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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Tsunade: We must be prepared to take on refugees. Make the necessary preparations.
Gai: For how long milady?
Tsunade: I’ve been advised that the longer this war lasts, the better for us.
*Tsunade flickers out, as the jounin look at each other.*
Random jounin: What does she mean by that?
Gai: Is that all she told you Kakashi?
Kakashi: No… and for now, I’m not going to share it with you. But we need to make sure an emergency meeting of the jounin can be held at a moment’s notice.
Shikaku stunned: So she means to do that?
Kakashi: I think so.
*Scene switches back to Hinata’s apartment, showing Konohamaru taking a piss. Hinata sits up abruptly, looking around. Realizing where she is, she looks around seeing no one and flashes out. Konohamaru returns, noticing that Hinata is missing.*
Konohamaru: Oh shit. Kakashi is going to kill me. And if he doesn’t, Naruto will.
*Konohamaru runs off to find Kakashi. Scene switches back to the Whirlpool country, showing Sakura, Mei, and SSM battling the clone army.*
Mei: We should break off into two teams of four.
Sakura: Why?
Mei: Because you’re our only medic. One team will take the right side while the other takes the left. Juugo will take the front. It’s our best chance for survival.
Juugo: Agreed.
*Juugo transforms as the Mizukage and SSM gather on the left and right sides Sakura. The group begins to move towards the clone army. Several clones leap at the group. One is caught mid-air by Juugo, him slamming the clone down into the ground by its head. Kazuka then swings his blade down, beheading the clone.*
Sakura: That’s one way of handling these guys.
*Jamena impales two clones on his sword, thrusting it into the ground. Kazuka spins over, swinging his blade down the on the clones, beheading these two.*
Mei: Is Kazuka’s blade the best one against the clones?
Choujourrou: Aye milady.
Mei: Shio, will your blade be as effective?
Shio: Afraid not milady. But it is the second best, that is if Jamena can wrangle up several of them for me on his blade.
Choujourrou: Ok, change of plans. Let’s form a wedge. Hiru, you’re up front. Jamena, you take the first left, while Kazuka takes the first right. Shio, you’ll be behind Jamena. Toyo, you’ll be behind Kazuka. I’ll take the rear on the left while Chizo takes the right rear. Juugo and Mizukage-sama will take up the rear middle, leaving Sakura-chan in the middle to heal anyone if need be.
Mei: Sounds like a plan.
*The group reshuffles around as they press forward towards Sasuke and the beach. Scene switches to Kabuto, Ryu, Suijin, and Raijin.*
Ryu: Don’t you think it’s time that we showed them our true power?
Kabuto: Not yet.
Suijin: You think you can toy with us?
Kabuto grinning: Of course. I know you can sense him, but you don’t know exactly where he is at. Does that drive you mad?
Raijin: Calm down brother.
*Scene switches to Sasuke, Tsukuyomi, and Amerterasu fighting. Sasuke is doing everything he can to fend of the two as they attack simultaneously.*
Sasuke panting: I was hoping I would have to resort to this, but since it’s the two of you, I think I just might…
*Panel focuses in on Sasuke’s EMS. The next panel shows him staring at Amerterasu, shooting the black flame at her. She is hit directly, but walks out of the flame.*
Amerterasu: Do you think that can harm me?
*Sasuke is stunned. He glances over his shoulder, seeing Susanoo wield weapons that looked similar to those that belonged to Madara’s Susanoo.*
Sasuke in thought: Shit… well, this should at least work.
*Sasuke stares at Tsukuyomi, sending him into the dimension. Tsukuyomi begins to step towards Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: Haven’t you learned by now that you can’t harm me here. This is my dimension after all.
Sasuke: I didn’t bring you here to harm you with this genjutsu. I brought you here to face you one on one.
Tsukuyomi: Pretty smart boy.
*Tsukuyomi begins to walk towards Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: You catch on fast. I’ll admit that.
*Sasuke immediately covers himself in his Susanoo. He fires an arrow at Tsukuyomi, which he dodges. Tsukuyomi charges at Sasuke, but stops abruptly as Sasuke surrounds himself with Amerterasu flames.*
Tsukuyomi: You catch on real fast boy.
Sasuke: You ain’t seen nothing yet.
*Sasuke has his Susanoo ready another arrow, but lightning is seen coursing through this arrow. Sasuke fires the arrow, hitting Tsukuyomi square in the chest. Tsukuyomi is sent back flying. A dust cloud resides over the area where Tsukuyomi was hit. As the dust clears, Tsukuyomi is seen standing, laughing at Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: You were smart to bring me, one of us here. You just picked the wrong person. This is my dimension, my domain. You can’t harm me here.
*Tsukuyomi holds his hand forth towards Sasuke. The Amerterasu flames that encircled him are now getting closer and closer to him. The flames make contact with his Susanoo. Suddenly, his Susanoo is engulfed in the flames. Sasuke is seen sweating. The next panel shows Sasuke staring at the flames.*
Tsukuyomi: Like I said boy, this is my domain. These flames no longer belong to you, they’re mine. You can’t cancel them.
*Sasuke falls to his knees, grimacing. All of sudden the genjutsu is cancelled. Sasuke is seen standing before Tsukuyomi.*
Tsukuyomi: Well done boy. But you are back in your previous predicament.
*Amerterasu walks up beside Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi looks at her and smiles.*
Amerterasu: Why are you smiling brother?
*Tsukuyomi kisses Amerterasu, and then looks into her eyes. A maniacal grin appears on her face.*
Amerterasu: The fool.
*Amerterasu turns to Sasuke.*
Amerterasu: Both you and your wife will die here today.
*Scene switches to Izanagi, Susanoo, and Hachimon. Susanoo and Hachimon are seen standing on opposite sides of Izanagi, circling around him, looking for an open. Izanagi is standing there, calmly, with his left hand in a fist behind his back, and his right hand, palm opened pointing straight forward.*
Izanagi: I thought the two of you were to be the strongest amongst you. Yet you do not attack?
Susanoo: Who said we were going to attack you?
*Izanami is seen walking towards Izanagi.*
Izanami: Izanagi, you bastard!
*Izanagi turns to Izanami.*
Izanagi: So, have you come to take your revenge?
Izanami: Absolutely.
*Izanami leaps at Izanagi, swinging with an open fist strike. She claws at the side of Izanagi’s face. Izanagi kicks Izanami in her rib section, sending her towards Susanoo. Hachimon sees the opening and goes to attack. As Hachimon swings his spear downward, Izanagi flips to the side, performing a spinning side kick, sending him away. Susanoo is in midair, swinging an axe downwards. Izanagi parries the attack at the last moment, pushing Susanoo back.*
Izanagi: It’s going to take more than that to stop me.
*Izanagi feels something flying towards him, and catches Sasuke’s body. Izanagi looks at that direction, and sees Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu approaching the battle as well.*
Amerterasu: Ah, father… it’s been so long…
*Amerterasu points at Izanagi. Izanagi flashes out just before flames burst in the area where he was located.*
Izanagi in thought: This is not good. If those two have their powers… We need you now, Fujin.
*Scene switches to Port City. Gaara is seen walking with Shikamaru and Temari. They walk towards a boat. The panel zooms out to show Darui on the boat.*
Shikamaru: Darui… what are you doing here? Where’s the Raikage?
Darui: He said he would be here, he just had to wrap something up back in Kumo.
*Ei flickers in next to Darui.*
Gaara: Raikage-sama, it’s good to see you again.
Ei: I wish it was on better terms.
*Everyone nods in agreement.*
Gaara: Where is Bee-sama?
Ei: He’s been training the new host of the Niibi.
Shikamaru: The new… jinchuuriki?!
Ei: Yeah. It appears that cat has found a new playmate.
Gaara: Who is it?
Ei: A kunoichi named Lin Mei. She just graduated from our academy.
Shikamaru: So she’s, what, 11 or 12 years old?
Ei: No, she’s 16.
Shikamaru sarcastically: Guess she’s a late bloomer then?
Ei: No, she’s one of our most promising medical shinobi. She graduated from our medical academy first, and then went through the ninja academy. Don’t be surprised when you see her at the next chuunin exams.
Temari: Wow. Sakura must have really helped you guys out a lot in that area.
Ei: Aye. Where is Lady Tsunade?
Gaara: I doubt she will be coming.
Ei: Why do you say that?
Gaara: She tried to prevent me from coming.
*Shikamaru and Temari glance at each other then down at the ground.*
Ei: You four go on ahead without me. I’ll stay behind, and go get her myself if I have to.
Gaara: Ok.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The four set sail towards the Whirlpool country as Ei watches from the dock. Ei flashes out. Scene focuses on Temari.*
Temari: How long is it going to take us to get there?
Shikamaru: About 6 hours, and that’s with a decent wind, too.
*The panel zooms out, and poof, a puff of smoke appears, and once it fades, Kitsuchi is seen with Fujin stading at the bow of the ship.*
Gaara: Kitsuchi-sama, tis good to see you.
Kitsuchi: Aye, tis good to see you as well Kazekage-sama.
*Fujin blows into the masts, and disappears.*
Temari: Why did he leave?
Kitsuchi: He’s probably gone ahead with Naruto.
Shikamaru: Ah shit… Naruto’s going to be there?
Gaara: Would that not be a good thing.
Kitsuchi: You know, don’t you?
*Shikamaru and Temari nod their heads.*
Gaara: Know what?
Kitsuchi: The foe that we face, he makes Madara seem like a cockroach.
Gaara: A cockroach?
*The rest nod their heads. Scene switches to Ei standing on a tree branch. He catches Tsunade as she tries to evade him and almost falls to the ground.*
Ei: Princess Tsunade…
Tsunade: Ei… what are you doing here?
Ei: Coming after you.
*Ei puts Tsunade down on the branch. The two embrace.*
Tsunade: Why were you coming after me? Why didn’t you just go on to the Whirlpool country?
Ei: Tsunade, you are one hell of a woman. From now on, when I stand, I want to be by you. After this trip, I’m stepping down as Raikage.
*Tsunade who has been looking up at Ei, now looks to the ground.*
Ei: What is it?
Tsunade: This is not right?
Ei: What is not right?
Tsunade in tears: All of this. We… We’re all going to die.
Ei: Why do you say that?
*Ei leans down and kisses Tsunade. Tsunade returns the kiss.*
Ei: Who’s going to die?
Tsunade: Naruto, Sasuke, You, Me…
*The panel zooms in on Tsunade’s face as it has a terrified look. Blood begins to flow from her mouth.*
Ei: For now, you are the only one to die.
*Panel zooms out to show Ei’s finger poking through Tsunade’s body.*
Ei: Straight through your heart. Now you can’t use your Byakugou.
*The next panel shows Tsunade’s lifeless body falling to the ground. The scene changes to Hinata in a room reading a scroll.*
Hinata in thought: So we will have a chance. Thank you Lord Izanagi.
*She rolls up the scroll and flashes out. The scene switches to the battlefield, showing carnage all over the island. Izanagi and Sasuke are beaten up and panting. Raijin and Suijin are shown standing infront of them, fighting the gods. The next panel shows two set of feet standing back to back on the battlefield. The next few panels show everyone looking at the two. Scene zooms out to show Naruto, in his Kurama Sage mode, looking right at Kabuto. Fujin is staring at his son, Hachimon. Both do a straight palm thrust, sending Kabuto and Hachimon flying off the island country. Scene switches back to Ei standing over Tsunade’s body. A body approaches Ei.*
Body: Well done, Raikage-sama.
Ei: What is your will now, Lord Orochimaru?
*The panel zooms out, showing Orochimaru in a body that resembles Rikudo Sennin.* Orochimaru: Did you lower the defenses like I asked?
Ei: Aye, milord.
Orochimaru: Good. Go to Suna, and destroy that village. We’re going to save Konoha for last.
*The next panel shows Orochimaru with the rinnegan, laughing maniacally. The scene switches back to Naruto who is now wide-eyed.*
Naruto: It can’t be… I thought he was dead.
*Scene switches to Kabuto walking up on a beach towards Naruto.*
Kabuto smirking, in thought: So he’s sensed him finally… Excellent.

