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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Sasuto Haruno doushinji

Chapter 1
Sasuto Haruno

Konohamaru was walking in the village as the Hogake with his wife Moegi. Konohamaru remembers when he was spying on Naruto when Naruto was twelve.
Flash Back to Naruto was using his clones to tease Sakura by poke her and than disappeared before she'd turned around or he just turns into Sasuke before Sasuke the village or somethings he will turns into Jiraiya.
The in of the flash back.
Konohamaru reached the the pole that Naruto after 2 in half years training with Master Jiraiya.
Konohamaru always tearing up when he thinks about Naruto.
Iruka said, "Don't tell me that Konohamaru is thinking about Naruto." Moegi said, "He's always like this when he think about Boss." Iruka said, "Since Ebisu took up Jiraiya's Mantle. I'll treat you to some Ramen."
So all three of them went to Ramen.

At the Ichiraku Ramen. Ayame is the new Owner of Ichiraku Ramen cause Teuchi died from old age. Ayame said, "It been ages since I saw you guys."
Iruka said, "Sorry about that but we're busy." Ayame asked, "The only time you come here to remember Naruto. Right?" Konohamaru nodded his head.
Ayame said, "My dad told me that one day that Naruto was about to eat his Ramen and he disappear in a smoke. Then when two ninjas came in and Naruto reappear on the same stool. That almost gave him a heart attack."
Iruka and Konohamaru said, "That's does sound like Naruto." They all four laugh.

Shikamaru is Konohamaru's aide found Konohamaru and said, "Here you are. You are more troublesome than Naruto himself. I'd never thought that My sensei's nephew would be even worse than the Knuckle-head ninja." Iruka said, "You got a point. I guess Konohamaru-sama took Naruto's mantle."

Yamato asked, "Hogake-sama where is Dajato? Ino wants to see him now." Konohamaru replied, "Where Naruto would be." Yamato said, "I'm losing my mind. I guess it's my old age now." Iruka said, "If you old that means I'm old too."

Dajato was in the training ground. Yamato said, "Here you are." Dajato Haruno, Nakumo Kurama, Nakuto , Nirata Hyuuga, Gurshina Uzumkai, Yanan Namikaze, Nemari, Narumei, Kuruto Yuuhi and Narin training. Now everybody has high standards to Naruto's kids.

Sarin has a crush on Dajato. Dajato has a crush on Sarin. They got married had a son Sasuto. Ino and Sai got married and had a daughter, Sino" married Chouji's and Ayame's son, Choujayame. Temari and Shikamaru's daughter, Shemaru married Kiba's and Isaribi's son, Kibaruto. Rock Lee and Tenten got married and had a daughter, Roxxi Lee.
Neji Hyuuga married Karui and they had a son that married Roxxi Lee. They had a daughter, Roji Hyuuga.
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Charpter 2
Ino's secret

Ino was sitting on the Bench where Sakura last saw her comrade Sasuke-kun before Sasuke left the village. Sasuto Haruno came up and asked, "What was my grandparents like? My parents told me that you were my grandmother's best friend? Is that right?" Ino said, "That's true but once we were also a rivals as well as friends." Sasuto had a confused looked on his face. Ino said, "You look like Sasuke-kun but you act like Naruto and you have Naruto's whiskers as well." Sasuto asked, "What's wrong Ino-sama?" Ino answered, "Sakura and I was rivals and Sasuke and Naruto was rivals. I'd wouldn't imagined that their kids would get married to each other. I want to tell you a secret on I know and Naruto knows."
Sasuto said, "Tell me!" Ino said, "This was before Naruto and Sakura got married."

Ino had a flash back:

