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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Well Done. Well Done.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

hey i will get back to my Uzu Samurai arc soon but the new chapter to both my blogs i sup, go check them out.

link is below.



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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Well Done. Well Done.

Thanks, You 2.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Catastrophe Part 3
*The scene opens with the lifeless body of Tsunade on the ground. The next panel shows Orochimaru in his new body approach the corpse. He kneels down next to it.*
Orochimaru: Now join Jiraya.
*Orochimaru looks up, sensing a presence. He does a handsign and transforms into his old body. Benten approaches Orochimaru.*
Benten: So… you’re my love’s trump card?! You took care of the Hokage. No matter, she would have died by our hands if not your’s. What do you plan to do with the body?
Orochimaru grinning: I’m going to deliver to the gates of Konoha.
Benten in thought: You really are sadistic, aren’t you?
Benten: Good idea. Crush their morale even further.
Orochimaru: You have no idea.
Benten: Would you like to join us?
Orochimaru: Sorry, but I have business to attend to in Kumogakure.
Benten: Hmmph… Fine. I have my eye on you, Orochimaru.
*Benten flashes out. Orochimaru picks up Tsunade’s corpse and heads towards Konoha. Scene switches to the Whirlpool Country. The panel shows Fujin and Naruto standing back to back.*
Fujin: The ship approaches. You need to get them onboard that ship and then return. I’ll hold everyone off while you do so.
Naruto: Ok.
*Scene shows the ship with Darui, Shikamaru, Temari, and Gaara all at the bow. The next panel shows Naruto flashing into the middle of the wedge created by the SSM, Mizukage, Juugo, and Sakura. He touches Sakura and Juugo, while creating Kurama arms to touch everyone else and takes them to the ship. Naruto informs them that they need to leave. The ship begins to turn on the starboard side. Scene switches to Fujin who has just walked in between Suijin and Raijin, who have relaxed their stances. The next panel shows the face of Hachimon, who begins to sweat.*
Hachimon in thought: Is this where we battle father?
*Fujin stops and plants his staff into the ground. He looks at every god individually.*
Fujin: Amatsu… I know you’re here. You can come out.
*Nothing happens. Izanami steps forward.*
Fujin: You wish to battle me… sister.
Izanami: If that means I can get my hands on him, then so be it.
Fujin: You know you cannot defeat me.
Izanami: I will try.
*Izanami leaps at Fujin. Just as Izanami is about to start her descension on Fujin, he thrusts his palm in the air, creating a strong wind, sending her flying backwards.*
Hachimon: We’re at a disadvantage unless we can get close up.
Amerterasu: I will take care of that.
*Amerterasu sends several black flames towards Fujin. Fujin steps forward and blows a wind that dissipates the flames. Benten flashes in behind Amerterasu.*
Benten: Don’t forget, he is the strongest elemental god, and amongst our foes, he is the strongest.
Amerterasu: So how do we handle him.
Tsukuyomi: Why doesn’t Amatsu come out and handle him.
Benten in thought: Because Fujin is not his target.
*Scene switches to the ship. The ship has completely turned around.*
Shikamaru: Naruto, we’re not going fast enough.
Naruto: I’ll take care of that.
*Naruto slams his hand on the deck of the ship yelling kuchiyose no jutsu. A puff of smoke covers the ship entirely. Once the smoke has cleared, Gamatatsu is seen, swimming around the ship.*
Gamatatsu: Whatcha need Naruto?
Naruto: Can you take them to Port City?
Gamatatsu: Sure. That all you need?
Naruto: For now, yes.
*Naruto flashes out as Gamatatsu begins to swim, pushing the ship towards Port City.*
Sakura yelling: Make sure you don’t forget about Sasuke!!
*Scene switches back to the battle.*
Benten: What is the one element that strengthens fire?
Amerterasu: Wind, but his completely erases my flame.
Tsukuyomi: But what if Susanoo…
*All of the gods look at Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Fine, if that means there will be an opening on him, so be it.
*Susanoo disappears, then reappears behind Amerterasu. Amerterasu summons more flames, then shoots them at Fujin. Susanoo punches the air, sending a gust of wind to strengthen the flames as they remain on course. Fujin stands there calmly. Just as the flames are about to touch Fujin, there is a crash right in front of Fujin, with the resulting shockwave nullifying the flames. Once the dust settles, Naruto is seen standing in front of Fujin. Benten screams in frustration at the failed attempt.*
Fujin: Raijin, Suijin… Head to Port City to make sure that our comrades make it safely. Take Sasuke with you.
Sasuke: But I can fight!
Naruto: Sasuke… listen to him.
Sasuke: But…
Naruto: This will not be the last time we fight them.
*Amatsu appears in front of Naruto, stabbing him with the Amenonohoko. Naruto looks on in shock at Amatsu.*
Fujin yells: NO!!!!!! Raijin, Suijin, get them out of her NOW!!!!!
*Amatsu withdraws the blade from Naruto as he falls to his knees. Amatsu rests the staff on his shoulder and begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: Susanoo, go kill that Uchiha brat and resume your powers.
*Fujin is running to Naruto. As he gets to Naruto, there is a poof of smoke, and the body disappears. Amatsu stares at the spot where Naruto was. He then notices a sharp noise behind him. Amatsu turns around to see a sphere of energy expand and consume the other gods behind him. There’s a huge explosion, and the gods are sent flying. Amatsu is the only one who remained where he stood. Once the smoke and dust have cleared, there is no one in the area. All of sudden, Naruto lands in the middle of the crater, smiling. Raijin and Suijin flash out with Sasuke over to the ship.*
Naruto: So I’m your target, huh?
*Amatsu grimaces. He then charges at Naruto, who flashes out at the last instant before he is stabbed by the blade. Naruto appears next to Fujin.*
Fujin: Well done boy.
Naruto: That was some great acting on your part.
Fujin: Yeah… great acting *Fujin clears his throat*.
*The scene shows Hachimon walking up behind Kabuto and Ryu.*
Kabuto: You know he’s revealed himself.
Hachimon: Aye.
Kabuto: And your command?
Hachimon: Seeing how it’s just us gods and the son of wind left, go after him. You know what to do.
Kabuto: Aye.
*Kabuto and Ryu flicker out with the remaining forces of the clone army. Scene switches to Naruto, Izanagi, and Fujin, all with their backs to each other, staring at the gods as they approach. Amatsu flashes in.*
Amatsu: Why don’t we see how the next generation is fairing, aye… brother.
Izanagi: So be it.
Amatsu: Benten… Hachimon… let’s see how you compare to your father.
Benten in thought: I want to get my hands on the son of wind.
Hachimon in thought: Today… Today I’ll show you how big of a mistake you have made by avoiding me father!
*Izanagi grabs Naruto’s shoulder and flashes the two away from the battle.*
Naruto: What are you doing?
Izanagi: Fujin knew this would happen. It’s time he taught his children a lesson.
Naruto: So why didn’t he have you fight Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo?
Izanagi: Fujin is the strongest now. Since I no longer wield Amenonohoko, I am not as powerful as I was. Also… Amatsu is that much stronger.
Naruto: So… could you take them?
