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tale of galant jiraiya
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Running Away

Hinata hopped from tree to tree, running through the forest in a desperate frenzy. Two days ago, she had left the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konoha.

And even worse than that, she had left it out of fear. She was a coward.

But why, why had she left? Had the Village been invaded? No, Hinata wouldn’t run away from that. She’d stand up and fight for the village with all her strenght, to protect her friends and everyone she cared for.

Had she commited some kind of crime and was now afraid of being captured by the ANBU? No, that wasn’t it. A lot could be said about Hinata Hyuga, but not that she was a criminal.

Had something happened which involved her family? Or maybe her clan, the Hyuga. Being one of the most important clans in the village, and possessors of one of the most formidable Kekkei Genkais, the clan had several strict rules and costumes, like putting the Caged Bird Seal on members of the Side Branch. No... Hinata had never gotten used to that kind of things, but she wouldn’t run away because of them.

Then why? Why had Hinata Hyuga ran away from her home, her family and her friends? Simple. Two days ago she had confessed her love to Naruto Uzumaki.

Flashback –

Team 7 and Team 8 had trained together that morning. They had finished by 1 pm, and the blonde Naruto Uzumaki watched Sakura, Sai and Sasuke – Naruto had brought him back about a year before – making plans for lunch and, finally, departing the training grounds in search for a good restaurant. They had not invited Naruto to join them, maybe on purpose, maybe not, it was impossible to tell.

Naruto watched them go for a couple of minutes, before he turned back and faced the 17-year old female member of Team 8, Hinata Hyuga. The look on his eyes when he turned around was of a mixture of sadness and annoyment. But when he saw Hinata, those emotions faded and left his beautiful blue orbs to be replaced with the glint of someone who just had an idea.

“Oi, Hinata!” he had said, unecessarily loudly. “Do you want to go out for some lunch with me?” he’d smiled broadly at the end of the sentence.

“N-naruto-kun...” Hinata had whispered. Even Naruto could see she was enormously surprised. She felt her face burn and knew she was blushing hard. Other than the previous whisper no other words exited her mouth. She couldn’t speak. She never behaved normally when he was close.

“Hello, Hinata? Are you there?” Naruto had asked, waving a hand in front of her face. “Are you feeling well? You’re red all over...”

“I’m... I’m o-okay...”

“Then why are you turning red? You know...” he had paused here. “It’s okay if you don’t want to go with me...” the sadness on his voice had been easily detectable. “I just thought...” up to this point, his head had been lifted, his eyes inspecting Hinata every single second. But he had dropped his head in defeat now.

“I’d... I’d l-love to...” Hinata had weakly squealed. She could not, would not miss this opportunity. She had lost too many because of her damn shyness. She was always incapable of speaking to him, making him assume something was wrong with te way he was, or the way he posed his questions, and go away. She had never been able to confess what she felt, what had started as a childish crush, but now, as they matured, had turned into what Hinata thought to be love. Although she didn’t show it, she was always frustrated because of that. Of not telling him. And Hinata knew why: she was afraid of rejection, and constantly tried to convince herself that it was better if she told him sooner, she would have a bigger chance of the feelings being returned. She had been trying to convince herself of that since their Academy days. But she failed miserably, over and over.

“You would?” his head immediately reverted back to its original position. “But then... why are you so red?”

“N-naruto-kun...” she felt like she would burst right there and then if she didn’t tell him. The pressure was almost unbearable. This was the moment, the moment she had been waiting for for all her life. It was perfect, they were alone (Kiba and Shino had already left as well) and Naruto had just asked her out for lunch. “T-that’s because.. because I... I.. I...” No! That was not the time to stutter and repeat her words without being able to finish. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I love you.” Done. But since she’d done it she’d carry it out to the end now. “I’ve liked you ever since our Academy days. It started as a crush, but it turned into love. I’ve always watched you, admired you from a distance, although you didn’t know it. That’s why I always blush and faint around you Naruto-kun. I know you think I’m weird but...” this was another hard part. But she had nothing to lose now. “...but I was wondering if... if you want to be my... my... boyfriend.” She finally opened her eyes and looked at Naruto, who had surprisingly been able to keep silent during all of her confession, listening with attention or just surprised by the fact that she hadn’t blushed or stuttered, saying everything she had to say in a firm secure voice.

“Hinata... I didn’t know... I mean, I’d... wait, that’s not it, well... you know you’ve always been my friend and all... but... I didn’t... I mean I don’t...” but he hadn’t been able to finish the sentence.