One time Naruto walking by the bench there was Sakura sitting there like many times. Naruto asked, "Can I sit down next to you Sakura-chan?" Sakura replied, "Sure. We are teammates after all." with simile on her face. Sakura looked at Naruto. Naruto was so nervous that Sakura never seen him like this way at all. He usually was hyper and outgoing but today he was acting strange like he wanted to get something off of his chest. Sakura asked, "Do you want to asked me some thing Naruto?" Naruto nodded his head and gulp. Sakura notice that Naruto's cheeks turning pink. Naruto said, "You don't have any idea that how much I care for you Sakura-chan." Naruto took another gulped and said, "I Love you!" Sakura was shocked cause he came out and said it. Sakura said, "I knew you like me but I'd never thought that you would say it to my face like that. Sorry but I can't love you because." Sakura transform back to Ino. Naruto got upset. Naruto started to complain about it. Ino slapped Naruto to make him snap out of his mood and Ino said, "I'd feel a guilty that you wanted to confession to your crush but I ruined it for you. So I'd made dinner for you and Sakura." Naruto hugged Ino. Ino said, "Okay Naruto! Please I can't breath Naruto." Naruto asked, "Sorry about that but how would you do that?" Ino said, "Like you Sakura told me that she'd wanted me to be her best friend again." Naruto started to cried. Ino said, "Don't start crying on me Naruto." Naruto said, "Sorry." Ino said, "Show me what you have in your closet?"

So Naruto took Ino to his apartment. Ino asked, "Did anyone told you how to clean your apartment?" Naruto said, "Only Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan but I'd can't find anytime to clean cause I'm so busy with training." Ino said, "You don't have any extra clothes!" Ino said, "I just got a Idea." Naruto asked, "What it's it?" Ino said, "Come with me to Kurenai-sensei's house."

So they went to Kurenai and Shikamaru answered the door. Shikamaru said, "Hey it's you Naruto and Ino." Ino asked, "Is Kurenai home?" Shikamaru said, "Yes she is. Kurenai-chan! Ino and Naruto wanted to talk to you." Kurenai asked, "How can I help you two?" Ino whispered, "I want to have Naruto's style but with Sakura's older colors Red and white. Where the black is on Naruto's shirt replace it with the white and where the orange replace it as black." Kurenai said, "I'll do it but Shino and Kiba grabbed Naruto and take him to the outfit room." So Shino and Kiba lift Naruto on their shoulders and took him to the room. Hinata, Shizune, Ayame, Tsume and Hana was there in a flash they all was measuring Naruto's body part but Naruto had a confused look on his face. Hinata was there as well. Kurenai said, "Split down Naruto to his undies." Hinata fainted cause she'd saw Naruto in his boxers. Naruto feels uncomfortable. Kiba and Shino was check on Hinata's condition. Naruto likes his new outfit. Ino said, "Now for you hair." Ino change his hairstyle to Sasuke's hairstyle.

Tsunade said, "I'd already set up your date Naruto." Naruto was shocked. Tsunade said, "Now Naruto transform into Black and orange outfit and your old hairstyle cause all of us females like to be surprise." All the females in the room agreed with Tsunade. Ino said, "I'd tell Sakura to meet you at Ichiraku Ramen but act like yourself." Tsunade said, "I'd know where Sakura wanted to spend her first date at. It has a Cherry Blossom Tree. I'll have a ANBU Ninja be there to summoned it for you." Ino said, "Ayame act like normal went Naruto and Sakura get to Ichiraku and also tell you father about this." Ayame said, "My father is always wonder how could he help Naruto. So he'd agreed to it as well."

So that afternoon Ino said, "Sakura!" Sakura said, "It's you Ino!" Ino said, "It's Naruto!" Sakura asked, "Did he over do it again?" Ino started to giggle a bit and said, "In a way yes!"
Ino dragged her to her room but Kurenai said, "You should wear the Orange top with black top with black skirt. " Sakura asked, "Why are you doing this to me?" Ino said, "Naruto has some big to say to you?" Sakura asked, "What are you talking about?" Ino said, "Don't worried about Hinata get in your way." Kurenai said, "The Hyuuga is prepare her to be the leader of the clan." Shizune said, "Naruto is waiting for you Sakura at Ichiraku Ramen. something about Sasuke!" Sakura went running out the door like a dart. The girls giggles a bit when Sakura was out of sight.

Sakura arrives at Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto said, "Maybe Kakashi is a girl cause he's always late like you girls are." with a big grin on his face. Sakura punched him and said, "Let's eat so you can tell me about Sasuke." Behind the Ichiraku is the Ninja that Tsunade picked. Right before Sakura arrived Naruto told the ANBU Ninja when Sakura said Sasuke-kun more then seven times that's your signal to summoned it. The ninja nodded his head.