To be continued.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Catastrophe Part 3
*The scene opens with the lifeless body of Tsunade on the ground. The next panel shows Orochimaru in his new body approach the corpse. He kneels down next to it.*
Orochimaru: Now join Jiraya.
*Orochimaru looks up, sensing a presence. He does a handsign and transforms into his old body. Benten approaches Orochimaru.*
Benten: So… you’re my love’s trump card?! You took care of the Hokage. No matter, she would have died by our hands if not your’s. What do you plan to do with the body?
Orochimaru grinning: I’m going to deliver to the gates of Konoha.
Benten in thought: You really are sadistic, aren’t you?
Benten: Good idea. Crush their morale even further.
Orochimaru: You have no idea.
Benten: Would you like to join us?
Orochimaru: Sorry, but I have business to attend to in Kumogakure.
Benten: Hmmph… Fine. I have my eye on you, Orochimaru.
*Benten flashes out. Orochimaru picks up Tsunade’s corpse and heads towards Konoha. Scene switches to the Whirlpool Country. The panel shows Fujin and Naruto standing back to back.*
Fujin: The ship approaches. You need to get them onboard that ship and then return. I’ll hold everyone off while you do so.
Naruto: Ok.
*Scene shows the ship with Darui, Shikamaru, Temari, and Gaara all at the bow. The next panel shows Naruto flashing into the middle of the wedge created by the SSM, Mizukage, Juugo, and Sakura. He touches Sakura and Juugo, while creating Kurama arms to touch everyone else and takes them to the ship. Naruto informs them that they need to leave. The ship begins to turn on the starboard side. Scene switches to Fujin who has just walked in between Suijin and Raijin, who have relaxed their stances. The next panel shows the face of Hachimon, who begins to sweat.*
Hachimon in thought: Is this where we battle father?
*Fujin stops and plants his staff into the ground. He looks at every god individually.*
Fujin: Amatsu… I know you’re here. You can come out.
*Nothing happens. Izanami steps forward.*
Fujin: You wish to battle me… sister.
Izanami: If that means I can get my hands on him, then so be it.
Fujin: You know you cannot defeat me.
Izanami: I will try.
*Izanami leaps at Fujin. Just as Izanami is about to start her descension on Fujin, he thrusts his palm in the air, creating a strong wind, sending her flying backwards.*
Hachimon: We’re at a disadvantage unless we can get close up.
Amerterasu: I will take care of that.
*Amerterasu sends several black flames towards Fujin. Fujin steps forward and blows a wind that dissipates the flames. Benten flashes in behind Amerterasu.*
Benten: Don’t forget, he is the strongest elemental god, and amongst our foes, he is the strongest.
Amerterasu: So how do we handle him.
Tsukuyomi: Why doesn’t Amatsu come out and handle him.
Benten in thought: Because Fujin is not his target.
*Scene switches to the ship. The ship has completely turned around.*
Shikamaru: Naruto, we’re not going fast enough.
Naruto: I’ll take care of that.
*Naruto slams his hand on the deck of the ship yelling kuchiyose no jutsu. A puff of smoke covers the ship entirely. Once the smoke has cleared, Gamatatsu is seen, swimming around the ship.*
Gamatatsu: Whatcha need Naruto?
Naruto: Can you take them to Port City?
Gamatatsu: Sure. That all you need?
Naruto: For now, yes.
*Naruto flashes out as Gamatatsu begins to swim, pushing the ship towards Port City.*
Sakura yelling: Make sure you don’t forget about Sasuke!!
*Scene switches back to the battle.*
Benten: What is the one element that strengthens fire?
Amerterasu: Wind, but his completely erases my flame.
Tsukuyomi: But what if Susanoo…
*All of the gods look at Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Fine, if that means there will be an opening on him, so be it.
*Susanoo disappears, then reappears behind Amerterasu. Amerterasu summons more flames, then shoots them at Fujin. Susanoo punches the air, sending a gust of wind to strengthen the flames as they remain on course. Fujin stands there calmly. Just as the flames are about to touch Fujin, there is a crash right in front of Fujin, with the resulting shockwave nullifying the flames. Once the dust settles, Naruto is seen standing in front of Fujin. Benten screams in frustration at the failed attempt.*
Fujin: Raijin, Suijin… Head to Port City to make sure that our comrades make it safely. Take Sasuke with you.
Sasuke: But I can fight!
Naruto: Sasuke… listen to him.
Sasuke: But…
Naruto: This will not be the last time we fight them.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Amatsu appears in front of Naruto, stabbing him with the Amenonohoko. Naruto looks on in shock at Amatsu.*
Fujin yells: NO!!!!!! Raijin, Suijin, get them out of here NOW!!!!!
*Amatsu withdraws the blade from Naruto as he falls to his knees. Amatsu rests the staff on his shoulder and begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: Susanoo, go kill that Uchiha brat and resume your powers.
*Fujin is running to Naruto. As he gets to Naruto, there is a poof of smoke, and the body disappears. Amatsu stares at the spot where Naruto was. He then notices a sharp noise behind him. Amatsu turns around to see a sphere of energy expand and consume the other gods behind him. There’s a huge explosion, and the gods are sent flying. Amatsu is the only one who remained where he stood. Once the smoke and dust have cleared, there is no one in the area. All of sudden, Naruto lands in the middle of the crater, smiling. Raijin and Suijin flash out with Sasuke over to the ship.*
Naruto: So I’m your target, huh?
*Amatsu grimaces. He then charges at Naruto, who flashes out at the last instant before he is stabbed by the blade. Naruto appears next to Fujin.*
Fujin: Well done boy.
Naruto: That was some great acting on your part.
Fujin: Yeah… great acting *Fujin clears his throat*.
*The scene shows Hachimon walking up behind Kabuto and Ryu.*
Kabuto: You know he’s revealed himself.
Hachimon: Aye.
Kabuto: And your command?
Hachimon: Seeing how it’s just us gods and the son of wind left, go after him. You know what to do.
Kabuto: Aye.
*Kabuto and Ryu flicker out with the remaining forces of the clone army. Scene switches to Naruto, Izanagi, and Fujin, all with their backs to each other, staring at the gods as they approach. Amatsu flashes in.*
Amatsu: Why don’t we see how the next generation is fairing, aye… brother.
Izanagi: So be it.
Amatsu: Benten… Hachimon… let’s see how you compare to your father.
Benten in thought: I want to get my hands on the son of wind.
Hachimon in thought: Today… Today I’ll show you how big of a mistake you have made by avoiding me father!
*Izanagi grabs Naruto’s shoulder and flashes the two away from the battle.*
Naruto: What are you doing?
Izanagi: Fujin knew this would happen. It’s time he taught his children a lesson.
Naruto: So why didn’t he have you fight Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo?
Izanagi: Fujin is the strongest now. Since I no longer wield Amenonohoko, I am not as powerful as I was. Also… Amatsu is that much stronger.
Naruto: So… could you take them?
Izanagi: Had Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi not had their powers, yes. But seeing how they have taken them back, I don’t stand a chance. We would all be in a pickle if Susanoo had his powers.
Naruto: So their powers…. they’re basically the jutsus of the MS?
Izanagi: Aye.
*Scene switches to Hachimon, Benten, and Fujin.*
Hachimon: Father, you will be given one chance to surrender.
Fujin: Do not make me laugh boy.
Benten: The old senile fool doesn’t realize how strong we are my dear.
Fujin: Hmmph… I know the two of you have grown stronger. I’ve just never revealed to you my true strength.
*Benten and Hachimon charge Fujin. Hachimon thrusts his spear at Fujin, who dodges, wrapping his hair around the head of the spear and jerking it out of Hachimon’s hand. Benten does a low dropkick to Fujin’s knee, making contact, forcing Fujin to stumble. Hachimon, has now formed a long sword in his hand and leaping at Fujin, trying to decapitate him. In an instant Fujin has disappeared, just before Hachimon comes crashing down with his blow.*
Hachimon: Where is he?
Benten: I don’t know.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Izanagi.*
Naruto smiling: So that’s how you do that?
Izanagi smiling: So you finally understand?
*Suddenly Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo appear, surrounding Izanagi and Naruto.*
Izanagi: Can you take care of Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi? I’ll handle Susanoo.
Susanoo: I don’t think so father.
*Tsukuyomi walks over to Susanoo, placing his hand on his shoulder. The next panel shows Susanoo laughing maniacally. Scene switches Suna. The Raikage is seen walking up to a beaten Akatsuchi.*
Ei: You’re nowhere near the level of Bee or Naruto. That’s why disposing of you will be easy.
Akatsuchi: Why… why have you done this? You were our general.
*Ei holds up one finger, shrouded in his raiton armor. He punches at Akatsuchi. The next panel shows blood being spilt. The next panel zooms out to show Baki, pierced through the abdomen, holding onto Ei’s arm.*
Baki: Akatsuchi… you must leave. Make sure those who have escaped make it to safety… please.
*Panel shows Akatsuchi shocked.
Baki: Leave now!
*Baki does a handsign, forming several earth domes around the two, the last one nudging Akatsuchi away from the two. Scene shows inside the dome. Baki has blood flowing from his mouth.*
Baki: I thought you put all your petty differences aside.
Ei: Hmmph…
Baki: Then why destroy your partner, especially with what has happened in Iwagakure?
*Baki’s body slides off of Ei’s arm.*
Ei: The mission can’t be interrupted.
*Ei bursts through the earth domes, looking around for Akatsuchi. He flickers off, towards Kumo. Scene switches to Hinata on top of the Hokage mountain. A scroll is unraveled before her. Kakashi and Gai flicker in next to Hinata.*
Kakashi: How did you get up here Hinata?
Hinata: It doesn’t matter. I need to finish this jutsu to protect Konoha.
Kakashi: From what?
Hinata: Lord Izanagi showed me what awaits us.
Gai: And what is that?
Hinata: Annihilation if I don’t complete this seal.
Kakashi: Can we aid you in any way?
Hinata: No… just stand back.
*Hinata does several handsigns, then slams her hands on the ground right below the scroll. A wave of energy is sent throughout Konoha, continuing on through the Fire Country.*
Kakashi: What was that?
Hinata: It was an alteration to the seal that Izanagi used to seal away Amatsu and Izanami.
Gai: But wasn’t that seal broken?
Hinata: Aye, and by me and Naruto.
Kakashi: What do you mean by you and Naruto?
Hinata: The seal I used back in the Whirlpool country, was somehow mixed with Naruto’s chakra, and it weaken the seal to allow Amatsu and Izanami to once again roam the landside.
Kakashi: But you said this was an alteration of that seal, right?
Hinata: Aye. Naruto is allowed to pass through the seal as he pleases. But a god cannot.
Gai: So that means that Amatsu can’t come here, right?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hinata looking down: Aye.
Kakashi: Does that mean that Izanagi, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin can no longer come here as well?
Hinata with a tear in her eye: Aye.
Kakashi: How long will the seal last?
Hinata: This one… five years.
Kakashi: Will it hold out the army?
Hinata: No. We’ll have to do that ourselves.
Gai: How far does this seal span?
Hinata: The entire Fire country along with the small bordering countries and small pieces of the Wind, Earth, and Lightning Countries.
Kakashi: What about the Whirlpool country?
Hinata: Part of it should be covered.
Kakashi: Hinata, you need to rest. Gai, we must summon every jounin here for an emergency council meeting.
Gai: Including the other villages?
Kakashi: Aye. If Suna and Kumo haven’t fallen already, they will soon. We need to gather all of our troops and set up defense barriers.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Izanagi, who are now fighting off Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi. Izanami approaches to fight. She leaps towards Izanagi, scratching his face again. She tries a sweeping leg kick on Naruto to take him down, with Naruto jumping and evading the kick at the last moment. Suddenly Izanagi and Naruto are trapped in Tsukuyomi’s dimension.*
Tsukuyomi: How do you like this father? You are about to die at the hands of your ex-lover and children. Have any regrets?
*Naruto strains to move.*
Izanagi: Only one.
Amerterasu smirking: And that is?
Izanagi: Not aiding Rikudo more than I did.
*Amerterasu casts a circle of flames surrounding Izanagi. She walks up next to Tsukuyomi, leaning in and kissing him. Susanoo walks towards Izanagi, enshrouding himself in his complete armor, wielding all of his weapons.*
Susanoo: Which one should I strike you down with?