“It’s okay...” she’d said, trying to contain her tears. Naruto’s mumbling gave no space for doubts. He didn’t want her. He didn’t feel the same way. “I always knew you wouldn’t return my feelings... you like Sakura-chan, right? I’d forgotten about that... I guess I’m just not worthy...” tears now slided down her face. But it wasn’t time for crying yet. That would come later. “Sorry... about all this... I shouldn’t have troubled you Naruto-kun... well... at least I’m a lot more relieved now...” she forced her face into a dishonest smile. She then turned her back on the guy she loved, and with a final sob, she was able to speak the word “Goodbye.”

“No! Hinata, wait!” Naruto shouted. He could see that he had hurt her, and tried to make up for it. But it was too late.

She hadn’t listened to him and had darted away. Naruto hadn’t seen her since that because as soon as she got home she got some of her clothes and food and left without informing anyone.

– End of Flashback.

These memories brought tears to Hinata’s eyes once more. She was a coward, and she knew that, but she wouldn’t be able to face Naruto after that. She mentally apologized all of her friends and family once more, for leaving them like that. But she had her reasons.

Besides, now that Naruto knew, he would be a lot happier if she wasn’t in his way.

________________________________________ ______________________________

By noon of the second runaway day, Hinata Hyuga was feeling annoyed and angry with herself. Her pursuer was still on her tail.

She had felt his or her presence at the end of the first day and he (or she) had been chasing her ever since. At least it was only one person, but it was being able to catch up to Hinata. Speed had never been her strong point, but endurance was on her side. Although she didn’t run very fast, she could maintain that pace for a long period of time. Her pursuer would eventually give up.

At the dawn of the second day Hinata had tried to discover the person’s identity with her Byakugan. But she was weakened from the running and the person was too far away for her to see it in her state. So she just settled with running and running, and trying to lose it.

But it was noon then, and the person was still chasing her.

________________________________________ ______________________________

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tale of galant jiraiya
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Re: Running Away

They both ran all night long, Hinata and her pursuer. By midday of the third day Hinata couldn’t even use her Byakugan anymore, which was a pity, really, because the chaser had gotten closer and closer now, close enough for a Byakugan to see it, even in a weakened state, but far enough not to be seen by a normal eye. If she didn’t do anything, she would soon be caught. Yet, she couldn’t stop admiring the chaser.

Because of its determination.

Because of its speed.

Because of its high level... of... stamina...

And suddenly, she knew who it was.

And she panicked.

There wasn’t any escape now. If it was who she thought it was, he would catch up to her in a matter of seconds, and then all of her fears, the fears from which she had been running all this time, would become true. Gathering the last of her strenght, she accelerated as much as she could, hoping he would be left behind. And then, the amount of chakra belonging to the pursuer increased to unnatural levels. He started running at inhuman speed. It was him alright. No one else could have this kind of chakra.

“NO!” Hinata screamed. “GO AWAY!” But it was useless. A second later, someone tackled her and she fell to the ground. And she just stood her, with that same someone lying on top of her, with her eyes closed, afraid to look at him. The person remained silent, as if waiting for her to gather the courage to open her eyes again.

Five minutes passed... ten... fifteen... twenty... twenty-five... half an hour... an entire hour... both Hinata and the one on top of her were almost dying out of boredom, but nevertheless, they kept at it. Fifteen more minutes passed, and Hinata finally dared to open her eyes.

She’d been right. (No prizes for guessing who he was) It was Naruto. (Told ‘ya)

“Why?” the concern and sadness on his voice made Hinata feel so bad that she suddenly felt an urge to vomit. “Why did you run away Hinata? Why?”

“Naruto-kun...” she was crying harder than ever now. “Go away... please... please go away...” her words came out muffled, as she was still fighting the vomit.

“No.” He firmly answered. “I’m taking you back to the village.”

“Please... just go...” she didn’t know how much more of it she could take. She had ran away from Naruto in a desperate attempt to forget him, and now here he was, trying to get her back to the village, caring and looking after her. How was she supposed to leave him behind if he kept showing up in her life?

“I said no.”

“GO!” she suddenly yelled, causing Naruto to jump off of her. He sat next to Hinata then and answered.


But this was her opportunity, Naruto had released her. She quickly got up and made a run for it. Before she could even reach the nearest tree however, she stopped. Only then had she realised her left hand was tied to Naruto’s one. She took a kunai knife out and attempted to cut the rope, failing. Hinata couldn’t use her Byakugan, but she guessed that the rope was chakra-reinforced. “Why?” Naruto asked once again.

