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bals fanfic

made this on ML
btu had to transfer it here
i will update slowly

chapter 1
A boy is walking alone in the dessert, the sand blowing hard in his face. He’s walking slowly searching for something out in the barren wasteland of the interwebz, until a rumbling starts to shake below his feet. With a sudden burst of shock the boy looks at his feet only to find the sand all focusing into one point. Frozen with shock the boy just stands there as a giant sand worm rises up from the sand. Standing as tall as a 10 story building the worm still was hiding some of his body in the sand. The sand worm turns its head and sees the boy standing still unable to move. The worm dives straight at the boy, its mouth wide open clearly showing its razor sharp teeth. The boy still in shock is only able to close his eyes and wait for his impeding death. A minute passes and the boy is still alive, he is very puzzled and slowly opens his eyes. He sees the body of the sand worm cut into pieces in front of him. He screams out in shock but is finally able to move his body. As he takes steps backwards away from the dead corpse he hits into something and falls to the ground. Now sitting on the sand the boy looks up at the image that is shadowing over him. He can’t make out what the image truly is but he sees the reflection of a person, all he sees is an outline with the sun directly behind the person glaring into his eyes. “Here, let me help you up.” the image says as a hand is extended to help the boy. The boy a little hesitant to grab the images hand but he realizes the person is only here to help. The boy grabs the hand and is raised to his feet, now with out the sun glaring in his eyes he is able to see the figure clearly. It a well dressed man wearing a tie and a suit jacket, long hair, and headphones wrapped around his neck. “Come follow me I’ll bring you to a safe place.” The man says to the boy. They both walk a little further and the boy is able to see an image of a town in the distance. “That’s Manga Lounge, that’s where we are headed. It’s a great place to be full of friendly people and tons of manga and anime, plus its rent free. Since you look like your low on cash and def need a place to stay you can hang out there.” The boy nods wondering how the man knew so much, but it didn’t matter he was right. “Here we are. Now all you need to do is register and you’re able to enjoy all the fruits of Manga Lounge, everything from the free anime and manga to the arcade and casino. So go ahead pick a username.” With that the man walks away.
“Hey wait what’s your name. Mines Kuroboo.” The boy screams out to the man.
“Balmung5000, let me know if you ever need anything.” With that the man waves goodbye as he walks away.
Just standing is such a marvelous place makes the boy happy he can see tons of building where people can stay. A casino where those who want can gamble their credits, an arcade where everyone can play games for free, and many more places. Wondering around the boy is lost within the crowd of people, and so begins the tale of Manga Lounge. Much has changed over the last year, people have come and gone. Old and new faces have changed also the staff and even the way the town is desgined.

chapter 2
“Another boring day eh Itz.” Says a rugged man before he slams back a giant mug of beer.

“Yea don’t worry about it too much SirBenoit I’m sure activity will pick up, we just got our server back up so now people are able to get all the manga and anime we have.”

“Guess your right. Now join me in a drink.” SirBenoit then hands Itzanilluzion a drink. Just before Itz is able to take his first sit a giant explosion went off. Shocked the two mods stand up “Don’t worry SB, I got this one, finish your drink.”
“You’re the man Itz. I’ll drink one for you too.”

With that the Admin, Itzanilluzion walks out of the staff lounge bar and head to the scene where the explosion took place. Dust and smoke fills the spam lounge, Itz is unable to see anything. “Is anyone there?” he calls out. There is no answer, the dust and smoke is finally settling and Itz sees a bright pink piece of cloth. He runs to find out what it is, but it is underneath a giant boulder. Itz stands up and extends his hand “Bolt”, a large beam of light extends from both sides of his open hand. At one end the forms the head of a trident, seconds later the light then turns into a weapon. Itz points the trident at the rock and a small bolt of lightning hits the boulder and causes it to crumble. Shocked Itz finds a woman badly injured underneath the boulder. He then puts away his weapon and grabs the girl out of all the rubble. She is badly injured with cuts running up and down her body; her thin skimpy clothing did not help protect her from the debris. Itz carrying the woman runs to the nearest building to get the woman to safety. As he places her down he reaches for his phone so he can text another member. There was one person lurking in the building Itz calls out to him, “You there, this member is badly injured. I have just informed someone of this location he is on the way and will heal her injuries. Please just watch over her and contact me if there is any change or the person never arrives.” Itz then rushes out in order to find some clues to who or what caused this explosion. Unable to find any clue at the scene of the explosion Itz begins to get frustrated.
“Hey you Admin. I guess you’re looking for what happened here right?” said a strange man.
“Yes I am if you know anything please let me know.”
“Alright well I was just lurking around and then I saw that girl and another guy talking. Then they started to argue, next thing I know there’s a huge explosion and both were gone. I thought nothing of it so I just went about my day that is until I saw you carry the girl from under a boulder.”
“What did the man look like?”
“From what I saw he was about average height, kinda long hair, and he wore a hoodie with a skull and cross bones. That’s all I remember, but the hoodie was tight I wonder where he got it.”
“Thanks you’ve been a real help I think I know who it was. By the way what’s your name?”
“Jimmer45khb, but just call me Jimm.”
“Thanks you’ve been a great help when this is over I’ll make sure Grim knows about your help.”
With this Itz leaves the scene and is headed for the members’ area, who is this mysterious person and what cause the huge explosion. Find out in the next chapter

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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 3
Charging through the streets Itz is focused on finding the member behind this attack. He thinks to himself it can only be one person, Cyrogentic Blaze. Itz knows Cryo’s strength and knows that he must take caution. The reason why he wears the hoodie is to cover the tattoos on his arms, for those are his powers. Two large tattoos of snakes each with a different attribute one controls ice and the other controls fire. My thunder element may not be much of a match but I have to try. Suddenly as Itz turns the corner he spots Cryo standing looking as if he is waiting for something.
“Cryo don’t move I need to ask you a few questions.” demands Itz
“You must be wondering about that girl, well she just got in the way.”
“What do you mean got in the way, what are you trying to accomplish?”
“I don’t have to answer to you.” With that Cryo rolls up his sleeves to display his tattoos.
“So you wanna play huh.” Itz pulls out his weapon and readies to fight Cryo.
“Your too quick to draw your weapon Itz, when I’m done here ill finish what I started.”
Itz dashes at Cryo with his trident in front as if to try and ram it through Cryo’s stomach. Cryo lifts his left arm and his snake tattoo begins to lift from his skin, the snake bites down hard on the trident stopping it inches from his stomach. Itz smirks and charges his weapon with an electric charge in order to knock the snake off of the weapon. Itz looks down at his weapon and is shocked to see the snake is still there stopping him from moving his weapon. “How?”
“Ha your attempts are futile seconds before you used your electric to charge your weapon I had my snake cover the area where he is biting with ice in order to negate the electric from touching my snake.” Cryo lifts his right arm and the snake is ready to attack, but just then a group of five monsters came up surrounding the two members. These monsters looked like trolls but were somehow different. They were short green trolls and they were drooling all over, but instead of having two arms one arm was a giant blade. “You guys again.” Cryo says as he averts his attention away from Itz. Itz decides this is the perfect time to attack Cryo since he is distracted, Itz manages to break free from the ice snake and slashes Cryo’s left hand clean off. Cryo falls to the ground and grabs his stub of a hand. “You will pay for this Itz.”
“Ill deal with you in a second, but first I have to figure out what happened to these trolls.”
Itz turns to one of the trolls and slams his trident deep into its shoulder. Another troll runs toward Itz and slashes at his back. Itz is able to jump and evade the attack, on his way down Itz plunges his trident deep into the trolls head till the tip of his trident hits the ground. Itz rises up with the troll still on his weapon; he slashes it down launching the stuck troll at another troll charging. The blade from the troll that Itz launched plunged deep into the trolls open slobbering mouth killing it instantly. Without hesitation Itz finishes off the troll that was previously wounded slashing its head off with little effort. Itz looks around only one left he fires a bolt of lighting right at the troll paralyzing it. “I’ll take this one back alive so we can find out why it has a blade for an arm.” Itz then heads off for the staff lounge in order to find Dante, the head of the research department. On his way there Itz realizes that he had only fought four trolls but there was five that had attacked. Also where had Cryo gone he could not have escaped in his condition?

What are the answers to these questions? Find out in the next chapter

chapter 4
Itz finally reaches the research facility, a tall white building that doesn’t look too interesting. The front door and other surrounding areas are under strong surveillance. Itz begins to enter the pin number to the front door, as he pushes the last button he notices someone approaching. Itz drops the paralyzed troll and is about to draw his weapon. “Easy there Itz it’s just me.” The incoming member says with a smile
“Man am I glad to see you Grimmjow.” Itz says very relieved
Grim wears a long loose white robe covering over his light colored red button down shirt. Grim is the head admin of Manga Lounge he foresees everything that happens and has full authority over everything. “I sensed trouble and followed you here, let’s enter and talk to Dante about what is really going on here.” Both Itz and Grim enter the building and make their way to Dante’s main examination room. Dante is hunched over the top of his desk, it seems as if he’s very hard at work. As grim and Itz make their way to the desk they notice that Dante is sleep. Grim hits Dante on the head in order to wake him up. Dante quickly wakes up and sees the two visitors, “Yo.”
“Yo? You were sleeping on your desk and we are here with an emergency and all you say is yo?”
“Please Itz calm down, Dante is very skilled if he needs a break let him take one.”
“So what do we have there Itz, a new girl friend?”
Grim begins to hold Itz back, “Calm down please lets not have the staff fighting each other.”
“Fine I’ll let that one go but one more comment Dante and I won’t be so nice.”
Grim and Itz then proceed to inform Dante of the trolls, “Hrm, well lets just open this guy up and take a look.” As Dante begins to dissect the troll he realizes that the troll has some major enhancements, “Looks like this troll has been implanted with a virus that spread throughout its body causing it to be very aggressive and also altered the physical form of the troll. I’m unable to find the direct reason for this right now but please leave this specimen here and within a few days I should have something.”
“You got it Dante, Itz and I will search for anything else we can find. Thanks for your help Dante.”
On the way out of the research building grim gives Itz the plan of action “Itz I want you to investigate anything you can about where Cryo went and what happened to the missing troll, also if you could send Jimmer to me I need to have a word with him. I’ll go see how Rocklee is doing healing the girl who was crushed. Report back to the staff bar if you have any problems.”
“Alright Grim you got it.”
With those words Grimmjow and Itz go on separate ways, each heading out to find answers to the questions at hand.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 5