*Izanami stands in front of Susanoo.*
Izanami: If I don’t get to kill him, at least allow me to have some fun first.
*Izanami walks up to Izanagi, caressing the side of his face.*
Izanami: You left me for dead. Why?
Izanagi: You had been tainted by Amatsu. You were no longer mine.
Izanami: Is that so… I still longed for you… until I gave into him.
*Izanami digs a claw into Izanagi’s chest, carving a cut, pulling it away as she begins to walk away.*
Izanami: Not only is he more powerful than you, but he…*she smirks* well, he satisfies me in every way. You know, it won’t be long before they bow to us.
Izanagi: That will never happen.
Izanami: Yes it will.
*Izanami puts her arm around Susanoo’s shoulders.*
Izanami: Once Susanoo has assumed his full powers from both you and Fujin, both he and Amatsu will have the strength to bring Heaven down to Hell.
*Izanagi looks down smiling.*
Susanoo: What’s so damn funny old man?
Izanagi: Never underestimate the humans.
*Suddenly the dimension is cancelled. Izanagi, Izanami, Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo are sent flying. Naruto stands around looking at every god being sent flying as he just stands there. The next panel shows Fujin and Izanagi standing back to back, facing off against the rest of the gods on the ocean.*
Fujin: So the plan worked?
Izanagi: Aye.
Fujin: And how long will we be hidden from Naruto?
Izanagi: A couple of minutes.
Fujin: Think we can last that long?
Izanagi: I’m not sure… all of my children have regained their powers.
Fujin smiling: Mine are still pigheaded as can be. But that Hachimon, tis a shame he’s not on our side.
Izanagi: I think it’s time we showed our true selves.
*Both Izanagi and Fujin transform into their original forms. Amatsu smiles and joins them. The rest of the gods follow suit, excluding Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi. All of the gods begin grunting at each other. Fujin, holding his staff, which has transformed into a tree without branches, slams it on the surface of the water. A wind so furious blows from the point of impact, that the younger gods are blown away, while Izanami struggle to hold her place. Amatsu, wielding Amenonohoko stands still, looking at the two.*
Amatsu: I’m going to take pleasure in this, brothers.
*Amatsu flashes over to the two, swinging the spear horizontally. Both evade, with Izanagi punching Amatsu and Fujin kicking Amatsu in his mid-area on the side. Amatsu looks at the two, then blows pewter flames at the two, which make contact with Izanagi. His body is singed badly. Fujin rushes to his aide. Just before he can reach Izanagi, he is kicked in the chest by Izanami. She hisses at Fujin. Fujin does a double palm thrust at Izanami, blowing her away. Fujin sees that Amatsu is next to Izanagi and is about to decapitate him, when he summons a wind to stop the swing. The wind slows Amatsu’s swing enough for Izanagi to evade.*
Amatsu: To think brother, that you’ve been reduced to this. And you were once the pride of them.
Izanagi: You’ll never overthrow them.
Amatsu: Yes… I will.
*Amatsu shoots more pewter flames towards Izanagi. Izanagi is too weak to move. Fujin dives in at the last moment, swinging his arms, cancelling out the flames.*
Amatsu: And you have become quite the nuisance, brother.
Fujin in thought: I alone cannot hold off all of them.
*Just as Amatsu is about to attack Fujin, he is kicked in the side of the face by Naruto, sending Amatsu flying.*
Naruto: What in the hell just happened.
Fujin: Your wife, she’s what happened. Naruto, we face a dire situation here. We…
*The panel zooms out to show several arrows in the back of Fujin. Hachimon is seen in the distance with his bow. He flashes next to Fujin, kicking him in his side, sending him flying. He looks at Naruto. He does a spinning back kick and sends Naruto flying away. The scene switches to Izanagi, laying on the surface of the water. Amatsu approaches him, pointing the tip of Amenonohoko at Izanagi’s throat.*
Amatsu: I’m one step closer to overthrowing them.
Izanagi smiling: You will have to wait.
*Amatsu raises Amenonohoko to ready the fatal strike. Suddenly Izanagi is set ablaze in black flames. Susanoo appears from nowhere and beheads Izanagi. Amatsu looks at Susanoo with disgust.*
Amatsu: You fool!!!
*Susanoo swings his blade at Amatsu, which is parried. Amatsu flashes to Susanoo, grabbing him by the throat.*
Amatsu: If I didn’t need you, you would be dead already.
*Amatsu throws Susanoo back in the direction of Kirigakure. Scene switches to Fujin, stumbling around. Benten approaches him.*
Benten: Not so strong now… father?!
*Fujin flicks his wrist in the direction of Benten. She is blown away by the wind.*
Fujin: You never were known for your physical attributes, just the mental huh?!
*Fujin sees Izanagi’s headless body floating in the water. He then spots Naruto being dominated by Hachimon. He flashes over to them. He blocks Hachimon’s spear attack by knocking the spear out of his hand.*
Hachimon: So you’re returned for some more punishment?
Fujin: You think this is punishment? You haven’t seen anything yet.
*Fujin begins moving his hands in the air. The wind begins to pick up and follow the movements of his hands. The panels show all of the gods excluding Amatsu getting picked up by the wind. Fujin does a double punch, and all of the gods are sent flying. Fujin then stares at Amatsu.*
Amatsu chuckling: Hmmph! We’ll meet again.
*Fujin grabs Naruto and flashes over to Izanagi’s body. Naruto looks distraught.*
Fujin: Do not despair Naruto. We planned for this.
Naruto: How… How so?
Fujin: The reason Izanagi was so weak was because he gave Raijin, Suijin, and myself access to his dimension. We’ll be safe there. Your wife has taken the necessary measures to make sure that what is left of your allies will be safe. You must go to Port City, and see to it that your comrades are safe. Her seal protects the Fire country from any god, including me. But that clone army still can pass through it. Go… protect your friends. Protect your wife. Protect your children. We’ll meet again. Hinata has the details.
*Fujin grabs Izanagi’s headless body and flashes out. Naruto looks around and flashes out. Scene switches to the cave where Naruto completed his bijuu training. Bee is seen sitting across a kunoichi with long purple hair. Their fists are extended, touching each other. Orochimaru walks up to the pair in his Rikudo body.*
Orochimaru: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Hachibi’s host.
*Bee breaks the connection with the girl, bringing her back to reality. Bee jumps up and enters into a battle stance with all of his swords. Orochimaru motions as if he doesn’t want to fight.*
Orochimaru: I’m not here to fight.
Bee: Then what you want foo’?
Orochimaru: I’ve come to deliver a message.
Bee: Oh yea?
Orochimaru: The Ryun army is on its way to Kumo. You and her might survive the attack, but how many others will?
Lin Mei: Why do you tell us this?
Orochimaru: Because I need you to find something for me.
Bee: What’s that punkass biyatch?
Orochimaru: I need you to find my belongings. I believe… what’s her name… Mabui knows what I’m referring to. Go to her, make sure she survives, and then ask her about the treasures. She’ll know what you’re talking about. Find them for me, and I’ll give you back your Samui and her mumbling brother.
Bee: Who are you? Who’s side are you on?
Orochimaru: Right now, I’m not against you. Just leave it at that.
*Scene switches to Konoha’s main gate. Several medics are seen encircled at the entrance. Kakashi is seen walking back to Gai, Kurenai, and Shikaku.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Shikaku: Well…
Kakashi: Summon Konoha’s jounin. We need to have an emergency meeting to appoint a new Hokage.
Kurenai: Who could have done this?
Kakashi: I don’t know.
*Scene switches to Port City. Naruto is standing at the dock with a somber face, looking at the ship as it pulls up to dock. Gaara, Darui, Kitsuchi, and Mei all head to Naruto. Hiru is seen carrying Sasuke off of the boat followed Sakura and the rest of the crew.*
Mei: What happened to Suijin and Raijin?
Naruto: I’m not entirely sure myself. But…
Gaara: But what?
Naruto: Fujin told me that they had planned for this.
Gaara: I must head back to Suna.
Darui: And I to Kumo.
*Ei is seen walking up behind everyone.*
Darui: Raikage-sama… we need to head out.
Ei: In a moment Darui.
*Naruto has an alertness to him all of a sudden.*
Ei: Naruto… it’s Tsunade. She’s… she’s dead.
*Naruto suddenly explodes in a green chakra aura.*
Kurama to Naruto: Calm down. I know how you feel. But there is something amiss here. We need to figure it out before you act.
Naruto: Was it him?
Kurama: I believe so. And from what I can tell, we may be seeing the very tool used right here in front of us.
*Naruto is growing even more enraged. Sakura walks up and holds Naruto’s hand.*
Sakura: Now is not the time for this. We need to get back. Hinata is waiting for you.
*Sakura hugs Naruto and he calms down after awhile.*
Naruto: Alright. Let’s go.
Kitsuchi: Naruto…
Naruto: Yeah…
Kitsuchi: We no longer have homes *motioning to himself and the Mizukage and the crew*.
Naruto: We will provide shelter. But we need to figure out a lot of things first.
*The next panels show a series of events that have progressed through time. The first panel shows Bee and Lin Mei evacuating several civilians. Bee and Lin Mei are then fighting off the clone army while Omoi and Karui escort the civilians into the Fire country. The next panels show Ei and Darui coming up on the Clone army as they are destroying Kumo. The next panel shows Ei being beheaded by Ryu as Darui barely escapes. The last panel shows Gaara and Kankuro standing at the entrance of the decimated Suna. The scene then switches to the koi pond. All of the gods are standing around it.*
Susanoo: So what do we do now?
Amatsu: If you had followed along like a good little boy, we would already be taking on the Kotoamatsukami. But no… you had to go fulfill your pride and kill your father yourself.
Amerterasu: Speaking of which, how come isn’t he under your dominion now?
Amatsu: Because you bitch…. he has done a deed deemed worthy by the Kotoamatsukami that he is with them now. Had you let me kill him, he wouldn’t be there. Now they know we’re coming for them.
Tsukuyomi: Can they stop us?
Benten: If they follow the same code as our fathers, then no. But they will aide our enemies.
*Benten turns to Amatsu*
Benten: Where do you think they are hiding?
Amatsu: There are only two places hidden from me. Heaven and his dimension. And seeing how we can’t gain entrance to either now *snarls at Susanoo and Amerterasu*.
Hachimon: So what is your plan?
Benten: We wait. We let our army grow. If the son of wind is that strong, they’re going to need to be stronger.
Hachimon: I grow tired of this. I’m retiring for now.
*Hachimon flashes out. Benten looks around and then flashes out. Scene switches to Hachimon’s stronghold. Both Hachimon and Benten are seen.*
Benten: What worries you my love?
Hachimon: Your conniving plans.
Benten: They are only for our betterment.
Hachimon: Ours or yours?
*Benten begins to grope Hachimon trying to arouse him.*
Benten: For ours. You are my king.
*She takes off all of Hachimon’s armor, kissing parts of his body. Hachimon pushes her away.*
Hachimon: Do not tempt me Benten.
Benten shocked: What do you mean?
Hachimon: When were you going to tell me about your dealings with them?
Benten: I didn’t know that I needed to. You don’t trust me?
Hachimon: You’ve burned me before.
*Benten sheds the remaining of her clothing.*
Benten: Then have your way with me, for every day, every hour, until you realize that I am yours.
*Hachimon grabs her hair, pulling it down, making her raise her chin and poke out her chest. Hachimon kisses her neck. Scene switches to a dark room. Two men are seen entering it. We then see Orochimaru in his original body.*
Orochimaru: So, how did it go?
Kabuto removing his hood: It went well sensei. Kumo is destroyed, and from what I heard, you handled Suna. That means that Konoha is the only power left.
Ryu removing his hood: What are we to do now father?
Orochimaru: Benten will probably have you grow the army, doing raids on the smaller countries because of Naruto’s power. Do as she wishes. They are still unaware of our plan.
Kabuto: And Hachimon is none the wiser?
Orochimaru: He’s the one who has provided our trump card. It’s going to be up to Benten how things end up for the gods.
*Scene switches to Konoha and Tsunade’s funeral. Many are seen mourning. Naruto is seen standing atop the Hokage mountain. Shikaku, Shikamaru, and Kakashi approach Naruto on the mountain.*
Shikaku: Naruto, could we have a moment?