Izanagi: Had Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi not had their powers, yes. But seeing how they have taken them back, I don’t stand a chance. We would all be in a pickle if Susanoo had his powers.
Naruto: So their powers…. they’re basically the jutsus of the MS?
Izanagi: Aye.
*Scene switches to Hachimon, Benten, and Fujin.*
Hachimon: Father, you will be given one chance to surrender.
Fujin: Do not make me laugh boy.
Benten: The old senile fool doesn’t realize how strong we are my dear.
Fujin: Hmmph… I know the two of you have grown stronger. I’ve just never revealed to you my true strength.
*Benten and Hachimon charge Fujin. Hachimon thrusts his spear at Fujin, who dodges, wrapping his hair around the head of the spear and jerking it out of Hachimon’s hand. Benten does a low dropkick to Fujin’s knee, making contact, forcing Fujin to stumble. Hachimon, has now formed a long sword in his hand and leaping at Fujin, trying to decapitate him. In an instand Fujin has disappeared, just before Hachimon comes crashing down with his blow.*
Hachimon: Where is he?
Benten: I don’t know.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Fujin.*
Naruto smiling: So that’s how you do that?
Izanagi smiling: So you’re finally understanding?
*Suddenly Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo appear, surrounding Izanagi and Susanoo.*
Izanagi: Can you take care of Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi? I’ll handle Susanoo.
Susanoo: I don’t think so father.
*Tsukuyomi walks over to Susanoo, placing his hand on his shoulder. The next panel shows Susanoo laughing maniacally. Scene switches Suna. The Raikage is seen walking up to a beaten Akatsuchi.*
Ei: You’re nowhere near the level of Bee or Naruto. That’s why disposing of you will be easy.
Akatsuchi: Why… why have you done this? You were are general.
*Ei holds up one finger, shrouded in his raiton armor. He punches at Akatsuchi. The next panel shows blood being spilt. The next panel zooms out to show Baki, pierced through the abdomen, holding onto Ei’s arm.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Baki: Akatsuchi… you must leave. Make sure those who have escaped make it to safety… please.
*Panel shows Akatsuchi shocked.
Baki: Leave now!
*Baki does a handsign, forming several earth domes around the two, the last one nudging Akatsuchi away from the two. Scene shows inside the dome. Baki has blood flowing from his mouth.*
Baki: I thought you put all your petty differences aside.
Ei: Hmmph…
Baki: Then why destroy your partner, especially with what has happened in Iwagakure?
*Baki’s body slides off of Ei’s arm.*
Ei: The mission can’t be interrupted.
*Ei bursts through the earth domes, looking around for Akatsuchi. He flickers off, towards Kumo. Scene switches to Hinata on top of the Hokage mountain. A scroll is unraveled before her. Kakashi and Gai flicker in next to Hinata.*
Kakashi: How did you get up here Hinata?
Hinata: It doesn’t matter. I need to finish this jutsu to protect Konoha.
Kakashi: From what?
Hinata: Lord Izanagi showed me what awaits us.
Gai: And what is that?
Hinata: Annihilation if I don’t complete this seal.
Kakashi: Can we aid you in any way?
Hinata: No… just stand back.
*Hinata does several handsigns, then slams her hands on the ground right below the scroll. A wave of energy is sent throughout Konoha, continuing on through the Fire Country.*
Kakashi: What was that?
Hinata: It was an alteration to the seal that Izanagi used to seal away Amatsu and Izanami.
Gai: But wasn’t that seal broken?
Hinata: Aye, and by me and Naruto.
Kakashi: What do you mean by you and Naruto?
Hinata: The seal I used back in the Whirlpool country, was somehow mixed with Naruto’s chakra, and it weaken the seal to allow Amatsu and Izanami to once again roam the landside.
Kakashi: But you said this was an alteration of that seal, right?
Hinata: Aye. Naruto is allowed to pass through the seal as he pleases. But a god cannot.
Gai: So that means that Amatsu can’t come here, right?
Hinata looking down: Aye.
Kakashi: Does that mean that Izanagi, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin can no longer come here as well?
Hinata with a tear in her eye: Aye.
Kakashi: How long will the seal last?
Hinata: This one… five years.
Kakashi: Will it hold out the army?
Hinata: No. We’ll have to do that ourselves.
Gai: How far does this seal span?
Hinata: The entire Fire country along with the small bordering countries and small pieces of the Wind, Earth, and Lightning Countries.
Kakashi: What about the Whirlpool country?
Hinata: Part of it should be covered.
Kakashi: Hinata, you need to rest. Gai, we must summon every jounin here for an emergency council meeting.
Gai: Including the other villages?
Kakashi: Aye. If Suna and Kumo haven’t fallen already, they will soon. We need to gather all of our troops and set up defense barriers.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Izanagi, who are now fighting off Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi. Izanami approaches to fight. She leaps towards Izanagi, scratching his face again. She tries a sweeping leg kick on Naruto to take him down, with Naruto jumping and evading the kick at the last moment. Suddenly Izanagi and Naruto are trapped in Tsukuyomi’s dimension.*
Tsukuyomi: How do you like this father? You are about to die at the hands of your ex-lover and children. Have any regrets?
*Naruto strains to move.*
Izanagi: Only one.
Amerterasu smirking: And that is?
Izanagi: Not aiding Rikudo more than I did.
*Amerterasu casts a circle of flames surrounding Izanagi. She walks up next to Tsukuyomi, leaning in and kissing him. Susanoo walks towards Izanagi, enshrouding himself in his complete armor, wielding all of his weapons.*
Susanoo: Which one should I strike you down with?
*Izanami stands in front of Susanoo.*
Izanami: If I don’t get to kill him, at least allow me to have some fun first.
*Izanami walks up to Izanagi, caressing the side of his face.*
Izanami: You left me for dead. Why?
Izanagi: You had been tainted by Amatsu. You were no longer mine.
Izanami: Is that so… I still longed for you… until I gave into him.
*Izanami digs a claw into Izanagi’s chest, carving a cut, pulling it away as she begins to walk away.*
Izanami: Not only is he more powerful than you, but he…*she smirks* well, he satisfies me in every way. You know, it won’t be long before they bow to us.
Izanagi: That will never happen.
Izanami: Yes it will.
*Izanami puts her arm around Susanoo’s shoulders.*
Izanami: Once Susanoo has assumed his full powers from both you and Fujin, both he and Amatsu will have the strength to bring Heaven down to Hell.
*Izanagi looks down smiling.*
Susanoo: What’s so damn funny old man?
Izanagi: Never underestimate the humans.
*Suddenly the dimension is cancelled. Izanagi, Izanami, Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo are sent flying. Naruto stands around looking at every god being sent flying as he just stands there. The next panel shows Fujin and Izanagi standing back to back, facing off against the rest of the gods on the ocean.*
Fujin: So the plan worked?
Izanagi: Aye.
Fujin: And how long will we be hidden from Naruto?
Izanagi: A couple of minutes.
Fujin: Think we can last that long?
Izanagi: I’m not sure… all of my children have regained their powers.
Fujin smiling: Mine are still pigheaded as can be. But that Hachimon, tis a shame he’s not on our side.
Izanagi: I think it’s time we showed our true selves.