Grim makes his way to the medical center where Rocklee0891 is the head of the medical team. “How’s she doing Rocklee?” Rocklee is short wearing a white lab coat, he removes the coat and has on the typical staff attire of a button down shirt. Since he is an Smod his shirt color is green.
“She will be fine she had some minor broken bones but it was nothing I couldn’t fix”
“Thanks man did you find out her username?”
“Yea her name is Kushina.”
“Alright thanks I’ll take care of everything from here.”
“You’re the boss Grim.”
Grim walks into the room where Kushina is laying down on a hospital bed.
“How are you feeling?”
“Great that Rocklee sure is good.”
“Yea he’s the best healer we have, but I have more urgent things I have to talk to you about. What exactly happen in the spam lounge between you and Cryo?”
“Well from what I remember we were just talking and then we got into an argument next thing I know a group of trolls attacked us. They weren’t your normal trolls they were different.”
“Different, how?”
“Well for one they were a lot taller then the normal trolls that I have seen also they had more arms then normal. One of them had as much as six arms and they were all holding swords. They attacked us and Cryo told me to step back since I was no match for them.”
“So he tried to save you?”
“I don’t know if he was trying to save me but rather he thought I was too weak to handle them.”
“So then what happen?”
“Well he took out most of them but for some reason they kept coming back. He said something about cutting off their head or else they would just be able to log back in. So in order to kill them all he decided to make a huge explosion that would crush them all. He told me to get away but I underestimated Cryo’s strength and thought I could handle the explosion. I’m sorry for causing you guys so much trouble.”
“Please no it’s fine, sometimes Cryo takes things a little too far”
Just then there was a knock on the door, Rock lee enters “Grim, Jimmer is here to see you.”
“Thank you Rocklee tell him I’ll be right with him.”
“As you wish.” Rocklee says as he exits.
“Thanks for your help Kushina and if you ever need anything feel free to send me a PM.” Grim then exits the room and meets Jimmer in the hall. “So you must be Jimmer” Jimmer is a tall man wearing loose fitting clothes and braided hair.
“Yep that’s me, what’s up man?”
“So I hear you helped Itz with a major problem we had. Thank you for your cooperation.”
“Eh it was no big deal man, guess it was just right place right time. So you brought me all the way down here just to thank me, damn you could’ve just sent me a PM.”
“Well I was getting to that we could use a guy like you on the team.”
“You saying you want me as a mod?”
“Yes I am do you accept?”
“Sure why not gives me something to do.”
“Alright then we will hold the ceremony the day after tomorrow.”

chapter 6
Two Days have past since the troll incident but all that is forgotten for now is the ceremony for making Jimmer45khb a mod. There is a mass gathered in front of the stage in the Manga Lounge Updates section. There are banners and ribbon hanging from each building to the stage, balloons and confetti fill the sky, and all the mods are sitting on the stage. Starting on the left was Zaganite who seems to be hitting on Tsuna who was sitting next to him, Dante and Rocklee were sitting patently, SirBenoit and Balmung were toasting a beer to the festivities, and Bloodkid and Itz were watching as Grim was beginning the ceremony on the podium. The ceremony was to show all the members of Manga Lounge the unity the staff felt for each other also the respect all should show to the newly appointed mod, even though he was new he should be treated with the same respect as the veterans of the site. Part of being a mod is a standard uniform that each mod has to wear, this includes a button down dress shirt and depending on what type of mod you are is what color you wear. Regular mods wear a black shirt, smods wear a green shirt, and admins wear a red shirt. Other then the shirt each mod has to wear something that displays their position on the staff, most members wear an arm band with their staff position. Grim begins to give the standard speech that very member who becomes staff must hear, The Jimmer is given a shirt and his mod arm band. “And now a word from our newest mod Jimmer” claps instantly roar through the crowd after Grim finishes his speech.
“Well I guess I would like to thank….”
Suddenly there is a scream amidst the crowd and all the mods rise from their seats. Grim takes the microphone from Jimmer “Please make room one of the mods will be there shortly to assist you.”
“I’m on it Grim.” SirBenoit says as he crushes a beer can on his head. SB heads down to the scene of the scream unfortunately he’s a little drunk and takes his time walking in a zigzag pattern. “So what’s the problem here?”
“This member here just collapsed. He was standing next to me and then suddenly he feel.”
“Hrm seems like he’s still breathing it’s just very faint, seems to me it was knock out gas. Is there anyone else he unaccounted for?”
“O my god! Yes my friend he was here a minute ago.” A member in the crowd screams
“Yes mine too. She was here a second ago.” cries out another member. More and more members begin to call out about their friends missing. SB along with the rest of the mods gathered all the information of the missing people they could. There were a total of 34 members who have gone missing. Grim then reports to the crowd “Today’s events have been cut short due to a situation we will have under control very shortly. Please everyone return to your homes and do not fear we have the dedicated ML staff on the job. With the new addition of Jimmer I’m sure this will be over shortly.” Grim then turns to the staff and lets them know the plan of action “SB I want you to follow through with this one. It shouldn’t be a problem for you just try not to get too drunk. The rest of you I want you to assure that things are running smoothly with ML. It seems something serious is going on here, first the trolls, then Cryo goes missing, and now 34 members are gone in front of a crowd of people. These incidents may not be related but if they are I want you guys to take extreme caution. Zag I want you with Jim show him around teach him the way we do things around here.”
“Can Tsuna come with us?”
“No Zag, she is needed else where.”
“Ugh, alright then.”
“Good it’s settled everyone head out and get as much info on the events here, but make sure not to cause and concern with the regular members.”

chapter 7
“Grim its SB I’m heading down the debates forest I got a nice lead as to what happen a few days ago at the ceremony.”
“Good, what do you expect?”
“Honestly I don’t know, one member said they saw someone around here a day or two ago but they didn’t get a good look at the member.”
“Alright then do you have any other leads besides the one your on?”
“I found out a great place to get cheep beer.”
“Is there any time your mind isn’t on beer?”
“Yea, when I’m thinking about women.”
“Nice one SB, be careful on your mission.”
“Will do boss and when this is over I want a 12 pack waiting for me and you better make sure a good looking woman is there to greet me.”
“If you finish this mission I’ll make sure to throw you a nice keg party.”
“Awesome thanks…urgg”
“SB. SB, come in”
SB had dropped his phone due to an unknown attack coming from behind him.
“Hrm, your better then I expected you give a good impression for the Smod title.” An unknown voice speaks.
“Well why don’t you come out and fight like a real man.”
“Are you challenging my masculinity?”
“What if I was?”
“Well then that would suck something fierce for you, but unfortunately it is not time to expose myself.”
“Since you sound like a guy I sure hope you wouldn’t expose yourself to me.”
“Enough with the wise cracks I’ll end this quickly”
Just then a small knife is thrown from a bush behind SB he manages to dodge it with out even turning around. “Crush” suddenly there are two white while orbs around SB’s hands, they form into brass knuckles. Three more knifes are thrown from three different angles, SB jumps above the attack but as all three meet in the spot where SB was standing they all quickly were reflected upwards. Without any way of dodging the attack SB punches the three blades and knocks them to the ground. As he lands he takes a sharp look at the surrounding bushes and trees and tries to determine where the enemy is hiding. Unable to determine exactly wear the enemy is SB decides to take another route to capturing his enemy. SB drives his right hand into the tree standing beside him and with one swift lift he is able to de root the entire tree. He then uses the tree to knock out a 20 foot radius anything that was hiding in this radius would be badly injured. The land is clear and yet still the enemy is not seen
“Well it looks like you put a lot into that attack but you will never find me.”
“Ha, I’m not a huge fan of bushes so you would never catch a real man hiding in them.”
SB then proceeds to go to the edge of the circle he had cleared out and is still unable to find any indication on where the enemy is. So he travels deeper and deeper into the forest hoping to draw the enemy. “Well it looks like your just not coming out so I ask you one question, what kind of man hides in the forest?”
“Why don’t you see.”
With that SB turns around and is face to face with the enemy hanging from the tree branch from his feet. SB’s eyes widen as the man lunges a knife at his face.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 8
SirBenoit is face to face with the enemy, there is no time to sit and stare he must defend himself form the enemies attack. SB lifts his hand and punches the knife in mid air, both the knife and SB’s brass knuckles crack and break. Both weapons soon disappear after they were broken. “Hrm again you surprise me SirBenoit.” The enemy then drops himself from the tree and lands safely to his feet. “So not only do you hide in bushes you also wear makeup.”
“Its called camouflage but an uneducated twit like you wouldn’t understand something like that.”
“So it looks like both our weapons have broken it shouldn’t take long for mine to come back since a weakling like yourself couldn’t possibly do much damage to my weapon.”
“It would be in your best interest for you not to underestimate me. What do you say with end this the manly way, a battle of fists, no weapons.”
“You’re on.” SB loosens the top two buttons of his shirt, while the enemy readies his stance. SB charges at the man swinging his right fist towards his head, with a perfectly timed dodge the soldier was able to dodge it easily. He returned with a knee to SB’s ribs but with his other hand SB was easily able to catch his knee and guard himself. The battle continued for about 20 minutes without any side wavering, both men were starting to breath heavy. “So soldier looks like neither side has the advantage what do you say we finish this with one attack?”
“With pleasure.” The soldier starts to smirk and raises his hands as if to shoot a gun “Solid” a gun forms in his hands aim directly at SB. Five shots are fired at SB’s chest all hitting him directly. SB falls to the floor only able to keep himself up on one knee. The soldier slowly walks over to SB point the gun at his head ready for the kill. Seconds before the soldier is able to pull the trigger he is kicked directly in the face and knocked away. “Don’t come any closer Marlboro.”
“You! Well this is definitely an interesting turn of events.”
“I have no interest in fighting you here just give me the information I request.”
“Well, well aren’t we a bit ahead of ourselves.”
“Who are you working for?”
“Now then I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”
“Were you the one who captured all the missing members?”
“Who else would be able to do it?”
“Why did you do it?”
“It seemed convenient to test my abilities and we needed a few test subjects.”
“What would you need test subjects for?”
“I think you should pay more attention to your friend over there.”
SB begins to raise his hand to his mouth and coughs. He looks at his hand and sees blood covering his palm. “SB don’t worry ill get you outta here.” SB then falls on his back and closes his eyes. “There are visible holes in his shirt where he was shot but there is no blood what kind of attack is this? Marlboro what did you do?” as the member turns his head Marlboro is gone and he can not leave SB’s side to search for him. “My first priority is to get you some help SB just hold on a little longer.”