Naruto: The answer is no.
Shikamaru: Why not? This has always been your dream Naruto.
Naruto: Shikamaru, you’re my smartest friend. You of all people should understand why I can’t be the Hokage.
Kakashi: Naruto, you’re the only person who has been offered the title of kage multiple times and turned it down. Are you sure that you can’t hold this title now?
*The next several panels show Gaara with the people of Suna returning to the Fire country, followed by Bee and Lin Mei with the civilians from the Lightning country, and finally Darui. The next few panels show time skip moments (5 years’ worth) of barracks being built, new farms being built. A makeshift office is set up for the Mizukage and Raikage at Port City. A makeshift office is set up for the Tsuchikage and Kazekage at the border of Amegakure. The next panel shows Darui as the Raikage, with Mabui as his assistant. The next panel shows Gaara, standing next to a pregnant Matsuri. The next panel shows Kitsuchi walking along with Kurotsuchi. The next panel shows Mei, standing on a dock looking out towards the sea, with Ao behind her. And finally we’re shown the Hokage’s office, zooming in on the desk. Shizune just ran into the office.*
Shizune: Hokage-sama, we have intel on the movement of the Ryun. We think we may have finally located Yamato.
*The chair at the desk spins around to reveal Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Don’t call me that. I’m just holding the office until Naruto takes over.
Shizune: Sorry Sasuke-kun. But it has been almost five years now.
Sasuke: Yeah it has… all hell is about to break loose.
Shizune: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Send a reminder to the other kages. We mobilize our forces in three months’ time.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Hinata is seen fixing a meal for her, and her two children.*
Boy: Mommy, where’s Daddy?
Hinata: He’s out for now, Jiraya.
Girl: I want to see Daddy!
Hinata: Calm down Mito. Daddy will be home for supper.
*There a knock at the door. Hinata goes to open and in walks Sakura holding a little girl.*
Hinata: Sakura… thanks for coming over.
Sakura: No problem. So how are you and the kids?
Jiraya: We’re fine!
*Jiraya and Mito run over to Sakura and the girl, hugging Sakura’s legs.*
Mito: Can we play with Tsunade?
Sakura: Sure. Do you want to play with Jiraya and Mito?
*The girls motions to be put down. The kids run off to the living room area as the two women embrace.*
Hinata: Can you believe that we’re both moms?
Sakura: I know. And have you heard, both Temari and Ino are expecting now.
Hinata: I know.
*Hinata sighs.*
Sakura: Don’t worry about it.
Hinata: I know, it’s just hard. Naruto asked me if there was a way that Suijin or Fujin could meet us outside of the seal to meet Mito.
Sakura: And…
Hinata: They didn’t like the idea. Has Sasuke completely mastered thunder and lightning yet?
Sakura: Yeah. What about Naruto?
Hinata: He hasn’t told me. You know, he’s the only one who goes beyond the seal. But I think he’s mastered it.
Sakura: How so?
Hinata smiling: He told me he was ready to face our foes.
Sakura: So when are you going to teach Jiraya and Mito the Flying Thunder God?
Hinata smiling: I don’t know. I haven’t even taught Naruto the correct form of the jutsu yet.
*Scene switches to the Valley of the End. Bee, Gaara, Akatsuchi, Lin Mei, along with four others are seen looking up at the head of Senju Hashirama. Naruto leaps down wearing his black pants with orange t-shirt. His hair has grown out more to that of Minato’s now.*
Bee: Yo Naruto! When we gonna go?
Naruto: Tomorrow, at daybreak.
Lin Mei: You heading home?
Naruto: Yeah. I promise Jiraya and Mito I would be home early today to play with them.
Gaara: I promised Matsuri I would head home early as well.
Bee: So we’re done with training today?
Naruto: Yeah. See you guys in the morning.
*Naruto turns to leave. The panel zooms out to show Gaara, Bee, Akatsuchi, Lin Mei, and four new shinobi staring at Naruto as he flashes out.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The New Shinobi World
*Scene opens at the new main gate entrance into Konoha. A group of shinobi is approaching the gate. A close up shows Mei and Darui walking side by side into Konoha. Behind them is another group, with Kitsuchi walking in the middle. The next panel shows Gaara flying in the air on a disc of sand. All of the kages are shown heading towards the Hokage’s office. The next panel shows Naruto opening the door to his apartment. Jiraya and Mito look up and run towards their father. He grabs both, pulling them up into a hug. The children giggle as Naruto walks in, kissing Hinata on the lips.*
Naruto: I’m back kids.
Jiraya: Daddy, will you play with us and Tsunade?
Naruto: Sure…
*Naruto puts the two children down and goes and kisses Hinata again, this time lingering a little longer. He then joins the children in the living area on all fours as Mito and Tsunade crawl onto his back. He then chases Jiraya around on all fours. Scene switches to Hinata and Sakura in the kitchen.*
Sakura: I never would have thought that Naruto would be…. like this.
Hinata: Yeah… So how did you find out about Ino and Tenten?
Sakura: Ino told me yesterday, and I saw Tenten today at the hospital.
Hinata: You diagnosed her?
Sakura: Yeah.
Hinata: That leaves Temari now, because isn’t Matsuri due at any moment?
Sakura: Yeah… and she’s stressing out over it, too.
Hinata: How come?
Sakura: She said that Gaara has been telling her that he’s going to be gone on a mission soon.
*Hinata stares at Naruto at the mention of this, unbeknownst to Sakura.*
Sakura: I mean, he’s the Kazekage for crying out loud. And no one has went outside the seal… except for Naruto as you said.
Hinata in thought, staring at Naruto: What are you up to?
Hinata: I’m sure it’s nothing. She just needs to calm down. We need to have another girls’ night out again.
Sakura: Yeah, but Ino and Tenten aren’t supposed to drink now.
Hinata: Then we need to have a luncheon then.
Sakura: Ok, we could do that.
*Both women realize how quiet it is in the apartment now. They look towards the living area where Naruto and the kids were, seeing the kids laying on top of a sleeping Naruto.*
Hinata: Won’t you and Tsunade stay for dinner tonight?
Sakura: Nah… I’ve got to get home and fix dinner for Sasuke.
*Hinata nods her head.*
Sakura: Is Naruto… ready?
Hinata: For what?
Sakura: You know… to take over as Hokage?
Hinata: I remember when we were in the academy and that was all he could talk about. And now, he’s always saying he has something else to do before he accepts the title.
Sakura: Yeah, but that’s Naruto for you.
Hinata: Yeah.
Sakura: He knows there is a dangerous task ahead.
Hinata: And instead of sending someone else as a kage would usually do, he wants to go himself. That is my husband.
*Sakura goes and picks up a sleeping Tsunade. She holds Tsunade in one arm and hugs Hinata with the other and then leaves the apartment. Hinata is seen still preparing the meal, now getting more meat out of the fridge for Naruto. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office, with all of the kages standing before Sasuke.*
Sasuke: In three months’ time, the barrier will dissipate, and the gods will be allowed into our safe haven. At that point in time, our top safety priority will be Uzumaki-Namikaze Hinata. She can put the barrier back up at any moment.
Darui: What are we going to do about the Ryun?
Sasuke: Thus far, we’ve succeeded at keeping them at bay. But something tells me that they really haven’t tried to strike at us.
Mei: How so?
Sasuke: We know they are led by the Dragon Sage, Yakushi Kabuto. We also know of their general, Ryu. We also know that Ryu has assumed the powers that once belonged to Orochimaru. We also know that this army is clones, stronger clones than the Zetsu clones from the last war. Our forces are prepared, but considering how fast they destroyed Kirigakure, it leads me to believe that they’ve been holding back. And it worries me as well.
Kitsuchi: That is understood, but why hold this meeting?
Sasuke: Because several pieces of information have come about.
Kitsuchi: Please, do share.
Sasuke: It is known that Suna was destroyed almost 5 years ago, the same day as Kumo. It was believed that one of the gods did this atrocity like what almost happened in Iwa. But on that day, all of the gods were present in the land of whirlpools.
Darui: Ok, tell us what we don’t know.
Sasuke: There were three human beings at that time known to wield that power.
Mei: You, Naruto…
Darui: And my old man. So you think that Naruto or my dad had a hand in all of this?
Sasuke: I doubt it was Naruto, because none of his jutsus leave the marks that were found on the bodies in Suna. But…
Darui: My father would never do such a thing. *slamming his fist against the wall, knocking a hole through the wall*.
Sasuke: I’m not making any accusations at this point in time, but there is evidence that makes this a possibility.
Mei: Such as…
Sasuke: Ei was supposed to be on the boat that was coming to get us from the land of whirlpools. We met him at the dock. That left a window of half a day. That’s enough time for the second fastest man to head from Port City to Suna and back. At his speed, he could get there in less than one hour. And we all know how powerful he was.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Darui is seen with a scowl on his face staring at Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Also, a bit of info that has not been released to any of you is… Baki and Tsunade had the same wound, right through the chest and heart.
Darui: You’re saying my father…. he took down Suna and the Hokage?
Sasuke: I’m not saying he did it. But we strongly believe that the two are linked.
Kitsuchi: So you think we may have some traitors in our ranks?
Sasuke: Knowing Kabuto, it wouldn’t surprise me. It also wouldn’t surprise me that this is all a rouse to drive us apart.
Darui: So what do you recommend, Hokage?
Sasuke: The only people to know the information that I have told you are my assistant, Shizune, Konoha’s lead jounin Nara Shikaku, and Hatake Kakashi. They’ve kept this secret over these years. We shall do the same.
Mei: Agreed. Right now, we cannot afford dissension amongst our peoples.
Sasuke: And finally…
*Sasuke turns to Gaara.*
Sasuke: Tell Naruto that before he leaves tomorrow morning I wish to speak with him… alone.
Gaara smirking: Aye, Hokage-sama.
*The kages begin to leave as Sasuke approaches Darui.*
Sasuke: There is something I would like to speak with you about in person.
*Darui stares at Sasuke coldly as the rest of the kages leave. Sasuke walks back to his desk and pulls out a picture. He walks back to Darui and hands the picture to him.*
Sasuke: Did you see a mark similar to this on your father.
*The scene shows the cursed mark.*
Darui: No, why do you ask?
Sasuke: I was hoping there would have been one. This would have cleared your father.
Darui: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Both Baki and Tsunade had a clean pierced hole in their chests. Clean, with the inside burnt a small bit. I can think of only one attack to be so precise, and only one man fast enough to do it. My question is why?
Darui: What are you saying?
Sasuke: This doesn’t add up. We all knew that Tsunade and your father were going to retire together and travel.
Darui: So you think someone was controlling him?
Sasuke: If it was him, yes. But I can’t prove it, and that’s what we’re going to need, is proof.
Darui: So why did you think it had something to do with that mark?
Sasuke: Call it a hunch.
*Scene switches to a tavern. Shikaku, Choza, and Inoichi are all seen at the bar.*
Shikaku: So you’re going to be a grandpa huh?
Inoichi: Yeah. I don’t know if I’m proud or pissed off.
Choza: What do you mean?
Inoichi: There’s only one way a baby is made…
Choza and Shikaku simultaneously: Ohhhh….
*Scene shows a table with Anko, Kurenai, and Kakashi sitting at it. Gai approaches the table with two pitchers of beer. A glass is poured for everyone. They’re all holding their glasses up for a toast.*
Gai: To my friend Kakashi… and his new girlfriend.
*Anko blushes. They all clink their drinks. Gai downs his, while the rest take sips.*
Kurenai: So, you two are going public?
Anko: Yeah.
Kurenai: Why did you wait so long?
Kakashi looking at Anko: I’ll let you answer that one.
Anko: I had to finish sowing my wild oats.
*Anko grabs Kakashi’s arm and cuddles up to him.*
Anko: I’m just glad he waited for me.
Gai: Yeah… now Kakashi is the only one on his team who doesn’t have a child or is expecting one.
Anko: We can take care of that.
Gai: Ah… the essence of youth.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Naruto and Hinata are tucking in Jiraya and Mito and kissing them good night. The couple stands in the children’s doorway looking at their children. They then head to their quarters.*
Hinata: So… when were you going to tell me about it?
Naruto: About what?
