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How??? is this out!?

I thought the bleach anime was on sum fail filler atm. How come theres battle scenes of these out o.O
explain plz:/
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Re: How??? is this out!?

Isnt it obvious?^^ It says in every link that it is from the Bleach Game for the PSP - Soul Carnival 2
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Re: How??? is this out!?

that was pretty sick actually
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How is this out

The Forum
Welcome to the forum You have found a goldmine, a real treasure for Farm Town lovers. Here in this thread there is information about what the forum is, the different sections, and where you can post. Enjoy

What is the forum?
The forum is a glorious place where you can read other Farm Town player’s posts, or you can post questions, thoughts, and feedback. Share your frustrations, your joys, and post pictures of your farm and brag. You get to talk to other players from Farm Town and they come from all over the world. Hopefully you are lucky enough to make several friends here.

Who uses the forum?
There are many people on the forum and different types. There are players of Farm Town on here. There are also the wonderful people called moderators mods for short who take the time to help others, answer questions, move/delete threads, and monitor the forum.

What is in the forum and where can I post?
There are many sections in the forum that can get a little overwhelming but I will try to explain it the best I can.

New forum users start here:
This is where you go when you are a newbie and new to the forum. A lot of good information is found here and is recommended to be looked at because 99 of the time your questions are answered. No one may post in this area, it is a place for you to gather information about the game.

Known Issues, Glitches, and Bugs:
This has a thread with information on issues, glitches, and bugs. It is updated as much as possible. No one may post in this area. You are provided with links to the Official posts in which you may post regarding your problem.

Help & Support:
This is can be your best friend One of the most heavily posted places, people post their questions here. The lovely part is that most likely someone will respond back to your question or sometimes others add their two cents and say they have the same problem. At the top of the page are stickies which should always be looked at first as they often can solve problems. If not, post down below. Post only in Offiical threads. Before posting in an offiial thread read the information in the first post. This is where all the information we have regarding any problems can be found. Most times your problem can be solved by using the information in the first post. If you are still having a problem post in the Official thread so we can keep all of the information in one place for the developers.

News & Announcements:
This gets people excited as this is where upgrades and new releases are announced. Many people post here to thank Bert the creator or just to comment their pleasure.

Feedback & Suggestions:
This is the thread where you let the developers know what YOU want for Farm Town. Let them know what animals, plants, trees, etc. what you want on your farm and what improvements could be done. Many suggestions have been done in new releases, so truly, what you say can come true.

Farm Town Social:
Ahhh, my favorite part of the forum. This is heavily posted too. You can post about anything well, not computer problems/questions and suggestions, as there threads for that you want. Posting pictures of your farm, look for work, hiring people, meeting new people, asking for feedback about your farm, and even just fun threads. At the very top of the Farm Town Social page are a few stickies, the most important for some are the threads about neighbors. There is a sticky for Facebookers looking for friends, as well as for Myspace.

Other Languages:
This part of the forum is for other languages such as Spanish, German, Danish, etc. This is a place for other language speakers to gather but everyone is welcome in the English speaking part.

How do I post?
You first need to register in order to post. On the top of the page there is a red button that says “register now”. Click there and fill out what is needed. You create a nifty name and voila, you can now post to your heart’s content Please remember to post only in Official theads in the Help and Support section.

Before you post:
Please keep in mind threads that are titled "help", "Farmtown", "Ive been robbed", "your user name", or other very GENERIC TITLES will be given the LOWEST priority. It is highly likely that these threads will be archived/removed before getting any response. If you must start a new thread or post in an unofficial thread, please be sure that the title accurately describes the problem you are experiencing.

OFFICIAL THREADS will be given the HIGHEST priority and posting in them will move them to the top of the forum. In addition, these threads have a top post which we update as we get further information concerning the issue.

Posting in an official thread - even if you have tried the suggestions given in the top post - will also help us to consolidate information for the developers and will result in them being able to fix the problem more quickly.
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Re: How??? is this out!?

Bot needs to STFU and GTFO.
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