chapter 9
“SB don’t you dare die on me”
“Bal is that you?”
“Yea I’m here old buddy, if you need anything I’m right here.”
“I need, cough, a beer.”
“What how can you drink at a time like this.”
“Time like this, what isn’t that soldier gone?” SB then begins to sit up and smiles.
“What I don’t get what happen SB?”
“Well it’s actually quite simple, I turned my chest into rock a second before the bullets hit me. I was a little drunk so my reaction time was a little slow or else I wouldn’t have been hurt at all, but I enjoy having a cold 6 while I take a walk through the woods.”
“Well I can’t argue with that.”
“So you knew that guy?”
“Yea I worked with him on a few missions and even started FTP with him before I became a mod for ML”
“FTP, you mean the elite group of mercenaries that destroyed any form of tyranny?”
“Yea that’s them, we were leaders together. His intellect in battle is unmatched by anyone. Plus before we created FTP he was trained and mastered multiple types of martial arts as well as being able to use multiple weapons.”
“So that’s how he was able to change his weapon from a knife to a gun, I only know of one other person who can do that.”
“Yea well at least we know who we are dealing with, we just have to find out who he’s working for. Let’s head back and report to grim hopefully someone has word on where Cryo is.”
So the two Smods head back to the Staff Lounge Bar to report in to Grimmjow. As they arrive there is a mission being posted on the Reported Posts board. They see Zaganite quickly pass them in order to take the mission being posted. “Sorry guys I’m really bored and a mission will help me out. If you’re looking for Grim I think he’s in the back there.” So SB and Bal head over and inform Grim of the current run in with Marlboro while Zaganite reads the mission being posted. “Ha two members fighting in the Spam Lounge this should be an easy mission.” With that Zag heads for the spam lounge in order to bring peace to the land of ML. As Zag arrives at the scene he sees the two members Darth Taco and Da Rest releasing their weapons.
“Bloodiaaaa” screams DT
“Majin Tenshi” called out Da Rest
DT was now completely covered in armor similar to a mech while Da rest had hunched over while spikes were protruding from his back. His nails and teeth had sharp razor like tips and his eyes were dark red. “What is this form, I’ve never seen Da Rest transform like that before.” Zag thinks to himself. DR Lunges forward and starts a heavy attack on DT, all DT can do is guard himself from the furious onslaught. DR’s movements are swift and precise, he drops to the floor and tries to knock out DT’s legs. DT’s heavy body is unable to match the speed at which DR is moving. DT falls to the ground causing the ground to rumble, DR then jumps on top of DT’s chest and starts to pry at the armor surrounding him. Zag realizes that something is wrong with DR and that he must do something quickly “G up” two pistols form in Zag’s hands. “I can’t kill DR I’ll just have to use a tranquilizer dart in order to calm him down and take him to Dante. DT give me an open shot.” With that DR turns and notices Zag standing pointing a gun at him, but before he can move DT rises up and catches DR in a full nelson immobilizing him. Zag fires without hesitation nailing DR in the neck. Within seconds Dr is knocked unconscious and his body returns to normal. “So what happened here?”
“I don’t really know, DR came and started to attack me for no reason.”
“That’s quite odd he’s usually not like that. Well I’m gonna get him over to Dante for him to take a look at this new transformation he has, you better get your armor fixed.” And so with that Zag makes his way to the research facility in order to find what was causing DR to go crazy.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 10
Zag arrives at the research center and contacts Dante.
“Come in Zag, please don’t mind the mess I’ve been working hard on finding a cure to this virus the troll had.”
“Well I hope you have one because I think DR was infected. I saw his weapon transformation and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”
“Alright all I have to do is take a sample of DR’s blood and check to see if the virus is in there.” Dante takes a sample of DR’s blood and he and Zag make their way to examine it under the microscopes set up.
“So Dante tell me a little more about this virus.”
“Well the trolls that attacked Itz and Cryo had a chip implanted in their brains that’s how they were infected. What happened was it caused them to be very aggressive and altered their appearance. All of that you should know already, but was interesting to me was that the virus is contagious. It seems that if one is cut or pierced by someone who has the virus it transfers into the new host. So if you do battle these trolls you have to take the utmost caution cause one pin prick could cause you to get infected. Not only that it seems that the only way to kill them is to sever the connection of the brain to the rest of the body or ip ban them, otherwise they will continue to return with dups. So if you’ve ever seen a zombie movie then you get the basic idea of how these trolls work.”
“I see but what if it infects a normal member?”
“Well it does look like DR is infected with the virus but I don’t know ho he may have gotten it. So it seems like if a normal member gets infected with this zombie virus then they too turn into an enhanced troll, but what I don’t understand is why DR looks perfectly normal until he calls upon his weapon and the trolls were altered permanently. Also when I had tested this virus on other animals the place where they were attacked seemed not to heal it stayed open but no where on DR’s body is an open wound.”
“Is it possible that DR has the chip implanted in his head?”
“Good idea Zag nice to see we got another smart brotha on the ML staff. Let me just scan his body with this x-ray” Dante then scans DR’s body with the x-ray and it is displayed on the projector screen. “Well it doesn’t look like there is anything unusual there.”
“Wait Dante what about that?”
“What Zag?”
“Down below looks like it’s by his ass.”
“Wait why are you looking at his ass?”
“No you fool on the x-ray.”
“O, well it looks like a dill. Hrm this is strange even for DR.”
“I didn’t know DR swung that way.”
Dante then picks up a pair of tongs and removes the dill. “Wow he must have ment business. Look here there is an engraving in it, it’s a letter S. I wonder what that stands for.”
“I wonder what it means I’m starting to have my doubts it was DR’s.”
“Wait a second Zag wasn’t Dr one of the people captured during the ceremony’s events?”
“Yes he was and with the information that Bal and SB gathered from Marlboro it seems as if those people were test subjects.”
“So wait all that talk about being manly is just a front for Marlboro?”
“No Dante I don’t think so remember he’s a mercenary so I’m sure he’s working for someone.”
“Damn man you really put the stereo type to shame. So then this “S” belongs to Marlboro’s benefactor.” Just as Dante is able to finish his sentence Da Rest rises from the operating table and punches Dante in the face. Staring at Zag DR screams “Majin Tenshi”

chapter 11
Da Rest stands tall a top of the operating table breathing heavy. Still a little woozy from the knockout dart he stands starring directly into Zag’s eyes. A sense of fear runs through Zag causing goose bumps to spread across his arms. Zag looks down at his hand and faintly speaks “G up” his weapons form into his hands. As he looks back at Da Rest a smirk runs across Zag’s face, “I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Come on now let me put that body of yours to the test.” Da Rest lunges at Zag, his razor sharp claws pointed directly at Zag’s face. Knowing that only one little scratch will cause him to turn into one of them Zag fires two shots one at each of Da Rest’s hands sending his arms to fly back. With Da Rest’s arms back and his chest exposed Zag catches DR on his feet and sends him flying through a wall. Now in the narrow hallway Zag had gotten DR away from Dante who was knocked out from the punch he had received. Rubble and dust fill the hole in the way, as Zag makes his way to the hole he sees the outline of DR’s body through the dirt approaching the room again. Zag readies his guns and let’s loose a steady barrage of bullets into the figure. The image is gone “There is no way someone could have survived that I almost put both my 16 bullet clips into him.” Zag lowers his arms and looks toward Dante who is still motionless on the floor. Zag walks slowly to Dante in order to help him but as he turns a long spike is thrown at him through the hole. There is not enough time to doge the attack it grazes his shoulder barely leaving a scratch. Enraged Zag runs through the hole in the wall and searches franticly for DR but he is no where to be found. Frightened Dante might awake and see he was injured Zag runs out of the building.

A few hours pass and Dante finally awakes, “Wow don’t scare me like that guys.” Dante is lying in a medical bed surrounded by Balmung, Grimmjow, and Rocklee.
“What happened to you Dante?” speaks Grim
“Zag and I were taking a look at Da Rest’s augmented body until the knockout dart wore off. He sucker punched me in the face and I decided to take a little nap.”
“So you weren’t knocked out you were just sleeping?”
“Ha yea well this new virus has got me working around the clock, plus I was sure Zag could handle this one by himself.”
“Unfortunately Zag can not be found right now, do you know what could have happen?”
“No I’m sorry I don’t know but there are surveillance cameras in the room so you can watch those.”
“Alright lets go Balmung.” With that Grim and Balmung make their way to the control room to watch the videos of the incident. “Well Bal it looks like Zag will turn into one of those zombie trolls we have to do something about this. It pains me to say this but we must kill him since there is no known cure.”
“Are you sure there is no other way?”
“Dante has known about this virus for over a week now and still has not been able to come up with a cure and he’s the best lab tech we have.”
“Alright then let me handle this one.”
“As you wish Balmung, we can’t afford failure on this one. If word gets out the members will become restless.”
“Don’t worry I’ll see this one to the end.” Balmung then heads out of the research building and sets his sights to the Supporters section. The area is mostly vacant and would be a prime place to hide. Dashing through ML the Supporters section is a small area with a few buildings far away from the main part of ML. There are many trees and much vegetation since travelers seldom pass through this area. Bal hides high in the highest tree able to see the entire area through the trees and bushes. A rustle is heard to the east Bal quickly turns and sees Zag stumbling thro the forest. Bal’s eyes begin to lower as if to focus on his prey, he softly speaks “Death”.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 12
Balmung walks into the Staff Lounge Bar in order to report back from his mission. His face is emotionless, his eyes are cold, and his mouth slowly begins to open “I’ve taken care of the problem Grim.” Without a second wasted Balmung turns around and heads for the door. Grim tries to talk to Balmung’s back “I’m sorry Balmung I know Zaganite was your friend but there was no other option.”
Feed up with the response Grim gives Bal snaps back “Don’t talk to me about no other option.” as he speaks these words he vanishes from the bar.
“He acts as if he’s the only one who is hurt from this.” mutters Tsuna in a brash tone.
“Please Tsuna now is not the time.”
“You know I hated how Zag would hit on me and try to make advances but it still felt kinda nice to know I was loved.” Tsuna can barely hold back her emotion tears run down her face. Her hands quickly cover her eyes, she begins to cry harder and harder not letting up a single breath.
“How about a mission to get your mind off of it for a while?” Grim says as he places his hand on Tusna’s shoulder.
“How can you expect me to do a mission right after Zag was killed?” Tsuna screams as she slaps Grim’s hand away as she rises from her seat.
Grim trying to calm her down says “This is your job as a mod of Manga Lounge despite what goes on we must uphold the law here. We are all hurt over the loss of Zag but we can either sit and cry over something we can’t change or go on with our lives. Zag wouldn’t want to see you like this.”
Screaming at the top of her lungs filled with hatred Tsuna lets out “You know Grim your really heartless Zag was all of our friend and your just gonna write him off like nothing. Well enjoy ML with out me I’m outta here.” Tsuna slams down her moderator arm band on the table and begins to walk out. Grim looks at the arm band and shakes his head in disappointment. Losing two great mods in one day, on the outside Grim is calm and collected, but on the inside Grim hurts more then anyone else. He can not show his emotion to the rest he must remain focused on the benefit of ML if he shows any sign of weakness then the rest of the mods will to show weakness. Then ML will have the image of a town that is filled with a bunch of push over’s and will be attacked on a regular basis by bandits and other towns looking to take over. For Grim this death of Zag was the worst, he was part of his staff but more importantly he was his friend. Grim softly lets out, “I’ll miss you Zaganite.” as one tear falls from his stone cold face. Grim turns and heads back and disappears into the dark hallway headed to his office.