Back inside of Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura asked, "What do you wanted to talk about Sasuke-kun?" In Naruto's mind said that's one. Sakura asked, "Naruto Are you listening to me?" Naruto said, "Sorry about that." Sakura asked the same question to Naruto six more times. At this point Sakura was so frustrated. Naruto asked, "Did I said that I wanted to talk about Sasuke." Sakura yelled, "Yes you did wanted to talk about SASUKE-KUN." Naruto was having a big grin on his face bigger than Sakura ever saw. The ninja behind the Ichiraku Ramen summoned the Landscape that Sakura wanted to her first real date to take place at. Sakura was shocked and turning around while her back was face Naruto. Naruto transform back to his new outfit and new hairstyle. Sakura turned around and was shocked to see Naruto in a different outfit with a different hairstyle. Naruto said, "Sit down I need to tell you something." Sakura sat across from Naruto at a picnic. Naruto whispered into Sakura's ear, "I'd love you so much that I'll died for you and your dreams. That's my other promise of a life-time." Sakura said, "Naruto-kun!" Naruto was shocked to her Kun after his name coming from Sakura's lips. That'd almost melt him. Sakura kissed him on his lips.
Sakura asked, "Naruto-kun would you be my boyfriend?" Naruto replied, "Sakura-Chan you already know my answered but Yes I love to be your boyfriend."

Flash back ended

Ino said, "That was Sakura's and Naruto's first kiss." Sasuto said, "That's how they started dating."
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 3.
Ino's gift

Ino said, "Sasuto coming with me I want to give you something." Sasuto said, "Sure. I'm done with my training today." Ino drag him to her house. Ino told Sasuto to stay there at the her front door and Ino went to her bedroom looking for something. Meanwhile Ino's granddaughter, Choujuto. Choujuto she saw Sasuto and ran up to her grandmother's room and asked, "Why did you bring Sasuto-kun here for?" Ino answered, "I'd brought him here so that I'd can give him a gift that I'd gave his grandmother that she'd return it after she'd found out that I'd had crush on Sasuke." Chojuto said, "that's a close one." Ino said, "I'd might of failed to get Sasuke." Choujuto asked, "What was Sasuto-kun's grandparents were like?" Ino said, "Sasuke was the more skill ninja ever and was the last Survivor of Uchiha Clan. He was the most handsome guy. Naruto was a prankster." Choujuto asked, "Do you think that I'm beautiful?" Ino replied, "OF COUSRE YOU HAVE YAMANAKA BLOOD RUNING THOUGH YOU." Ino just figured that her granddaughter has a crush on Sasuto and said, "You love him don't cha?" Choujuto was shocked and nodded her head. Ino said, "Naruto-sama love Ichiraku Ramen almost as he'd love Sakura." Ino found what she'd was looking for and said, "I'd found it." Choujiuto said, "That's just a ribbon that's all." Ino yelled, "It was my and Sakura's friendship ribbon. I'd didn't have a chance to gave back to her." wrapped her tears off of her face. Ino said, "Take this to Sasuto." Choujuto said, "I'd can't!" Ino said, "Go and do it. He'll be grateful for it. That's how Naruto was. Anything some one did for him. He'd was so happy that he'll give that person a hugged."

After Choujuto left the room. Ino had a little flash back of Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto holding hands with similes on their faces expect for Sasuke of course. flash back ended. Ino mumbled to herself said, "I'd missed you guys. I'd promised that I'd would look after you kids Sakura. In a lifelong promise that what Naruto would say." The spirit of Sakura touched Ino and said, "He would. We both want your granddaughter to married our grandson okay. Remember that Naruto-kun and myself are sealed inside of all the Jinnuuriki' in our family. Also thank you for give me my ribbon back Ino." Naruto's spirit and said, "I'd agreed with Sakura-chan." Then those spirits fading away.

In Sasuto was still standing there. Choujuto said, "Here's the gift my Grandmother told you about." Inside of Sasuto's mind. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Karin was telling Sasuto's inner self to asked Choujuto out on a date. The Inner Sasuto said, "Aright then!" Sasuto asked, "Choujuto.." Naruto hit Sasuto's inner self. Sasuto asked, "Choujuto-chan would you go out with me?" Choujuto said, "Sasuto-KUN I'd loved too." She'd jumped into Sasuto's arms.

