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Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

Since the gaming section is just about dead, I thought it would be interesting to ask this question since we covered nearly every topic.

Here is the order and give a brief description of why you switched, etc..

Playstation 1- Had a playstation as my very first console for christmas. I was 8 at the time. I played a lot of tomb raider on it and had a pretty sizable library. Fighting Force was a classic beat'em up and I used to KILL Street Fighter 2 EX. The console ended up breaking(laser read error) and having to get it fixed. Played the heck of it when I got it back and then it broke again for a second time. My dad refused to fix it again and said it broke because I was probably mistreating/improperly handling it. It was only a year and a half since I first got it. I never dropped it and I was very anal about out people handling it. I keep it in good condition. Never touched the lens either.

Nintendo 64- Got this for christmas and the first game I got was Duke Nukem 64 from my cousin. This was probably one of my favorite consoles. I played a TON of games and had about a good 15-20 games at once. owned about 60 games total in lifetime but a lot got traded or sold. I played Smash Bros nearly every day and goldeneye was a favorite. Resident Evil 2 got me HOOKED in the Resident Evil series and I became a HUGE fan. Beat the game about 20-30 times.(Since it was very fun and short) I even still have one of the controllers to it. This was my LONGEST owned console and I played the mess out of it. My cousin was staying with me at the time so he can do home schooling and he said we should sell it and get a playstation since we had the N64 for a LONG time. We did and guess what we got?

Playstation 1 (Again)- had a pretty good library and it was a trip down memory lane. PS1 was pretty old at the time so games were practically dirt cheap,(Under 10 bucks) so we were never bored. I honestly can't remember what happened? OH YEAH! My cousin wanted to bring it back down to Georgia with him. I really didn't care. He left it with my cousin and came back. As soon as he came back we went to the pawn shop and we got the next console.

Dreamcast- Got this and we again played a lot of games. We rented more than we bought but we still had a decent sized library. It was fun and I loved the VMU. The game I remember playing a lot was Fighting Force 2, Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider, and Sonic. Eventually got a disk read error about a little over a year of owning it. We decided to sell and get cash. I traded in over 10 games(good high profile ones), 2 controllers and a VMU. I got 11 dollars for everything so I decided not to do it. I thought it was a rip off. My cousin came with me the next time at gamestop and I game the stuff in since it was just going to collect dust. THIS TIME they said 9 dollars. WTF?!?! It was the next day too and the EXACT same items. I was pissed and decided to just give the stuff anyway. I wasn't into the gaming news community and all I knew was how to play games. It wasn't until later that I found out that Dreamcast was a huge flop and that is why I was given so little. I was left consoleless but not for long.

Gamecube- My cousin was in the army and said that he was going to get me a console since he let me borrow the playstation in Georgia and never gave it back. He took me to a gaming store in a mall in South Carolina. He asked me I can choose any of the three consoles. Price didn't matter. I was sitting there looking at a Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox. This is how I catergorized the three consoles. Please don't go all fanboy on me on what I percieved from each one. Gamecube- best gameplay and games, Playstation 2- most games, Xbox-best graphics. I decided that quality as a ton better than quantity so I eliminated the PS2. I was deciding on whether to get an Xbox or Gamecube. I looked at the games availible for both and finally decided to get the cube. Smash Bros Melee had just came out for it and Resident Evil 0.(thats not including the tons of other games I wanted to play) I decided to get the cube. It was when the platinum edition just got released. I went to the PX to look for a game since I didn't see melee. I should have stuck with the other store because the game wasn't at the PX either and it had a lot less games. I was about to get pokemon coloseum for 50 bucks but I saw a value pack of 4 games for 40 bucks. I was skeptical since all 4 games looked dumb.(Minority Report, Die Hard, Hunter the Reckoning and Baldur's Gate) I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't get Melee. I went back home and played each game. I WAS SO WRONG! All of the four games were fun as hell and I had a blast! Plus it was FOUR games! I LOVED hunter the reckoning because there was a huge lot of zombies and you would just go around shooting them. Minority report had so many destructables that it was rediculous. I played A LOT of games and what surprised me the most was the quality of my silver little gaming cube. I owned about 50-60ish total amount of games during its lifetime. I had a LOT of fun. I Anyways I had my cube up until about a few days ago. I finally game it to my sister since my uncle is getting me a 360 as a graduation gift. I had Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, WindWaker and Def Jam 2 as the final games for it. Sold most of them for DS games. Hopefully I can add the 360 part. He is a very reliable person when it comes to gifts since he always gave me what I asked for in the past. If he didn't get it for me, he would always give me the cash to go get it myself. I decided to get he 360 for the games I wanted to play. Hardware wise I really wanted a PS3 but it had no games that really interested me. The part I didn't like was the 360 hardware since it is not the best quality. The games is what lured me. He said I can pick it up when I take my grandma back to Georgia. Hopefully the 360 will keep me busy in college when I am not studying or hanging with friends.

