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Kagami Kyoji
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Lightbulb READ!!! Fansubs!!!

Alright. A few members here are starting a fansub group. Which means, we will provide you with great anime titles released and everyone will have a great time. However, such an accomplishment requires other proponents to tie off the loose ends.

We are asking EVERYONE at NL, anyone interested in helping our cause for community fansubs of the anime YOU want!

We currently have an all-star cast of great fansubbers but we need more to make 100% sure the anime you want is released in the most prompt manner and is the fastest as it can possibly be.

To do this we need more people, we need YOU! Now, we need...

- Translators: A must for any fansub group and a major help to us would be ANYONE who understands japanese please reply and contact me, hokage or anyone for that matter.
- Encoder: An encoder is the person who takes the subs, karoke, and the raw and puts them together then makes a high quality file size of the avi
AND a raw provider.
- Type Setter: The type setter is the person who types up the script using substation alpha. After the translator has translated and made there own script it goes off to the next person...the editor.
- Editor: These people have the responsibility of checking the japanese and english translations and making sure everything makes sense.
- Karaoke: when they sing the song in the begining of the anime and the words follow along...thats what they do.
- Timer: the person who times the anime words to the episode itself. Fairly easy. You simply dl a program. Play the movie in slow motion. Rewind, fastfoward etc to find when thier lips start moving then type in the words.

All of these jobs will require dedication and you will have to be there and ready on release night so we can put it out asap. You will get bragging rights, lifetime anime dl's from L9I Anime's private section (courtesy of Kyoji), your name in the episodes, and you will actually have gotten closer and know more about the people who run the two sites. I.E. Quick and easy way to make friends with the 'higher-ups' such as Shino. Don't you just want to be his actual friend...well...ok so maybe that one didnt sell to much. XD

Either way, we are looking for some good people who would like to join something BIG, and be apart of greatness!

People who joined and are apart of greatness thus far:
Kagami Kyoji,
Hokage Inuyasha,
Sakatsu (pending),
add your name here!

Reply below. contact one of the peple listed above...and enjoy a world of excellence! Remember, we are ALWAYS looking for more. So join up today!!!

"To remove liberty from will is to remove morality from one's acts"

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