Chapter 4
Ino's and Sakura's Promise

Sasuto and Choujuto got to Ayame said, "Hey what's my favorite Customer." She'd looked at her granddaughter and whispered, "I'd see you brought your crush with you this time." Choujuto said, "We are boyfriend and girlfriend now." Shikamaru was walking passed Ichiraku Ramen. He'd notice that Sasuto and Choujuto. Shikamaru asked, "Hey Sasuto can I join you?" Choujuto said, "Sure." Shikamaru whispered Choujuto's ear, "You have the Chouji's cheek markings. You got Ayame's body and her face. You got Ino's hairstyle but your hair color is Sai. You got the Ino's fashion sense." Choujuto said, "Thanks." Ayame whispered into Sasuto's ear, "She's a better cook than me."
Sasuto kissed Choujuto's forehead. She'd was shocked. Ayame and Shikamaru look in aww. So after they got done eating. Choujiuto and Sasuto left.

Now they was by the lake. Sasuto and Choujuto. Sasuto was sleeping and leaning against a tree. Choujuto kissed Sasuto. Sasuto was shocked. They went to Sasuto's house. They locked the door behind them. Then they started kissed each other on their lips.

Meanwhile back at Ino's house. She's was thinking to her self. We kept our promise. Ino had a flash back of Sakura and Ino made a promise that our grandkids will get married to each other. The shake hands in agreement. flash back ended. Ino mumbled to herself, "I'm ready to join you old friends."

Chapter 5
Sakura's and Hinata's secrets

Hanabi Hyuuga was walking down and looking at Naruto's face on the Hogake Monument. Yanan asked, "Hey what's up Hanabi-sama?" Hanabi replied, "I'd just found about the truth about the Pain's attacked."

flash back: (Hanabi was a young )
Hanabi was over heard that Hinata telling her father that Akatsuki just wants Naruto meet his father. Itachi said, "Naruto's family and my family are best friends to each other. " Pain said, "Itachi told us about Naruto's seal technique. Itachi saw Naruto's father. If you join us. Naruto will finally meet his father that Fourth Hogake." Zetsu said, "The Konoha's council members and the other ninjas didn't want us to tell him about his father." Hinata was shocked and sad to hear this and said, "That's awful." Hidan said, "That's why the villages put us in the bingo book." Itachi said, "I'd didn't killed my clan the Root did by the order of Danzou and Orochimaru himself. He'd fame me. I'd use a Illusion to make Sasuke believe that I'd killed our parents. But I'd had to do that cause he didn't know hatred." Sasori said, "A Girl I hate to waiting." Hinata asked, "Is Naruto-kun will be alright?" Konan said, "You have the Byakugan." Itachi said, "You can help Naruto-kun. Sasuke is after me and Naruto-kun is after Sasuke cause the accrues Sakura made Naruto promise to bring my little brother. " Kakuzu said, "I'm the bank teller of the Akatsuki." Deidara said, "When you join us. You'll spend more times with him." Konan said, "I'd need a girlfriend. These guys are rude and doing gross stuff in front of me. Please join us!" Hinata said, "I'll join only if Naruto doesn't get hurt." Kisame said, "Deal." Itachi said, "I'd help out with Naruto." Konan yelled towards a dark hallway, "Hey come out. She'd taking after you gals for sure.' Neji's Mother and Hinata's mother come out and said, "Welcome Hinata!" Itachi talking to Hinata about Naruto's family.
flash back ends

Nirata said, "Yanan-san. You have half sisters from the Akatsuki." Sasuto over heard Nirata and he said, "I'll help you find you sisters that's a promise of a life-long."

Meanwhile, Dajato Haruno's house he find out about his mother's dairy and read it. He'd opened it and to a middle of the book. The title of this page was the Waterfall of Truth.

The dairy reads:

When I was chasing Naruto-kun. He'd asked me to sit in the front of the waterfall and he'd said, "This part was my first step to control the Kyuubi but I'd figured that normal ninjas have hatred as well. So before I'd returned to Konoha. Konoha ninjas and all the villages must come here. Now Sakura-chan close your eyes and focus."

{In the mind of Sakura}
Sakura: Who are you?

Evil Sakura: I'm the real you

Sakura: No you are not.
Evil Sakura: I'm Real you that lies at the bottom of your heart. I'm your hatred. Sasuke-kun Sasuke-kun.

Sakura: stop it stop it.

