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Uchiha Vs Kurama Vs Toad

Uchiha Vs Kurama Vs Toad

We have known well enough of Uchiha. Now Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharigan could form Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. That's gone too far. These techniques alone could make Sasuke near invincible. Madara was also able to summon Nine-Tailed Demon Fox which is too powerful to be summoned by a human.

But, we know little about Kurama Clan. It seems that Yakumo is the only one who has incredible power these days. We didn't know how she caste genjutsu on many people at once while Sharian user could cast illusion on one enemy. People could avoid illusion cast of Sharigan by closing their eyes or by avoiding eye contact with Sharigan. But to escape from Yakumo's cast, the victim has to go unconscious to be lack of five senses. does these mean Kurama is superior to Uchiha?

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing is also a great genjutsu. What i think is it uses sound to cast genjutsu on opponents. so it's effective range will much wider than any other genjutsu. and because of sound could travel through any mediums(solid, liquid or gas), it should b very difficult to avoid or stop the cast.

although i don't think genjutsu is the strongest jutsu, i want to know which genjutsu would b the strongest? wht do u think?
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Re: Uchiha Vs Kurama Vs Toad

id say uchihas genjutsus are strongest because of itachi, u cant catch that guy into a genjutsu. sasuke is also good at countering genjutsus.
toad song is hard to avoid because it travels by sound and there is no avoiding that.
i dont know about kurama clan...
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Re: Uchiha Vs Kurama Vs Toad

I would say the sharingan...its more effective plus it gives the user more control in a one on one battle...maybe the other would be best when a ninja is out numbered...
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Re: Uchiha Vs Kurama Vs Toad

I think uchica clan its comes from hyuga n kurama clan so maybe doujutsu uchicas can't work to kurama clan just likes to hyuga clan
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