Hinata: Sakura told me Mitsuri said that Gaara has a mission for tomorrow.
*Naruto sighes.*
Hinata: So spill it mister.
Naruto: We’re heading to Sunagakure tomorrow.
Hinata: We?
Naruto: Yeah, we.
Hinata: Who is we?
Naruto: All of us jinchuuriki.
Hinata: Why are you taking all of them? I mean you can get away from anybody, but are you going to be able to protect everyone else?
Naruto: Losing faith in me?
Hinata sighes: No…. I just wish you wouldn’t keep things from me, that’s all.
Naruto: No offense my love, but you’re not the best at keeping secrets.
*The two enter their bedroom and begin to disrobe. Hinata is ticked off at Naruto’s last comment.*
Hinata: What do you mean by that?
Naruto: You were the one that told everyone you mastered the FTG.
Hinata: So…
Naruto: Baby… you’re just too honest.
Hinata: Too honest?! Keep digging that hole mister!
*Naruto is now in just his boxers while Hinata has just slipped on a nightie.*
Naruto: But baby…
*Hinata looks at Naruto with arms crossed, accidentally accentuating her busom.*
Naruto: You have no idea how sexy you are right now.
Hinata: I don’t care. You’ve pissed me off Naruto.
*Naruto smiles and walks over to Hinata, who keeps her arms crossed.*
Naruto: I won’t keep anymore secrets from you, at all.
Hinata pouting a bit: You promise?
*Naruto grabs her butt and picks her up, Hinata wrapping her arms and legs around Naruto.*
Naruto kissing Hinata: Promise.
Hinata in between kissing: Ok… I… trust…. you.
*Naruto lays Hinata down on the bed as the two continue to make out. Scene switches to the Uchiha district. Sasuke is seen walking home. A Konoha anbu lands before him.*
Anbu: Hokage-sama…
Sasuke: Any news?
Anbu: No sir.
Sasuke: I know he’s going to make a move soon.
Anbu: Why would he hide it from you?
Sasuke: Because he knows something I don’t, or at least he thinks that.
Anbu: What if he goes beyond the seal again?
Sasuke: Other than Gaara, do any of the other kages know of this?
Anbu: No sir.
Sasuke: Let’s keep it that way. We can’t have word spreading that Naruto leaves the seal.
Anbu: Do you still trust him after what we have found out?
Sasuke: Aye, as should you.
Anbu: I have never lost faith in him Hokage-sama.
Sasuke: Then never lose faith in him.
*The Anbu disappears. Sasuke continues home. Scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke’s house. Tsunade is shown sleeping in her bed next a big stuffed slug. Sakura is in bed propped up, writing down notes. Sasuke enters the room and begins to undress.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Sakura: How did it go today?
Sasuke: Better than planned.
Sakura: Guess what I found out today.
Sasuke smirking: What?
Sakura: Naruto has been going beyond the seal.
Sasuke wide-eyed: How did you find that out?
Sakura: Hinata told me.
Sasuke: Have you told anyone else?
Sakura: No, and I’m not going to. Have long have you known?
Sasuke: For about a year now.
Sakura: What do you think he is after?
Sasuke: There is no telling. This seal is both a blessing and a curse.
Sakura: None of our sensors can see past it?
Sasuke: Aye.
Sakura: But that is not what is bothering you, is it?
Sasuke: I’m still trying to figure out how it happened.
*Sakura puts down her notes, and crawls over to Sasuke’s side of the bed, hugging him from behind.*
Sakura: You know, I can’t wait till Naruto takes over as Hokage.
Sasuke: Why is that?
Sakura: So my husband can come and have his way with me more often than he does now.
*Sakura begins to kiss Sasuke’s neck, allowing Sasuke to relax more. The two then kiss, rolling over, with Sasuke on top of Sakura. Scene switches to a bedroom, with two people writhing on the bed. The person on top rolls over, revealing Anko. The next panel shows Kakashi’s eyes and the bridge of his nose only.*
Anko: That was…
Kakashi: I know.
*Anko rolls over onto her side facing Kakashi.*
Anko: So now that we’re public…
Kakashi: What is it Anko?
Anko: Is it too soon for me to ask to move in with you?
*The shadow of Kakashi is seen sitting up.*
Kakashi: I don’t know if we’re ready for that.
*The panel shows Kakashi’s eyes looking at Anko.*
Kakashi: Let’s sleep on it, ok?
Anko half-heartedly smiling: Ok.
Kakashi: Besides… we both live in cramped apartments.
*Panel zooms in on Anko’s face showing her frustration and heart break. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office in the morning, with the sun beating down on the Hokage mountain. Naruto and Sasuke are seen inside his office.*
Sasuke: How did you sleep last night?
Naruto smirking: Pretty good. Looks like you had a good night as well *points to a hickey on Sasuke’s neck*.
*Sasuke does a nervous chuckle while Naruto giggles.*
Sasuke: I know Naruto.
Naruto: You know what?
Sasuke: That you’ve been going beyond the seal. I also know that you know Ei killed Tsunade and destroyed Suna. Why haven’t you told me any of this?
Naruto: I have my reasons.
Sasuke: Dammit Naruto, you’re supposed to be the Hokage, not me. There’s a reason why my face hasn’t been added to the mountain. I’m just an interim. Why won’t you take this job.
Naruto: I can’t, just yet.
Sasuke staring Naruto in the eye: I don’t know exactly what it is that you are after. Just make sure no one else knows about it.
*Naruto flashes out as Sasuke sits at the desk. Scene switches to a park. Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari are seen. Matsuri is the last to enter the scene.*
Ino: We haven’t done this in a long time.
Sakura: I know.
Temari: And we don’t have any booze either.
*Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Tenten all look at each other and smile.*
Matsuri: I can’t have any anyway, so I’m glad you didn’t tempt me.
Hinata: Aren’t you due any moment Matsuri?
Matsuri: Aye.
Ino: So I’ve got a confession, ladies… I’m pregnant!!!
*All the ladies gush and congratulate her.*
Tenten looking at Sakura: I’ve got some news, too. I’m pregnant as well.
*All the women squeal again and congratulate her.*
Ino: So when are you and Shikamaru gonna have one, Temari?
Temari: I’m not sure we’re ready yet.
Sakura: So Ino, how has Sai taken the news?
Ino: He’s happy.
Sakura: Happy?
Ino: Yeah. It’s just that he’s been busy lately.
Sakura: So what about Lee, Tenten?
Tenten: I haven’t told him yet.
Ino: How come?
Tenten: Are you kidding? Once he and Gai-sensei find out…
All of the women: Ohh….
*Jiraya, Mito, and Tsunade come running over to all of the ladies.*
Mito: Momma, do you think Sieta will come and play with us today?
Hinata: Maybe.
Jiraya: I want to play with Sieta!!!
Tsunade: I want to play with Sieta!!!!
Mito: I want to play with Sieta too!!!!
*All of the women laugh as Kurenai approaches the group with Sieta.*
Kurenai: Who would have thought…
*Sieta runs over to the kids, then they go play.*
Ino: So is it true what they say?
Sakura: What do you mean?
Ino: Does the sex drop off after you’ve had a kid?
Sakura grins: That isn’t what has deprived mine and Sasuke’s.
Ino: Oh…
Sakura looking at Hinata: It’s her husband… not accepting the title of Hokage.
*Hinata blushes.*
Sakura: But we still have some good times.
Tenten: When was the last time?
Sakura: Last night.
*All of the women giggle.*
Ino: Spill the details.
Sakura: I will not spill all of the details.
Ino: Then spill some of them.
Sakura: I don’t know if I should…
Temari: Where’s Anko when you need her?
Kurenai in thought: Probably trying to get at Kakashi.
Sakura: Well… Let’s just say that I helped Sasuke go to sleep last night… and I helped wake him up… and I got a hefty serving of protein this morning.
Ino: Oh my gawd…. no you didn’t.
Sakura nodding her head: Yes, I did.
Matsuri: Isn’t that degrading?
Sakura: Think about it… you control his every whim… that’s power.
*Ino and Sakura do a high five.*
Temari: Hinata, how come you’ve never told us about you and Naruto? I mean, we all know something about everone else’s partner here. Shikamaru likes to… give me lotion for my breasts. Sai has a foot fetish. And Lee has opened the 1st gate one time with Tenten. What about you and Naruto?
Hinata: It’s embarrassing.
Ino: C’mon. It’s sex… and the two of you are married… sheesh…
Sakura: Yeah, I mean surely he hasn’t made clones and you know… gangbanged you…. he hasn’t done that right?
Ino: Whoa… a one man gangbanger…
Hinata: No, he hasn’t done that… and at my request, too. Fine… I’ll give you one thing.
Ino and Temari: What is it?
Hinata: It’s more about me than Naruto…
Tenten: Just tell us… I’m dying with anticipation.
Hinata: Because I… nevermind.
Sakura: C’mon, tell us.
Hinata: Naruto has always finished inside of me, but not always in the same place.
Sakura: That’s no biggie. That’s kinda like me and Sasuke.
Kurenai: Yeah, even me and Asuma…
Hinata: You don’t get it.
Sakura: Sure I…. whoa… Hinata… you sly girl.
Matsuri: What does she mean?
*Ino goes shit-faced.*
Ino whispers to Matsuri: Naruto has had Hinata in “every” single way.
Matsuri: Oh…. Ohhhhh.
*Hinata blushes.*
Ino: So… does he have a preference?
Sakura: Ok, that’s too much Ino.
Ino: What…
Hinata: He does… and no, it’s not that one.
Temari: Doesn’t it hurt?
Hinata: It was weird at first, but we love each other. Plus, it wasn’t his idea, it was mine.
Ino: Hinata, you seductive woman.
Tenten: You want to know what…
All the women: What?
Tenten: We’re just as bad as Kiba.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Laughter breaks out amongst the group as everyone carries on eating and conversing. Scene switches to Suna, showing Naruto walking through the crevice in that is the only entrance into Suna. The rest of the jinchuuriki are following him.*
Gaara: So what are we doing here Naruto?
Naruto: Remember when we were both genin and we fought at the chuunin exams?
Gaara: Yeah… but we technically didn’t have a match.
Akatsuchi: I remember hearing about that. Isn’t that when Orochimaru attacked Konoha?
Naruto: Precisely. And he did it under the guise as the Kazekage.
Gaara: You don’t think he had a hideout here?
Naruto: Orochimaru was known to have hideouts everywhere.
Bee: I know the story is he died at the hands of Sasuke, but you really think he had control of Ei?
Naruto: There’s no doubt about it. Problem is, we’ve got to find him before he does something like that again. Lin Mei!
Lin Mei: Aye, Naruto…
Naruto: You and Matsu will accompany Gaara to the Kazkage’s office and look for any evidence of the attack 5 years ago.
**Matsu is grown man from the Iron country who is now the host for Choumei.
Bee: Meanwhile, we’ll cover y’alls asses.
Naruto: As planned. Remember, we all share a mental link now. Let’s use it instead of talking. If there is someone still here, we have to be careful. That goes double for you Ugito.
**Ugito is a teenage girl who likes to talk. She is from Iwa and is now the host of Kokuou.
Ugito: Aight… sheesh…
*Everyone splits up as designed, leaving Naruto at the entrance of the village. Bee is standing on the north section of the wall around Suna. Akatsuchi has the south. Ugito has taken the west, with Mungo and Ushita taking the east (the entrance). Scene focuses on Gaara, Lin Mei, and Matsu.*
**Mungo is a young man from Kiri who is now the host of Isopu.
**Ushita is a young woman from Kiri who is now the host of Saiken.
*Gaara and company have entered the office building through a huge hole in the side of the wall. It’s a post-apocalyptic scene with everything overturned or demolished.*
Gaara: To think one man could destroy this village.
Lin Mei: You weren’t here to protect it Kazekage-sama.
Matsu: You should be proud of your shinobi for evacuating your village in time to not witness all of this carnage.
Gaara: Naruto, there’s nothing here in this building.
Naruto: Is there any other place that there could be any evidence?
Gaara: Sure, there are plenty, but it’s going to take us some time.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Gaara sighs: None of us have a byuakugan to see every nook and cranny in this village. It’s going to take us a lot of time.
