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/naruto 530 spoiler\

source: my mangaspoiler

One Piece 606 spoiler is up !! http://www.mymangaspoilers.com/2010/...-spoilers.html

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Re: /naruto 530 spoiler\

Some more from NF, I mean Naruto.Anifreak (N.A ?)

Quote: Posted by jeketb
Originally Posted by vered
by ohana:

mifune is in the end for sure.
by vered
by shounensuki:

The chapter's called "Chōji's Determination/Decision"
Mifune introduces himself and says he'd like to fight "Hanzō-dono"
Kankurō's saying his body is becoming numb
One Piece: The manga you wait 600 chapters to start reading.

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Re: /naruto 530 spoiler\

SOURCE: http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....0-spoiler.html

by shounensuki:

The chapter's called "Chōji's Determination/Decision"

Mifune introduces himself and says he'd like to fight "Hanzō-dono"

Kankurō's saying his body is becoming numb

chap530: chojis determination

caption "Darui unit has sealed kinkaku and ginkaku....however!!"

Ino: for (a guy) being scared the crap, Good job, choji!
Choji ...i feel ive lost weight radically with a cold sweat
Shikamaru: a feeling is ok
No worries, youre the same old you.

Shikaku: As planned!
Inoichi:You've gained better control of the speed and the release of shintenshin...
Choza: well done choji!
Kituchi: from the 6th squad to the 10th, take the injured to the rear
The rest, follow me!!

Kotetu: I 'owe' you...
you're not forgetting that are you, hijiki(black algae) bastard
kakuzu: im afraid i don't remember an opponent that doesn't make money...
Izumo: they say money talks even in the hell but...
can i ask you if it talked after you died?

Shika: Senpai!
Ino: Izumo san, Kotetsu san!
Izumo:Shikamaru! Chozi, Ino!
We work together to seal him!!
Ino: Alrighty!
Choji: Yep!!
Izumo and kotetsu:!
Shikaku: Izumo, kotetsu, we leave kakuzu to you and darui.

Ino: Choji...
the last words of asuma sensei...
Do you remember?
asuma: Choji... youre... a kindhearted guy who cares his fellows...
Thats why.... you can be a strong shinobi more than anyone else...
be more confident... in yourself...

asuma: you're although strongwilled...a girl who takes good care of(/is attentive to) others...
choji and shikamaru...as they are both clumsy...
i count on you...

Kankuro: gasp,(my body is numb.)
Mifune: i reckon you're Hanzou-dono(sir),
Im president of samurais, namely mifune,
Id like to have a match with you!

end caption "Shinobi vs samurai, masters fight!!"
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Re: /naruto 530 spoiler\

530 choji's determination
ino shika cho commend each other for having fought and defeated the enemy although in a cold sweat.
ino shika cho papas extol their kids
darui looks for Basho-sen(the fan)
Inoshikacho find kakuzu.
kakuzu realizes that hizan is still alive for he's not been tenseid
kakuzu takes monsters out of the 4 hearts.
Explainations of(/coments on) kakuzu and other shinobis(/kakuzus comments on other shinobis).
dan kato and asuma sarutobi
inoshikacho are supervised to see asuma being there.
choji's papa vs Dan
from the behind izumo and kotetsu bind kakuzu with chains.
shikaku on telepathy tells izumo and kotetsu to down kakuzu with darui. And that they will have shikamaru and co fight Asuma.
shikamaru is in high spirits. choji gets the fidgets...to get yelled at by choza
Ino tells choji to remember asumas last words.

kankro n co get away carrying daydara in a raven
kimimaro, the jamming man(chukichi), lady chiyo, hanzo flying from tree to tree
hanzo does his summon. The summoned animal breathe out poisonous mist
the poisonous vapour catches kankro and co...
when hanzo strikes at kankro, his scythe was stopped and enter Mifune!
the end of the chap sir-say★
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