Evil Sakura: What if Sasuke-kun didn't leave the village but Naruto did? Would you go after Naruto like you did for Sasuke-kun? You are selfish little girl are you?

Sakura: I'd don't what to hear it.

Evil Sakura: You still love Sasuke-kun don't cha?
Sakura: No I'd don't he'd tried to kill me without a thought. I'd love Naruto!
Evil Sakura: Don't make me laugh. That thing you called love towards annoying idiot is actually your guilt by not being there for him at all. You punched him and dare I said? What the heck I'll said it!
Sakura: Don't said please don't said it.
Evil Sakura: Sasuke-kun was the one who always provoke that annoying idiot.
Sakura: Stop called him that.
Evil Sakura: Why would I'd stop? You still called him idiot don't cha?
Sakura: (thinking she's right I'm sorry naruto)
Evil Sakura: How dare you not to care about that annoying idiot until you find out that he's a jinnuuriki and the Akatsuki was coming after him.
Sakura: Naruto told me that ever at his birth the Akatsuki was after him.
Evil Sakura: That's not true love! That's just feeling sad for the annoying Idiot!
Sakura: (giggles)
Evil Sakura: What's so funny?
Sakura: I'd gonna married that annoying idiot! You can't stop me.
Evil Sakura: Since Naruto became Konoha's hero. You have more competition even Hinata is aiming for Naruto's love but only one person probably won't go for him is your old friend no-pig!
Sakura: Don't worry I'd know Naruto loves me that's why
Evil Sakura: That's the girl that I'd like. Now show him you love him.
flash back ends

Sakura gets up and thinking to herself , "You probably have more worse. Then anyone in our village Naruto-kun! "
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 6
The kidnapers

Ino, Sasuto, Yamato and Sai are on a mission together. They heard rumors about how powerful these rogue ninjas are They proclaim themselves as the last survivors of the Whirlpool Country. meanwhile,
Few miles away eight hooded ninjas was attacking the 3 ninjas that has Craftsman Village ninjas' armor, Sky Country ninjas' flying gear, Snow Country ninjas' armor and Moon Country ninjas' armor cause those country are now ruled by a Empire.
The hooded ninjas are wearing Hunter ninja mask. Ino notice that their forehead protector headband had the same symbol of goodwill and friendship of the leaf village ninjas. Ino had a flash back that Sakura told her that Naruto told Sakura that the symbol of
goodwill and friendship was actually the Eddy village of the Whirlpool Country." Flash back ends.

Ino said, "Those guys are from the Whirlpool Country." Yamato said, "I'd guess Naruto couldn't kept his mouth shut. The only other survivors from there was actually the ones that destroyed it. The Eddy Village was known as the Village of Longevity as well as they are specialized in the sealing techniques. They are more faster the the yellow flash that taught Kakashi-senpai." Sasuto said, "That' could mean that they are my relatives. They mite could teach me how do to those seals." Yamato said, "Don't do it." Sasuto said, "My grandpa always want to meet his fellow clansmen." Sai said, "You are define are Naruto's grandson." Sasuto said, "Thanks!" Sai said, "That wasn't a compliment." Sai had a flash back of Naruto saying that same quote to him." flash back ends. Sai send ink mouse to Konoha

Back at Konoha and inside the Hogake's mansion. Konohamaru saw Sai's ink mouse. Konohamaru order Shikamaru to bring him Chouji, Kiba and Shino. Shikamaru mumbled, "What a drag." So he brings them to Hogake and Konohamaru said, "You Shikamaru are the captain of this 4 team until you reached Captain Yamato." They all agreed and they went on their way.

Back at in the forest by the border of spring country that was former know as Snow country.The hooded ninjas too notice of Sasuto's symbol on his back and kidnap him then they throw a smoke bomb to escape to their hideout. Chouji, Kiba and Shino with Shikamaru got there little be late. Kiba asked, "I'd thought Konohamaru-sama told us that Sasuto was with you guys?" Sai said, "He was until the hooded ninjas saw Eddy village symbol on his back that wasn't on a leaf village vest. They snatch him and exscape." Ino said, "We have to find him he's gonna to be my grandson in law! Shikamaru said, "Don't worry!"