Naruto: Alright. What’s it looking like up there?
Bee: Nothing but wind and sand on this end.
Akatsuchi: Same here.
Ugito: Same here.
Naruto: What about you… Mungo… Ushita?
Ushita: I think I see something… or someone.
Mungo: I see the same thing.
Naruto: How far out?
Mungo: About 5km.
Naruto: Everyone, return to me. We’ve got to be careful.
*All of the jinks on the wall leap down and head towards Naruto. Gaara, Lin Mei, and Matsu begin to run there as well. The scene focuses Naruto who is now in Sage mode, looking in the direction of the object. Bee lands next to Naruto.*
Bee: Do you recognize this person?
Naruto: Unbelievable.
*Gaara and crew are near Naruto.*
Gaara: Who is it?
Naruto: It’s… Yamato…
*Scene shows Yamato barely crawling towards Sunagakure, collapsing at the entrance. Naruto and the rest of the jinks rush towards him.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with the jinchuuriki surrounding Yamato in Sunagakure*
Gaara: What do you think this mean?
Naruto: I have no idea.
Bee: Question is, why was the foo’ heading here?
Ugito: No one knew we were here.
Naruto: That’s where you could be wrong. If Kabuto’s sage power has any resemblance to mine, he can sense us, just as I sense him. The problem is, he’s too far away.
Matsu: How do you know that?
Naruto: Everytime before I leave the seal, I check to see where certain people are. Kabuto was in the direction of Kirigakura.
Ushita: That’s four days travel time for us, going nonstop at that.
Gaara: Precisely, which makes this all the more strange.
Akatsuchi: Naruto, maybe we should take him back.
Gaara: I agree, as the Kazekage.
Naruto: Fine… we’ll take Yamato back. Everyone head back. Gaara, summon a meeting of the kages. I’ll give you 12 hours.
Gaara: That will be enough time.
Ugito: Why aren’t you heading back with us?
Gaara: We can’t alert the sensors. Should I have Hinata set us a seal?
Naruto: Yeah… and summon Sakura as well. Might want to have Inoichi or Ino there as well.
*Gaara makes a sand disc big enough to carry the rest of the jinks. They all hop on and ride towards the Fire country.*
Ushita: So why is Naruto the only one staying behind?
Bee: Yamato is a clone of the 1st hokage. Before Naruto learned to control the kyuubi, he helped him keep the beast in control.
Gaara: Also, Naruto is not telling us something.
Matsu: Like what?
Akatsuchi: Unlike the rest of us, when Naruto is in his full sync form, he doesn’t take on the form of the bijuu. He also is able to sense negative emotions and feelings.
Bee: That’s how he was able to have the 411 on my bro before he was killed.
Mungo: Why is Naruto… different from the rest of us?
Gaara: Naruto is a descendant of not only Rikudo himself, but his bride, Uzumaki Miyashi.
Mungo: So Naruto-sama… You truly are a beast.
Bee: No doubt!
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Yamato. Naruto is now in his Kurama Sage mode. Yamato is stirring. Naruto grabs Yamato’s head, lifting it slightly so he can pour water down his throat.*
Naruto: What are you doing out here?
Yamato: Where is here?
Naruto: You’re in what used to be Sunagakure.
Yamato: Who did this… Madara?
Naruto: Madara… he’s been dead for almost 8 years now.
Yamato wide-eyed: 8 years???
Naruto: Yeah, we won that war.
Yamato: So there’s another war, now?
Naruto: Kinda… what do you remember?
Yamato: Other than stumbling through the desert, the last thing I remember is Kabuto and some person resembling Orochimaru removing me, from this… contraption that made white creatures.
Naruto: The Zetsu clones.
Yamato: They took me to a lab… it had to have been in the north near the Iron country because of the snow. I must get to Lady Tsunade and report to her what I remember.
Naruto looking down: Tsunade has been dead for about 5 years now.
Yamato: What?! Then who’s the Hokage? Is it you? If not you, is it Kakashi?
Naruto: It’s Uchiha Sasuke.
*Yamato is stunned by this news.*
Yamato: Does that mean Kakashi is dead?
Naruto: No. He is not. Kakashi has chosen a different role, one that allows him to live his personal life the way he wants to now.
*Scene switches to Kakashi and Anko walking down a street in Konoha.*
Anko: So what are we doing Kakashi?
Kakashi: It’s a surprise.
Anko suspiciously: What… kind of surprise?
Kakashi: One you’ll like.
*The scene switches to the Hokage’s office hours later, with Gaara, Kitsuchi, and Sasuke in the room.*
Sasuke: So he wants us to convey a meeting there?
*Gaara nods.*
Kitsuchi: What is this tablet room?
Sasuke: It’s an old Uchiha hideout. One that has remained hidden for some time, and only I knew about it, until Naruto showed up one day. He had Hinata set up a seal to block our sensors when he and I were in the room together.
Kitsuchi: So the two of you…
Sasuke: Aye, there have been several times when we acted beyond Tsunade’s orders.
Kitsuchi: Then how will we get there?
Sasuke: I would say that Naruto would flash us there, but something tells me he won’t show up until we’re all there.
*Gaara and Sasuke are staring into each other’s eyes.*
Sasuke: This is going to require a little stealth on our parts.
Kitsuchi: How so?
Gaara: We are to make bunshins of ourselves. Once we are all convened in the room, we’ll disperse the clones, except for one, remaining where we wish until we are done.
Sasuke: Precisely.
Kitsuchi: Then what about your wife? And Yamanaka Ino?
Sasuke: I’ve decided not to have them come, for certain reasons.
Gaara: You know this will not sit well with Naruto.
Sasuke: Aye, but sometimes, things don’t go his way.
Gaara: No one knows the two of you better than I. I’ve been down Naruto’s path, and now… You are walking down mine, Sasuke. Tread lightly. You of all people should know that Naruto is someone not to take lightly.
Sasuke: I appreciate your thoughts Kazekage, but I will handle Naruto.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Yamato. Yamato is sitting up on his own accord, staring at Naruto.*
Yamato: So… you finally synchronized completely with the kyuubi.
Naruto smiling: That’s old news Yamato. Thanks to Bee and myself, all of the jinchuuriki have completely synchronized with their bijuu. But what you see before you now is a combination of senjutsu and Kurama.
Yamato: Kurama?
Naruto: Kurama is the kyuubi. That’s his name.
Yamato chuckles: All this time… it had a name.
Naruto: He… always had a name, yes.
Yamato: Sorry. So has the village accepted you and… him?
Naruto: I would say so.
Yamato: So why are you not the Hokage?
Naruto: I wanted to do a few things personally first, before I was considered properly for the job. Things just seem to keep popping up to keep me away from it.
Yamato: Like what?
Naruto: Hinata… Jiraya and Mito… our current situation.
Yamato: What about Hinata? And I thought Jiraya was dead.
Naruto smirking: Hinata is now my wife. Jiraya and Mito are my children.
Yamato: You… you’re married?! And you have kids?!
Naruto: Yeah… who would have thought that?
Yamato: And what is the current situation.
Naruto: The 4th Ninja war was ended by the god, Izanagi, and myself. We defeated Madara. But this brought about another situation involving other gods.
Yamato: Don’t tell me… all those fairy tales about Izanagi, Izanami, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin are true?
Naruto: The gods are real, yes.
Yamato: I’m sorry, continue on.
Naruto: The elemental gods: Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin; along with Izanagi are at war with the other gods. Sasuke and I were chosen as the sons of thunder and wind. The other gods had aligned themselves with Kabuto and Ryu, the man who resembles Orochimaru. They have developed an army that has taken over Iwagakure and has annihilated Kirigakure.
Yamato: They’ve destroyed two of the five great villages?
Naruto: Three. They also took out Kumogakure after it was rebuilt after the 4th Ninja war.
Yamato: Then who destroyed Suna?
Naruto: I can’t tell you right now. But I was hoping that you could give me a little information on that.
Yamato: I’ve told you all that I can remember.
Naruto: So what are you doing out here then. How long have you been out here?
Yamato: I don’t know. I just remember this voice saying to come here. And I remember an outline of a figure resembling what was told to have been the look of Rikudo Sennin.
Naruto: Can you remember anymore?
Yamato: No. I just know that I haven’t been out here that long, otherwise I would not have survived.
Naruto: This is not good.
Yamato: What do you mean?
Naruto: If what I think is the case, we’re in some serious danger.
*Scene switches back to Kakashi and Anko who are now walking down a street hand in hand.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Anko: Are you serious?
Kakashi: Yeah. My students have children now. I’m not saying that I’m going to settle down completely…
Anko: I understand.
*She jumps up and kisses Kakashi. Once the kiss is finished, they walk into a restaurant, with Anko bumping into a gentleman who is leaving the restaurant. The man looks at Anko awkwardly and Anko goes wide-eyed, with a small body shiver.*
Kakashi: You ok?
Anko: Yeah, I think so. Did that guy look familiar to you?
*Kakashi turns to look at the man who is walking away.*
Kakashi: No, not really.
*The two are now seen sitting at a booth.*
Anko: So we’re really going to move in together… in a new place.
Kakashi: Why not?
Anko: It’s just so exciting.
Kakashi: I meant what I said last night. I don’t want you to move into my place… and I really don’t want to move into your’s. They’re both too small for the two of us. We need a bigger place.
Anko: Just answer me this then.
Kakashi: What?
Anko: Promise to take your mask off every now and then.
Kakashi: I don’t know about that.
Anko depressed: Why not?!
Kakashi: Consider the day I take off my mask for you to be the day I ask you to marry me.
*Anko cocks her eyebrow at Kakashi.*
Anko: We’ll see.
Anko in thought: You’re going to be that way, two can play this game.
*Anko slides her foot up Kakashi’s leg and begins to fondle his manhood with her foot. Kakashi looks at Anko straight-faced.*
Kakashi: So it’s going to be that way.
Anko: You haven’t seen… or felt anything yet.
*Anko looks around, seeing no one is paying attention to the couple in the booth. Anko slides down under the table and is soon servicing her man. Kiba, Neji, and Shino walk into the restaurant. They see Kakashi in a relaxed position and walk over to his booth.*
Kiba: Kakashi-sensei!!!
*Kakashi jumps a bit, still being serviced by Anko.*
Kakashi: Kiba, Shino, Neji… what’s going on?
Kakashi in thought: Please God, don’t let Neji activate his byuakugan.
Kiba: Not much. We just came back from a meeting. All the kages have been summoned for a meeting once again, so before we are to report as guards for the meeting, we thought we’d sit and have a bite to eat.
Kakashi: Another meeting?
*Kakashi shivers just a small bit. Shino notices and looks at Neji. Neji then looks at Kakashi.*
Neji: You ok, Kakashi?
Kakashi: Yeeaaaahhhhh….hhhh.
*The next panel shows Anko putting Kakashi’s pants back with a huge grin on her face.*
Neji: Ok… well, we’re going over to the bar.
Shino: Gotta eat and run.
Kakashi: Yeah. Before you leave, come back over here and fill me in.
Kiba: We can do it right now.
Kakashi: I don’t think that will be a good idea.
Kiba: How come.
Shino: She’s going to meet you here, isn’t she?
Kakashi: Aye.
*Shino grabs Neji and Kiba, pulling them towards the bar. Once all three have sit and placed their orders Shino fills them in on Kakashi and Anko. Panel switches back to Kakashi looking around.*
Kakashi: You can come out now.
*Anko slips up right next to Kakashi. A waitress just walks up and delivers their food to them.*
Kakashi: Can you imagine what would have happened had Neji…
Anko: That made it that much more fun and exciting.
Kakashi: While I like your antics, I’m a high ranking shinobi of Konoha and of this alliance. I can’t be caught in these types of situations with you.
Anko: Marry me then. Then we’ll just be a horny married couple.
*Scene switches to Hinata and Hanabi sitting in a room, watching Jiraya and Mito play. Hiashi walks into the room.*
Hiashi: Daughters… what is it that you wanted to see me about?
Hinata: Dad… we’ve been thinking and talking…
Hanabi: And we think it’s time.
Hiashi: Time for what.
Hanabi: For you to name a successor.
Hiashi: I was afraid of this.
Hinata: Why?
