yet i see that the elite unit is Anbu. But as we see in EVERY battle the only thing they do is SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK . No skill , no think , only bot Al controll system with Al minus 2835738578237. Anyway this is supposed to be the elite unit and last defence of the village. Why the heck kishi doesnt approve them with some unique skills and instead make other genin look even stronger than anbu.. Tell me your thoughts.
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Re: [Question-Discuss] About Anbu!

They aren't that "last" defense of the village. They are an elite unit of special jounin that go are trained to be familar with the human body in complete detail and go on high-class missions that and work directly under the Hokage. There is a nother ANBU class called Hunter-nin which are in charge of hunting down mssing-nin and destroy thier bodies so that the village secret is kept safe. We see them sometimes on thier "off" days but they work behind the scenes performing all these tasks. They truely are elite, we just don't see the elite part all the time.
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Re: [Question-Discuss] About Anbu!

Kakashi was anbu , Sai was anbu and they are low skilled. ANBU SUX!
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