They decide not to tell Naruto's kids and the grandkids as well about this Sasuto's kidnap. Then they asked for more back from Konoha. Neji, Tenten and Rock Lee came to help them. Shikamaru talk about the information that Konoha have on Uzumaki clan.

Mean while, In the Uzumkai Ninja's hide out. The Sasuto said, "let me go you scary cats!" The hooded and masked ninjas they took off their masked and took off their hooded cloak now. They said, "We saw you notice our village symbol on out masks and we knew that Uzumkai Kushina had a baby with the Fourth Hogake! We were the elite of the our clan but the evil "

They surprise that Uzumkai member has a Sharingan. So they kept him in a room. These Uzumkai took Naruto's Journal from Sasuto. They found out that he's related to Uchiha Sasuke, Namkaze Minato, Uzumkai Kushina and Naruto as well. They want to know more about Sasuto so they took Naruto's Journal away from him and start to read out loud to him.

One page got their attention was funny.

Naruto: So this is Sakura,
Mom: Ooooh she's quite a looker, honey!
Naruto: MOM!!! (Naruto is blushing)
Dad: Yeah, she might even surpass your mom!
Mom: WHAT DID YOU SAY MINATO DATTEBANE!!!!!!!! *slap punch*
Sakura: Uhh, I think I should say hi, but I think master's calling me...
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: Mom, stop that! You made Sakura's face uglier!!
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!! *continues punching Minato*
Naruto: DATTEBAYOOOOOOOOoooo~ *gets punched by Sakura*
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: DATTEBAYOOOoooo......!!! *translates to 'Someone SAVE MEEE!!!'*
Sakura: SHANNARO!!!!!!
Minato: Honeeeyy....

At the dock Ino, Neji, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Tenten, Neji and Chouji tried to stop them and they all died expect for Yamato and Sai. Sasuto returns to the village with his clones carried the dead bodies of the rest of the Nine Rookies with Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji.
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 7
Hokages' secrets

Kohomaru is retired like his grandfather did and So he picked Sasuto as the new Hogake. After few years Konohamaru died of old age. When Sasuto is the first Uchiha to become the Hogake cause this Uchiha had the Will of the Fire. Sasuto after looking thought the paper work. He find out that Itachi was chosen to be the next Hogake that was before He'd killed his clan. He find out that Madara still out there and he also find a picture of a 20 year old Kurenai and 10 year old Itachi. Itachi had a puppy crush on Kurenai Kurenai was babysitting Itachi and baby 5 years Sasuke. The picture shows Kurenai holding Sasuke. Itachi tricked her and kissed Kurenai on her lips. Kurenai was shocked and her and Itachi's cheeks turn pink. Kurenai got mad and pushed him away. She started yelled at Itachi for kissed her on her lips. Itachi is cried and She was tried to comforted him and told him not to do that. Kurenai kissed Itachi's cheek.
Sasuto find out that Rokushou Aoi is cousins to Touji Mizuki.

Then Sasuto finds out that Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru was the ones that truly created Akatsuki was actually Fourth Hogake's elite squad. Orochimaru took charge of the Akatsuki after the Kyuubi until he'd meets Tobi, Pain, Kankuzu, Kisame, Sasori, Konan, Hidan and Zetsu. When Itachi came into the Akatsuki fight Orochimaru. Orochimaru lost to Itachi that's why he left the Organization. Sasuto also find out that the Real Madara saw Minato and Kushina sealed the Kyuubi inside their own son. The Real Madara said to himself, "I'd wish they had a daughter." Sasuto finds out that Itachi refuse to be the Hogake after Jiraiya.
Sasuto said, "So that's the truth about it." Sasuto mediated and talk to his previous Jinnuurikis.
Sasuke, Naruto, Kushina, Sarin and Dajato

Sasuke said, "Fight Dead last!"
Naruto said, "Bring it on! Scary cat!"
Kushina said, "You two knock it off."
Sarin said, "Daddy!"
Dajato said, "Daddy."
Sasuto said, "Mommy and Daddy!"

Sasuto standing in the middle. On the right side is Dajato behind him is Naruto and Sakura behind Naruto are Kushina and a spirit of Minato. On the left side of Sasuto. is Sarin behind her is Sasuke and Karin. Behind Sasuke are Itachi, Fugaku and Mikoto.
Sasuto told them that Uchiha finally made it to become a Hogake. Minato said, "That was my and Fugaku's plan. The masked man mess it up for us." All of his family lift him up. Above them were First Hogake, Second Hogake, Third Hogake, Fifth Hogake, Sixth Hogake, Seven Hogake, Eight Hogake and the Ninth Hogake.

