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Op 573 spoilers

573話 世界を滅ぼす力


Name: The power to destroy the world
Everyone screams for Whitebeard, he has an imposing posture, Marco and everyone are calm

「おっさん」と言いながら飛び出そうとするルフィをエースが止め自分が飛び出そうとす る
それを見た白ひげ「船長命令がきけねえのか!」と大絶叫!思わず固まるエ ース
Old man, says luffy, Ace stops him and tells him that these are the orders of the captain.

それを見て黄猿、赤犬が攻撃の瞬間白ひげの薙刀が一閃して二人を吹き飛ば す!
Akainu and Kizaru are thrown away by a swift of the bisento, the shishibukai as well acknowledge the unrivaled strength of WB

白ひげ「さぁ、はじめるぞ。ここが俺とおめぇらの死に場所だ」 終

Don Flamingo: Playing dead all this time that old geezer. For the fist time is sweating
Sengoku: The power to destroy the world
WB: Ok, lets begin, You (marines) and I, this will be the place in which we will die.

Translation of Apprentice Spoiler

573話 時代の名は白髭 (Name of the Era WhiteBeard)

エース「オヤジィ!なんでだよ!?まだ新世界の全てを見終わってねぇ!こんな別れ方 ねぇよ…」
Ace:Old Man, Why? You have not seen all of the new world, This separation....

There is a reflection of a crying Ace

白髭「エースおめぇ解放されて良かった!もう時代は変わる…!お前らで新時代を築 け」
WB: Ace, it is good you were released, The Era has finished, you people will build the new Era

赤犬「何を言っとるんじゃ。新時代だの何なのくだらない。この海で海賊が時代を語るん じゃないわい!」
Akainu: What are you saying. The new Era is kind of worthless (??) In this sea, pirates wont talk about it.

Akainu: Mugiwara, with this body you wont save your Brother

A punch of Lava goes to Luffy
know that ace is free WB is going to go all out without worring about hurting any of his men

Ace Hiken bends the trajectory

Akainu: Do you think that there are conflict among Logias

Ace ???
Akainu: Volcan Meteor
Ace: Flame Blaze

Ther is a big explosion
Akainu is not unhurt (not so sure) and Ace is blown off. End
When Ichigo said ‘i will defeat Aizen’ I said : ‘Keep dreaming’
When Naruto said ‘i will be hokage’ I said : ‘Grow up kid’
When Luffy said ‘i will be Pirate king’ I said :’Go for it

It's well past midnight
I should get up to pray
The mirrors of my honesty
have long been filmed with dust

I should get up
I still have time
My hands can yet discern
a jug of water from a jug of wine

as time's wheeled chariot
hurtles down the slope of my life

Perhaps tomorrow
the poisonous arrows aimed at me
will hunt down my eyes
two speckled birds startled into flight

Perhaps tomorrow
my children
will grow old
awaiting my return
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Re: Op 573 spoilers

Thanks for the spoiler. i want to read the real thing now.
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