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tale of galant jiraiya
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He loves me, he loves me not

I was sitting there on a tree branch. But not just any tree branch. The branch of the tree that Naruto got caught in so long ago when Team 7, was still a team.

'Damn, now I'm getting depressed.' I thought to myself.

I sensed something coming towards me. I turned around and a kunai was coming right at me. I dodged it just in time. I lost my balance and fell out of the tree. I knew it was a kid training.

'I wonder if he did that on purpose like Sasuke would, or maybe he is just that bad...like Naruto after a big ramen feast.' I smiled, thinking of the past.

'Damn, it makes me wonder what the hell was going through my mind, when I was always screaming over Sasuke.'

I rubbed my throbbing head. I looked in front of me at a flower. It was a beautiful white daisy, with eight petals.

'Just for fun...' I thought to myself.

I picked the flower from the ground.

He loves me.

Maybe...just maybe...Sasuke does love me back. I mean, he does save me all the time right? Maybe he thinks I'm worth saving. Maybe he knows I'm worth saving. I plucked the next petal, throwing it into the air. Which carried it off.

He loves me not.

Then again, maybe he saves me because he sees me as a weakling...and not someone who can protect themselves. But that was then.

This is now.

Next petal.

He loves me.

Supposedly, he may love me because of my gorgeous looks and originality. What other ninja does he know that has pink hair? Riiiiiiight? Now I'm just kidding myself.

'Shit, now I sound like Naruto. Full of cockyness.'
He loves me.

It's possible that he loves me right? Maybe now, that I understand his loneliness and long term solitary childhood (A/N: Eh? In other words that you can understand: Hot boy no have nobody. Oh! WTF? I'm not THAT slow. ...right...)

-I'm able to reach out to him more. Possibly, that's why he is more able to open up to me now, then back then.

He loves me not.

But...Naruto faced far more loneliness than he. And far more severe. Ridiculed and isolated...both of them. But why is it that Naruto was able to take a different path? By loving? Even though he wasn't loved? Why couldn't Sasuke be the same?

He loves me.

Is it possible that he could love me because he knows I'll always be by his side? Maybe he's noticed my change and is finally able to sense that he can love me. But...Naruto. He's always been able to see the good in me. Even when, back then, I was a screaming, competitive fan girl. I pretended to hate his guts. But he, unlike Sasuke, always was behind me. Fan girl or not.

He loves me not.

This is the last petal...he loves me not. But the truth is...as long as Sasuke is Sasuke...he'll never love me. I dropped the last petal with the nothing-less expression on my face. I dropped the stem of the flower.

Still, laying in my position I fell in. I heard a voice.

"Hey Sakura-chan." I looked up to see Naruto with his hand stretched out. I took his hand in mine. I looked at the two men in front of me. Naruto looked at me giggling. Sasuke, just looked away with a nonchalant look on his face.

'He loves me not.' I remembered.

'But supposedly, scratch that...I KNOW I don't love him either. Maybe it was just a infantile fangirl crush. Maybe I didn't love him. Maybe I love the person that keeps popping up in my head every time I think of Sasuke...' I thought to myself.

"Sakura??" Naruto called, interrupting my self-talk.

"Huh? Oh, yeah...h-hi." I said. I smacked myself mentally, as I blushed.

'I sound like an idiot.' I thought.

"Thanks." I said to Naruto, gathering myself.

'No prob!" Naruto giggled with his idiotic smile. The one of which I love.

"Hi Sasuke." I said.

He looked at me, raised an eyebrow, then looked away again.

'He loves me not.' Rang in my head.

I shrugged it off, showing I didn't care.

"Want to go to Ichiraku's Ramen?" I asked.

"Didn't you learn it when we were younger? Did you not hear me the first five million times?! I said n-" Sasuke ranted, but I interrupted before he could say anymore.

"Not you. Naruto-kun." I said smirking triumphantly.

Both of them dropped their jaws, and their eyes grew wide in complete shock.

"Uh...s-sure Sakura-chan!" He replied to me, blushing.

I took his hand in mine, walking off, leaving a VERY shocked Sasuke. Emphasis on the very. I looked at Naruto. There was no need for any silly flower, or a meaningless saying that somehow mysteriously decides your fate when it comes to love. But anyways, no flower needed.

I could tell...

He loves me.

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