chapter 13

Three weeks have passed since Zag’s and Tsuna’s departure from ML. There is a quiet atmosphere in the Staff Lounge bar as Balmung walks in. He sees the new moderator sitting quietly sipping her coffee. “You won’t replace them.” Bal says as he walks past her.
The tan skinned new moderator puts down her drink calmly and speaks just as soft and sweet as she looks, “I’m not trying to replace anyone, I heard what happen from Grim and I’m really sorry. It must be hard for you to kill one of your friends.”
Balmung turns, his body is partially covered in the shadow of the room, and half of his face is showing. The eye that is shown closes slightly, his red eye is barely visible he focuses in the same as hawk hunting his prey “Your new here so you don’t know much, it doesn’t matter the enemy, I love to kill. It could be a worthless troll, an invading member, or my best friend the only time I’m truly alive is in battle.”
A slight breeze blows the new mod’s short dark brown hair as a chill runs up her spine. Stuttering, the mod is barely able to get out “My name is Blackmamba nice meeting you.” Balmung turns back around and continues his walk to the back of the Staff Lounge bar where the admins reside, during the three weeks Balmung had been promoted to admin for his duties.
“Don’t worry too much about him, Bal’s on our side. He may seem like a monster but he wouldn’t hurt us unless we tried to bring down ML in anyway.” Says Jimmer as he places his hand on BM’s shoulder. Jims other hand extends and places another cup of coffee down in front of BM “Here have a drink with me.”
BM trys to look at the cup of coffee Jim had brought hiding the light red tint her checks and face have, “Thanks I just finished my other cup. I’m Blackmamba pleasure to meet you what’s your name?”
“Name’s Jimmer but you can call me Jim. Since your new here why don’t I show you around we can go on a mission together.”
After their cups of coffee Jim and BM head over to the Reported Posts bulletin board and see a request to remove a few trolls in the Naruto section. As they head over Jim and BM start to get to know each other with small talk. When they arrive to the Naruto section they see nothing but half collapsed building and a handful of zombie trolls wrecking havoc. “This is bad don’t take these trolls lightly I’m sure Grim informed you on what these guys are capable of.” Jim says as he lifts his hand to ready his weapon “wave” a crescent shaped blade forms in Jim’s hand. The blade curves at the top and straightens out near the hilt, the tip of the blade is flat and wide. BM looks around and sees the trolls have yet to notice the mods arrival she smirks and starts to run towards one of the trolls. “Wait you have to bring out your weapon first there is no way you can take them on with your bare hands.” Jim screams out but it is too late BM has already gone too far out. She disappears into one building that is still intact filled with troll, but this is no time for Jim to not be focusing his voice had alerted the surrounding trolls and they are ready to attack. Jim turns and watches as the six trolls run directly at him, he readies his stance and smiles.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 14
Jimmer focuses in to the trolls leaping high in the air attempting to attack all at once. The hoodie he is wearing blows calmly in the breeze as he puts on his hood with his free hand. Once he puts his hood on Jim slides his hand across the air, a giant wave appears and hits the trolls in the air knocking them down. One troll was able to avoid the attack and rushes through the water, the trolls arm looks like a giant cleaver. Jim blocks the trolls attack and kicks it back into the pile lying on the ground. One troll gets up and picks up another troll and throws it at Jim. Jim dodges easily and laughs as he charges the pack of trolls. The standing troll starts to shake in fear and turns around to run, Jim dashes after him not allowing any trolls to escape. As Jim runs through the pile of unconscious trolls one starts to get up right as Jim is passing through. He notices the troll’s head lifting up from the ground, Jim slices through the troll’s neck like a hot knife through butter. Blood flies straight up from the headless corpse spraying all over the other trolls’ bodies as Jim catches the scared troll. He jabs his blade right into the trolls back and lifts his blade up. The troll is cut in half from his waste up to his skull, as both parts unfold like a banana peel Jim turns to find the remaining trolls coming to. The trolls all stand in a curved line, their mouths salivating with intent to kill. Jim pulls back his hand in an attempt to throw his sword like a boomerang. He releases the sword before the trolls have a chance to react it hits the first troll just above his ears splitting the top of its’ head open. The top of its head falls to the floor along with its body, as the body hits the floor the brain begins to slowly fall out of the troll’s skull. The virus chip is clearly seen attached to the brain. The knife still continuing its path and hits the next trolls slightly lower then the first, the blade slices right through the troll’s eyes. White fluid spews from the troll’s eyes as they widen with each centimeter the blade digs into its face. The third troll turns to look at his two fallen comrades and screams in terror as the blade slides right into its open mouth. Passing through the back of the troll’s throat in seconds, the blade heads for the last troll left. This troll attempts to run away but it is too late the blade has already reached it hitting it directly in the neck. Cutting the jugular vein open spraying blood everywhere, a crack is heard as the troll’s spine is severed from the large blade. Next to the last troll was a fallen building where the blade ends its journey and embeds itself into a column with the head of the troll still sitting on top covering the blade with a dark shade of crimson. Jim smiles as he walks over to the column where hit sword resides but before he can reach his weapon the last remain troll pops out from behind a building and charges at Jim. Unable to obtain his weapon Jim has no way to defend himself from any sort of attack, he is motionless with shock. Suddenly Jim feels a push on his back and then a soft balloon like feeling on each side of his face. Jim’s eyes look up to see what this could be, its Blackmamba leaning over him with her full sized chest. His face turns bright red as he sees a blade fly through the air hitting the troll dead center between the eyes. BM begins to get off of Jim’s head and lowers herself a little until she is able to whisper into Jim’s ear “Don’t go losing your head just yet.” Jim’s face instantly loses its red glow and returns to his typical light tanned skin. As BM walks past Jim to retrieve her weapon he watches her two sheaths form an X on the small of her back leading to the middle of her thigh. Her pants are tight against her hourglass figure, her hips sway back and forth accentuating her full backside. Jim can’t help but stare as his jaw drops and lets out “Damn.”. BM puts one foot in front of the other and bends down slowly from her wait protruding her ass firmly for Jim to see. As she grabs the handle to her sword she needs extra leverage so she places one hand on her ass and pushes hard to get the sword out. With this Jim’s eyes roll back in his head and unable to stand anymore he falls and faints. BM looks back and laughs as she puts away her weapon and goes to Jim’s aid.
A voice too far out in the distance to be heard says “Well they seem to be enjoying themselves, but that won’t last long right girls?”
The other two shadowy figures smile and say “Of course it won’t.” The three figures standing in the shadows laugh manically.

chapter 15

Jimmer finally returns to his senses and he and Blackmamba return back to the Staff Lounge bar. Eagerly greeting them is SirBenoit who is ordering his first drink of the day. "Welcome back you two love birds." he says with a grin from ear to ear.
"Hey man we aren't love birds we just meet and i was showing her around the place." Jimmer says flustered and very defensively.
"Calm down Jimmer he was just joking and we don't want you passing out again do we." BM says as she smiles and pats Jimmer on the head.
SB and BM laugh together as Jimmer goes to sit down to sulk by himself. Suddenly panting is heard at the Report Post section, this is where regular members inform the mods of things that are going on about the forum. Since the mods can not be everywhere their missions are taken here so they know whats going on while they are away. The Report Post section is in a room off of the Staff Lounge bar so the mods can here the troubled member giving the mission request. "Marlboro is attacking the defenses up at the server, hes trying to crash our server." says the frightened member. SB over hears this request and without a second to spare he jumps from his seat and darts out of the bar. Knowing that Marlboro had gotten the best of him in their last match up SB will not let him trick him again. A few seconds after SB leaves Balmung walks out of the back part of the bar where the admins' offices are. "I'm going as backup everyone else stay here. Marlboro is too powerful for you." Bal says as he walks out fo the bar trailing SB.
As SB arrives at the first defense of the server he sees Marlboro holding a guard hostage asking for the access codes."Just give me the access codes to the server and I won't kill you." Marlboro demands while he holds a knife up to the guards throat.
"You can kill me beca.." the guard does not have time to finish his sentence before Marlboro slices his throat clean open. The blood drips down onto Marlboro's face as the guards lifeless body hangs high in the air in Marlboro's hand. Marlboro lets out a chuckle as he throws the dead guard to the ground and looks at the wall in front of him.
"You will never get by without the access code." calls out SB as he walks up to the bloody Marlboro.
"You again, didn't I beat you last time we fought?"
"If i remember you were the one that said no weapons and then pulled out a gun."
"Well i had to end it quick plus one of your mod friends was their and i just made it a fair fight."
"Fine then how about we have a rematch right here right now."
"No SB we have to take Marlboro down together, he's too big of a threat to just leave to one person." Balmung says as he meets up with the two combatants.
SB walks slowly to Balmung never taking his eyes off of Marlboro, "Bal listen i can take this guy just watch, even if it costs my life I'm going to fight him one on one."
"What's wrong Balmung don't think your precious Smod can handle a real manly fight?" Marlboro says antagonizing the two staff members.
Ready to fight Balmung pushes SB to the side and starts to charge Marlboro, but before he can get further then a few steps SB grabs Balmung's shoulder. With one fluid motion SB turns Balmung around and punches him directly in the stomach as hard as he can. Balmung is astonished, his mouth tries to ask "Why?" but he can not breath. He falls slowly to his knees gripping his stomach tight, once his knees land on the floor his body begins to fall forward. Unable to move any part of his body his face lands hard on the pebble floor. SB grabs Balmung with one hand and places him aside up on a tree "Leave Balmung out of this, this fight is between you and me."
"I like your style Smod maybe i misjudged you in our lats fight."
The two combatants ready their stances and draw their weapons, SB wears his brass knuckles and Marlboro holds one short hunting knife.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 16
Clinching his fist SirBenoit can not wait any longer to finish this fight. He has a score to settle with Marlboro due to SB's loss the last time they fought. SB charges at Marlboro making the first attack, his hand raised high in the air drops forcefully down at Marlboro's head. Attempting to block SB's attack Marlboro lifts his knife to block, unfortunately SB's strength is too much for the tiny blade and it shatters in half. With the blade shattering it gives Marlboro enough time to dodge the continuing attack, but SB's speed and anger is no match for him. With his other hand SB swings his fist at Marlboro's stomach, with no time to spare Marlboro's eyes widen and he needs both hands to block the attack. The punch sends Marlboro flying through the air and he slams hard against the server wall behind him leaving an outline in the thick concrete of Marlboro's body. Blood flies from Marlboro's mouth as he lands hard into the wall, he is on one knee as he lifts his head to find SB already in front of him. SB lands another punch this time across Marlboro's face sending a few teeth out of his mouth. Fallen on the floor Marlboro tries to get the upper hand by picking up the pebbles on the floor and throwing them in SB's face. In order to block the attack SB raises both hands to his eyes, but is unaware that he leaves his chest and stomach wide open. Marlboro sees this opportunity and lands a hard punch into SB's stomach, and with a quick second blow he lands another blow at the center of his chest. SB's hands fall from his face to his chest where he may have suffered a few broken ribs or worse a broken sternum. Unable to defend himself Marlboro lands a kick on the side of SB's knees sending him down to kneel before him. Marlboro quickly jumps behind SB and grabs him around his chest to lift him, with SB high in the air Marlboro falls back and drops SB on his head and neck.
Felling the full force of the German suplex SB is motionless on the ground, while Marlboro staggers to his feet. Panting Marlboro returns to his feet and attempts to lift SB from the ground to continue his assault. Grabbing SB by the left leg Marlboro plans to throw SB into the server wall just as he was thrown, but SB has other plans. He kicks Marlboro in the face with his free leg, Marlboro's nose begins to pour blood like a fountain. Enraged Marlboro dashes at the now ready smod, dodging Marlboro's punch SB hooks his arm under Marlboro's and tosses him to the ground. SB jumps on top of Marlboro and lays a series of punches directly into his face, not letting up for even a second. "You see you're nothing with out your weapons." SB screams as blood is flying from Marlboro's face.
Finally SB stops to see what damage he has done to Marlboro, his face is heavily bruised and many bones seem to be broken. Blood is pouring out from Marlboro's nose, mouth and even eyes, there are several gashes across his face as well. "Well you weren't much of a challenge when I'm sober, let's say we end this with one last punch." SB lifts his hand high into the air in order to end Marlboro's life. Suddenly a bright light is shot from somewhere far in the distance piercing through SB's shoulder. Unable to move his arm down with any force SB looks to his shoulder seeing an arrow through his body. Three more arrows come flying at SB as he is still standing over Marlboro, he slowly lifts his already injured arm and takes the three arrows directly.
SB stumbles to his releasing Marlboro from his clutches as SB looks around to find where the archer could be hiding. Suddenly a beautiful young woman appears wearing a short black mini skirt exposing her lusciously long legs. A low cut white belly shirt showing her toned stomach and D sized cleavage. Her face was as stunning as her body as she wore her long brown slightly covering one eye, her lips were as red as blood, and her eyes were as blue as the sky. She carried a small bow on the side of her hip and her quiver of arrows laid on the small of her back atop of her round ass. She lifts her bow from her side and readies an arrow pointed directly at SB's head, kneeling on the ground losing a lot of blood SB is unable to move. She pulls the string back and begins to smile knowing SB can not defend himself from the attack she is about to unleash, "I might as well tell you who is about to kill you, my name is UchihaTaijiya."