The other villages don't want to mess with the first Uchiha as a Hogake. So they made sure that the All the rogue ninjas are out of the way. The Sasuto's only problem he has is the the Root from the inside and outside the village. Those are the biggest threats to a Uchiha Hogake.
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 8
Karui vs Sakura

While Sasuto was reading Sakura's dairy and he find out that when Nagato revive the village he also his Master Jiraiya and the leaf didn't tell Naruto at all.
While Naruto was in recovering for his injuries after the battle with Madara and Sasuke.
Sai and Sakura went on their own mission for only two were required.
Sai notice ahead that Team Samui is ahead. Sai told Sakura that red hair girl was the one who punched Naruto.
Sakura squeezed her hands tight. Sakura said to herself, "Least I could do for Naruto is to pay this girl name Karui for punching my Naruto."

Karui asked, "You two again? What do you want now?"
Sakura asked, "You are Karui Right?"
Karui asked, "Why Do you have a problem crybaby?"
Sakura said, "I'll tell you one thing about Sasuke!"
Omoi said, "Okay tell us!"
Sakura said, "Only if Karui follows me!"
Omoi said, "You shouldn't do it."
Karui said, "Shut up! Omoi" punches Omoi like Sakura punches Naruto.
Sakura said, "So he's your Naruto right?"
Samui asked, "What do you mean by that?"
Sakura replied, "I'd punches Naruto like that but while I'd was starting to fall in love with the idiot. I'd see that you don't have a fourth member of your team. So some bad mush of happen to him or her or he or she'd left the village."
Karui startes to crying.
Samui said, "What nerve you got!"

Karui said, "Fine I'd hoped you are not like that idiot."
Sakura said, "Sai stay here. Samui and Omoi could you kept a I on him for me he's jutsu style is art base."

Karui said, "Let's go!"
Sakura grabs karui's hand they go into the forest.
After they enter the forest.
Sakura said, "Before you know who Naruto and Sasuke are to me. I'll tell you who I am."
Karui said, "Okay Spill it crybaby."
Sakura said, "I'm Haruno Sakura and the Pupil of Mistress Tsunade. That's right. I'd was trained by Fifth Hogake herself."
Karui said, "Okay then what about Naruto!"
Sakura replied, "That fool loves me. So much that he'll keep thinking of the promise he made to me when we were 12 years old. He never goes back on his words that's he ninja way. He's the son of the Fourth Hogake and he's Kushina's son as well. One day Naruto will become the Hogake."
Karui asked, "What about Sasuke?"
Sakura started to cried and answered, "He was my first crushed and Naruto's first brotherly bond he ever made. Sasuke killed his brother Itachi and Orochimaru."
Karui said, "Thanks! "
Sakura said, "There is some else. Before we enter the woods. You asked me if I had a problem right?"
Karui replied, "Yes I'd did. So what are you gonna do about it?"
Sakura said, "I'd just have one."
Sakura punches her easy at first.
Karui asked, "That's all you got Crybaby?"
Sakura punched her ever hard.
Sakura said, "This one for punching my future Husbands."
Sakura punched her back to her teammates.
Omoi was shocked.
Samui said to herself, "She's strong."
Sakura said, "Naruto master the Sage Techinque like his Master Jiraiya. He' could've killed you in one second. Next time you hit him. I'll personality make sure that you are dead Karui."
Sai said, "Let's go back to the village Sakura."
Sakura said, "If you tell the truth what happen here. I'd will mess you hands up so that you couldn't be call a artist. That's reminds me. I'd own you this."
Sakura punched Sai's belly and said, "That was for tell the truth to Naruto after I'd told you don't do it."
Sai said, "I'm sorry about that."