*Both Izanagi and Fujin transform into their original forms. Amatsu smiles and joins them. The rest of the gods follow suit, excluding Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi. All of the gods begin grunting at each other. Fujin, holding his staff, which has transformed into a tree without branches, slams it on the surface of the water. A wind so furious blows from the point of impact, that the younger gods are blown away, while Izanami struggle to hold her place. Amatsu, wielding Amenonohoko stands still, looking at the two.*
Amatsu: I’m going to take pleasure in this brothers.
*Amatsu flashes over to the two, swinging the spear horizontally. Both evade, with Izanagi punching Amatsu and Fujin kicking Amatsu in his mid-area on the side. Amatsu looks at the two, then blows pewter flames at the two, which make contact with Izanagi. His body is singed badly. Fujin rushes to his aide. Just before he can reach Izanagi, he is kicked in the chest by Izanami. She hisses at Fujin. Fujin does a double palm thrust at Izanami, blowing her away. Fujin sees that Amatsu is next to Izanagi and is about to decapitate him, when he summons a wind to stop the swing. The wind slows Amatsu’s swing enough for Izanagi to evade.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Amatsu: To think brother, that you’ve been reduced to this. And you were once the pride of them.
Izanagi: You’ll never overthrow them.
Amatsu: Yes… I will.
*Amatsu shoots more pewter flames towards Izanagi. Izanagi is too weak to move. Fujin dives in at the last moment, swinging his arms, cancelling out the flames.*
Amatsu: And you have become quite the nuisance, brother.
Fujin in thought: I alone cannot hold off all of them.
*Just as Amatsu is about to attack Fujin, he is kicked in the side of the face by Naruto, sending Amatsu flying.*
Naruto: What in the hell just happened.
Fujin: Your wife, she’s what happened. Naruto, we face a dire situation here. We…
*The panel zooms out to show several arrows in the back of Fujin. Hachimon is seen in the distance with his bow. He flashes next to Fujin, kicking him in his side, sending him flying. He looks at Naruto. He does a spinning back kick and sends Naruto flying away. The scene switches to Izanagi, laying on the surface of the water. Amatsu approaches him, pointing the tip of Amenonohoko at Izanagi’s throat.*
Amatsu: I’m one step closer to overthrowing them.
Izanagi smiling: You will have to wait.
*Amatsu raises Amenonohoko to ready the fatal strike. Suddenly Izanagi is set ablaze in black flames. Susanoo appears from nowhere and beheads Izanagi. Amatsu looks at Susanoo with disgust.*
Amatsu: You fool!!!
*Susanoo swings his blade at Amatsu, which is parried. Amatsu flashes to Susanoo, grabbing him by the throat.*
Amatsu: If I didn’t need you, you would be dead already.
*Amatsu throws Susanoo back in the direction of Kirigakure. Scene switches to Fujin, stumbling around. Benten approaches him.*
Benten: Not so strong now… father?!
*Fujin flicks his wrist in the direction of Benten. She is blown away by the wind.*
Fujin: You never were known for your physical attributes, just the mental huh?!
*Fujin sees Izanagi’s headless body floating in the water. He then spots Naruto being dominated by Hachimon. He flashes over to them. He blocks Hachimon’s spear attack by knocking the spear out of his hand.*
Hachimon: So you’re returned for some more punishment?
Fujin: You think this is punishment? You haven’t seen anything yet.
*Fujin begins moving his hands in the air. The wind begins to pick up and follow the movements of his hands. The panels show all of the gods excluding Amatsu getting picked up by the wind. Fujin does a double punch, and all of the gods are sent flying. Fujin then stares at Amatsu.*
Amatsu chuckling: Hmmph! We’ll meet again.
*Fujin grabs Naruto and flashes over to Izanagi’s body. Naruto looks distraught.*
Fujin: Do not despair Naruto. We planned for this.
Naruto: How… How so?
Fujin: The reason Izanagi was so weak was because he gave Raijin, Suijin, and myself access to his dimension. We’ll be safe there. Your wife has taken the necessary measures to make sure that what is left of your allies will be safe. You must go to Port City, and see to it that your comrades are safe. Her seal protects the Fire country from any god, including me. But that clone army still can pass through it. Go… protect your friends. Protect your wife. Protect your children. We’ll meet again. Hinata has the details.
*Fujin grabs Izanagi’s headless body and flashes out. Naruto looks around and flashes out. Scene switches to the cave where Naruto completed his bijuu training. Bee is seen sitting across a kunoichi with long purple hair. Their fists are extended, touching each other. Orochimaru walks up to the pair in his Rikudo body.*
Orochimaru: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Hachibi’s host.
*Bee breaks the connection with the girl, bringing her back to reality. Bee jumps up and enters into a battle stance with all of his swords. Orochimaru motions as if he doesn’t want to fight.*
Orochimaru: I’m not here to fight.
Bee: Then what you want foo’?
Orochimaru: I’ve come to deliver a message.
Bee: Oh yea?
Orochimaru: The Ryun army is on its way to Kumo. You and her might survive the attack, but how many others will?
Lin Mei: Why do you tell us this?
Orochimaru: Because I need you to find something for me.
Bee: What’s that punkass biyatch?
Orochimaru: I need you to find my belongings. I believe… what’s her name… Mabui knows what I’m referring to. Go to her, make sure she survives, and then ask her about the treasures. She’ll know what you’re talking about. Find them for me, and I’ll give you back your Samui and her mumbling brother.
Bee: Who are you? Who’s side are you on?
Orochimaru: Right now, I’m not against you. Just leave it at that.
*Scene switches to Konoha’s main gate. Several medics are seen encircled at the entrance. Kakashi is seen walking back to Gai, Kurenai, and Shikaku.*
Shikaku: Well…
Kakashi: Summon Konoha’s jounin. We need to have an emergency meeting to appoint a new Hokage.
Kurenai: Who could have done this?
Kakashi: I don’t know.
*Scene switches to Port City. Naruto is standing at the dock with a somber face, looking at the ship as it pulls up to dock. Gaara, Darui, Kitsuchi, and Mei all head to Naruto. Hiru is seen carrying Sasuke off of the boat followed Sakura and the rest of the crew.*
Mei: What happened to Suijin and Raijin?
Naruto: I’m not entirely sure myself. But…
Gaara: But what?
Naruto: Fujin told me that they had planned for this.
Gaara: I must head back to Suna.
Darui: And I to Kumo.
*Ei is seen walking up behind everyone.*
Darui: Raikage-sama… we need to head out.
Ei: In a moment Darui.
*Naruto has an alertness to him all of a sudden.*
Ei: Naruto… it’s Tsunade. She’s… she’s dead.
*Naruto suddenly explodes in a green chakra aura.*
Kurama to Naruto: Calm down. I know how you feel. But there is something amiss here. We need to figure it out before you act.
Naruto: Was it him?
Kurama: I believe so. And from what I can tell, we may be seeing the very tool used right here in front of us.
*Naruto is growing even more enraged. Sakura walks up and holds Naruto’s hand.*
Sakura: Now is not the time for this. We need to get back. Hinata is waiting for you.
*Sakura hugs Naruto and he calms down after awhile.*
Naruto: Alright. Let’s go.
Kitsuchi: Naruto…
Naruto: Yeah…
Kitsuchi: We no longer have homes *motioning to himself and the Mizukage and the crew*.
Naruto: We will provide shelter. But we need to figure out a lot of things first.