chapter 17
UchihaTaijiya’s smile widens as she pulls further back on her bow string. Her face seems almost turned on by the sight of blood and how close to death SirBenoit is. Just before she is able to release the arrow from her bow a bloody hand grabs her soft smooth skin.
“Don’t, he is a true manly warrior and does not deserve to die like this.” Marlboro says barely able to stand. Blood is dripping from his face into a pool on the floor and parts of his ribs are piercing through his ripped camouflage shirt. As he finishes his sentence his body falls to the ground barely holding on to UT’s hand. UT drops her bow and arrow and puts her hand under Marlboro’s shoulders in order to keep him from falling any further.
“Please baby don’t die on me yet.” UT says trying to keep Marlboro alive “You’re lucky my sweetheart asked me not to kill you SB, if it were up to me you would be finished.” UT manages to carry Marlboro away to a safe area where she meets up with the other two female travelers in order to heal his wounds. One of them has long black hair covering most of her face and her nails are sharp and long. She has a tight fitting dress made entirely of black silk, it has a low V neck and the bottom comes down to her knees but has a slit up to the middle of her thigh. “Mmm fresh blood.” She says as she licks the blood off of Marlboro’s face. UT jumps up and grabs the girl by her long hair and puts an arrow up against her neck. The tip of the arrow barely piercing through her skin causing a little blood to trickle down, “If you don’t want to end up worse then he you’d better keep your hands off of him ThyMaiden.”
ThyMaiden barely able to speak with the arrow embedded in her neck “As you wish, just watch your back.” UT drops hold of ThyMadien’s hair and sends her falling to the floor. She puts her arrow back into her quiver and goes back where another girl is standing over Marlboro healing most of his wounds. “How does he look Kina?”
“He’s lucky we were here to save him, SirBenoit would have killed him.” Kina says as she pushes in one of Marlboro’s ribs back into his chest. She has shoulder length brown hair, wearing a tight blue t-shirt accentuating her toned body. She is kneeling on her loose fitting jeans as she puts a bandage across Marlboro’s face. “He is going to have a scar across his right eye but it should not interfere with his vision.”
“Battle scars how sexy.” UT says as she leans back against a wall behind her.
“I’m going to clean up the mess you left behind UT.” ThyMaiden says angrily.
Arriving at the previous battle ground ThyMaiden notices Balmung knocked out sitting up against a tree and SirBenoit with four arrows in him almost bleeding to death. “It looks like I’ll take out Balmung first and then work on you SirBenoit.” She walks over to Balmung and stands tall pointing her long sword at his head. As she pulls back ready to strike Balmung in his throat she says with ecstasy “Farewell.”
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 18
The sun shines bright off of ThyMaiden’s blade as she thrusts forward at Balmung’s neck. Centimeters away from Balmung’s neck her blade stops, her face is shocked and her eyes are open wide. She looks down at her stomach to find nothing different not even a scratch, but why does she feel such agonizing pain? She looks back at Balmung’s face, his eyes are now open and a smirk is across his face. He is holding his weapon, a giant black scythe with a crimson red blade. The blade is positioned a foot behind her body and it then that she realizes what happened. Balmung releases his weapon and puts his hand on ThyMaiden’s blade to move it from his neck as he rises to his feet. His stare is cold and pierces through ThyMaiden sending chills through her body. He takes a step forward and leans in to whisper into her ear “Die.”
As Balmung pulls away her upper torso begins to slide to the left while her lower half slides to the right. Her body cut in two falls to the floor blood pouring out from each open end. Balmung reaches down to lift the upper half of ThyMaiden’s body during her last few seconds of life. “Who are you working for?” he says holding the almost lifeless body high in the air dripping blood all over his feet.
Between gasping for air and coughing up blood she speaks “You haven’t seen the last..”
Before she could finish Balmung throws her body face first into the pool of her own blood. Smirking he walks away and tends to the half conscious SirBenoit. “You know saving you has becoming a full time job for me.” Balmung says with a smile.
“Yea, yea if that woman hadn’t interfered I would have killed him.” SB says as Balmung rips out one of the arrows in his arm. “Damn can you be a little gentler.”
“Don’t go getting soft on me now, I thought you were tougher then that. You know you owe me for this.”
“How about I buy you a few rounds back at the bar? Just get me to Rocklee he’s a lot more caring to his patients then you are.”
“You got yourself a deal.” Balmung says as he lifts SirBenoit onto his back much like a fireman’s carry. They both head off to the medical center in order to heal SirBenoit’s wounds as fast as possible leaving ThyMaiden’s body in pieces.
As the two staff members leave Kina, UchihaTaijiya, and Marlboro arrive at the scene to find their companions body in pieces. “Serves that woman right no one touches my man and lives to tell about it, I just wish I could have made the final blow.” UT says as she hugs her injured lover and gives him a kiss on the check.
“Ouch babe not so hard I just had six compound fractured ribs.” Marlboro says as he grinds his teeth and holds his chest putting all his body weight on the wooden crutch bellow his right shoulder.
“Just watch you two, you haven’t seen ThyMaiden’s ability yet. There is a reason they call her a vampire goddess after all.” Kina says as her smile opens wide across her face exposing her fang like teeth.

chapter 19
As Kina, UchihaTaijiya, and Marlboro stand over ThyMaiden’s body the sky begins to turn dark. Both parts of ThyMaiden’s body begins to turn black and harden, then within seconds of turning completely black is shattered and turned into a flock of bats. The bats form a tornado like shape and soon come together and form ThyMaiden’s body. “That fool Balmung I’ll destroy him.” She says as soon as her body forms.
“Calm down ThyMaiden you will get your revenge but we have to carry out the plan for our boss.” Proclaims Kina, who seems to be the leader of the female group, “UT since you’re the newest member of the group we have to discuss the plan with you. Our target is the MangaLounge’s server, on there is all their manga and anime. If we destroy that then they will focus their attention on repairing what they had lost and not focusing on us taking out the remainder of the site.”
“Hrm it seems my mission was very different from yours.” Speaks Marlboro over hearing Kina’s plan to take over MangaLounge, “Boss Shino just had me gather a few regular members for tests and information on the abilities of the staff members here, plus he said if I took out a mod or two my pay would double for each one.”
“Right, boss Shino.” Kina says as she smiles and glances at ThyMaiden. “So Marlboro will you be joining us in this mission?”
“Unless Shino plans on paying me extra I want no part of this. I’m gonna head back to NarutoLounge and talk to the boss about my next mission.”
“Alright then Marlboro due as you wish, we can fulfill the mission without you.” Kina says as Marlboro makes his way out of the MangaLounge gates. “First we must find another way into the server then the main entrance here. If anyone can get close enough to a mod then we can torture them until they tell us another way or the main access code. UT that’s your main job, find out where the staff members hang out is and try to infiltrate it.”
“You got it.”
“ThyMaiden I want you to give her back up just incase she runs into any trouble, you two should be enough for any staff member they have.”
“Come on why I do I have to be with this blood sucking freak?”
“I would just worry about yourself UT, ThyMaiden is one of our top soldiers. As for me I will search around here and see if there is another way in besides the main entrance. Failure is not an option, now go carry out the mission and make boss Shino proud.” Kina screams as ThyMaiden looks back and nods at Kina, who nods back.

chapter 20

Upon searching for the Staff Lounge bar UchihaTaijiya and ThyMaiden see Itz walking in the distance and they take special precautions as not to be seen. “We should attack him we can both take him easily.”
“Not now we first have to find out the staff headquarters, you’re too impatient UT.”
“I don’t care we can leave him just barely alive and then we can get all the information out of him.” UT says as she leans out the side of a building to aim her bow. She pulls the arrow back hard and aims for Itz’s shoulder. As she lets go Itz readies his weapon an blocks the attack.
“Ha you really should hide your murderous intent.” Itz says with a smile.
UT comes out from behind the building and stands face to face with Itz as they prepare to fight each other. Itz points his trident straight at UT and says “Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you.”
As UT reaches in her quiver she pulls out three arrows and readies them on her bow, “Enough with the small talk lets get this started.” As UT finishes her sentence ThyMaiden jumps out from behind the building and stabs UT in the back causing the blade to stick out of her chest. “Whhhy?” UT says as her body slides off of ThyMaiden’s blade.
“Ha taking you out was just step one of our plan, why do you think we actually wanted you to join our team.”
“Taking out one of your own teammates is something I can not stand for. I don’t care what your mission was but I’m going to take you out.” Itz says furious at the sight he just witnessed.
ThyMaiden licks her blade clean, “Come try then.”
Itz charges at ThyMaiden exchanging blows, his attacks are fast and precise all she can do is block. After a few minutes of constant battle Itz shows no sign of letting up, “How can you be so strong?” ThyMaiden says as she is barely able to keep up with Itz’s constant barrage of slashes.
“This is the power of a true admin of MangaLounge, you will not win here.” Itz says as he lifts his trident high into the air and drives it straight down onto ThyMaiden’s arm.
Just before the forks of the trident are about to hit her arm ThyMaiden is able to transform her arm into bats and separate itself so Itz’s attack misses. “Looks like you missed all powerful admin.” She says as her arm attaches back to her body. She grips her sword hard and slashes Itz right arm just enough to get blood on her sword. She takes a step back and licks Itz’s blood off of her blade. “Delicious I want more.” Her eyes turn bright red and she dashes at Itz who is wounded now.
ThyMaiden now has the upper hand in the battle attacking Itz’s weak side in order to expose his injury he had received. Itz realizes what ThyMaiden is doing and decides to put everything in to one attack. He catches ThyMaiden’s blade between two of the forks on his trident and snaps her blade in half. Now with out a weapon ThyMaiden pauses and stares at Itz with a sinister smirk.
“Now I finish this.” Itz says as he charges his trident into ThyMaiden’s stomach. Using her technique she is able to avoid the attack completely, but Itz has other plans. He calls upon lightning from the sky to strike his blade which lies in between ThyMaiden’s stomach. The lightning hits her causing much damage, but even though the charge should be enough to paralyze anyone she is still able to move slightly. She begins to lean forward getting closer and closer to Itz’s neck. As she leans in Itz drives even more power into his attack as he grips his weapon tighter unable to move or his attack will stop. As ThyMaiden gets to Itz’s neck she opens her mouth wide and exposes her inch long fangs, in order to bite down hard and suck the blood from Itz’s neck. Itz’s attack suddenly stops and he falls to the ground dropping his weapon. ThyMaiden stands over him with a smile and licks the blood from her lips.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 21
ThyMaiden stares at Itz’s body motionless on the floor, when suddenly his eyes begin to open. His face is expressionless as he rises and looks at ThyMaiden, upon making eye contact he begins to kneel on one knee. ThyMaiden walks over to Itz and places her hand on his shoulder “You can stand Itz for now we must depart from this retched place.”
Itz and ThyMaiden make their way to the exit but are stopped by Kina, “ThyMaiden what is this here where is UT and why is a MangaLounge admin with you?” she screams out.
ThyMaiden looks back and smiles “Stage one complete.”
“Good then lets get back and tell the master.” She says as the three members make their way out of MangaLounge.
During the fight between Itz and ThyMaiden Balmung was making his way to the medical center with SirBenoit. As he enters the building he finds Rocklee the most skilled doctor ML has on their staff. “Rocklee SB is hurt can you help him?” Balmung says as he lays SB on the medical bed. Hearing Balmung’s voice a woman turns and runs towards him, she is wearing a revealing nurse uniform. The uniform shows her outstanding legs and perfect chest, she has shoulder length hair as bright red as the cross on her medical hat. She opens up her arms as wide as possible and pulls Balmung’s head into her bosom. “I missed you Bal where have you been?” she says rubbing his face into her chest. Bal finally manages to break free and is gasping for air “You know Tabris a simple hello would do, you don’t have to suffocate me.” Bal says staggering between breaths.
“Aren’t you glad to see me?” Tabris says disappointed Balmung was not happy with the welcome he received.
“Aw come on don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t mind where my face ended up but at least give me a little warning so I can hold my breath and enjoy it.” Balmung says with a smile.
“Alright then, round two.” Tabris screams as she pulls Balmung’s head back into her chest.
Having his head shoved around back and forth several times Balmung give Rocklee two thumbs up as he just stands there and watches. After several minutes Tabris and Balmung finally stop their antics, “So Tab how’s the second most talented doctor in all of ML?”
“Tab is great thanks Bal, Rocklee here really knows how to run a great medical center.” As Tab finishes her sentence a giant thunderous roar sounds from outside. Balmung, Rocklee and Tabris run out side to see what the horrible noise was.
A giant lighting blast coming from the sky is focused at one point in ML, “Itz” Balmung says suddenly as if he knows what’s going on. “Rocklee go inside and heal SB as fast as possible I’m gonna take Tabris and head out to that bolt of lightning. That’s Itz underneath there, it’s not only an attack but a distress call as well.” Balmung grabs Tabris’s hand and runs off dragging Tabris with him.

