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tale of galant jiraiya
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Naruto's Ambitions

Ambition. Dreams. Drive Passion.

This is what made the difference between the average ninja and the one who changes the world. The ones with the most passion towards accomplishing their goals, were the ones to surely succeed.

Too many tried to reach an objective, only to give up after failing just a few times. They failed to understand a basic principle, one that either worked for your or against you depending on how well you understood this law.

The opposite of success is not failure. The opposite of success is quitting.

Those that felt a dream was out of reach and settled for something less never got to know what true bliss is.

That feeling of finally achieving the very thing you wanted in life more than anything. The satisfaction you got when you were able to cross off a task that took years of investment to accomplish. The unrivaled joy when you were finally able to bask in the fruits of your accomplishment. The maturity you reach when you were able to create a new goal when one was finally completed.

That was true growth. That is what it meant to be human. Nothing in nature stagnates. Everything is in a constant state of growth or decay.

Naruto Uzumaki understood these principles. He wasn’t taught them in a school or any traditional institution for learning. He didn’t excel in those areas like some of his friends. No Naruto was forced to learn from the unforgiving school of life. Maybe that was why he was so successful in the goal that mattered so much to him.

Maybe that was why he was sitting atop the Hokage Mountain with a smile on his face. The image of the fourth was just below him, looking over the village forever protecting it with his gaze. No longer did it hold a look of disdain for the villagers that had betrayed his intentions.

A hero. That is what Naruto was supposed to be. A savior to a village and jailer of a demon that would consume all should it ever be released. No one knew the choice Naruto had. They’d never treat him so if they did.

Ah that mind blowing decision Naruto was faced with whenever he found himself at the kyuubi’s cell. He always had that option. It was there for him. The ability to completely remove the seal. That right to unleash the demon within and grant him untold power to take revenge upon those who….who ignored him. Who denied the verification of his existence. But each and every time he never did. He proved his resolve. Naruto was better than that.

That was why he was able to accomplish his goal. That was why just next to the fifth’s monument, they were building another to resemble himself.

That was right. After years of working towards his goal…Naruto had done it. Well almost. He was a Hokage-in-training. One whose role would focus on more domestic issues at first while deferring to the fifth for more crucial matters.

It was just a matter of time now. Tsunade had made her decision and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it now. She was the Hokage after all. The council bended to her will and merely provided her advice. She wasn’t just a pawn forced to deal with their actions. After all who would become more useful during a ninja attack, the most powerful ninja in the village with vast field experience or a bunch of decrepit old fogies who probably required aid in the bathroom.

And so when the boy’s training was finally complete, when his time as Jiraiya’s student had finally come to an end, he was given the designation for the position he sought after the most.

He was finally acknowledged. It was the least the village could do to make up for his miserable childhood.

No one understood what he went through when he was younger. Those who heard his secret always felt bad for the beatings he received. They cried and shuttered at the thought of being abused to the point of death when he wasn’t even old enough to understand such unbridled hate. They cowered at the thought of being capable of such evil towards a child. They languished over the fact he was constantly refused treatment at the nearby hospitals or cried at the thought of how is lonely apartment was constantly being vandalized by ignorant asses who were in search for a scapegoat.

Yet Naruto wanted none of this sympathy. Why? Because none of this happened. He wasn’t stabbed with kunai while running away from crazed villagers. His home was burnt down constantly on his birthday by people to ignorant to understand their own folly. Naruto wasn’t the victim of hate because hate was too good for him.

It would have meant acknowledging his existence. It would have meant giving Naruto some consideration. No, they were not willing to give Naruto that benefit. They did something for worse. He would be ignored. He was a bug. Insignificant.

Naruto was shown no emotions. He wasn’t allowed to feel the hate of the villagers. He wouldn’t be shown love or annoyance. They would discard him like the troubles that sprouted from the night he was born. A blip in their otherwise perfect history. As far as the village was concerned, he died along with the others during the Kyuubi’s attack.

All of this happened because the villagers knew one thing for certain.

Loneliness was more painful than hate. It was a feeling that could plague a man slowly to their death.

But Naruto wasn’t lonely anymore. He had refused to give up. For every attempt the village made to ignore his antics, he only tried harder and harder until they were forced to recognize him.

Naruto didn’t need the villages’ love. Just their acceptance that he to was a human. He wasn’t just a tool to accomplish missions and bring in income, only to be left alone in between. He had a life now. He had friends. There were people he cared about and those that cared about him.

And using that acknowledgment, Naruto gained the right to become the next Hokage-in-training. He would lead the new generation into the future. His life’s first purpose was finally reached. He had done it.

Naruto stood up from atop the Hokage Mountain and had a solemn look on his face. He spent what time he felt necessary to bask in his own glory, at accomplishing his life’s purpose. But it was that same life that taught Naruto that a man needed more than just a single-minded purpose. He needed a woman. It was the next thing he added to the top of his list.

Naruto’s mastery over the fox improved with each passing year. And with each tail he could now wield with confidence his power grew exponentially. Had he reached all nine yet? Hardly

But now 4 tails elongated out of him and flapped around wildly behind him as if controlled by another source. They stuck out just outside of this light brown coat that Naruto now adorned. The wind swayed his short blond hair around only adding to its unruly nature. The black and red Naruto now wore was a symbol of the ninja life he had chosen to live before he knew what it meant to kill. He was a true shinobi of the leaf. A source of fear and misdirection. Naruto was a ninja.

Despite all his prowess and skill as a ninja, he still failed to detect the one person who knew how to get past his defenses. No matter how strong he could become, he always had one weakness.



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Re: Naruto's Ambitions

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