*The next panels show a series of events that have progressed through time. The first panel shows Bee and Lin Mei evacuating several civilians. Bee and Lin Mei are then fighting off the clone army while Omoi and Karui escort the civilians into the Fire country. The next panels show Ei and Darui coming up on the Clone army as they are destroying Kumo. The next panel shows Ei being beheaded by Ryu as Darui barely escapes. The last panel shows Gaara and Kankuro standing at the entrance of the decimated Suna. The scene then switches to the koi pond. All of the gods are standing around it.*
Susanoo: So what do we do now?
Amatsu: If you had followed along like a good little boy, we would already be taking at the Kotoamatsukami. But no… you had to go fulfill your pride and kill your father yourself.
Amerterasu: Speaking of which, how come isn’t he under your dominion now?
Amatsu: Because you bitch…. he has done a deed deemed worthy by the Kotoamatsukami that he is with them now. Had you let me kill him, he wouldn’t be there. Now they know we’re coming for them.
Tsukuyomi: Can they stop us?
Benten: If they follow the same code as our fathers, then no. But they will aide our enemies.
*Benten turns to Amatsu*
Benten: Where do you think they are hiding?
Amatsu: There are only two places hidden from me. Heaven and his dimension. And seeing how we can’t gain entrance to either now *snarls at Susanoo and Amerterasu*.
Hachimon: So what is your plan?
Benten: We wait. We let our army grow. If the son of wind is that strong, they’re going to need to be stronger.
Hachimon: I grow tired of this. I’m retiring for now.
*Hachimon flashes out. Benten looks around and then flashes out. Scene switches to Hachimon’s stronghold. Both Hachimon and Benten are seen.*
Benten: What worries you my love?
Hachimon: Your conniving plans.
Benten: They are only for our betterment.
Hachimon: Ours or yours?
*Benten begins to grope Hachimon trying to arouse him.*
Benten: For ours. You are my king.
*She takes off all of Hachimon’s armor, kissing parts of his body. Hachimon pushes her away.*
Hachimon: Do not tempt me Benten.
Benten shocked: What do you mean?
Hachimon: When were you going to tell me about your dealings with them?
Benten: I didn’t know that I needed to. You don’t trust me?
Hachimon: You’ve burned me before.
*Benten sheds the remaining of her clothing.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Benten: Then have your way with me, for every day, every hour, until you realize that I am yours.
*Hachimon grabs her hair, pulling it down, making her raise her chin and poke out her chest. Hachimon kisses her neck. Scene switches to a dark room. Two men are seen entering it. We then see Orochimaru in his original body.*
Orochimaru: So, how did it go?
Kabuto removing his hood: It went well sensei. Kumo is destroyed, and from what I heard, you handled Suna. That means that Konoha is the only power left.
Ryu removing his hood: What are we to do now father?
Orochimaru: Benten will probably have you grow the army, doing raids on the smaller countries because of Naruto’s power. Do as she wishes. They are still unaware of our plan.
Kabuto: And Hachimon is none the wiser?
Orochimaru: He’s the one who has provided our trump card. It’s going to be up to Benten how things end up for the gods.
*Scene switches to Konoha and Tsunade’s funeral. Many are seen mourning. Naruto is seen standing atop the Hokage mountain. Shikaku, Shikamaru, and Kakashi approach Naruto on the mountain.*
Shikaku: Naruto, could we have a moment?
Naruto: The answer is no.
Shikamaru: Why not? This has always been your dream Naruto.
Naruto: Shikamaru, you’re my smartest friend. You of all people should understand why I can’t be the Hokage.
Kakashi: Naruto, you’re the only person who has been offered the title of kage multiple times and turned it down. Are you sure that you can’t hold this title now?
*The next several panels show Gaara with the people of Suna returning to the Fire country, followed by Bee and Lin Mei with the civilians from the Lightning country, and finally Darui. The next few panels show time skip moments (5 years’ worth) of barracks being built, new farms being built. A makeshift office is set up for the Mizukage and Raikage at Port City. A makeshift office is set up for the Tsuchikage and Kazekage at the border of Amegakure. The next panel shows Darui as the Raikage, with Mabui as his assistant. The next panel shows Gaara, standing next to a pregnant Matsuri. The next panel shows Kitsuchi walking along with Kurotsuchi. The next panel shows Mei, standing on a dock looking out towards the sea, with Ao behind her. And finally we’re shown the Hokage’s office, zooming in on the desk. Shizune just ran into the office.*
Shizune: Hokage-sama, we have intel on the movement of the Ryun. We think we may have finally located Yamato.
*The chair at the desk spins around to reveal Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Don’t call me that. I’m just holding the office until Naruto takes over.
Shizune: Sorry Sasuke-kun. But it has been almost five years now.
Sasuke: Yeah it has… all hell is about to break loose.
Shizune: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Send a reminder to the other kages. We mobilize our forces in three months’ time.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Hinata is seen fixing a meal for her, and her two children.*
Boy: Mommy, where’s Daddy?
Hinata: He’s out for now, Jiraya.
Girl: I want to see Daddy!
Hinata: Calm down Mito. Daddy will be home for supper.
*There a knock at the door. Hinata goes to open and in walks Sakura holding a little girl.*
Hinata: Sakura… thanks for coming over.
Sakura: No problem. So how are you and the kids?
Jiraya: We’re fine!
*Jiraya and Mito run over to Sakura and the girl, hugging Sakura’s legs.*
Mito: Can we play with Tsunade?
Sakura: Sure. Do you want to play with Jiraya and Mito?
*The girls motions to be put down. The kids run off to the living room area as the two women embrace.*
Hinata: Can you believe that we’re both moms?
Sakura: I know. And have you heard, both Temari and Ino are expecting now.
Hinata: I know.
*Hinata sighs.*
Sakura: Don’t worry about it.
Hinata: I know, it’s just hard. Naruto asked me if there was a way that Suijin or Fujin could meet us outside of the seal to meet Mito.
Sakura: And…
Hinata: They didn’t like the idea. Has Sasuke completely mastered thunder and lightning yet?
Sakura: Yeah. What about Naruto?
Hinata: He hasn’t told me. You know, he’s the only one who goes beyond the seal. But I think he’s mastered it.
Sakura: How so?
Hinata smiling: He told me he was ready to face our foes.
Sakura: So when are you going to teach Jiraya and Mito the Flying Thunder God?
Hinata smiling: I don’t know. I haven’t even taught Naruto the correct form of the jutsu yet.
*Scene switches to the Valley of the End. Bee, Gaara, Akatsuchi, Lin Mei, along with four others are seen looking up at the head of Senju Hashirama. Naruto leaps down wearing his black pants with orange t-shirt. His hair has grown out more to that of Minato’s now.*
Bee: Yo Naruto! When we gonna go?
Naruto: Tomorrow, at daybreak.
Lin Mei: You heading home?
Naruto: Yeah. I promise Jiraya and Mito I would be home early today to play with them.
Gaara: I promised Matsuri I would head home early as well.
Bee: So we’re done with training today?
Naruto: Yeah. See you guys in the morning.
*Naruto turns to leave. The panel zooms out to show Gaara, Bee, Akatsuchi, Lin Mei, and four new shinobi staring at Naruto as he flashes out.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