chapter 22
Barreling through the crowded streets Balmung and Tabris finally make it to the area where Itz’s attack was being concentrated. All that Balmung is able to see is a female member lying on the ground covered in a pool of her own blood, several destroyed buildings, and a giant circle burned into the ground where Itz’s attack had struck. Balmung rushes to the fallen member wanting answer, but as he reaches her he notices the quiver of arrows she has and knows that this is the woman who attacked SirBenoit. Balmung commands “Tabris it seems this member is barely alive please heal her as quickly as possible, even though she is our enemy we may get some valuable information.”
“As you wish Balmung.” Tab says as she brings her hands over UT’s wound on her chest. Tab begins to rub the wound causing UT’s chest to bounce as Tab moves her hands. Balmung stares watching the sexy nurse fondle the fallen enemy, when suddenly Marlboro arrives on the scene still beaten from his previous battle with SB.
“Balmung get ready to……” he stops mid sentence and can not help stare at the scene of the two women. “Is this really happening or am I just dreaming?”
“No man it’s really going on.” Balmung says as he moves next to Marlboro to get a better angle. “Isn’t that your woman?”
“Yea but hey I’m not gonna stop this.”
“Tab, move your hand a little lower I think the wound may be there too.” Balmung says not even blinking
“Ok Balmung.” Tab says enthusiastically.
“Hey Balmung she will do anything you tell her too?” Marlboro says as his eyes widen at the scene of the two members.
“Almost, as long as she thinks that she is healing her wounds.”
“Awesome, say her wound might be poisonous and to suck the poison out.”
“Great idea, Hey Tab she might be poisoned you’re gonna have to suck the blood out.” Balmung says smiling at the thought.
Tab removes the top part of UT’s shirt and puts her mouth firmly down against her body and begins to do as Balmung had suggested. After a few minutes UT’s eyes balls begin to move behind her closed eyelids, her face starts to turn bright red, and her body begins to move uncontrollably. Suddenly UT lets out a giant scream, “O MY GOD.” Tab stops healing and sits up looking at the newly revived member.
UT’s eyes are still closed and a giant smile is across her face as she fixes her clothes and sits up to see Tabris. UT’s smile suddenly disappears and her face is that of confusion, “Did you heal me?” she asks.
“Yes I did you should be better then ever now.” Tabris says with a smile.
“Well thank you I’ve never gotten that kind of treatment before it was really good.” UT says now blushing slightly.
Tabris leans forward and hugs UT tightly, still a little sore UT tries to break free of Tabris’s grip.
Walking towards the two female members Balmung says “Alright you two we got some work to do.” Balmung then stops realizing who else is standing there, “Marlboro what are you doing here?” he says swinging around ready to draw his weapon at any time.
“Calm down there Balmung, I just came back to find my sweetheart. I saw the other two c-rags walking out with Itz and I knew something was up. That wound she had wasn’t from Itz’s trident.” Marlboro says with confidence
“Your right baby ThyMaiden stabbed me in the back and had said something about killing me was part of their plan.” UT says as her and Tabris make their way to their feet.
UT then tells everyone about the battle had had occurred while she was lying on her death bed, “If only I could get that bitch back for stabbing me.”
“How about you two join our side since it looks like your employer had double crossed you.” Balmung says extending his hand toward Marlboro.
“Well I was gonna kill Shino anyway but why not join forces again just like old times.” Marlboro says as he smiles and shakes Balmung’s hand. UT leans in close and give Tab a sweet kiss on her check, as she leans back she whispers in Tab’s ear “Thanks you were great.”
“Come now we have to inform the others that you guys are no longer our enemy and Marlboro be prepared to tell us everything you know.” Balmung says as he leads the way to the Staff Lounge bar.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 23

Walking thorough the streets Balmung speaks with Marlboro and UT about the missions they were given by Shino. “So UT what was your mission given to you buy Shino?”
“I was given the mission directly by Shino, I was just a normal member of NarutoLounge and someone was holding a tournament. So I entered the tournament and came in first place in the women’s division. Then those two bitches Kina and ThyMaiden approached me and said that they were the two that were holding the tournament looking for NL’s top warriors. They had said they were looking for a new third member and since I had won the tournament I had shown my worth in battle. Kina promised me a fair 30% of everything they earned since they were mercenaries. Then we trained for a few days and I had thought I got to know all of their abilities but I was wrong when I say ThyMaiden turn into bats and come back to life.”
Balmung interrupts “It seems like they were testing your abilities and made sure not to show you all of theirs this way they could be sure to take you out whenever they needed, or if you were strong enough they could manipulate you somehow.”
“Are you saying I’m weak?” UT says frustrated.
Marlboro interrupts before things get out of hand “Calm down babe Balmung was just trying to figure out what the enemy is thinking we have to work together here. So are you saying that maybe Kina and ThyMaiden had other plans then what Shino had intended?”
“I’m not really sure yet Marlboro but we can’t leave any possibility unchecked, please UT continue”
UT smiles and continues to talk about her missions with Kina and ThyMaiden “We had traveled to a few different towns and took care of some of these augmented trolls that have been attacking everyone. At first I just thought Kina and ThyMaiden were just really strong but now as things are unfolding I get the impression that they had prior knowledge to everything that we went through.”
Started Balmung quickly asks “Why do you think that, please tell me every little detail.”
UT rolls her eyes as her story begins “Well it was around the same time we got back to NL, I was the only active member in the group, the other two had only been there for few weeks. There suddenly was an attack of these augmented trolls and before you know it Kina and ThyMaiden had made quick work of them exposing their chip implanted in the brain. We had brought what we had found to Shino and he rewarded us handsomely. We ended up staying in NL for several weeks during many troll attacks but each time a troll would attack Kina and ThyMaiden would know exactly where there were to attack.”
“I see it seems they have had prior knowledge of the attacks and were acting to gain Shino’s trust.” Balmung says trying to piece the puzzle together.
UT then continues “Then last week Kina had come back from a visit with Shino and had informed us of our mission to attack ML’s server. She said that if we were to take out the server the mods would try to replace what they had lost as soon as possible leaving the rest of ML open for any type of attacks. So we sent out for ML and the rest is what happened here.”
“You know what this means Marlboro.” Balmung says figuring out the real reason why ML was attack by the three female members.
“Sure do, looks like this is gonna be fun.” Marlboro says with a smile.

chapter 24
As Balmung and Marlboro seem to have come up with the reason behind all of the attacks MangaLounge has received they hear a voice in the distance, “Bal watch out.”
It’s SirBenoit charging towards them with his injured arm held in a sling. Marlboro leaning hard on his crutch moves his arm to hold his ribs as laughs at SB. Bal quickly jumps in front of the two members and explains the situation to SB as the all head to the Staff Lounge bar.
All of the MangaLounge staff is there as the group walks through the door. A few of the mods give UT and Marlboro angry stares as they pass by and soon everyone takes a seat and the meeting gets underway. Balmung describes the current situation to all the remaining members who have not been informed yet.
“This is outrageous how can we let a fellow member of the enemy in with no questions asked?” screams Jimmer
Balmung smiles as he looks at Marlboro, “I was once a rouge member much like Marlboro was I not Jimmer, but you may not know that since I have been here far longer then you have. So we will do as I said and Marlboro and UT will continue this fight on our side.”
Grimmjow who is usually very silent stands up and screams “Listen here Balmung you may have been recently promoted to admin but that does not give you full authority over all the matters of ML. I understand your trust in Marlboro but I do not feel the same. We must take precautions and just by bringing them here you have put ML in great danger.”
Standing up from his seat Balmung leans over the table talking directly into Grim’s face “How can you say that, do you not trust the decisions of your fellow admins? You promoted me saying that you felt I was fully qualified to make major decisions regarding Ml so why do you question me?”
Waking up from his sleep admin Bloodkid lifts up his hood that is covering his eyes and in the blink of an eye has his sword drawn pointed at Balmung. Balmung’s chin is pressed hard on the top of BK’s blade as the tip presses lightly against Bal’s throat “Watch your tongue new admin before I have to cut it out.”
Disturbed at the sight of two of his fellow admins fighting Grim grabs BK’s hand “Please settle down you two, we can discus this is a civil matter.” Both Balmung and BK return to their previous positions before the uproar “Now regarding Marlboro and UT joining our team personally I am against this idea but unfortunately they already know much about our current situation. Also we have been experiencing several loses to our team, I will over look their previous attacks under the condition that someone I pick will join them as an observer.”
Balmung nods “I will personally watch over them.”
Grim annoyed at his interruption “You will not, I will have someone else carry out this task because I have other plans for you. I will have Tobi come and watch over them.” As Grim finishes his sentence he turns and point to the door for all to watch as Tobi entered. An average looking man with short messy brown hair runs in and trips on a chair. His face slams hard against the floor while everyone looks in disgust, “Well that didn’t go according to plan.” He says to himself as he holds his nose to stop the bleeding.