Phew, okay! Coming back from my trip down memory lane, what is your console history?

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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

I had a NES when I was mad baby. Remember playing Contra, because even though I was a little kid, I was manly as fuck.

Then I got a Sega Genesis. Raped faces with Sonic and shit. Remember playing a fuckload of SHINOBI III or some shit. Also raped faces at that. Mortal Kombat, etc. Never had a SNES, because I was still a little kid and didn't know any better.

Then I got a Playstation. Bushido Blade was one of the first games I got. I played that shit for hours with my brother, raping his face over and over. Then I got RESIDENT EVIL. Dog jumped through the window. Shat myself. Holy fuck. Then I played METAL GEAR HOLY SHIT SO AWESOME and became like 20 times manlier instantly. Which was ridiculous, since I was pretty damn manly to begin with. Fuck. Final Fantasy, etc.

And had a N64 after that to play GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and Super Smash Bro. back when Nintendo wasn't total fail yet.

Then I got a Dreamcast. Played fucking Shenmue or what the fuck ever. And Power Stone. And Sonic Adventures or some shit. All Awesome. Dreamcast was awesome. Goddamn.

Then I got a PS2. HOLY FUCK, MORE METAL GEAR GODDAMN SO MANLY INFINITE AMMO PUSSY BIG BOSS YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD FAPFAPFAPFAP SHIT SO AWESOME! FUCK! Had a lot of other awesome, extremely kick ass games too that I don't recall off the top of my head now since METAL GEAR SOLID is so ridiculously awesome. Damn.

Got a Gamecube, played SSB:Melee for a while, then sold that shit because it sucked, and your face sucks.

Eventually got an xbox too so I could play halo and KotR starwars shit or what the fuck that shit was called. Way better than gamecube, not as awesome as PS2. Goddamn, nintendo sucks nuts.
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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

I had Atari, then a NES with super mario bros and duck hunt then a Gameboy then a Gamegear then a Virtual Boy and then a Playstation but I played with the demo disc then I got Metal Gear Solid and I got fkn so hard that began searching for games like that, then came the PS2 and then I just stuck out with it until I bought a vid card for my old pc (a Geforce 6200) then I bought a gaming pc and now a PS3.

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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

Started with NES. Played Mario and Zelda and whatnot. Then I got the SNES and played Pitfall, the TMNT game where they travel through time and shit, and whatever else I rented. Got the N64, which is my favorite console because of how much fun the games were, like Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros., Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, Pokemon Stadium, Ocarina of Time, and the like. Got a Gamecube and played various titles. Got an Xbox afterwards and had a ton of games after modding it out. Got a PS2 with Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts (never finished it, don't plan on it, either), Mercenaries, and Soul Calibur III. Got the 360 with manly games like Bioshock and Halo 3 and Gears of War 2. I want a PS3 for MGS4 and whatever else is awesome.
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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

NES, Sega Master System, SNES, Game Boy Color, N64, PS, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, PS2, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, SG, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, DS, Wii.

Also own several hundred games across each of these platforms. Have played games from the age of 2 and even today as well. Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Kirby among many others are the best of the best anyway.
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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

My sister and I either had a Genesis or an NES first, I can't quite remember considering I was only about 4 at the time, and I can't remember a lot of those younger years, the only thing I remember on the Genesis was a Sonic game and Klonoa. My sister, her friend and I were mad on Duck Hunt and the original Super Mario, then we gave it to one of our other friends 'cause we had upgraded to an SNES(in fact I found that SNES just a couple monthes back)
With the SNES the biggest thing was Illusion of Gaia, Super Mario Bros. and this Wolverine game. Oh and Star Wars: Return of The Jedi(my Dad was crazy about that), a Scooby Doo game and an X-men game. Then my mom got rid of ALL of our SNES games, and about that time I got a PS1, and was loaded on Final Fantasy Games. And we also had an N64 which was fun 'cause somehow two of our friends, my sister and I made Majora's Mask a multiplayer(I have no idea how but it really fun).
Then I got a GameCube and a Ps2 when I started living with my grandparents, the Ps2 was full of good times, and so was the Gamecube sometimes, but then I got bored with it, traded it in and got a Ps3 for Christmas, then managed to procure a Wii, which is really only good for the new Fire Emblems. So yeah. I won't really get into the games for the newer systems 'cause I've gone through quite a few.
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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

1 atari
2 genesis
3 super nintendo
4 game boy
5 nintendo 64
6 ps1
7 ps2
8 ps3


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Re: Your Console gaming history?(Your console histories in order)

NES, Sega Master System, SNES, PS, N64, PS2, Game Cube, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3.
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