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Ninpocho RPG [Naruto RPG Forum]

Prepare to be introduced to the most exciting naruto forum EVER!

Before you start your extraordinary adventure, you must register. Make sure that the name that you register with is a Japanese name. After that easy process, you are ready to begin your journey into the Ninpocho world. Your first step is to make your character. You, as everyone else, will start as a academy student. At this point you can attend the academy and train so that you gain some power. As your power grows, sensai's will see that you are ready to take exams in order to become a higher ranked ninja. But your first exam will make you into a official ninja. From that point forward you will be putting your life on the line for your village by going on missions and fighting off any intruders. But now you might be thinking how to make yourself different from other shinobi in your village. Well by showing exceptional talent you can either sign up for the Anbu branch exams or the Med-Nin branch exams.

Anbu branch: These shinobi are known to be very talented in the arts of fighting and strategy. They protect their village and the laws of it with their lives. They are also the shinobi who guard the gates.

Med-Nin branch: These shinobi are known to be found in the Hospital most of their time. Though they often are out on the battle field healing many of the wounded. But it would not be a wise choice to think down on these shinobi because they cause a ninja an enormous amount of pain just as easily as they can heal such things.

Is that it to Ninpocho Chronicles? Not even close. If you are skilled enough to reach those high ranks. Continue to rise in power and intelligence and maybe you will be lucky enough to become one of the legendary Sennin or even a kage.

Another amazing feature about this naruto forum is that there are Bloodline and Core Abilities. Bloodlines are hidden ninja techniques that only travel within a clan members blood. They travel down from past generations. While Core Abilities are ninja techniques that are learned as your life goes on. It has nothing to do with what clan your in.

Now, I would argue, the most interesting thing about Ninpocho. The battle system.

When you start you will be given a certain amount of stats in the given category. Agility, Stamina, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Chakra Control (Chakra Control always starts at 0). Agility determines the speed of your ninja. Stamina would determine how much health he/she has and how well he/she can resist poison. Taijutsu determines how well you are with hand to hand combat or weapon combat. Genjutsu is used to determine how well you genjutsu is and its likely hood of it actually catching someone. Ninjutsu determines your skills with elements and those jutsus. While Chakra Control shows how much chakra your ninja has and also helps with resisting Genjutsu. For a little more info refer to the bottom table.

Melee Accuracy = Taijutsu + Agility
Ranged Accuracy = Taijutsu + Agility
Ninjutsu Accuracy = Ninjutsu + Chakra Control
Melee Dodge = Taijutsu + Agility
Ranged Dodge = Taijutsu + Agility
Ninjutsu Dodge = Ninjutsu + Agility
Genjutsu DC = Genjutsu + Chakra Control
Genjutsu Resist = Chakra Control + Genjutsu[/quote]

Lastly here is a few example of some of the posts made on the forum. From two excellent members out of our fantastic community.

This was by Mizukage Temujin
A crew member came up to Temujin who was at the back of the boat. "Sir we have arrived." Raising himself from his leaning position on the rails he nodded, putting his hand to his radio he clicked it, "We're here boys. Let us seek and destroy." Making his way to the shore he continued into the headset, "I'll wait for you at the shore, there we will decide what will happen. Regardless we will search every inch of these lands, find and claim what we can."

His fun was just about to begin, but this place looked barren. Maybe a subtle call to alert the masters of hiding and cowering in fear? The sand poured out of his gourd in a quick fashion and began to assemble and didgeridoo, from there it began to grow, until it towered over Temujin and the boat. Speaking into the mouth piece, "Testing" a booming voice started to echo through the lands 'Testing...testin....test...te...' The Sennin smiled, "This should do."

He would begin his public service annoucement, in the back of his mind he doubted it would ever be answered. The missing nin of this world were known to be among the biggest cowards. "Listen up, all you pathetic missing cowards. We've come to challenge each and every one of you. I doubt you will accept. If you can beat me or any of my comrades, I will gladly hand you five-hundred-thousand yen. Come if you dare you cowardice mortals. Tch."

Finishing his announcement the grin on his face grew, revealing his devishly sharp teeth. As the psuedo didgeridoo and or loud speaker crumbled into the grains from which it was made he clicked his headset again, "Think we will get any company or be dissapointed?
This was a reply By A S-class Missning-Nin Jinso
'Twas early in the morning when Jin was awoken. The clouds in the sky seemed to hold a sense of doom in them, as if they were cowering away in fear. A loud, sonorous blast echoed through the missing-lands once more.

"Listen up, all you pathetic missing cowards. We've come to challenge each and every one of you. I doubt you will accept. If you can beat me or any of my comrades, I will gladly hand you five-hundred-thousand yen. Come if you dare you cowardice mortals. Tch."

Jin was already through dressing and preparing before the man had finished his sentence. He quickly lifted his belongings. His face was expressionless, as if he was expecting something like this to happen. Almost like a man on death row who had his name called.

It wasn't hard to spot the intruder who was accompanied by large cloud of sand visible from a great distance away. Either that man is very strong, Jin thought, or entirely retarded. There is a price to pay for disturbing sleep. With urgency in his step, Jin made his way to the coasts. There stood the arrogant man. And there Jin stood, in the opening to the Missing Forests. Using his pinky finger to massage his ear, Jin defiantly stood amongst the pack of, oh what's this, Mist wussies. With a laugh, Jin took his figure out of his ear, and pointed at Temujin.

"Look, Man. I don't see what your problem is, but people need sleep. You look like a reasonable creature. How about you and me fight, one-on-one, a duel to the finish. I'd rather not have to beat up more wussies than I can, and the other missing would be grateful that their sleep goes undisturbed." Jin said, a gleeful expression on his face. It was finally time to test himself like he hadn't done in such a long time. He was to severely enjoy this, whether or not he was the one standing at the very end.
Ninpocho is a texted based RPG forum.
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Re: Ninpocho RPG [Naruto RPG Forum]

Another average Animu forum? No thanks
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