“Because I love you...” she finally said. “I’ve told you this before...” she faced away from him.

“Then why did you run away from me? Because it was from me that you were running away right?”


Naruto got up, walked towards Hinata and hugged her, causing her to gasp.

“N-no!...” she said, pushing him away. “Don’t do that... it will only make it harder for me to forget you... Please... stay away...”

“But why do you want to forget me? I thought you loved me...” he looked and sounded deeply hurt.

“I d-do... but I’m not worthy...”

“Don’t say that...”

“I’m n-not... I’m just a coward, a weakling who runs away from her trouble...”

“I told you not to say that!” he sounded angry now.

“But it’s true! I am!” she yelled. Her clothes were all wet now because of the ridiculous number of tears she was letting out. She then felt a hand slapping her face, making an effort not to be excessively strong, but still more than enough to make her fall to the ground. After a while she looked up at Naruto, who was watching her with tears of his own sliding down his face and an enraged look. And was it just her, or were his once blue eyes slightly red now? Work of the Kyuubi, surely. She knew about it and yet she still loved Naruto. He wasn’t a monster. In fact, he was the exact opposite to Hinata. (But it’s not the time to go into this now)

“Never... never say that again...” all of his body was shaking. “Hinata... you’re one of the kindest, strongest, most intelligent girls I’ve ever met... please... don’t insult yourself...”

“But I’m not kind, strong and intelligent enough...” if she payed attention enough, she would see a slight blush on Naruto’s cheeks after he complemented her. But she was desolated, facing the ground, and the next time she looked at Naruto, the blush wasn’t there anymore.

“What makes you say that?”

“You... you don’t want m-me... you l-like Sakura-chan...” yet Sakura liked Sasuke, who now seemed to be starting to return the feelings. The fact that Naruto didn’t have a chance with Sakura anymore, yet he ignored other girls stabbed Hinata through the heart like a thousand icy knifes. But he would never give up. He would never go back on what he said. That was, after all, his nindo, his ninja way. And he’d said he loved Sakura.

“What makes you say that?” he repeated, a calm pacient look on his face as if explaining to a stubborn little kid that one plus one equals two.

“I... uh?” she was confused now.

“I asked ‘What makes you say that?’”

“You told me... you told me I’d always been a friend, but you didn’t... you didn’t...”

“I didn’t feel like you were only a friend.”

“What?!” her eyes widened, her mouth opened. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Could it be true? That was a relieving thought. Was it only a trick to get her to go back to Konoha? That one... not so much. But she looked at Naruto and saw pure honesty deeply engraved on his eyes. He wasn’t lying.

“I never felt like you were only a friend. Not since a long time ago, at least. I tried to make you understand, but... I’m not that good at that... remeber that time before the third test of the Chuunin Exams? I told you I kinda liked people like you... and I still do.”

“You... you do?” he nodded. Tears rushed once again to her eyes, as she launched herself forward and hugged him, pressing her head against his chest. The feeling of being that close to Naruto was like no other she’d ever experienced before. He was so warm, and soft, and...

“I do. And do you still want to be my girlfriend?” he asked, snapping Hinata put of her thoughts.

“I... I do.” Hinata Hyuga answered, still holding onto Naruto as if her life depended on it.

“Will you come back to the village then? We can make up a story about why you ran away so you don’t get into trouble.”

“I will come but I won’t run away from my problems anymore. We’ll tell the truth.” She said, determined, breaking away from the embrace, much to Naruto’s disappointment (and hers too, I’m sure of it). Hinata had always admired Naruto’s determination. She craved to be like him, strong and confident, but in running away she had forgotten that wish. Naruto would never flee like that. And now, she also wouldn’t do it.

“If you want to...” she surprised him with the sudden proof of courage and determination. But Hinata wasn’t anything like the shy, weak girl everyone thought she was – he would only have to get to know her better, and he doubtessly would. “Now, are you okay? Can you still walk or will I have to carry you?”

“I can walk.”

“But I’ll carry you anyway,” Naruto kissed her in the cheek then picked her up bridal style, causing her to let out a giggle – the first one in a lot of time – and blush like she used to do. “Hina-chan.” Another giggle. And when heading back to Konoha, they both forgot the rope uniting their left hands, but who cared? – they wouldn’t want it to be removed anyway.

Failures must be seen as amusements,they are trials which hone your skills.
The frog in the well drifts into the great ocean.
Feel pain,conteplate pain,accept pain and know pain.
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