chapter 25
The room is silent as they all stare with blank expressions on their faces at the member lying on his chest. “Tobi quit fooling around you have a job to do.” Grim says finally breaking the silence.
Tobi then rises to his feet whipping the dried blood from his nose on his sleeve “So that hot chick and soldier are the ones I’ll be watching? You guys don’t look that tough.”
Marlboro lets out a loud laugh “Wow this is great this guy is watching over us, nice find there Grim.”
“If I were you I wouldn’t take Tobi too lightly, he used to be an admin around here.” Grim says very sternly. “I’m sorry you three but I must continue the rest of the meeting with just the staff here so if you could kindly exit, I will be in contact with you Tobi.”
Tobi straightens his body like a soldier and salutes to Grim and screams “Yes sir”
Marlboro and UT make their exit quietly being followed by Tobi. As they arrive outside they stand in a circle to find what they are going to do next, “So babe when are we gonna get some alone time?” UT says as she sensually rubs on Marlboro’s chest.
“I don’t know babe it depends if we can lose moron over there.” Marlboro points to Tobi who is chasing a butterfly, taking only a second to ponder the situation both Marlboro and UT vanish while Tobi is still occupied by the butterfly.
“I love playing hide and seek.” Tobi says and soon vanishes.
Back inside the Staff Lounge bar the meeting is still underway, “We know now that NarutoLounge is a main contributor to the attacks that we have sustained we must now come up with a way to counter attack.” As Grim finishes his sentence cheers of joy are heard from the fellow staff members, Bloodkid who was dozing off jumps up and screams “I touch little boys.” There is immediate silence as everyone looks at the embarrassed admin “Damn Jimmer that was some good shit you got.” BK says smiling. Bloodkid was a tall man around six feet tall, his hair was long and dark black which complemented his light brown skin. His clothes were loose fitting, his eyes were blood shot, and there was a cigarette resting on the top of his ear.
“Yea I know I’ve said some crazy stuff on that too.” Jimmer says as a smile runs across his face.
BK takes the cig from his ear and places it in his mouth and begins to walk out “I’m going for a cig I know the plan already.”
“Now with out any further interruptions we will continue, Balmung you have recently been granted admin powers and since you do not know what all those powers are you will be trained. BK will train you in all the admin powers you will need right now, the rest you will have to find on your own since we are pressed for time. Blackmamba and Jimmer you will both be patrolling the area since we are low on staff members. SirBenoit please rest up we need you fully healed in order to go against NL. Dante I hate to rush you but I need an antidote for the troll virus as soon as possible. Rocklee you will come with me for we will be welcoming guests today. Now everyone you know what you have to do our attack on NL will start in exactly two weeks until then don’t go getting yourself killed.” Grim says as he gets up from his seat and grabs his robe. Grimmjow throws his robe over his brawd shoulders and walks out with Rocklee following behind him.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 26
Grim and Rocklee make their way to the southern edge of MangaLounge, the boundary between ML and the rest of the interwebz is clear. On the ML side the grass is a vibrant color green while out in distance there is nothing but a barren desert. Rocklee starts to hear a faint noise or more like a banging. “Grim do you hear that?”
Grim starts to hear it too “Yes, someone’s coming.” He says as he smiles as the banging is louder and louder now. There is a shadow on the horizon approaching as the bagging is getting louder. The outline of a giant carriage pulled by two horses is drawing nearer and the noise is getting somewhat clearer but even noisier then ever. Rocklee quickly covers his ears for he fears his ear drums are about to burst “Is that who you are waiting for Grim?”
Grim unable to hear over the loud noise which sounds now like screaming “What?”
Rocklee screams at the top of his lungs “Is that who you are waiting for?”
Grim sees the carriage clearly now, it’s big enough to fit ten people, but what could be causing such noise. The horses stop a few feet from Grim’s feet as the noise slowly goes away. The tarp on the carriage begins to open in the back as someone begins to exit, he is a tall built member, his head is shaved and his face is ruff from his beard. He is wearing a cut up wife beater, loose black cargo pants and has various piercings. As he turns to look at Grim he throws a cigarette from his mouth and steps on it with his black steel tipped boots. “What’s up n00bs?” he says in a deep voice.
Grim removes his hands from his ears “Pride, as nice as ever I see, glad you could join us.”
Another member is beginning now to exit from the back of the carriage, he is wearing a t shirt and jeans with several ripped holes. His skin is a light tan color hair stands a few inches high from the spikes. Behind him yet another member is exiting the carriage, his hair is straight black down to his chin. His jeans are tight and a chain hangs low from his belt, his shirt is also tight and a bloody skull is printed on it.
“Damn you guys are rude interrupting the men from talking.” Pride says to the two members that walked out of the carriage.
“I was getting cramped in there, I needed to stretch my legs.” says one of the members.
“Well Grim let me introduce you to these two, the one with the spiked hair is EJ and the long hair is Purple.” Pride says as he points to each one.
Suddenly there is a loud crash in the carriage as a woman’s voice starts to scream “Why didn’t you wake me up when we got here?”
The three guy’s faces turn white as if they all saw a ghost “Damn it Purple it was your turn to wake her up.” Pride says as he hits Purple on top of the head.
The female jumps out of the back still pulling up her short skirt, her thong is slightly exposed as Grim and the others catch a quick glimpse of her ass. Her shirt is tight showing her fantastic body, her hair is short and pink and she wore various charms and jewelry. She walks up to Pride and gives him a hard kick in the shin sending him to the floor “Hey Grim.” She says throwing her arms around him.
“Hey Lolita glad to see you.” Grim says hugging her back.
Rocklee still confused at what the loud noises were before asks “So what was that terrible sound before that stopped when you guys arrived?”
Laughing Purple says “That was music, we usually listen to our music very loudly.”
“Ok now that everyone is here let me explain what’s going on.” Grim says as Lolita leaves his side and gathers with the other three members of her group.

chapter 27
As Balmung exited the Staff Lounge bar he meet with Bloodkid who was finishing his cigarette, “Hey Balmung are you ready for your training?”
“Let’s get this over with.” Balmung says as he passes BK not turning to speak to him directly.
“Well if that’s what you want then I won’t go easy on you. Let’s head to the training area where no one will bother us.” BK says as he walks along side of Balmung. They arrive at the training area, it’s a large open part of ML where there are several hills and cliffs as well as trees.
“So now I’m sure you already have some affinity to an element, mine is fire, what’s yours?” BK says as his sword’s blade is engulfed with flames.
“I have none.” Balmung says
Shocked BK almost drops his weapon “Are you serious you must be one hell of a fighter to be able to make it to admin spot with out an affinity. Ok so then we have to see what kind of energy you use. The way we are going to do that is to drain you completely of your energy and then when you are seconds away from death your powers will awaken. Now of course the only way to do that is for us to battle but just remember I will kill you if necessary.”
As BK finished his sentence Balmung has made the first move but BK is able to block moving his flaming sword up to his face. Now face to face with their blades scrapping both BK and Balmung smile as their battle is about to get underway. BK sends a burst of energy into his sword causing the flames on his sword to double in size, the heat is too much for Balmung and he jumps back to a save distance. BK stops the flames from surrounding his sword to conserve his energy for he knows this battle will not be over quickly. Balmung grabs his scythe with one hand and begins to charge at BK, on the attack Balmung tries to find an opening in BK’s defenses but is unable to. Seeing an opening in Bal’s attacks BK trusts his sword forward but Balmung had predicted this, leaving his side open so BK would attack it. Balmung brings the bottom of his scythe over and knocks BK’s sword almost out of his hands. Now with BK’s entire body open for an attack Balmung thrusts his scythe at BK’s chest. With his free hand BK punches the bottom of Balmung’s blade causing him to miss his attack. BK kicks Bal in the stomach sending his falling back, but Balmung’s blade which is behind BK is now headed right for the back of BK’s neck. BK lifts his arm over his head and blocks Balmung’s attack with out turning around. Smiling now Balmung is able to catch himself from falling because BK blocked his attack, as he plants his feet firmly on the floor he pulls hard on his weapon sending BK to fall forward.
Balmung raises his knee up to attack as BK falls forward and the first hit is made as BK’s face lands on Balmung’s knee. BK rises to his feet and wipes away the blood from the cut on his lip he received from the attack, “So is that all you got?”
Angered now Balmung charges BK again but this time BK’s movements are more precise not giving Balmung as much as a centimeter. Wielding his sword with one hand BK grabs the bottom of Balmung’s scythe causing him to stop attacking. Balmung tries to move his weapon but BK’s grip is too tight. BK swings his sword at Balmung’s head but Bal ducks his attack and attempts to knock BK’s legs out. Pushing off of Bal’s scythe BK jumps forward and lands a few feet away from Balmung. They both turn and face each other, BK is slightly out of breath as Balmung smiles “It seems you’re close to your limit BK.”
BK cracks his neck as he replies “Going easy on you sure is hard work.”
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Re: bals fanfic

chaper 28

Balmung and BK stand far away from each other, the wind starts to pick up blowing small pebbles and rocks past the clear area between the two fighters. “We don’t have all day Balmung hurry up and attack me it seems you only have about half your energy left.”
Balmung, even more enraged at BK taking him lightly, grinds his teeth and grips his scythe tightly with both hands “I’ll show you that I’m not someone who should be taken lightly.”
Laughing BK says “I haven’t even used half of my strength so please show me what you got.”
Balmung dashes at BK and in a flash he appears a few feet in front of him, his blade is held high over his head ready to strike BK. Bal screams as he drives the blade down hard in an effort to split BK in half. A loud crash is heard as Bal’s blade hits the ground, there is a lot of dust and smoke that is covering the area where BK once stood. Balmung is breathing heavy as he waits to see how his attack truly overpowered the veteran admin.
As the smoke clears Balmung sees a shadow of BK through the smoke, “Yo” BK says standing on top of Balmung’s weapon which is dug deep into the ground. BK’s weapon is gone and his hands are in his pockets. “You’re too impatient trying to finish this battle in one attack.” BK removes his hands from his pockets and lights up another cigarette. “I’ll get you to unlock your true power by the end of this cigarette.”
Balmung struggles to lift his blade from the ground and finally gets it into the air as BK jumps off. BK has not drawn his weapon yet but this does not stop Balmung from attacking his attacks are a lot sloppier then before. Balmung is just attacking fiercely screaming his attacks are not accurate. BK dodges each one with ease as his goal is not to kill Balmung but to drain his energy. Balmung slices down his scythe leaving his ribs exposed, BK capitalizes on this and punches him hard in the ribs. Balmung immediately drops his weapon and grabs his side, BK then punches Balmung in the face sending him flying back. Balmung’s face is bruised badly and a few ribs are broken, as he tries to stand he begins to cough up blood.
BK takes a drag of his cigarette as pulls it from his mouth to blow out the smoke “Damn I’m better then I expect I only smoked half of this cigarette. Now Balmung close your eyes and imagine all of your remaining energy, what image do you see?”
Balmung stumbles to his feet, his eyes are barely open, blood is dripping from his mouth, and his arm is tightly clutching his side. He does as BK instructed “I don’t see anything.”
Taking another drag of his cigarette, “Try to imagine your energy in the shape of an element, something that best describes your personality. Mine is fire, its powerful and carefree much like myself, it is able to take any form but if you try to force your hand on it you will be severely wounded.”
Balmung struggles to find an image but still is unable to see nothing “There is nothing but black, I see nothing.” Balmung screams out getting very angry and suddenly there is an explosion where Balmung is standing. The force of the wind has blown BK’s cigarette out as he smiles realizing that Balmung finally has awakened his true power. The smoke and dust clear and Balmung is standing upright all of his wounds are healed, there is a black aura around him, and his eyes are completely black. Shocked BK’s jaw drops as his cigarette falls from his mouth, but before it hits the floor Balmung appears in front of BK and punches him in the stomach.