@jekyl: I am kind of confused. Why did the raikage kill tsunade, tried to kill akatsuchi and betray everyone? and does others know of his betrayal, like naruto (seems like naruto noticed raikage killed tsunade but not sure), darui, and bee etc?

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

And then E was beheaded too by Ryu who was working with Oro.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

all i can say at this point is that ei wasn't necessarily working voluntarily orochimaru.

this is going to be a source of conflict amongst certain allied forces in the future, once this bit of news is broken. tsunade's death is still a mystery.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

good job jh i enjoyed it look forward to the next and jericho vishnu and Narut0360 when can we expect more from you guys?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The chapter is up. Tell me your opinions guys.

Naruto: Vishnu's struggle.

The scene shows Dante and his creatures from the Purgatory facing Faust.

Faust: You're insane, Dante! Apocalypse? You want to destroy everything? And where do you think that you will stand? What's going to be your fate?
Dante: Obviously not different from yours, Faust. You are a damned soul. You are able to stay here, and not in Hell only because probably an Angel allowed it. As long as Mefisto will be a demon you will never be free.
Faust: It's true.But i can be free in different ways.
Dante:How? Being the King of Hell? Ruling over those atrocities?*
Faust:Not rulling over them...but ending them.
Dante laughs: You want to end all the suffering in Hell? Well...if you do that, what's going to be the Hell's purpose? None! You will not be allowed to it!
Faust:I don't know....but i will try! It's better than joining Raiden!
Dante: You're are a fool. And i'm tired of this conversation. This is your last warning , Faust. Step aside, and i will spare you.
Faust: I know you Dante. You're not a liar.
Dante: What do you mean?!
Faust: The fact that you came here alone means that you are not after destroying the whole Celest City. You may wield the powers of the Purgatory,but even those powersaren't enough to bring down the City. You're here to assassinate someone. Your targets could be me, Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha or Vishnu. But the fact that you engaged me and Sasuke directly proves to me that the one that you're after are not neither Naruto or Vishnu. And the fact that you didn't bother with Sasuke, and you let Yama deal with him,means that you're here for my head and my head only. So even if i would step aside, your mission it's to eliminate me.
Dante: Impressive. You saw right through it. You're right Faust. I'm here just for you!
Suddenly Cerberus dashes towards Faust. The man doesn't hesitate for a moment and, by using his scythe, Faust slashes the Hellhound instantly. Cerberus vanishes with a purple smoke.
Faust: Don't send a puppy to do your job, Dante.
Dante: Hmpf. You still have a powerful attack. I will give you that.*
Instantly Dante appears above Faust, trying to slash his head. Faust blocks Dante's blade with his scythe. At the same moment, Medusa and Beelzebub are attacking Faust, but in front of the two people land. Vishnu catches Medusa by her throat and throws her away. Naruto catches Beelzebub's axe with his bare hands and punches the demon, throwing him several meters away. They both turn around to face Dante.
Faust: Stop right there, both of you! He is mine! Deal with the creatures!
Vishnu: As you wish, Faust.
Naruto: Shouldn't we help him?
Vishnu: I know Faust. He is capable of dealing with Dante alone.
Naruto: That powerful is Faust?
Vishnu: Remember that he stop your attack and Sasuke's. He is more powerful than you think!*

The panel shows Sasuke facing Yama.

Yama: For too long you have lived, Sasuke. I think that your time has come.
Sasuke smiles: My time, Yama? You're not the one that decides when i should die. I'm the only one that can decide my fate!
Yama: You have spoken the truth Sasuke. You are indeed the only one who can decide his fate.
Suddenly Yama appears near Sasuke and tries to slash him with the dagger. Sasuke blocks the attack, spins, and delivers a powerful side kick at Yama. The god parries the attack with his right hand. Sasuke uses the momentum, to place his left foot on Yama's shoulder and uses him as a ledge. Sasuke jumps over Yama and makes a couple of handsigns.
Sasuke: Lightning release! Thunderstorm attack!
He releases from the tip of his fingers countless lightning bolts. Yama simply repells the bolts by looking at them.
Yama: You will need more than that, Sasuke.
Sasuke smiles and launches himself towards Yama. The Uchiha attacks the god with an electric sword, and Yama manages to deflect all the blows. Just when he was about to strike, Yama catches Sasuke by his throat and slams him into the ground.*
Yama: What's the matter, Sasuke? It's this all you got?
Sasuke smiles as he explodes in a burst of black flames. The Amaterasu hits Yama's right hand, but the god uses his Death Watch to "kill" the flames.
Yama: An Amaterasu clone. You think that you can beat me with such tricks?*
Sasuke smiles: It worth a shot.
Yama: The first time we fought, you caught me off guard with the sword holding Natural Energy. This time it won't work.
Sasuke: I am above those things, now.
Yama: You cannot kill me with your Hell Release either. I can eliminate all your attacks, Sasuke.
Sasuke smiles: All, but one, even you cannot kill.
Suddenly a blade slashes Yama's shoulder, and the god backs off a few meters.
Yama: What the?!?
Sasuke appears behind him smiling.
Sasuke: I know that i cannot kill you with my ultimate form. You can kill me with a look. But only if i look into your eyes. And that will happen only if you grab me.*
Yama: And what makes you think that i cannot grab you?
Sasuke smiles: I never used my real speed in combat, because it felt unecessary. But today, i will use it. I have enhanced my speed to the point where i can keep up with the Flying Thunder God. This, combined with the Shadow clone...and you will never know what hit you!
Yama smiles: Come on then, Sasuke. Give me your best shot!
Sasuke thinking: In the meantime, i also have to distract him...
Instantly Sasuke appears above Yama and delivers a powerful fireball. Yama dodges the attack and charges at the Uchiha. Sasuke parries Yama's dagger with his sword and in the next instant he is behind Yama, giving him a powerful kick in the back. Yama is sent crashing into the ground. He quickly gets up and looks at Sasuke with anger.
Sasuke smiles and makes a handsign.
Sasuke: Naruto taught this to me!*
He charges himself with lots of dark energy, then he simply makes the Clone sign.
Sasuke: Tajuu Kage Bushin!!!
Several Sasuke clones appear around the battlefield. All the clones are forming a Chidori.
Sasuke clones: Chidorii!!!!!
The clones are attacking Yama with Chidori strikes. The god struggles to avoid all the blows, and he barely manages to do it. He kills most of the clones, but two that he kicks away. Suddenly Sasuke appears behind Yama, attempting another slash at the god. Yama notices, and was prepared for it, makes a spin a thrusts Sasuke's chest with his bare hand. Sasuke coughs blood and falls down on his knees in front of Yama!

