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Re: Naruto 462 Discussion

So they are in a town. Okay I missed that part. Silly me. But it isn't necessarily the Iron Village place. It could just be a suburb or something.
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Re: Naruto 462 Discussion

Yeah I see the town, but so what. Isn't the iron country neutral? Do you realize that simply entering without permission is an act of aggression. So why would naruto an co. decide to enter the town, and be seen. I can understand if they were nearby, but not in it. They would have to be pretty far away. Far enough that yamato could make his house and naruto could blow the roof up, and no one's around to notice. And also almost every time kishimoto draws a new area in the story, he does a scenery drawing. In the anime its even more evident.

Also maybe someone can explain just where there heading? I don't recall them passing the town on the way to meet raikage. Maybe they aren't heading home after all. But where would they go? Their not at the meeting either. It doesn't make much sense.

I've cooled my head off a little and reread the whole argument. I've come to the conclusion that it was completely unnecessary. Out of my whole post the only thing that you pointed out was that they weren't in konoha. I'm glad you pointed it out, but you still haven't said why the rest was "ridiculous". If you can say why, I'd like to know. ALL I was trying to do was discuss the manga. I wanted to throw some ideas out there to see what others thought. Instead my post was attacked, so I retaliated. That's all there is to it. Let me set the record strait. I don't think you have a ego, and your not a retard. I've seen you on a lot of different threads. Most of your posts are thought out, and you usually express your opinions in detail. That's why when trashed my post without explaining, I got a little pissed. By the way I don't have an ego either. Though I do get kinda defensive of my opinions. I talked a lot of trash at you , so I want to apologize for that. It was uncalled for. You made some good points, and I like to think I did too. In the end I think we both put up a hell of an argument. It was kinda fun. We should do it agian sometime. lol

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Re: Naruto 462 Discussion

It's over, let it rest.
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Red face Re: Naruto 462 Discussion

Originally Posted by Shad0w View Post
What's that for a creature at this page?

Will Naruto and Sasuke fight just like Madara and 1st Hokage?
I hope so
its like a baboon to me.

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