chaper 29
Balmung stands opening his eyes, he is standing at the beginning of a long hallway. There are a series of doors at each side and it seems as though the hallway goes on forever because as long as he can see there is no end. He turns around and notices the front of the building is like the front of an office building, there is a front desk which is empty and several rotating doors. Balmung is very confused, the last thing he remembers is training with Bloodkid and closing his eyes in order to access his true power “Where am I?” he says as it echoes through the empty room.
Suddenly a mysterious voice is heard “Here are your thoughts.”
Balmung looks around franticly to find where the voice is coming from but he sees nothing. The building is empty and has an eerie silence “Who are you and why am I here?”
The voice begins to laugh “I am Sariel, Command of God, I reside in your heart for you are just like me Balmung.” Suddenly an image is appearing in front of Balmung looking exactly like him but only he is completely black as if he was a shadow.
Taking a few back Balmung is trying to piece together everything that is going on “What are you talking about I don’t understand.”
Walking to keep a small distance between him and Balmung “You called upon the archangel who protects you, the one who is most like you and that is me, with my hands I carry out the command of God. I am the one who chooses the fate of those who stray from the path of God, I control the darkness.” A sinister smile stretches across the face of Shadow Balmung.
Balmung finally starts to realize what is going “So all this now is in my head, you, me, and all this here. Those rooms back there hold my memories and thoughts, and the doors behind you are where my thoughts come in and out.”
“Very good you’re finally catching on, we should get started shortly for you do not have much time. Right now your body is being completely controlled by my power, when I entered your mind you lost control and ended up here. Bloodkid who is out there is fighting you as we speak because the overload of power your body has received has caused you to go insane with rage. Your body was wounded from the previous fight and my powers could only heal you enough to be able to fight, your body is still sustaining some of the more severe wounds. Bloodkid will not go lightly on your body because unchecked you have the power to destroy an entire civilization. Now if you wish to continue your life you must decide to fight me here and if you defeat me you are worthy enough to receive my power or you can give in and die at the hands of Bloodkid.”
Without pausing for even a second Balmung answers “I will fight you here and defeat you and then you will grant me your power as well as my body back.”
Laughing Sariel readies his weapon which is a scythe just like Balmung “If you can not defeat me within the time it takes for Bloodkid to kill you then you will die here, your body should hold up for about fifteen minutes.”
Smirking Balmung rushes at Sariel “Well then let’s get this started.”
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 30
Balmung’s blade crashes hard against Sariel’s blade, the sound echoes through the empty lobby. Balmung’s eyes begin to focus for there is no room for error and no room for delay he has but fifteen minutes to beat an archangel, this will be no easy task. Each attack Balmung makes Sariel is able to block each attack easily. It’s as if Balmung is attacking a mirror, each movement Balmung makes is directly copied by Sariel. “Relying on the attacks that have lead you up to this point is useless, I have watched over you from the beginning the only reason why you have gotten this far is because I have allowed it, you and I share the same heart.”
Trying to find some sort of opening Balmung swings his scythe at Sariel’s feet but Sariel attacks the same area as Balmung causing their blades to collide. “It’s futile Balmung just accept defeat, you can not win against my power.”
Sariel blocks Balmung’s attack causing Balmung to stagger backwards a little, Sariel lifts his scythe straight into the air. The blade of his scythe starts to glow and Sariel brings the blade down hard slashing the air. A wave of black energy flies out from the blade soaring through the air headed straight towards Balmung who has just recovered from Sariel’s push. Balmung thinks to himself “I can block this attack all I have to do I protect my chest and reflect the attack upwards.”
Seconds before the attack hits Balmung coughs up blood and drops his guard getting hit full force by the attack that Sariel unleashed. “What happened?” Balmung says as he drops down to one knee.
Slowly walking towards the wounded Balmung, Sariel explains “Your mind can not survive with out your body, I have already explained this.”
Still confused Balmung tries to make sense of the situation “So because Bloodkid is fighting me attacking my body I still receive injuries here?”
Sariel puts away his weapon and begins to clap “Very good Balmung you finally understand things.”

Bloodkid who is still fighting the possessed Balmung is panting heavily, “Stop Balmung what’s gotten into you, I don’t want to kill you.” Balmung is unable to respond, his rage and thirst for battle is drowning out all sense of reason. Bloodkid knowing there is no other way to finish this fight gets ready for his final attack “I really have no other choice Balmung we don’t have time for this anymore it looks like you were unable to control the awesome power of the archangels.”
Balmung runs at Bloodkid scythe at his side, dragging his blade on the ground pulling up any dirt and rocks in his path. He raises his blade in an attempt to slash BK’s chest open but is unable to. BK blocks the attack with his blade and kicks Balmung in the stomach sending him back several feet. BK grips his blade tightly with both hands and raises it high above his head pointing it towards the sky. The blade suddenly is engulfed with red-orange flames flickering in the strong wind. The flames begin to widen in size and take the shape of a head of a dragon. BK lowers his sword and points it at the possessed Balmung who is slowly rising to his feet, pouring blood from his open mouth. The Dragons head is slightly taller then BK who is already six feet tall. The dragon is made completely of flames even his teeth are two feet long and the tips are flickering. BK’s eyes focus tightly and suddenly there is a burst of energy pushing back from BK’s blade sending the dragons head high into the sky. The dragon’s body is also comprised of nothing but flames extending from BK’s blade to thirty feet into the sky. The dragon’s body is in a spiral pattern as it focuses down on the possessed Balmung who has not moved from his position. There is a calm breeze as BK, Balmung, and the flame dragon stay perfectly still. BK nods towards the dragon and within a second the dragon dashes to attack Balmung. As the dragon lands where Balmung is standing there is a gigantic explosion with a radius of over 20 feet. BK exhausted now puts away his weapon and begins to walk towards his fallen comrade “It’s over.”

chapter 31
Bloodkid stands at the edge of the circle his flame dragon caused, at the center lies Balmung. BK slowly makes his way towards Balmung’s motionless body, the ground below his feet is charred black and soft like ash. BK stands firmly over Balmung’s body as he pauses to light a cigarette. After he lights his cigarette he extends his arm down towards Balmung, “Get up fool.”
Balmung’s eyes slowly open to see a blurry image of BK extending his hand to help him up. Balmung slowly raises his arm which is bloody and cut and grabs hold as BK helps Balmung to his feet. “Looks like you need a rest, so how did it go?” Bloodkid says as he is holding Balmung up on his side as a crutch.
Balmung’s clothes are torn and bloody, his body is aching and most of his bones are broken. The only way he is able to walk is by leaning on Bloodkid for support “Well I thought Sariel had me, he stood over me saying how we were the same he and I, but I realized something while I was facing the edge of his blade, I have all of you guys here at ML and that’s something he doesn’t have. He may control the darkness and because of that his heart has turned black but I don’t need to follow that path like he did. Then when I came to there was a flame dragon head straight towards me and that’ when I used his power and created a duplicate of myself using my shadow to block the attack.” Balmung says as a smile runs across his face.
BK looks up as he blows smoke out from his mouth “You know that was only about 5 percent of my power, I had realized you weren’t possessed anymore when the dragon was a few feet away from you. So I withheld most of the attack, if you had gotten hit with that attack at full power the explosion would have been about 20 miles long rather then a few feet, but it looks like his test worked.”
A look of confusion runs across Balmung’s face “What do you mean a test?”
“You see Balmung it’s not just some game to them, they have to see if we as users are worth to receive their power. From what it sounds like Sariel knew you have the potential of a killer but he wanted to make sure your heart does not stray from what you have sworn to protect, and that is the true purpose of Sariel attacking you. I remember when Uriel had tested me, he gave me three tasks I had to complete and at first I thought he was joking but the rest is history.” BK says as he smiles at Balmung.
“So what were the three tasks you had to do?”
Laughing now BK remembers the trials he had to undertake in order to get Uriel’s power “Well the first task I had to do was give him a smoke, he knows how much I hate when people grub cigarettes. Next was I had to show him my best pose, so he took me to a place that was over run with girls. I flashed my sexy body and sure enough the ladies were flocking over to us. So after a few hours of getting some alone time with the girls Uriel had me pass his last task. If I was going to inherit the fire of god then I would have to last three days in a room filled with burning coals. The temperature was over 200 degrees and the walls and floor were covered in burning coals. Sure it hurt like hell but my determination to protect those of ML and gain the power kept me steadfast on my path. Much like you though I spent the next week in the medical center.”
Balmung smiles as he hears BK’s heart warming story, he thinks to himself “The mods here are much more then policemen who run a town, but they really do care for the members.”
“Here we are Balmung the medical center, you better get well soon because I still have much to teach you.” BK says as they enter the building.
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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 32
Grimmjow leads Pride and company into the staff lounge bar. They all gather around a rectangular table and order a round of drinks, Pride gets a beer, Purple orders a bottle of Jack, EJ orders a rum and coke, and Lolita and Grim order coffees. “Now if we could get down to business I would like to explain why you four are here.” Grim says as he sips his coffee. “With the recent attacks on ML we have found out that the cause of them are none other then Shino, second in command at NL. That is why I called you four, since we are low on staff members, due to crucial losses to some of the best staff members I have ever had the privilege of working with, we need your support. You will work as our counter-attack, you may know some of the ins and outs of NL but most of you have not visited there in a while and there have been some changes, although I hate to admit it but we do have an inside source working on our team just one second while I gather him here.” Grim says as he removes his phone from his pocket and places it up to his ear to make a phone call.
Tobi is seen looking into a sliding glass door, he is standing on the balcony of a room which is a few floors up at one of the prestige hotels in ML. A small bulge is seen by Tobi’s crotch as he covers the sides of his eyes in an attempt to see into the room. In side the room it is filled with about 40 candles randomly spread across the room, the floor is covered with rose pedals leading up to the bed which has white silk sheets draped from both the mattress and the high ceiling leading to the top of the mattress. The sheets leading from the ceiling are tied back to each of the four bed posts clearly showing the two members that are in the room. Marlboro is seen leaning over UchihaTaijiya, his shirt is off showing his chiseled chest, his muscles are clearly visible as sweat beads down due to gravity. UT takes her hands and catches a drop of sweat with her index finger before it falls from Marlboro’s chest. She then brings her finger to her open mouth and places it on her tongue sucking her finger as she removes it from her mouth.
Marlboro looks at her with lust and grabs her to pull her up to his mouth and gives her a passionate kiss. Their eyes are closed and tongues intertwined as Marlboro’s hands slowly remove UT’s top exposing her chest.
Suddenly a very flamboyant song is heard interrupting the scene, Tobi’s eyes widen as he realizes that it’s his ringtone on his phone. Nervously he dives his hand into his pocket to stop the noise before he is found out, but it is too late both UT and Marlboro have heard the noise and try to find it’s origin.
Finally Tobi removes the phone from his pocket and turns the ringer on silent, relieved Tobi turns back to the sliding glass door and looks in. He sees UT’s chest pressed hard against the glass exposing her beautiful pink nips. Tobi’s eyes focus in not leaving the sight for even a second as she opens the door and walks out.
UT grinds her teeth and her eyes are staring Tobi down as if she has intent to kill him. A smirk appears on Tobi’s face as he realizes the image is getting closer to him. UT pulls her arm back hard and punches Tobi right in the face sending him over the balcony headed straight for the ground below. Tobi still in ecstasy with what he saw does not bother to soften his fall, his head hits the ground as the rest of his body slowly follows. In a mix between happiness and pain Tobi lies on the concrete not moving until his phone rings again. He finally comes to his senses and answer, “Yo.”
Grim answers on the other end of the call “Tobi bring Marlboro and UT back to the Staff Lounge bar our guests have arrived.”
As Tobi hangs up both Marlboro and UT arrive at the scene, fully clothed, where Tobi is lying on the floor. UT is still furious and gives Tobi a few kicks in the ribs but he seems unaffected, only a smile runs across his face as he looks at UT remembering what he saw. Marlboro picks up the seemingly motionless body and stairs him down “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right here.” Marlboro says very sternly.
Tobi coming to replies “You two are needed in the Staff Lounge bar, lets head there now.”
Marlboro drops Tobi back to the ground and turns his back to Tobi as he grabs UT’s hips, “Lets go.”
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