The scene shows Naruto facing Beelzebub.

The demon uses his axe, and tries to slash Naruto. The Hokage skillfully dodges the attacks, preparing his own strike. As Beelzebub swings his axe, Naruto dodges and uses the opening created to hit the demon with a Rasenshuriken. As the dust goes away, Beelzebub is shown unscathed.
Naruto: What the...!?!
Beelzebub: My skin cannot be penetrated!
In an instant the demon appears in front of Naruto and punches Naruto, throwing him several meters away. Naruto quickly regains his posture.
Naruto thinking: Regular attacks won't work on this guy. First i have to get through his armor skin. He must have a weakness...only one way to find it!
Naruto instantly creates thousands of clones that attack Beelzebub. But the demon kills all the clones in a matter of moments.
Beelzebub: Trying to find my weak spot? I have no such thing. You are good as dead!
Naruto thinking: Dammit! He is right! He really hasn't no weak spots! I have to come up with something and fast, if i want to eliminate him!
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Vishnu facing Medusa.

Medusa screams: Look at me!
Vishnu smiles and looks directly at her.
Vishnu: With pleasure.
Nothing happens to him.
Medusa shocked: What the...?!? You should have been turned into stone!
Vishnu keeps smiling: Yeah, you see...i wasn't.
Medusa: Not even an Archangel can overcome my ability! What are you?!?
Vishnu: Of course that i'm not an Archangel anymore.*
Instantly Vishnu appears right in front of Medusa, grabbing the creature by her throat.
Medusa coughs:!?
Vishnu with a menacing look: My name is Vishnu. And i am not neither a Beyonder or an Archangel. You cannot harm me.*
Medusa cries: Mercy! At least send me back to the Purgatory!
Vishnu: Purgatory? No. I won't send you back. I will end your life.
Just by tightening his grip, Vishnu beheads Medusa. He holds her head, by the snakes.
Vishnu: There goes Medusa...what a worthless fight...

The scene shows Sasuke down on his knees.

He coughs blood and he watches as Yama takes out his hand from his chest. The light from Sasuke's eyes vanishes as he falls down to the ground.

Yama: Finally...the one without known destiny has vanished. Now, to deal with Naruto.
Yama turns around and walks away from the body of the dead Uchiha.
Suddenly Sasuke's menacing voice is heard near Yama.
Sasuke: Were are you going God of Death? We aren't done yet!
Yama turns around, with his eyes open wide in shock, as a giant explosion occurs. Yama emerges from the smoke holding what's left from his left arm. He also lost his left eye. Sasuke lands in front of him. The body on the ground vanishes completly.
Yama: I don't understand...
Sasuke: It's easy. My powers allow to cheat even the Death itself!
Yama: You used the Hell's power. I think that you trapped a soul into a clone. You fooled me, making me think that i killed you.
Sasuke: I didn't trapped any soul, fool.
Yama: Impressive. It's really impressive, Sasuke. You tricked the Death itself even though i don't understand how you did it.But you failed to kill me.*
Sasuke: It doesn't matter. I took your eye afterall!
Sasuke reveals that he holds in his palm, Yama's left eye.
Yama: *So that's what you were after!
Sasuke: Exactly. In order to defeat you i needed an eye.
Yama: Fool!!! My eye will consume you from the inside if you try to use it!
Sasuke: It may be so...but who said that i want to use your eye?
Yama: I don't understand...
Sasuke: I did something to this eye of yours. A copy of my Sharingan was created inside it, and i used a transfer jutsu. Any harm that would come to any of my eyes, would be transfered to this eye.
Yama shocked suddenly understands what Sasuke did: That's..!?! You perfected the technique!
Sasuke: Izanagi...the power to transform genjutsu into reality...and all i needed was an eye, so i won't lose my Sharingan.
Yama: Damn you, Sasuke!
Sasuke:*Now i have a question for you, Yama...why? Why are you doing this?
Yama: It's simple. Because i have been deprived of my inheritance for too long.
Sasuke:Your inheritance?
Yama: Exactly! I, the god of death! I must rule the world! Not the Archangels or the Creator! I have the power to decide who lives and who doesn't live!
Sasuke: If you'd have those powers you wouldn't fight in this war. You would simply kill all of you just by thinking it! It means that you are missing something. Something that you're after.
Yama: Clever boy.*
Sasuke: Actually i am. Now...Yama...should we end this?
Yama smiles: Not quite, got my eye...and deprieved me of my hand. But i'm not ready to lose here.
Sasuke smiles: Well then, Yama...let me teach you a lesson of pain!

The panel shows Naruto clashing with Beelzebub. The Uzumaki struggles to keep up with the demon.

Naruto as he makes a few steps back: This is going nowhere. He must have a weakness!
Beelzebub: I don't have any weaknesses! I am unbeatable!
Naruto thinking: He is not unbeatable. Somehow, he got killed and sent into the Purgatory. It's the only reasonable explanation...but how do i kill him...none of my jutsus works against his armor skin. It seems that i have to trap him somehow...
Suddenly Naruto activates his Rinnegan, just when Beelzebub comes at a high speed at him.
Naruto screams: Shirna tensei!!!!
He pushes the demon away and starts making a couple of handsigns.
Naruto thinking: This should keep him away for a while...
Naruto creates a small energy sphere in his hands, and sents it into the sky.
Naruto shouts: Chibaku tensei!!!!
The ground around Beelzebub, gets attracted to the small sphere, alongside with the demon. Beelzebub gets caught into the massive sphere that was formed. Naruto keeps concentrating and looks at the giant rock ball.
Naruto makes to handsigns: Rinnegan release! Destruction cataclism!
The giant sphere explodes instantly, killing the demon inside.
Naruto: Nobody can survive something like that...

The scene shows Faust and Dante facing eachtoher.

They are both standing on their feet and not moving. They are simply starring at eachother. Around them, the world collapeses, as they simply confront eachtoher in their minds. Lightnings and quakes are surrounding them. Suddenly they both make a step back and look at eachother.