Hiashi: Because I can’t name you. You didn’t marry a Hyuuga. And you… Hanabi… are you willing to marry a Hyuuga? Because the Hyuuga name will need to be carried on.
Hinata: That’s what we wanted to talk to you about.
Hanabi: We think it’s time.
Hiashi: For what?
Hinata: For the branches to be united, as one.
Hiashi sighing: I have thought the same as well. Are you sure the rest of the clan will accept this?
Hinata: They must.
Hanabi: As the heirs to the head of the family, we won’t accept an alternative.
Hiashi: Then who is the boy that you like, Hanabi?
Hanabi: Udon…
Hiashi: Udon…
Hanabi blushes: Yeah.
Hiashi: And what makes him special?
Hanabi: I don’t know… he just makes me smile.
Hiashi: You know the rule. The boy must come to me first if he wishes to date you.
Hanabi: That’s it?
Hiashi: That’s it.
*Mito runs up to and jumps on Hiashi.*
Mito: What about me grandpa? Does my boyfriend have to talk to you too?
Hiashi: Do you want him to?
Mito: It’s ok. I’ll just tell daddy he has to talk to you.
*Hiashi, Hinata, and Hanabi bust out laughing. Scene switches to the Uchiha room, with the tablet in the background. The Kages are all looking at one another. Naruto then flashes in with Yamato. Naruto is staring at Sasuke angrily. The kages, excluding Gaara, are shocked to see Yamato.*
Sasuke: Can it be?
Naruto: Why aren’t Sakura and Ino here?
Sasuke: Do you realize how hard it was for us to meet here?
Naruto: That is of little consequence now.
Mei: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Naruto thinks that Orochimaru has entered the picture once again.
*The next panel shows Naruto looking at Sasuke, with Gaara in the background.*
Darui: But I thought that you defeated Orochimaru. That’s what the intel from Konoha said.
Sasuke: It was all a lie. I didn’t defeat Orochimaru. My brother, Itachi defeated Orochimaru. But if Naruto is correct, then somehow, he has managed to survive. And if Kabuto is involved, he had a hand in it some way.
Naruto: Tell them what you told me Yamato.
*Yamato begins to explain his story to the kages. Several hours have passed after deliberation amongst Yamato and the kages.*
Sasuke: So you saw all of that… sharingans, byuakugans, and several bodies in stasis?
Yamato: Aye.
Gaara: So what is the plan, Hokage?
*Everyone turns to Sasuke.*
Sasuke: With this new information, we can definitely affirm that they have not attacked us on purpose. We must try to figure out what it is they are planning.
Naruto: There’s one more problem.
Sasuke: What’s that?
Naruto: I can sense Orochimaru’s aura, but I can’t pinpoint it.
Darui: Can you at least tell from which direction he is in?
Naruto: No, I’m afraid not. I can’t, because I sense him everywhere. Some places stronger than others.
Darui: Such as?
Naruto staring at Darui: The day Suna and Kumo fell.
*Darui goes wide-eyed.*
Darui: You’re saying this one man destroyed two the five great villages in one day?
Naruto: No… but he had a hand in it.
Gaara: What else is on your mind Naruto?
Sasuke: Yes, you’re holding something back.
Naruto: I sense Orochimaru about Yamato, but I do not sense an evil intention within him.
Sasuke: Summon Ino and Inoichi. I want the entire deciphering squad on this case. *turns to Yamato* I apologize in advance, but you must understand…
Yamato: I do.
*Scene switches to Kirigakure, showing a Shaolin temple, with guards surrounding it, wearing the Ryun crest. The next panel shows Ryu walking in the water garden to a small island, with Kabuto sitting the middle, meditating.*
Ryu: Any word, milord?
Kabuto: Yes.
Ryu: Should I go to Benten and Ryuden?
Kabuto: Don’t be in such a hurry. Let’s let our opposition sweat this out a little.
Ryu: So now they know?
Kabuto: I’m sure Naruto does. Question is, will he share everything with the rest of them or not.
Ryu: And what of Lord Hachimon? Is he aware of our plans?
Kabuto: I’m sure he’s aware of it. But he thinks it is Benten’s fail-safe, not ours.
Ryu: And Amatsu?
Kabuto: Amatsu is powerful right now, but once he has lost the Amenonohoko, he will be no match for Orochimaru-sama and myself.
Ryu: Then I await your command, milord.
Kabuto: It’s time we started setting up our battle camps. You know what to do.
*Ryu grins and flickers out. The panel focuses on Kabuto.*
Kabuto in thought: You have no idea how close you are to the truth Naruto.
*Scene switches back Konoha, showing Yamato in the deciphering corps main exam room, with both Ino and Inoichi at Yamato’s head as he lies on a table. The next panel shows the next day of Gaara, Neji, and Naruto searching through Suna. The next panel shows Kiba and Shino at a tavern, sitting at the bar having a few drinks. The stranger that bumped into Anko at the restaurant is sitting next to Kiba.*
Kiba: You don’t get it man. I had my dream girl, and now she’s gone.
Shino: How do you know she was your dream girl? You knew her for only a couple of weeks.
Kiba: Yeah, so….
Shino: She hasn’t been around for almost 5 years man… move on.
The stranger in thought: What a embicile.
Stranger: Forgive my intrustion young man, but I agree with your friend. No woman is worth waiting 5 years for.
Kiba: You don’t understand. She was so beautiful. I mean she had this smokin’ body, and she was smart, super smart.
Stranger: What was her name?
Kiba: Benten.
Stranger in thought: The fact that neither he nor his comrade has made the connection shows how befallen the Konoha shinobi is.
Stranger: I once knew a Benten. She was beautiful. She was also a lady who knew her way around the streets and villages.
*The stranger gets up and leaves the bar with that last statement, leaving both Kiba and Shino staring at him. The panel shows the man walking down the street, looking up, and seeing Naruto staring out one of his windows, holding Jiraya.*
Stranger in thought: This is going to be so much fun.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Darkness Rising
*Scene opens up after a week from the last chapter. The jinchuuriki are shown in a field, minus Naruto and Gaara.*
Ugito: Bee-sama, why have we not seen Naruto or Gaara-sama all week now?
Bee: Somethings are best left alone Ugito. Dangerous times we be in… ya kno’.
Matsu: But even Naruto would have sent a clone out by now. I don’t like what’s going on.
Akatsuchi: It’s all politics. That’s all you need to know.
Ushita: Politics be damned. What is going on?!
*Bee jumps up between Akatsuchi and Ushita.*
Bee: Calm down, everyone. Suchi is right. He and I have been near our kages’ sides for years. We both know the politics involved.
Matsu: So both Naruto and Gaara are staying put for political reasons?
Akatsuchi: Gaara, yes. I’m not so sure about Naruto.
*Hinata flashes in next to Akatsuchi.*
Akatsuchi: Hinata-chan, what are you doing here?
Hinata: I come bearing news from my husband.
*Hinata looks at all of them. She then turns to Bee.*
Hinata: My husband is about to do something very drastic. Even I don’t know what it is, but tensions are growing in Konoha amongst the Leaf and the Cloud. Word is spreading Ei was the one who killed Tsunade, although that cannot be confirmed or denied at this point.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Gaara in a small room with only a door.*
Naruto: I don’t know, but word is beginning to spread.
Gaara: Only us jinchuuriki, the kages, and a few Konoha shinobi know of the details floating about.
Naruto: That’s not entirely true. I believe there is someone else.
Gaara: Orochimaru?!
Naruto: Aye, and something must be done before tensions boil over between Konoha and Kumo.
Gaara: This is not all that troubles you?
Naruto: I’ve sensed a growing presence in Kumogakure.
Gaara: So you think they are beginning to make their move?
Naruto: Aye.
Gaara: So what is your plan?
Naruto: Technically, I’m already an outlaw.
Gaara: As am I and the rest of the jinchuuriki.
Naruto: But you can stand against the Ryun army. Ordinary shinobi will have a much more difficult time.
Gaara: So you plan on breaking the law again.
Naruto: Aye. It will ease tensions for the time being amongst Konoha and Kumo, even some blame may be put on me.
Gaara: And if it is learned that Sasuke allowed you to break the law, surely he will be ousted as Hokage.
Naruto: True. But you and I both know he will need to be on the front lines in the coming months. Maybe this is for the best for him and Sakura.
Gaara: So what do you want of me?
Naruto: While I’m gone, make sure that neither harm nor ill will is put upon Hinata, Mito, or Jiraya.
Gaara: I will make sure of it. I’m sure there will be others who do the same. So, you’re heading to Kumo? Is it safe to assume you may head to Oto after Kumo?
Naruto smiling: I’m not a gambling man, but if I were, I would make that bet.
*The two friends smile at each other. Naruto flashes out, leaving Gaara, who exits the room. Scene switches to Sasuke who is walking with Shikamaru and Shikaku.*
Sasuke: Has there been any intel on the rumors flying about?
Shikaku: None. But there are suspicions that the Ryun are involved. There are thousands of ways to enter the country… we can’t secure them all.
Sasuke: Any updates on Yamato?
Shikamaru: Not yet. So far what has been found, we already knew about.
Sasuke: Keep me updated.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata with Mito and Jiraya in a field, having a picnic. The next panel shows Naruto playing with Mito, while the next one shows him carrying Mito on his left shoulder, with Jiraya on his right shoulder. The next panel shows the group posing for a family photo, with Naruto holding Mito and Hinata holding Jiraya. The next panel shows the family back home, Hinata and Naruto just having tucked Mito and Jiraya into bed. Naruto and Hinata are standing in the doorway to the room.*
Hinata: So how long will it be this time?
Naruto: I don’t know.
Hinata: I don’t want you to go.
Naruto holding Hinata: But I must. I’ve arranged for you and the kids to be protected.
*Hinata looks Naruto in the eyes.*
Hinata: I know you’re not telling me everything.
Naruto: Yeah. Here’s what I will tell you. I’m heading to Kumo.
Hinata: But Sasuke has made in plain and clear, anyone who goes beyond the seal from here on out will be treated as a criminal.
Naruto: I know.
Hinata: So that’s you plan.
*Naruto has a serious look on his face.*
Hinata: You’re trying to alleviate some tension between Kumo and Konoha by becoming enemy #1?
*Naruto nods.*
Hinata: Then do me one favor.
Naruto softly: What is it?
*Hinata walks into their bedroom and returns with her (Yondaime’s kunai).*
Hinata: Take this with you.
Naruto: Why?
Hinata: Because honestly, I’m pissed. Before they went into hiding, Suijin and Izanagi told me everything. About you and Sasuke… me and Sakura… I realize that we are who we are, but we are entitled to live as normal of a life as we can. And these assholes are messing that up for you and I.
Naruto smiling: So you don’t want to save me?
*Hinata punches Naruto in the arm.*
Hinata: I don’t need to save you. But I want these punks to feel some of my wrath.
Naruto: Baby… that would mean that you would be an outlaw too.
Hinata sulking: So.
Naruto: Besides… Someone has to protect our home on this front as well. It might as well be the second best shinobi in the world.
Hinata: I’m not the second best Honey… I’m the best.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Both begin to laugh as Naruto picks Hinata up in his arms. The two begin to kiss, falling onto the couch. The next panel shows a shirtless Naruto now holding Hinata with her legs wrapped around his waist, her being completely naked. The next panel shows the two writing in bed under a few sheets. The next panel shows the two lying in bed as the sun beams through the window. Naruto begins to stir as Hinata is seen kissing Naruto on his neck.*
Naruto: Baby… not now… what about the kids?
Hinata in between kisses: They’re not up yet. Plus, I’ve already asked Kurenai to come and get them so they can play with Sieta.
*There’s a knock at the door.*
Hinata: And on time, too. Go get the shower ready, I’m not done with you.
*Hinata gets up to go answer the door. Naruto is seen stumbling to the shower, starting it, creating a lot of steam in the bathroom. The next panel shows Kurenai holding Jiraya, with Konohamaru accompanying her and carrying Mito. Hinata makes a mad dash back to the bathroom, to find Naruto in the shower. She removes her clothing, as her ample curves are viewed from her back. The next panels show several silhouettes of the two in various positions in the shower. The last panel shows the two wrapped in towels, standing before the bathroom mirror getting ready for the day.*
Naruto: If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn that you are trying to get pregnant again.