Sakura put Sai on her back. and head back to the their village.
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 9
Karui's Apology

Sasuto searching his family house and find Naruto's Hogake's jacket and Minato's Hogake's jackets. Sasuto put Naruto's hogake jacket on. Something fell out of that jacket's pocket. It was a letter to Naruto from Karui. The letter reads:

Dear Naruto-sama,

This is my apology letter for hitting you. Sakura told me everything you went throu in your life. I'm sorry for that. Now I'm just want us to be friends. If there is anything the Cloud ninjas could do by the way I'm Jounin now. I also hoped that one day I'll be come Raikage some day.
I'd would've said that you need to need me for what I'd have done to you but I'd think Sakura did it for you.

sign your new friend,

That was the end of the letter.

Sasuto find out that Naruto visited Nagato's grave with Konan. "Naruto say thanks to you my fellow pupil. I'd meet my Dad for the first time!"
Konan said, "I'd see the Fourth Hogake reseal it inside you once more." Naruto just nodded his head.

So Sasuto look at the Naruto's missions data right before he became Hogake. Samui came to the Leaf Village to asked for help with a Haunted village. Kakashi picked Sakura and Naruto. Sasuto also find that Hogake's job is to face the hatred of this world. Sasuto said, "I'm a grandson of the Naruto and Sasuke." I have Sharingan and the Will of the Fire. Wait wants this Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu? Naruto couldn't kept it in tack without the First's necklace? No I'd know I have to do now. Denu-sama give all of Minato's decendants with his ability to transfer his eyes and the Akatsuki's powers to me. So now that Sorry this world is full of hatred and with all my powers. I'm here to stay but I'd transfer it back. The only way to break this one I'm going called it the Moon's Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu! The End of the Ninja system. All of the people that died came back to life expect those that died in the modern world.
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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 10
The Return of the University of Konoha.

While the Tobi was about to grab Naruto's necklace. Right at the moment Sasuke save it from breaking.
Naruto was relief. Sakura asked, "What are you doing here?" Itachi said, "It's you my foolish brother. you never will measure up to Naruto."
Sasuke asked, "Why are you after him brother?" Sakura said, "This guy that has Naruto on his shoulder is Sasuke's older brother?" Itachi said, "Akatsuki is here only for one propose. We'd just want to talk to Naruto about his family."

Zetsu drove up and picked up his fellow Akatsuki member with Naruto. After Itachi knocked Naruto out cold. At the Red Cloud bar.
Zetsu drove up and park in the Akatsuki. The Itachi splash some water on Naruto's face trying to wake up him. So Tobi pulled the chair underneath him. That cause Naruto wake up. Nagato said, "I'm the Leader of this Akatsuki gang but you can called me Pain. We want you to join us. Unlike your friends at that stupid UK. We are made up only of the last members of our family like you are. So I'd hoped you will join us." Tobi said, "It's finally time for me to unmasked myself. I'm Madara." Zetsu said, "I'm Zetsu." Orochimaru said, "I'm Orochimaru." Sasori said, "I'm Sasori." Deidara said, "I'm Deidara." Kisame said, "I'm Kisame." Kakuzu said, "I'm Kakuzu." Hidan said, "I'm Hidan." Konan said, "I'm Konan the only female in this group. Your Guardian Jiraiya was Pains and mine as well." Pain said, "Cause that reason that we wanted you to join us. "

Back at the mall. Sakura asked, "Sasuke to save Naruto." Sasuke said, "Shut up Sakura. I'd was going save him cause my brother killed my family expect for me." Sakura said, "I'd didn't know! Sorry about it." Sasuke said, "That's why Naruto and myself are Best Friends and rival. Our Families we admired each other and we always make them into rivals. Don't tell him that I'd said that. If you do tell him that. I'll just deny it."

Bat the the Akatsuki's hide out. Madara said, "Your parents Naruto was the best people. They died protecting you. I'd was there and trying to some those Legends Beast! That's why we'd kept on pushed you to join us cause we have a feeling that they will becoming after you. "
Naruto asked, "How can I help you?" Madara said, "The only thing we need is nine more girls. You Naruto get two girls of your choosing to yourself. " Nagato said, "If you become one us you will become the Leader of this group!" Naruto said, "Let's see what that jacket looks on me first!" with a smile on his face.

Back at the UK. Sasuke knew that Kakashi was dog breeder so he asked, "Kakashi can I'd borrow one of you Hounds?" Kakashi asked, "Why?"
Sasuke replied, "Naruto been Naruto-naped by Akatsuki." Kakashi said, "This is big then we have to tell Tsunade!" Kakashi ran into Tsunade's office.
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