Faust: Stop this, Dante. You will never be able to win against me. I killed you before, i can do it again.
Dante: You killed me, when i was weak. This time i'm more powerful.
Faust: Dante, i got punished because of that! Why do you think that i descended in Hell? To get your ass out of there! But you got corrupted! And i got caught by Yama!*
Dante: What do you mean?
Faust: I got punished back then, after i killed you, to spend an eternity on Earth. Thousands of years have passed. I fell in love with a woman and she died. Yama appeared and offered me his help. He told me that he can bring her back. And he did. But shaped as a demon. I confronted her, and for the first time in the history of mankind i used my abilities to restrain the demon. She told me that you were still alive, but you were in Hell. I couldn't belive my ears. In a matter of moments i made a deal with my former lover, Mefisto, and i got dragged into Hell. I found you, and i helped you escape, thinking that i have redeemed myself. But instead of going the right side, you went to the evil side, like i did once.*
Dante: You don't get it. You were never there. The Heaven refused me! GOD REFUSED ME! THE SAME GOD THAT ALLOWED MY DEATH!!!*
Faust: Maybe there was a reason for that!
Dante: Educate me. What reason might it be?
Faust: Well how am i supposed to know?!? I am not God!
Dante: Exactly! Nobody knows but him! And i will ask him personally!*
Suddenly Vishnu appears next to them.
Vishnu: You said that you will ask him personally? I know God, Dante. His answer will not satisy you. Neither of us can understand what is in his mind.
When other men blindly follow the truth remember:
Nothing is true!
When other men are limited by morality and law remember:
Everything is permitted!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Dante: Who asked you anything, Archangel?
Vishnu: I know that you're not scared of me. But you should consider my warning: you will not leave the Celest City.
Dante: Oh, you think you can keep me here? I will bring down the entire Purgatory on you, Vishnu!
Vishnu smiles: Bring it. My City endured attacks from Hell and Heaven. Domyou think that we have nothing to say? Faust may not be able to kill you again...but i will do it.
Dante: And what do you know about what happend back then?!?*
Vishnu: I know everything. We, the Archangels saw it. We saw how Faust murdered you. And God punished him. But he redeemed himself.*
Dante: He will never redeem in my eyes!*
Vishnu: Maybe...but he redeemed in my eyes. And that's what matters.
Dante: Who do you think you are? You may have been the leader of the Archangels once, but now you are below me!*
Vishnu: You still don't get it, do you? The Hell is governed by Lucifer. The Heavens by Michael. The Purgatory by you it seems. The Earth it's under my protection. And guess what: we have the power to stand against everyone!
Dante: What do you mean that Michael leads the Heavens?
Vishnu: Exactly what you have heard. Our Father left the place. Nobody knows where he is.
Dante: So Michael's in charge now, huh? It doesn't matter...the Heavens cannot oppose me. I will destroy the Holy Grounds and wait for God's arrival!
Vishnu: If you want to do that, i am afraid that i must stop you, Dante.*
Dante: You keep saying that...but can you really do it? Don't you see how lame you have became? Protecting the human kind...they are arrogant, selfish, evil and limited!*
Vishnu: But they also know forgivness, love, mercy, compassion...they are not the trash that you think they are.
Dante makes a few steps back.
Dante: You know what just said that you can whitstand anything...let's test that...
A giant gate appears above them and it suddenly opens. From the gate countless creatures emerges. An army of Cyclops rises in front of the Celest City. Vishnu smiles as he looks at the army.
Vishnu: You really don't get it, do you? I have crossed my limits. I have access to the Earth's powers. Let me show you, Dante...
Vishnu appears exactly in the front of the Cyclop army.*
Vishnu: Raigan!
He activates his lightning eyes and simply waves his hand. Instantly countless massive lightnings are decimating the Cyclops army.
Dante looks angry at the scene.*
Vishnu appears again right in front of Dante.
Vishnu: What did i just said? You cannot beat me.
Dante: I wouldn't be so sure...
He suddenly raises his arm, but he gets stoped by a heavily injured Yama. Besided his missing arm, and eye, he also has several deep cuts on his body. He is barely standing.
Yama: No...Dante...not now...
Dante sighs: Fine. Next time.
Vishnu simply looks at them.
Vishnu: Hmpf...Yama...look at you. Sasuke almost killed you.
Suddenly both Naruto and Sasuke lands near Vishnu.
Vishnu: I think that it's wiser what Yama suggested. You are alone against me, Faust, Naruto and Sasuke. Yama is almost cannot win today, Dante.
Dante: Not today. But when i return, i will win.
Faust: When you will return i will be there.
Dante: cannot kill me again, brother.
Faust: I can do it again Abel.
Dante: I'm not going by that name anymore, Cain.
Faust: Me neither.
Dante makes a sign and both him and Yama vanish from the battlefield.
Sasuke: What was that?
Vishnu: That was our enemy. Dante...or as he was formerly known: Abel.
Naruto: Abel? One of the two brothers? The one who got murdered by...
Faust: By me. I am Cain. But i don't use that name forget it, please!

The panel shows Dante barely holding Yama. They are trying to reach a cave.

Dante: did you got in such condition?
Yama: He managed to cut off my arm and take out my you think that it was a balanced figh
Dante: You're the god of death. You should just killed them all.
Yama: I can't do it yet! I need something to gain my full strenght! Something that Vishnu took away from me!
Dante: And what's that?
Yama: The three treasures. With the treasures in my possession, not even Lucifer can stand against me. They augument my powers so much, that Vishnu was afraid of what i could have became.
Dante: And how did he took them away from you?
Yama: I didn't knew how to fully control them. He told me that it was for the best of the mankind. He took the treasures and scattered them around the world.
Dante: Let me ask you something. You told me that Sasuke Uchiha's first mission, after Naruto's ascension to the Celest City, was to locate the treasures. Right?*
Yama: Yeah...
Dante: And who gave him that mission?
Yama: Vishnu i guess.
Dante: You're a fool Yama. Vishnu, by giving Sasuke that mission knew all along that you will betray him. The bastard knew everything, all the time! Now...we have to do it differently.
Yama: I agree...but first...let me heal my arm and eye.*
Dante: What do you plan?
Yama: It's time to stand against Raiden. It's time to do it our own way.
Dante: And what's in for me?
Yama smiles: After i win...everything!

The panel shows Vishnu's council room. Inside are Vishnu, Faust, Naruto and Sasuke.

Vishnu: Dante's attack was quite bold.*
Sasuke: bad that he escaped though...
Vishnu: I allowed him to get away.*
Naruto: And why is that?
Vishnu: I just feel that his part isn't over yet.*
Faust: He is mine, Vishnu. I will deal with him on my own.
Sasuke: Actually, have something to share with us.
Naruto: And that's your history. We are comrades now. We must know that we can trust you enough, so we can put our lifes on the line for you.
Faust: Indeed...let me start then...when the Creator made the humans...he made two creatures...a man, and a woman. The woman gave birth to two boys. Cain and Abel. Abel was God's favorite. Cain got envy and killed him. The first crime ever produced. The Creator punished Cain, to wander on the Earth for an eternity and never know happiness. Centuries after centuries have passed. Cain was living now, in a small town with a woman. He loved her beyond her imagination. He was asking himself every night...when he will lose her? When God will decide that she will be taken away from him? And the moment came soon enough. She died. Cain mourned her death for a long time. After a while, The God of Death visited Cain. He made a deal with the angel, so he could bring back his wife. But Yama betrayed Cain. He brought back his wife, shaped as a demon, not as a human being. Cain, fought the demon and managed to learn something from it. That his brother was trapped in Hell. Cain released the demon, and went into a quest to redeem himself. He took his brother away from Hell, and presented him to life again. Everything went fine. Abel got a new name, and even a lover....Beatrice. Until Yama betrayed them again. He stole Beatrice from Abel. The man, enraged went to Hell to confront Yama, but ended up, being trapped again. With his last effort, Cain managed to set him free again, but in exchange for his owm freedom. After escaping from Hell, Abel tried to walk towards the Heavens. But he was denied the entrance. He was doomed to spend his eternity in the Purgatory. By some unknown means, he managed to escape that place. And today, he is just a man seeking chaos and destruction. Abel is Dante. And I am Cain. We are the ancestors of the modern world, and the first brothers. We have a greater knowledge than any human being. We can fight on an equal ground with an Archangel. That's who we are!
When other men blindly follow the truth remember:
Nothing is true!
When other men are limited by morality and law remember:
Everything is permitted!