Hinata: If it happens, it happens. But if my man is going to be gone for some time, I’ve got to get the getting while it is good.
*Both laugh at this statement.*
Naruto: So what are your plans for today?
Hinata: The girls are getting together; we’re going to plan a shower for both Ino and Tenten.
Naruto: That all?
*Hinata turns towards Naruto, pulling him in for a kiss.*
Hinata: Nope, I think the getting is still good.
*The panel shows the view from behind Naruto, showing both towels drop to the floor as Hinata wraps her legs around Naruto once again. The scene switches to Naruto and the rest of the jinchuuriki outside of the main gate of Konoha. Bee holds out his fist, which Naruto bumps.*
Bee: Aw shiyat maaaaan!
*Naruto grins.*
Ugito: What’s going on?
Bee: Uh… nuthin’.
Akatsuchi: It’s probably best we don’t know.
Naruto: Agreed.
Matsu: Long time no see… Naruto-sama.
Naruto with a serious look: And it’s about to be longer.
Ushita: What do mean?
Naruto: I’m going on a solo mission. All of you will need to stay here and protect everyone else from what might arise.
Bee: Understood brah.
Lin Mei: Can we at least accompany you, even if it is for a little while?
Naruto: Sure.
Gaara: I’m going to stay behind.
Ushita: C’mon Gaara, come with us.
Naruto: It’s best he stays.
*Gaara and Naruto shake hands as the two turn and head in different directions.*
Ugito: What is that all about?
Naruto: We’ll discuss it as we walk.
*Scene switches to Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata all sitting at a large table at a café.*
Sakura: Do you know when Kurenai is going to show up?
Hinata: She won’t be coming. She watched Jiraya and Mito for us this morning.
Ino: Somebody got some action already I see… bow chick-a-wow wow.
Hinata blushing: The getting was good.
Sakura: So that’s why you’re smiling as such and have this air about you.
*Hinata nods, still blushing.*
Sakura: Temari told me she would be running late. Anko and Kakashi are still moving in, so she’ll be late. Matsuri is going to be late, because she has still not delivered.
Ino and Tenten together: You’ve got to be kidding!
Hinata: Bless her heart.
Sakura: She said she would try to make it unless she goes into labor.
Ino: Think about it girls. We all knew how Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara were ten years ago. And within a couple of days… all three will fathers.
*Matsuri enters café, waddling over to the table.*
Matsuri: Who will be fathers?
Ino: We’re just a talking about Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara.
Matsuri: Oh… well, I wish this one would just pop out already. The doctor told me that if he hasn’t come within the next few days, he’ll come by c-section.
*Matsuri sees Hinata blushing.*
Matsuri: So what did the two of you do?
Hinata laughing: Is it that obvious?
Matsuri: You’re pinker than…
Ino laughing: Oh my gawd….
Matsuri: What?!
Tenten: It’s confirmed, we’re worse than Kiba.
*The entire group busts out laughing now as Anko and Temari enter the café.*
Anko: What’s so funny?
Sakura: According to Hinata, the getting has been good with Naruto.
Anko smirking: It’s been good for me too.
Matsuri: This is not fair!
Anko: What?
Matsuri: You and her *nodding at Hinata* can go be with your men, but I can’t because of this baby.
*Everyone laughs again, including Matsuri.*
Matsuri: I swear once this baby has been born, and I’m given the ok by the doctor, Gaara won’t know what happened to him.
*Everyone keeps on laughing.*
Sakura: Ok girls, time to get down to business. No more sex talk.
Ino and Anko simultaneously: But it’s fun.
Sakura: Let’s at least take care of business first.
*The next few panels show the women eating and talking. One panel shows Temari feeling the baby move in Matsuri’s abdomen.*
Anko: Ok, business is done now. I want the details Hinata.
Hinata blushing: Let’s just say I haven’t had a 12 hour span like that… ever.
Anko flabberghasted: 12 hours?!
Hinata nodding: Yep! And it was worth it too.
Ino: I don’t know.
Hinata: Well, we did have a few naps here and there, but waking him up… him waking me up…. the shower…. well worth it.
Anko: How many times?
Hinata smirking: How many what?
Anko: Who climaxed the most?
Hinata: I’m not entirely sure… I lost count after no. 5 for me.
Sakura: So how are things between you and Kakashi-sensei, Anko?
Anko blushing: Great… we just bought a place together. We’re going to move me out first and then him. I’m so excited.
Ino: So no ring yet?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Anko frowning: Nope. But he did promise me one thing.
Tenten: What’s that?
Anko: Who would take off his mask for me when he’s going to propose.
Temari: You haven’t seen his face yet?
*Anko shakes her head.*
Temari: You mean you’ve slept with him, and he kept the mask on?
Anko: Yeah, so…
*Everyone but Anko is laughing.*
Anko: Think about it for a moment… it adds a bit of flare. I mean this mysterious man, whom I adore, is taking me… it drives me wild just now thinking about it.
*Scene switches to Naruto and the other jinchuuriki walking down a road.*
Matsu: So why are we walking? Why not just flash us wherever?
Naruto: I have my reasons.
*The group approaches a sentry tower that can be seen from distance.*
Bee: So that’s your plan?
Naruto: You figured it out, huh?
Matsu: What is it?
Naruto: I’m going to Kumo to delay the forces there. Who knows, I might be able to stop them completely there.
Lin Mei: There are forces in Kumo?
Naruto: Aye.
Lin Mei: Then I’m coming with you.
Naruto: No you’re not. I need you, all of you to stay behind. The seal is good for only several more weeks. The SSM and the Mizukage have already had a tough time with this army. If for whatever reason I’m not able to handle this, you must stay here and protect everyone.
Lin Mei sighing: Fine.
Akatsuchi: What about those in the neighboring countries?
Naruto: Hopefully I’ll gain some intel as to why Iwa has been allowed to stand and why other smaller villages stand as well.
Akatsuchi: So are you going to Iwa after Kumo?
Naruto: I doubt it.
Bee: So how long you gonna be?
Naruto: I don’t know. Gaara knows of my plan. That is why he stayed behind. You should all return to Konoha. After what I’m about to do, there will be a meeting tonight, I’m sure of it.
Matsu: So you’re going to openly break the law now?
*Naruto nods.*
Ugito: I get it Naruto-sama. I promise to protect Jiraya and Mito for you.
Naruto smiles as he places his hand on her shoulder: You’re growing up Ugito. Just don’t grow up too fast.
Bee: So this is it then? Too bad, cuz I was gonna run over my new rhymes with ya.
Ushita: Be careful Naruto-sama. If you don’t come back I’ll hunt you down for Hinata-chan.
Akatsuchi: As will I.
*Naruto smiles at the group. He bumps fists with everyone and then starts walking towards the sentry tower.*
Bee: C’mon, let’s head back.
Mungo: Things are about to get interesting, huh?
Akatsuchi: You have no idea.
*The rest of the jinchuuriki head back to Konoha. The next panel shows Naruto approaching the sentry tower. A shinobi is standing at the base looking at Naruto, while another is up at the top, looking out for any movements.*
Base shinobi: Naruto-sama??? Is that you?
Naruto: Yeah.
Shinobi: What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back in Kono…
*Naruto punches the shinobi in the gut.*
Naruto: No hard feelings.
*Naruto grabs the shinobi then flashes to the top of the tower. He lays the shinobi down, looking at the other shinobi.*
Naruto: I think you know what to do.
*Naruto flashes back down to the road and walks beyond the seal. The shinobi at the top grabs a scroll and begins to write information on it. He ties it to a hawk and sets it towards Konoha. He then tries to revive his comrade. The scene switches to Naruto walking towards Kumo by himself as the sun is now at high noon. The scene switches to a room with Sasuke and Inoichi.*
Sasuke: So what intel where you able to retrieve?
Inoichi: We are in a much dire situation than estimated.
Sasuke: How so?
Inoichi: Orochimaru lives. And he’s obtained a power that rivals Naruto’s.
Sasuke: What makes the situation so dire? I expected the news of Orochimaru.
Inoichi: Orochimaru is in league with the god, Hachimon. He is also after some weapons.
Sasuke: What weapons?
Inoichi: Rikudo’s weapons. The ones used to defeat the juubi.
Sasuke: And who else is aware of this intel?
Inoichi: No one yet.
Sasuke: Good. Don’t tell anyone, especially Naruto. Now we must find out who is spreading the rumors of Ei murdering Tsunade.
Inoichi: That’s another thing.
Sasuke: What?
Inoichi: Yamato’s subconscious heard Kabuto and Orochimaru talking about him subduing the Raikage.
Sasuke: But how?
Inoichi: That I cannot confirm. Based on what I was able to find out, what he heard was still in the planning stages. But I can lay it out for you as I was able to uncover.
*Scene switches to a small village outside of Konoha. The stranger from before is seen walking through the village. A random person approaches him.*
Person: Have you heard the news?
Stranger: And what is that, pray tell.
Person: That Lady Tsunade was killed by the former Raikage himself. Something ain’t right about them Kumo people.
Stranger: Is that so?
Person: Yeah. And now the word is that Naruto-sama knew of this, and told no one.
Stranger: So this Naruto… maybe he’s not who you thought he was?
Person: I don’t know. Naruto-sama, he’s saved us before. And word is, his wife set up some barrier to protect us from them gods. It just don’t add up right.
*The stranger makes a handsign, causing the person’s facial expression to go blank.*
Stranger: Naruto and Hinata harbored a known murderer, the former Raikage. It was the Ryun who took that murderer down, not Naruto or Sasuke. Now tell me, who is Konoha’s savior… or avenger in this case.
Person in a monotone: Well, the Ryun.
Stranger: And now that word is leaked out about the former Raikage, and soon the connection to Naruto will be drawn, what if Naruto runs away?
Person: That will prove his guilt.
Stranger: If you say so, you feeble mind.
*The scene switches to show a hawk flying into Konoha. The next panel shows Sasuke in his office, slamming his fist down onto the desk.*
Sasuke: What the hell was he thinking?
*Scene switches to later that night, with Sasuke infront of a group of people outside of the main gate of Konoha.*
Sasuke: Uzumaki Naruto is now a wanted criminal of the Shinobi alliance. If you see him, flee and inform any jounin of any village that you see. The rest of the kages and myself are working together to bring Naruto to justice.
Person who spoke with the stranger earlier: I don’t trust the shinobi of Kumo. Their Raikage killed Lady Tsunade.
Sasuke shouting: That has not been confirmed!
Person: Word is Naruto left so he wouldn’t be prosecuted. Hunt him down.
Sasuke shouting: We can’t! We can’t go beyond the seal.
Person: Then who’s going to seek Naruto and bring justice?!
*The crowd roars in approval. The panel zooms out and shows the stranger amongst the crowd, smiling.*
Stranger in thought: So by leaving you thought you could thwart our plan. You may accomplish annihilating that battalion, but you’ve left your precious friend alone in Konoha, defenseless.
Sasuke yelling: Calm down and go home. Just know that if you see Naruto, flee and notify any official.
*Sasuke is shown leaving the scene, with guards closing all of the gates to Konoha. The next scene shows all of the Kages in a large room, with select jounin from each village. Sasuke is in the middle of the room.*
Sasuke: As I’m sure that you’ve all heard by now, Naruto has went beyond the seal again. These rules are put in place to protect not only yourself, but the person next to you and the ones who are out there. Naruto has endangered not only himself, but us as well. Once you have been notified, seek out any kage or jinchuuriki. That includes you, Hinata *Sasuke looks at Hinata*. Dismissed.
*The scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. All of the Konoha 12 are there, including Sasuke. There is a knock at the door. Kiba goes to answer the door, and in walks Gaara, Kankuro, and Shikamaru. Gaara walks to the middle of the room, and looks at everyone.*
Gaara: I was the last person to speak with Naruto. I will not reveal our conversation. But I will tell you this. *He looks at Hinata* He knew he would be leaving, yet he has promised to come back.
*Hinata smiles at this.*
Gaara looking at Sasuke: And he knows what you face as Hokage. What happened tonight at the main gate is only the beginning.
*Sasuke looks down.*
Gaara: The title of Kage has not been bestowed upon him… yet. He is doing something that only he can do.
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