We know the light...but when we shall create the dark?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Suddenly a voice is heard.
Unknown voice: I almost cried, Faust.
The four men turns around to spot another one standing right behind them. A tall blonde man.
Vishnu already noticed him.
Lucifer: Hello, Vishnu. I thought that it would be nice to pay you a visit, as you did.
Vishnu: Lucifer. It's nice to see you. But i thought that i told you that the next time we will medt, it would be on the battlefield.
Lucifer: Oh, you didn't knew, Vishnu? The battlefield it's already coming for you.*
Vishnu: I noticed that Raphael is getting closer to the Celest City. But i have the forces to stop him.
Lucifer: It's true. But the game changed dear. Michael betrayed me. So did Raiden. It seems that everyone is following their own interest.*
Vishnu: So what? You're seeking mercy?
Lucifer laughs: Actually i'm here to make you an offer.
Vishnu: An offer you say? And what would that be?
Lucifer: As i said...the game changed. Raphael it's no longer coming alone. The whole army of Heavens is coming after Naruto's and Sasuke's heads. They want them dead.*
Vishnu: I can deal with the army of Heavens.
Lucifer: True. But you cannot deal with three armies.
Vishnu: I have an army of my own.
Lucifer: That cannot compare with the armies of Heavens, Hell and Purgatory. Michael separated himself from me. He want to crush you alone. You will defeat him. Good. Immediatly Raiden will attack you with an army coming straight from Hell. An army of demons. You may defeat him too. Well done. But at last, Abel or Dante as you commonly know him now, will summon every creature from the Purgatory in order to kill you. And i don't think that you can also stand against that.
Vishnu: So what are you saying? That you would help us?
Lucifer: Not with joy, you would immagine. But it's the only choice for me now.*
Vishnu remains silent and looks at Lucifer.
Lucifer makes one step forward and with an intense voice he talks to Vishnu.
Lucifer: Search my memories, my feelings brother. You will see the truth!*
Vishnu turns around and looks at a confused pair. Naruto and Sasuke don't know what to think.
Faust: Chose wisely Vishnu. If we make Lucifer an allied...we will have to pay a big price. Don't forget that he is our main enemy.
Lucifer shouts: Get real boy! You are against three armies here! Not even the Celest City can whitstand such a force! You need me!
Faust: Why would we need you?*
Lucifer: Because you're too weak to end your brother again!
In an instant Faust appears in front of Lucifer, holding his scythe at his neck. He was ready to slice it, but at the same moment Naruto caught his hand, and Sasuke blocked it with his sword.
Vishnu turns around and with a look, the three got pushed back. He remains alone facing Lucifer.
Vishnu: I don't trust you. And i want to see what really happend with Raiden and Michael.
Instantly Vishnu appears in front of Lucifer and places his hand on the former Archangel's forehead.

The scene shows Vishnu searching through Lucifer's memories.

The panel shows Lucifer waiting for someone. Suddenly Michael appears next to him.

Lucifer: Brother...
Michael: Lucifer.*
Lucifer: What news do you bring me?
Michael: News? You should bring me news. You should have found the Creator by now, you should have prepared an army by now. You should have Vishnu locked in chains by now.*
Lucifer: It's complicated...
Michael: How so? I've heard that he comed to you and took your prisoner. Aphrodite. And you didn't even tried to stop him.*
Lucifer: Neither me or Raiden had the power to oppose him at that point.*
Michael: And what about Father? You told me that you will find out where he is! I sent two angels to Konoha! It seems that our Father is there! And he sent me a messagge! That he is angry! We were supposed to eliminate him! I get the Heavens and you get the Hell!
Lucifer: Well it didn't happen! It seems that my men failed!
Michael looks at Lucifer and smiles.
Michael: I was wrong. I don't need you.
Lucifer: Need me? You think that you're superior?
Michael: I never planned to give you anything, brother. I just wanted to kill you in the end. And when all of these would be over...i will. So prepare yourself...i will deal with Vishnu alone!*
Lucifer: How, i might ask? You know that you lack the power to defeat him.
Michael: At this very moment, Raphael is marching with the Heaven's army towards the Celest City. We will kill him. And then, we will come after you. You pose no threat to my plans, Lucifer. You never did. You are weaker than me.*
Michael vanishes, leaving Lucifer alone.

The scene shows now Lucifer with Raiden.

Lucifer: What happend Raiden?!? I thought that i gave you clear orders!*
Raiden: The plan has changed Lucifer.
Lucifer: Interesting. You rebel yourself against your father?
Raiden: I just think that it's time for me to assume my position. You no longer have the support of Hell. And i've heard that Michael abandoned you. I have the powers of the Hell and Purgatory at my command!
Suddenly a voice is heard.
Yama: I wouldn't be so sure about that, Raiden.
Lucifer: Interesting. The plot thickens. You seem to have a traitor in your ranks.
Yama: Not a traitor. I'm just going after what's mine.*
Raiden: You and what army?
Suddenly Dante lands near them.
Dante: My army. I will stand with Yama. We made a convenient deal.
Lucifer: Interesting as i said. *Your little rebellion was destroyed, Raiden.
Raiden: The Hell's army is more powerful than yours, Yama!*
Yama: We shall see. So i guess, that the first prize would be Vishnu's head?*
Raiden: Exactly. Who manages to capture the Archangel and kill him, will most likely hold the advantage.
Lucifer smiles: I'm sorry boys...but you cannot simply rebel against me like that.*
Raiden looks at Lucifer and simply waves his hand. The former Archangel gets thrown into a wall and falls down. Raiden waves his hand again and several lightnings struck Lucifer's chest.*
Yama smiles: You cannot kill me Raiden. I deceived everyone. You, Lucifer, Vishnu...
Raiden: You should be careful, Dante. You might be the next.
Dante: Don't worry about me.*
The panel shows Lucifer that slowly stands up and releases from his palms two powerful red beams towards Yama and Raiden. In an instant, Raiden creates a small vortex that absorbs the beam, and Yama simply "kills" it.
Lucifer smiles: I guess that this is my exit!
When other men blindly follow the truth remember:
Nothing is true!
When other men are limited by morality and law remember:
Everything is permitted!

We know the light...but when we shall create the dark?
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